Monday, October 16, 2017

Upcoming Plans

One of the cool things about survivalism/ preparedness is that it has so many facets. You can pursue a lot of things within it. That may be part of the reason it has kept my interest an this blog has stayed alive as long as it has. 

Things that I am going to be working on and likely talking about. 

-Physical fitness. I need to get back to my roots here. Reestablish good patterns and stay consistent. 

- Handgun shooting. Specifically shooting, ideally at least one IDPA match a month. 

- Combatives. Keep pushing to improve. 

- Finances. The essential topic almost every survivalist ignores. 

- Organization/ systems. I really want to firm up my heavy bug out and bug in stuff. That will give me a better idea why I really need and an opportunity to get rid of the rest. 

- Caches. I can improve my situation and know most of you could stand to do the same. 

Honesty I'm not going to promise anything in terms of regularity of writing. Honesty the blogs healthy priority is somewhere below practicing guitar and above watching tv so it naturally comes way after relationships, work, school, fitness, jiu jitsu and other work. That's part of the reason I demonetizes the blog, so I don't feel like I have to write. Things go in cycles aandnright now it's a busy life/ slo blog time. 

If this hurts readership honesty I don't care. I hope core people stick around. Maybe setting up email alerts for posts is a good idea. Anyway be well folks. 


Pineslayer said...

Still reading. I have to agree, priorities dictate we do more and write/read less. Putting gardens to bed for the winter and leaning into the headwinds of global insanity.

Anonymous said...

that sounds good. post when you have time and have something to say. daily blogs where they have to stretch to find something to write about can be a waste of time. Like your way better.

Matt LBS said...

Still reading.

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