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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Are Your Ammo Cans Organized?

This week I had the occasion to pick up a couple more ammo cans. Got to thinking about how I organize them, the reasoning behind that organization and overall how it's working.

Most of our ammo cans are standard 50cal cans or the comparably sized M249 SAW cans. These are a good size while still being light enough to move around. We have a few of the smaller 30cal cans these are great for commercial boxes of rifle ammo like 30-30 or 30'06. If I recall they neatly fit some bricks of .22 ammo also. We have a few big 120mm cans. Don't like them as they get stupidly heavy plus of course the stuff you need will be at the bottom.

Previously our ammo cans were just filled as stuff came in so it was a big mess. Recently I went through inventorying and reorganizing our ammo cans.  Between different sized objects, especially sealed cases and part cases of ammo, quantities of different stuff and available can sizes there is an inevitable game of Tetras. As many cases as can be homogenous are. Cans are marked on the outside with the caliber, round count and when applicable bullet type. This is how approximately 80% of our cans are set up.

Two ammo cans are set up as "Go Cans". They are set up to feed our Survival Guns and are identical except for different (backup) accessories inside. The only change I've made since writing that article is swapping the '06 out for 30-30 since there is no longer an '06 on inventory. Also nothing says 'Merica like a 30-30.

Anyway last week we picked up 2 more ammo cans.  Both had an intentional purpose.

One is for range ammo. My biggest fail of this current gun/ mag/ ammo hysteria is that I did not plan for continued practice, zeroing guns, etc all. I had what I considered (of course more is nice but we have to balance a lot of things) OK amount of ammo but there wasn't a budget for training, etc. That meant if I needed 100 rounds to test fire and zero a rifle it came out of the amount of ammo I considered sufficient for an emergency. That is obviously a problem. On the other hand if I was smart like Tam who keeps disaster/ operational ammo and range/ practice ammo separate I could practice through an ammo shortage without worrying that it's coming out of operational ammo. 

Range ammo typically doesn't stay around long enough for storage in cans to be strictly necessary but a can is a good way to keep things organized or grab it all in a hurry. This way there aren't random boxes of ammo here, there and everywhere which lets me look in one place to know what is in the range stash. On top of it is a piece of tape that says Range Meat. I made an intentional decision not to bother keeping written inventories on range ammo as it is going to fluctuate. When things get better I would like to keep 500 rounds of .223, 500 of 9mm, a couple hundred .38, 2k in .22, a hundred rounds of 12 gauge and a couple boxes of 30-30 to be able to shoot whatever, whenever, without dipping into our core ammo stash. [Once buying in bulk is practical again I'll rotate the ammo. EX buy 500 rounds of 9mm ball, pull 500 rounds out of the stash and replace it with the new stuff, shoot the old stuff, repeat. It's just not worth it to dig out a 50 round box of 9mm here and 40 rounds of .223 there.] At that point the .22 will get a small can and the rest will likely split a large can.

The other can is what I call an 'Orphan Can'. It is the transitional place where I keep various ammo that has been purchased until there is enough of something to put into it's own can. This is largely a function of our current environment with high prices plus spotty availability. Honestly I'm just buying enough to replace what I'm shooting these days or building stocks of what we are especially short on [Example, I have a .22 that only seems to feed a certain type of ammo so I buy it whenever it's available. That gun is handy but picky so I will buy that particular ammo (CCI Mini Mag or Velocitor) till I've got 2k or so stashed.] Unless you are really short it is IMO not a good time to stock up. Prices are getting back to normal so if you have a bit stashed for a rainy SHTF day I would wait a little while to probably save a lot of money. In any case the orphan can takes the random boxes of ammo I buy until there is enough of something to put in it's own can or the thing gets full at which point I'll figure it out.

So basically I have a bunch of relatively homogenous (1 type of ammo) cans, 2 go cans, a range can and an orphan can. I plan to keep this setup more or less. The only change I can see making is if/ when new caches are established. They would obviously have ammo cans associated with them which would be set up for their purpose but probably look a lot like our go cans.

How are your ammo cans organized?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kel Tech SU-16 Affordable Lightweight Concealability or Garbage?

The topic of the Kel Tech SU-16 came up recently. My initial thoughts are that it is probably not a long term hard use gun but they are really light, fold up small, take AR mags and shoot .223 ammo. For a gun to conceal in a backpack or cache someplace it has some potential. Also they are very inexpensive which means I would be more willing to risk one being lost than an AR. I know there are a couple versions, one with a plastic front sight that seems less than ideal.

If you have personal experience with the Kel Tech SU-16 I would like to know your thoughts. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ammo Shopping and Gratuitous AR/ Burris MTAC Pics

Overall I am fairing well through this gun/ gun stuff/ ammo panic. Sure there is stuff I want but that's life. The biggest mistake single mistake I made was not differentiating between operational ammo and training ammo. We stocked about enough to be comfortable if something happens. However I did not have a separate stash for zeroing optics, test firing new guns, training and such. A half case each of .223 and 9mm plus a couple bricks of .22lr, 250 rounds of .38 and 150 rounds of mixed 12 gauge ammo (mostly bird shot, some buck and a few slugs) or so that is allocated for training and such stuff would be really nice.

