Saturday, November 11, 2017

But my adult male hands can't fit a Glock......


tweell said...

The problem is the combination of wide hands and stubby fingers. Single stack semi-automatics are fine. I can and have qualified basic marksman with a Glock, I just shoot my best with a revolver. If I put enough time and money into using a Glock, that would probably change, but since I have the revolvers and no Glock, that won't happen.

"If you want to shoot a revolver do so. Within their limitations they are fine rifles."

Well... You were thinking about the revolver and Garand, and mixed them. Hey, the Garand is better than the 91/30! I do have a Ruger Mini-14, but if my son's around, he'd be using it.

Somewhat OT: been cleaning out my parent's house for sale since they passed on, and in the back corner of the attic was an ammo can with my brother's name on it. Inside were some knives, a Ruger MkIII and his pride and joy, a .44 Automag. My brother had thought it was gone for good. Got to reunite him with his hand cannon!

Theother Ryan said...

I typoed that. Revolvers work but lack capacity and to make that worse are harder to reload.

Robert said...

"The problem is the combination of wide hands and stubby fingers"

That my friend is a sign of someone who is also over-weight!!!!

tweell said...

Heh. Used to be overweight, but found out I was diabetic a few years back. Went low carb, lost the weight, don't need meds as long as I eat low carb.

Nope, it's a family genetics thing. My kids have the same problem, the youngest daughter worst. A nephew admitted to me recently that he sold his Glock and bought a GP100 after trying mine.

If you reload, revolvers are good to you. No crawling around picking up brass, less cleaning required. My daughter doesn't like shooting anything else, something about a double-barreled brass catcher?

There are many different styles of pistol in part because there's no 'one size fit's all'. You can keep spraying and praying, I'll go with fewer, but nastier and better aimed shots. Life is full of tradeoffs.

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