Sunday, July 1, 2018

Quote of the Day- Pat Mac on Open Carry

“Don’t be an open carry douchebag, you are more of a liability than you are an asset.”
-Pat Macnamera on open carry


Harry Flashman said...

Down here, open carry is more of a political statement than a practical exercise. It does infuriate the anti's and if the object is to get some 84 year old Jewish lady from New York in your face in the grocery store, it seems to work. I don't really consider it to be practical, since I'm not carrying to convince anyone of anything. My object is not to get beaten up, robbed or murdered, and I don't want to attract attention.

Theother Ryan said...

Harry, I agree with your analysis. The problem with the statement is that it is preaching to the converted and offputting to the undecideds we need to be reaching out to.

I concur with your analysis on CCW.

In closing spoken in the voice of a southern grandma “Bless their hearts, they mean well.”

Crazy Stevo said...

I would say it was about four or five years ago, a woman in Walmart was standing in line to check out. Her senses said look behind you. As she turned a 12 year old boy had a five lb weight from the sporting goods department was in mid swing to punch her. Her turning around allowed her to be punched in the faced instead of the back of the head. At this time the punch out game or whatever it was called was going on. If your in walmart open carrying, don't be surprised if this happens to you. Keep it concealed and your less likely to have problems. I am fully supporting concealed carrying. I do it and think a good portion of our population should carry concealed. Some people should carry at all or procreate.

Meister said...

I relish the time that CCW is the norm, because I'm afraid that in my lifetime, open carry of rifles and pistols will be a requirement for survival. I don't look forward to that day.

I prefer a single stack AIWB for general carry these days.

Crazy Stevo said...

At the end it should of said some people should NOT carry or procreate at all.

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