Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Old Stuff- Pending Anthology

I am toying with doing something with the older stuff on here. Probably moving it off the blogs viewable portion. Does anyone ever look at that stuff with any regularity? I am also toying with doing  some sort of best of or anthology type thing. Details would have to be figured out but cost would be modest, like a few bucks if it was digital or a few bucks plus the cost of the media if say it was on a thumb drive. Trying to get a sense of if they interests folks. Would you buy something like that? If so what would be he preferred format?


Matt LBS said...

I do look back at the older stuff. Just reviewed ammo counts threads the other day while doing a personal inventory.

Simon Maguire said...

I read the Fighting Load Contest a lot. When I'm there I always seem to look ant some link from the site.

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