It isn't a great time to buy ammo but as Tam noted you have got to keep something coming in even during the bad times. So I've been doing some looking around at the local shops. The last few days have been pretty good for me.

Can't figure out how to get the picture the right way. That is three of the new fangled midget 325 round bricks of Federal .22lr, three 20 round boxes of 55gr XM193 and a 50 round box of 9mm FMJ. One box of .22lr was $22 and the others were $16. The .223 was $12.95 and the 9mm was painful at $22 something. This leaves me happy for .22 training ammo. The .223 will get burned up on my next range trip to really zero in the scope on Project AR. The 9mm is headed to my upcoming class.

To conclude this topic it seems like ammo is slowly becoming available again. Some is at less than ideal prices and some at ok prices. It's just selling as soon as it shows up. There is always that trade off of driving around to different places and waiting in line or paying a bit more. The options are to put in the energy/ time/ gas shopping around, pay steep prices or bitch about the situation. What's right for one person might not be for another. I don't think it is time to go big and stock up on cases of ammo (at these prices) but getting a few boxes of stuff you are seriously short on or replacing some shooting ammo is probably realistic.

It occurred to me that I have not really talked about or shown a pic of the new scope on my rifle.
Here is my rifle these days. Still need to get a DBAL and free float the rail but otherwise this is what it's going to look like, well at least till it's done and gets painted. I am pretty happy with it. Actually that is an understatement as this gun frickin rocks.
A close up of the Burris MTAC and La Rue mount. Shooting it is great. Zeroed it in about 15 rounds, well at least a 90% solution anyway. Specifically it's zeroed at 25 but I need to back out and confirm/ adjust to 50 meters. I think the 50 meter zero is probably the way to go. On the last range trip I sort of got sidetracked, which is another story I'm not ready to write yet, and ran out of time. Will go back and get it finished on the next trip. Since my training ammo budget is a bit better I'll throw some rounds downrange to confirm. One feature I particularly like about this scope is that the illum turns off between power setting. That means unlike an aimpoint where you have to cycle through all the power setting to get to the one you like it can be put to the setting you want with a slight twist.

A pic that shows the La Rue mount more clearly. I like the quick detachment option a lot and consider it a prerequisite for a fighting rifle, especially if you cannot co witness. This way if the optic goes down, which seems unlikely as it's ridiculously stout, I can pull two levers then flip up the BUIS and get back into the fight.

How are things looking in your neighborhood?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Standardization of Weapons

Through a lot of effort and energy some good things have happened over the past few months:
We have standardized pistols to .22lr, .38/.357 revolvers and 9mm Glocks.
Our shotgun platform is the Remington 870 3".
Rifles are still where they are with .223/5.56, 7.62x39, 30-30 and 30'-6. That may or may not change. The working stuff is pretty much consolidated. The outliers are still in common calibers and good guns so I am disinclined to get rid of them.

 It might be worth considering swapping your oddball(s) for another gun that fits into your  situation. Simple is good.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Things Go Back To Normal I Will Buy....

After identifying some relative shortages this is about what I will buy over the course of the next year if things go back to normal.

-6 Glock 17 mags

-5 Ruger BXP 25 rd mags
-4 more 33rd factory Glock 9mm mags

-3 cases of ammo (2x223, 1x 9mm)

-2 75rd Eastern European surplus AK drums and

-1 AR-15 stripped lower receiver

What would you buy? Try to be realistic. I would LIKE to get an AR pistol, a PTR-91, an Arsenal AK, 100 various mags and 10 cases of ammo but that would not be realistic for me in the 1 year time frame given. Also you do not have to stick with the count down format I did that just make it a bit more fun.

PS: Sorry for the short post it has been a crazy day and I am done. Going to have a couple beers, watch Vegas and go to bed. Will have something good tomorrow, I promise.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I filled up the gas and water cans. Have been fiddling with my everyday carry a bit. Speaking of which everybody who likes free holsters and water purification sport bottles should get their stuff together and enter our awesome contest. Also I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and pick up some more glasses.

A few 2A prep things happened this week.

Finally got around to joining the NRA. In the past I haven't been very concerned with them. However right now they need money and new members to bolster their street cred to protect our constitutional rights. Seriously if you are a gun owner but not an NRA member and can afford $30 a year I strongly suggest joining the NRA. Along those lines one quiet morning I took the time to write my senators and congressman.  We could debate the usefulness of this but it certainly does not hurt. The socialists statists democrats definitely have folks writing to press their case and FreeFor need to do the same thing.

Not saying I am somehow special for spending $30 to joint the NRA and doing a bit of writing to folks who probably will not listen but damn it I did something to help the situation. Doing anything positive is a lot more effective than just bitching about a situation you do not like. Maybe you can donate some money to good pro gun causes, or write elected officials and the  'letter to the editor' in the local paper. Maybe you can get other gun owners to do these things. For goodness sake do something.

