Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekend Ramblings

Gamer Guns:
As I get further into shooting sports I am looking at buying some guns.

I need to get a semi automatic shotgun if I am going to even make a half attempt to be competitive (locally and with my shooting buddies, no grand delusions). Last match we had a stage that was like 30 rounds of shotgun, no Bueno with a pump gun. The obvious answer is a Stoeger M3K. Basically they are a Benelli system in a Turkish made gun at a price just under 7 bills. All it needs is a tube extension and its ready to go. I will shoot one more match this year. Probably not going to have one before that (at least broken in and ready) so I might as well wait till next year.

 A Glock 34 wouldn't hurt either. More site radius, barrel and mass. This will probably be first since I could shoot it all winter. I might just split the middle and get a Glock 17 though.

For 3 gun I want to shoot with the gear I would use if something bad happened or as close as is practical. The only real addition would be a shotgun shell carrier. I figure if nothing else using the same type of holster and mag pouches gets me a lot of carry over. Ideally my 3 gun setup will be my same by the bedside setup.

Do you guys shoot 3 gun? Are you using a gamer set up or trying to use what you would otherwise carry?

IDPA (also known as 90's action shooting) I am stuck as we can't shoot appendix. I could use the same type of holster on a belt though.

I think the answer is finding an OWB kydex holster I like and buying a pair. One can live on a sort of war belt for 3 gun and the other can slide onto a normal belt for IDPA.

Glock 43: Had one for awhile and ended up swapping it away. I am becoming convinced single stack 9's just aren't for me. I am not so sure a snubby .38 isn't a better option for a 2 round deficit. Once they get the kinks worked out I might get a Sig 365.

The Economy: We are in a big bubble and its going to pop. If I could say 100% when I would be trading stocks from an awesome sailboat somewhere. Wouldn't recommend doing anything crazy but taking some profits could be a good idea. Along those lines precious metals are pretty cheap right now.

Seasonal Bag Changes:
Probably a good time to bring out your systems and take a look. Replace batteries, etc. Also add in seasonally appropriate clothing and gear. I did mine earlier this week and had some bad batteries in there.


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