Monday, October 30, 2017

RE: Brushbeater: Running Spares Keep Your Weapon Going

An excellent post that frames the problem in a balanced way considering parts can/ do break with the reality that's we all have competing financial demands.

I would add the following:

Even if they don't break small springs and pins are the items most likely to be lost in cleaning/ disassembly. Related to this in field/ emergency conditions just field strip weapons for cleaning. For the AR I would not even disassemble the complete BCG. Clean it off and re oil it. Now if there is an issue you don't have a choice but as a matter of normal course keep all the small parts together where they should be.

Consider having a spare set of ancillary stuff. Pouches/ etc. it doesn't have to be expensive Gucci cool guy stuff. A cheap surplus LBE with mag pouches and a canteen works. Just a decent intentional way to carry your gun stuff in case your primary stuff is lost or fails.

For rifles commonality dictates standard 5.56 DI AR's and AKMs in 7.62x39. The other viable choices lack a sufficient base. For pistols it's a much more spread out mix. Standard Glocks in 9mm and .40S&W probably have a slight edge but a dozen or so various pistols follow closely.

If your this worried stack cleaning stuff Deep also.


riverrider said...

i tried doing that but i kept building whole guns out of the spares, lol. if something breaks i guess i'll just grab another rifle and charlie mike. i work on ar's, m14s, and numerous models of pistols. common problems these days are gas rings, bolt lugs, bent front sights and various private/cadet snuffy induced breakdowns on ar's. berettas are eating decocking cams like candy for some reason. m14's lose bolt roller cams which are a bitch to repair and if it happens during firing likely will cause major damage to components. glocks nor any other brand has been infallable, more so since the manufacturers have been letting qc slide to pump out guns to meet the post sandy hook demand. spare parts, you bet. spare guns, you better.

Getting Started said...

Dear Ryan,

Here's a link that you might be interested in. It's an oldie, but a goodie about using car engine oil, brake cleaner, and lithium grease for your firearms.

For those times when you want to "stack cleaning stuff Deep also."

Gun Nuts Media - Lubrication Wars

Sincerely, Someone You Know

Thomas said...

RE- spares, I started doing something I saw a retired Army guy do. In the range bag/day pack, keep a very basic cleaning kit, a rod, and the spare parts.
For "spare parts", I keep an extra bolt carrier group and an extra charging handle. One efficient way of packing them up is to put them in a food saver vacuum pack bag, after cleaning and oiling the BCG. The bare bones cleaning kit, rod, and parts fit together in a very small space.

The extra charging handle has saved me at least once during a class, and the extra BCG will I'm sure save the day at some point in the future as I've seen various failures occur in matches and classes.

Theother Ryan said...

Thomas, A set of some basic spares in my range bag is on the short list of things I plan to do.

The charging handle suprises me though as I have literally never seen a CH fail.

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