Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Preparedness By Avoidance

I had really awesome plans for today after work. Things had lined up wonderfully and I was going to get to do two things I enjoy very much. The downside is these plans were about 40 miles away and this morning we had about an inch and a half of ice come down. During the day it sort of melted and froze into a solid mass. So I cancelled my plans. That sucked a lot. It was the smart move though.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sure I can drive in bad weather and have survival gear in my vehicle. I can do first aid and have a serious kit in the vehicle. Yet if I keep my happy ass at home till this all melts I won’t have to do any of that stuff.

We would all benefit from thinking a bit less like Sammy Seal  and a bit more like Grandma. Sammy has big tires on his truck and went to an extreme off roading class. He had a high lift jack and a winch.   Granny has an old Buick. The thing is Granny stays home when the weather is bad. Sammy might need that winch but Grannies Buick is staying in the garage.

To quote our friend Tamra  who was talking about the topic of self defense though it equally applies here “I actively don’t go there so I don’t have to do that.”


tpals said...


Anonymous said...

that's half of the equation I bet. What happens when "trouble" finds you?

Walt Browning said...

As my instructor always says: the first rule of a knife fight is to avoid it. Sage advice.

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