Monday, June 18, 2018

Starting a Firearms Battery Over

We can use a good cliché gun porn post. Thankfully no tragedies have happened but it makes for an interesting train of thought. Say the guns I currently have were ALL lost in a boating accident/ fire/ etc. Anyway for the discussion I would find myself starting over with the knowledge I have today and in todays market.

Core guns:
-Glock 26
-Glock 19 (Both with the same sights and modifications, if any.)
-AKM x 2 (If you said AR I wouldn't argue. Honestly get whichever of the two you prefer.)
-Remington 870 12 gauge with long and short barrels. Light attached to short barrel.
-Savage .308, probably the Hog Hunter model, with a mid size variable power scope.

Nice to have:
-Marlin model 60 .22
-Some sort of tiny pistol.

If I wanted to make caches down the road I would use these same models of guns.

Basically the big differences would be that I would keep things really simple. Also there wouldn't be a log of churning stuff. I would minimize the use of magazines in non tactical weapons (When does a speed reload for a .22 squirrel gun/ plinker ever matter?).

I would take advantage of high value weapons. I would use the money I saved not building uber expensive AR's and put it into a good scope for the Savage as well as lots of mags, spare parts and ammo. Also by keeping things simple and affordable it would let me rather quickly check the 'guns' box and put energy as well as money into other areas.

If you were doing it all over again what would you get and why?

How does this differ from what you have now and why?


Anonymous said...

My current armory:

-M1D Garand .30-.06 Semi-auto Rifle
-Springfield M1903 .30-.06 Bolt Action Rifle
-Smith & Wesson M&P15T 5.56 Semi-auto Rifle
-Mosin Nagant 1891/30 7.62X54R Bolt Action Rifle
-Three .22 caliber rifles (Ruger 10-22 takedown, Marlin, and AR-7 for my BoB)
-Three Wilson Combat KZ-9 Pistols
-Three S&W 431PD .32 cal. Revolvers (My wife's carry weapon)
-Walther P22 pistol (For target practice)
-Remington 887 12 gauge tactical shotgun (Mine)
-Mossberg 505 20 gauge shotgun (Wife's)

What I would change:

-Probably swap out the M1 and 1903 for an M1A1 (M14). While I like the power of the 30-06 round, I like the speed of reloading an M14 more. Better scope options on an M14 also.
-Upgrade the AR-15 to an AR-10 to standardize on .308 ammo.
-Swap out the Remington 887 for Beretta M4 Tactical. The 887 is not kind to aging rotator cuffs.

Everything else would be replaced in-kind, as we're very pleased with my other weapon choices, though I probably wouldn't try to replace the Mosin Nagant. It was cheap, but not very practical.

Theother Ryan said...

Why an M1A and an AR-10 instead of 2 of either one?

Simon Maguire said...

Good luck finding parts and mags for the Wilson Combat KZ-9 Pistols in years to come.

cryptical said...

I'm not sure that I'd pick up a shotgun for self defense anymore, especially with an AR/AK. I don't think it adds anything and it's just another caliber to keep stocked.

I'm not even sure of a shotgun for survival uses, if it gets bad enough that I'm sustenance hunting I won't be wing shooting.

Anonymous said...

For the survivalist, logistics and cost of ammunition for training should drive the bus.

As it relates to hardware - civilians can't count on resupply, so the availability of ammunition, magazines, spare parts, accessories (holsters, pistol sights, handguards, etc.) should be an overriding priority.

As it relates to software - unless the ammunition for your favored platform is cheap, you're not going to shoot it enough to become significantly skilled. The limiting factor for 99% of shooters is trigger time. Software, not hardware. So cost of ammo ranks right up there with hardware availability in terms of priorities.

For pistols in North America, I'm not sure how anything could best a Glock 19. Its absurdly reliable, unequaled in ubiquity, magazines and spare parts abound, and after-market support is overflowing. Takes no tools or any real expertise to assemble/disassemble or replace parts. Better still, it's reasonably easy to conceal (and after all, for civilians, a good concealed weapon should be priority one pre- or post-SHTF), and withstanding this, it can decently fill the shoes of a full sized pistol. Modern 9mm defensive ammunition has made .40 and .45 obsolete (you can carry more rounds without losing any terminal effect), and range grade 9mm is cheap as dirt - so you can afford to train, giving you a chance to actually hit what you're shooting at when it comes time to draw the gun in anger.

The rifle conversation is more interesting. In North America, the AR15 is unequaled in ubiquity, quality factory-built guns are absurdly reliable, magazines and spare parts abound, and after-market support is overflowing. 5.56mm ammunition is waaay more available/prevalent than 7.62 x 39mm, and certainly more available/prevalent than 5.45. 5.56mm is also lighter and smaller than 7.62x39mm, making it easier to carry more rounds in the field. Nevertheless, the AK (in 7.62) wins on cost of ammo.

For me, the AR15's ergonomics (handling and mounting modern optics), its inherent accuracy, and the size/weight benefits of 5.56 over 7.62 make it worthwhile to pay the premium on brass 5.56mm.

For the overwhelming majority of people, getting trained up on only ONE pistol platform (Glock 19) and only ONE rifle platform (AR15) - both the most popular, ubiquitous, and generally cheap-to-train options available - produces peerless economies in training and logistics. Those efficiencies mean you get skilled, well-stocked shooters faster, with more cash leftover in the kitty for food, water, other concerns.

If you're in some very rural area, I could see an argument for a larger caliber capable of reaching out. I could see an argument for a .22 rifle for varmint hunting. Otherwise, a glock 19 and an AR15 would be my go-to "clean slate" options.

Theother Ryan said...

The long gun I have most accessible for home defense is a mag fed rifle.

I like shotguns for defense in 2 circumstances. The first is if you are broke. The best sub $300 long gun is going to be a pump 12 gauge. The second is in places where legally/ culturally a modern rifle isn’t an option like CA/ NY/ etc. Basically anywhere in the US you can have a pump shotgun. The same can’t be said of an AR/ AK with a standard magazine.

I suppose a 3rd would be if dangerous big game IE grizzly bears were a real concern.

Outside of those 3 specific situations I’m going rifle every time.

Theother Ryan said...

I should add. Where I like shotguns overall is as a multi purpose weapon. A shotgun is pretty good at a lot of things. Also affordable and politically correct for places that matters.

Harry Flashman said...

Well, most of my guns are military surplus, from around 1890-1945. Unless I'm fighting off the Golden horde, they'll probably do in a pinch. I wouldn't have much chance against a large number of opponents even if I had a cosmic ray gun, but I do have some AK and AR weapons as a fall back.

Theother Ryan said...

My friend you have a collection most would envy. I suspect you have temporarily misplaced more guns in your home than most of us own.

If my off the top of the head guess is close your doing fine on modern guns.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not even sure of a shotgun for survival uses, if it gets bad enough that I'm sustenance hunting I won't be wing shooting."

In survival, wing shooting will be minimized. 'Pot shots' (shots at standing / perched game) will become the rule. Using this method, even multiples of same animal can be brought home.
So a smaller payload from 20 and even .410 will become more useful. Less meat damage.

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