Friday, December 22, 2017

Life and Travel

Work and school are done for a bit. Time to go full bore into family stuff.

For me part of that is traveling. Yes the TSA is ridiculous but sometimes for work or family stuff flying is the only option. If I had to guess I'll fly 8-10 times this year All said and done. So I kinda know the drill. Being aware of the rules and following them is simple enough even if they sometimes defy common sense. Just know the rules and follow them.

In terms of preparedness. For the trip:
-Wear comfortable clothes and decent footwear. It doesn't have to be hiking boots and multi cam, just some kind of clothes you can move in and shoes you would be comfortable walking a few miles in.

- Cash money. People get all stirred up about not having a gun on the plane but a far more likely situation is getting stuck somewhere. How much cash depends on your finances and the risk of the trip. A domestic flight from the Midwest to the PNW has a pretty low risk level. A flight from Somalia to Afghanistan has a high risk level. For the first I'm comfortable with a couple hundred bucks in cash. Enough to buy some food and get a room for the night or a bus/ train ticket if needed. For the other I would bring a few thousand dollars, more if I was in a place where I could risk losing more.

-A credit card. A card with enough room on it to stay in a motel and eat for a few days then get another flight or bus/ train ticket covers a lot of ground. Since I am a grown up who generat uses a credit card responsably I have asked them over time to raise the limit. If need be I'll buy a darn car to get out of somewhere!

- Passport/ alternate ID. Keep it in a bag or not in your purse/ wallet. That way if your wallet/ purse gets stolen you still have a form of ID. I usually keep a card and some checks with it also.

-Medical stuff. I put together a combination first aid kit/ ifak light to keep in my carry on backpack. The items omitted from the IfAK piece are the sharp stuff so scissors and a 12 gauge needle. Pastor Joe Fox of Viking preparedness did a video on travel first aid kits which I used as a guide. Google it.

- The only other preparedness item I put in was a pair of leather gloves. Good for moving in and around sharp stuff.

- As to guns and sharp stuff. Traveling with guns isn't really a huge deal. If you go somewhere regularly set up a cache so you don't have to mess with it. 

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Commander Zero said...

In a non-EOTWAWKI situation, like being stranded at an airport during a snowstorm or having a flat tire 500 miles from home, the most compact and versatile survival kit you can have is a honkin' wad of cash. A stack of fifty dollar bills will fix tires, make taxis take you anywhere, put clean clothes on you, feed you, get you a bed for the night, let you communicate to family, etc, etc. I remember watching a TV show once where the main character had to bug out in a hurry from her apartment. Her survival kit for the city was hidden in an empty electrical junction box in an alleyway a block away - a pistol, some fake ID's, and a huge wad of cash. Kinda makes sense.

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