Monday, May 21, 2018

Loaner/ Cache Pistols

Our buddy Commander Zero has been stashing P series 9mm Ruger pistols like crazy. They are his 'semi disposable' handguns. The kind of thing one could keep in a glove box or loan to a friend in need and if something happens to it oh well. Certainly those handguns are robust and a lot of value for the money.

I have been thinking about this kind of thing. Part of me says the logistics of adding another platform (in addition to the Glock 9mm) isn't worth the hassle. On the other hand a grand would buy 2-2.5 Glock 9mm's and 4-4.5 Rugers.

Our Buddy Zero had previously said something like "everyone I know has plenty of guns but....". He recently gave a real life example where a gun like this is handy. Tamra also spoke on the issue. As always whether I completely agree or not the two have solid reasoning.

Personally I see three primary roles for a handgun like this (in the order I thought of them, not importance):

1- Caches. Pretty much self explanatory.

2- Arming friends and family. The thing about this is inevitably someone says "My friends and family own guns." I would rebut that while my friends and family also tend to own guns a fair share of them are not great about carrying them which I would say is pretty common. Quite a few situations could come up where all of a sudden cousin Timmy really regrets leaving his pistol in the nightstand. Crazy Cousin Ryans Glove Box clunker all of a sudden looks pretty good.

Tams point about someone needing a gun right now is valid. That happened to me in real life once. After something happened I ended up taking 2 girls shooting then loaning them a gun (a double action .22 revolver) for awhile.

Visitors traveling through are another good example. Uncle John doesn't need to bother with checking a carry piece for the flight out if you have a loaner.

3- Situations where you might not want to bring a more expensive gun. Checking a gun at the airport would be an example. Guns at airports disappear or get damaged occasionally. Leave your $3,000 custom 1911 at home and take one that you can easily replace.

In support of number two I would want a gun to be something everyone in my tribe can safely operate. For us the gun that fits the bill is a double action revolver which would also have the benefit of not complicating my logistics. Otherwise I would be looking very hard at the S&W SDVE 9mm. Or maybe just save a bit more and pick up a couple Glock 19's to use as cache/ loaner guns.

I am going to think some more about this.

What do you think?


Aesop said...

Yes, for all of the above reasons, plus a couple of others.

4) Your friends and family may "have guns", but Jim Bob and Uncle Buck may have a rather eclectic collection of strange and oddball non-standard pieces, because collection, not actual arsenal, so in suddenly sporty times, being able to make sure everyone had, for example, the same plain vanilla Glock 9mm might make a lot more sense.
It also simplifies your logistics chain for ammo and magazines (if your deep-reserve supply are semi-autos), gives you a redundancy factor from comfortable to huge, and ensures everyone knows how to operate everyone else's carry piece, can pass around ammo and mags in a pinch, and spare parts anyone has will work for everyone.

5) You may have been only planning for you, or you and your spouse, or you and your spouse and kids depending on ages. But if you can afford to, because you've got the other categories pretty well nailed down (which, AFAIK, Zero likely does, as some others will as well), having the capability to turn a suddenly much-bigger-than-nuclear-family gaggle of relatives and friends into a rump fire team, squad, detachment, or platoon is the difference between barely securing one tiny homestead, and being able to protect and defend an area large enough to shelter and feed that whole tribe, in anything from the short-term problem aftermath to a tornado or flood, to the potentially endless aftermath of a major societal collapse, and therefore seriously dissuade most entities from messing with your tribe, come the day. The best fight is the one you don't have to engage in.

At the end of the day, most people are short of people more than anything else.
But imagine the problem of having too many people, and most of them having to revert to toting spears and clubs, or bows and slingshots. Then imagine you'd had the foresight to lay in a baker's dozen of SKS or franken-parts AR rifles and/or a bucket full of plain-Jane Glock or Ruger pistols when they were relatively dirt-cheap, along with a couple (or up to a couple dozen) crates of ammunition for them, in hopes of finding some use for them some day.

It's not for everyone, but as Ferris Bueller said about driving classic Ferraris, "If you have the means, I highly recommend it."

It's the same reason, since waaaay back in the day, folks like ,Rawles recommended anyone involved in group preparations group-standardize one pistol and rifle, so everything everyone has works for everyone else: ammo, mags, parts, accessories, holsters, etc. It also means if you have a loose group beforehand, it can let all of you kick in to buy things like ammunition, parts, etc., and enjoy bulk discounts on cases and beyond. (That last also lets you have a better handle on the idea that everyone is actually preparing, rather than everyone just planning on showing up on your doorstep empty-handed. And you also are helping each other out when it's easy, by combining to stretch everyone else's dollars in good times, which builds some trust and responsibility points when things get grittier.)
It's the difference between a raggedy militia, and an actual neighborhood self-defense force.

If you want the ability to have a Lego Army, you have to have the building blocks.

Simon Maguire said...

Look into how much the magazines are going to cost you. It does no good to buy a cheep gun if the number of mags you want for it push it up to the price of a better gun with cheaper mag.

GreenTip510 said...

Used glock 19/17's with magpul mags. How many do you need to stash. 5 should do the trick. I think commanderzero has like 20 of those. Always buying one.

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