Friday, February 16, 2018

Star Cluster

Hey Folks, It’s been awhile. Life has been pretty busy. Between jobs, school, PT and various self improvement I am a fairly busy guy. Won’t apologize for that. A lot of the meaningful self improvement we do isn’t necessarily good blog fodder. This spring when school wraps up I may take up writing more frequently, if I want to, unless I don’t.

The financial markets are getting downright sporty. While huge moves to time the market are generally foolhardy a bit of rebalancing is probably a good idea. Taking a few profits out of equities isn’t a bad idea. Today on CNBC someone called the current market “picking up dollars in front of a steam roller.”

The topic of inflation is reading its head.

Money is under mentioned in preparedness. Part of this is the inherent oddly American trait to not talk about it and all call ourselves middle class. In our systems aside from some basic stuff like a pocket knife, a flashlight, comfortable footwear and a first aid kit money is probably the most important part of our systems for realistic emergencies followed closely by a concealed handgun. A roll of 20’s can solve a whole lot of problems. A comparable roll of 50’s can solve even more. A credit card with a high limit can get you a room to stay in, plane tickets or even buy a car to drive away if needed!

For a real world get home I am pretty comfortable with a day pack that has some basic stuff and a wad of cash. I am unlikely to be using a survival fishing kit but cash to buy lunch would be nice. Even in a realistic bug out situation I will have my pre packed bag, some guns and such but what I really need is a Visa card to get a motel room and a pizza!

Money also buys gear and bigger items like buy out vehicles and fancy survivalist retreates!

While not a sexy part of survivalism the answer to work more and scrimp to pay for stuff is really important. It applies at different relative levels for most everyone.

In a very transitional American view get out and earn that cool new thing you want!

One of the cool things about survivalism is that t is so broad. When life throws you a curve in one area focus on others. PT and dry fire are free. Organizing your stuff into cohesive systems is free. Rotating stores food and relaxing it as part of your diet is cost neutral if not free. The point I am trying to make is that there is a lot of stuff you can do even when money is tight.

Get out and do something this weekend!

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