Friday, March 30, 2018

2018 Preparedness Plans

Trying to plan this years goals. Physical I have got and also financial. Preparedness stuff has been the hard one. 

Learning from past years I decided to start with a budget. Would like to say that I figured out a great amount based on my perfect zero balanced budget. In reality I took a SWAG at what should work and was conservative enough that it should be doable with a healthy margin for error and other financial goals. 

Check out the Top 10 Survival Kits of 2018. Plenty of good stuff for those in the market to get a ready to go survival kit. Worth looking at. 

I decided that for me $400-500 a month seemed realistic. Since there are 8 months left of the year I based my plans on those goals. Since I tried to put it into monthly goals not all are totally cohesive. In no particular order. 

- Scanner

- Primary weapons spare parts kits both backpack and heavy bug out. 

- Flir Scout

- Antibiotics and trauma stuff (generic medical beef up)

- Satelite phone 

- Ham radio (if I get my shit together and get the license)

- 1k 5.56, 500 rounds 9mm

- Freeze dried food and a couple propane cans.

Thoughts on the list? Thoughts on the order the stuff should be acquired in?


Aesop said...

Awesome list. GMTA.

I'm making this year the year I go from FMRS to Ham Extra in one swell foop.

Sat phone has been on my wish list for a good while as well.

As for the antibiotics, Doom & Bloom's Medical guide is helpful; so is a decent nursing drug handbook (which tells you risks, reasons not to take something, and possible/probable side affects); and you should also get your hands on any recent edition of the Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopeia (about $20 new). You can find it in the medical rack at Barnes and Noble brick & mortar stores; it's a shirt or coat 3x5 pocket-size book.

Point being, it specifies 1st/2nd/third choice antibiotics for a given problem, and dosages. It's fairly easy to decipher for the layperson though, and covers antibiotics (as "antimicrobials") in about 40 pages. As an example, if you look up "anthrax", you'll find the two recommended drugs, their dosage, and frequency, which will inform you that you need 120 doses for 60 days to treat exposure, for one person.

If you're going to keep antibiotics, know which ones for what, and how to take them, or you're just spinning your wheels, and you may think you've got something covered that you don't. There's a reason licensed medical training lasts years.

Best wishes on this years' goals.

Walt Browning said...

Great suggestion by Aesop on medical. Will give you a guide on future acquisitions of drugs. I suppose your list and it’s implementation depends on your present situation. Have you run through your ammo at the range? Do you need more freeze dried food with your present stock.
I tend to put my acquisitions into two categories: those that expire or are used as I live my life (ammo, food ect) and those that I am deficient on and should have (scanner, HAM). Your area and your present supplies should determine that. Also, think of what you can acquire after things go south. Spare parts can be had from any recovered weapon (if you catch my drift).
For my 2 cents, I would stock up on medical in that this is the most likely product to save you or your friend’s lives.
Then scanner (check to see what local law enforcement uses and make sure scanner can hear it). Advanced information will save your life more that a thousand rounds of ammo.
HAM can be bought for under a hundred but you might want to go full bore and get a base unit.
Cool is nice but boring stuff keeps you alive.
Good luck brother.

Meister said...

I'm in really good shape for medical, defense and comms. Decided the deficit this year was in PM's and cash. Still looking for investment property/hunting property/retreat property.

Also need to make some investments in my body. Been putting off surgery for a while now. Need to just get it done.

A library. Tough times call for mental clarity and a good book is hard to beat for emotional and spiritual support.

Tools are always a good investment. Learn a new skill and purchase the required tools to do repairs yourself. HVAC/Electrical/plumbing/carpentry/tool repair/etc. Become indispensable.

Cheers, glad to see you back!

Theother Ryan said...

Aesop, Totally agree on a book. Also I should say I have no plans to use them while normal medical care is available. Even if normal medical care was not available I would try to find a medical professional to guide treatment. Me doing this kind of medical treatment from a book is the E in a medical pace plan with the other option being to watch the person die.

Theother Ryan said...

Walt, I do have the benefit of knowing what is on stock. Ammo is more of increasing the storage. I’ve been keeping storage ammo separate from training ammo for awhile now. Thanks for the input.

Theother Ryan said...

Meister, Silver is cheap right now and gold is not at a bad price either. Financial and pms make sense. Way more likely to need a savings account than an AR-15.

Fixing medical issues makes a ton of sense. A medical issue you can’t control appearing in a bad spot is a worst case scenario. Letting a bad joint knowingly deteriorate and dealing with it in a worst case scenario is an unforced error.

I like that idea but am less than sure how to go about it.

Pineslayer said...

At this point if you need surgery, do it now, what ever the sacrifice. Dental work is next up. I'm iffy on PM"s, they are a investment for semi-good, semi-bad times. Shelter, security, water and food after health. Get your plans for hard times in order, written down and copies to those you plan on being with, everyone on the same page.

I try to plan for the short and long game, short seems easy, long game seems more risky and calls for optimism.

The 800 pound gorilla is still the same, neighbors and marxists.

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