Of course my efforts in this arena do not mean we haven't picked up a few last things. In general I abhor panic buying but if you have 5 minutes till the store closes you grab as much of the important stuff as possible. Thankfully we've been at this for awhile so it is more of a 'sprint through the finish' than a frantic dash to grab anything. Picked up another holster and a couple hundred rounds of good CCI .22 ammo. There isn't much out there I NEED at sane prices right now. Can use some more .223 but I am going to wait for things to normalize. 1) I think thing will calm down (well ammo at least) as supply catches up to demand and 2) my 'crazy' budget is beyond busted.

Anyway that is what I did to prepare this week. What have you been up to?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

RE: Random thoughts on current events to close out the week

Alexander Wolfe/ Teotwawki Blog did a great post today Random thoughts on current events to close out the week. As to a potential AWB who knows. Finally calmed down about the whole thing so am not going to let myself get stressed again unless something tangible actually happens.

Things I wish I would have bought (on the off chance an AWB/magazine ban goes into effect)

-Glock 17
-AR Pistol
-PTR-91 or some sort of semi auto .308

Ancillary stuff
A few more Ruger 25 rd mags for the 10/22 (For if/ when I get another 10/22 down the road)
A couple drums for the AK

2 cases of .223

None of this stuff is really critical.  That is good because resources are finite. Project AR upgrade which thankfully was completed prior to this mess wasn't cheap. Seriously my gun find is about as solvent as social security. Had planned to let a few bucks build back up over 3-4 months but then this happened.

I am looking to buy a G 17 over the next couple weeks if the opportunity presents itself. More.223 ammo will get purchased after that if it is available at semi sane prices. An AR pistol and PTR-91 or some sort of AR-10 aren't in the cards financially. Of course I can still use a couple more holsters as well as a nice range bag and some other ancillary stuff but that is all on the shelf indefinitely.

While doing some looking at various gun accessories for this post I saw a pretty cool Pelican Rifle Case. Man one of these would be very nice to have and they aren't really that expensive. Set up for an AR, a shotgun and a pistol this would be great. Perfect for a situation where we need to leave in a hurry but aren't going to be OIF I style rifles hanging out the vehicle. Anyway a fellow can dream.

Hopefully this will all blow over and I can get back to normal operations in a couple months. Anyway I'm bored of writing so am going to wrap this up.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Relooking Cost AR vs AK #Whatever

Longtime reader Chris gave us a blind flash of the obvious about this ongoing debate over at his blog. One of the benefits of the AK platform has always been price. For the price of an AR you could have two AK's or an AK with some ammo and mags or whatever. Even 5 or 6 years ago AK's cost half to two thirds as much as AR's. Accessories such as mags and ammo were cheaper too.

With the massive explosion of the AR platform in recent years (for goodness sake they sell them at Walmart now) many new folks have gotten into, or expanded their role in, making AR's. This has driven down the cost point of real quality mil spec type fighting guns too which is pretty great.

As Chris pointed out it is pretty hard to touch an AK for under $600 these days. I did some checking and confirmed this to be accurate or close enough. There are some basic but solid AR's at or very near that price point. Some nitwhit AR hater or fanboy might argue that only a $1,600 big name AR is capable of being a decent fighting gun. That nitwhit's AK fanboy buddy could argue with equal effectiveness that only an Arsenal AK customized out of a big name shop is capable. They are both stupid and equally wrong.

I did wonder if accessories for the AK platform were still cheaper.

As to ammo this 7.62x39 Tula FMJ in a spam can is running 24.8 cents a round. You do pay a premium for getting ammo in a spam can (though it is already properly stored which is something to consider). You can get it closer to 20 cents a round if you don't want or need it already packed.

PMC .223 ammo is available for $350/1,000. At first glance this is more expensive than 7.62x39 but we are talking modern manufactured brass cased ammo vs com block steel cased stuff. If we compare apples and apples steel cased .223 can be had for a tiny bit more than 7.62x39. Conversely brass cased 7.62x39 is pretty expensive both because it is relatively rare and it requires more metal than .223.

[Personally I do not shoot steel cased ammo in the AR platform. I shoot steel cased ammo in AK's and Glocks but not other guns. The only hassles I have had with AR feeding were with steel cased ammo. While not in any way scientific the answer to use brass cased ammo was obvious to me. YMMV]

So ammo is really a wash in terms of cost.

As to mags I can answer this somewhat easily looking at recent purchases. I got a bunch of PMAG's from Brownells for $14 a piece. Mil spec type (new) AR type mags are running around twelve and change if you buy in any quantity. The excellent to good condition surplus eastern European milsurp AK mag's I use are running $15 right now. Then again they do pop up cheaper sometimes, I bought some for $11 back in April.

Mag prices are also a wash.

Spare parts are one area where AK's still have the edge. You can get a full AK parts kit (the whole gun minus receiver and barrel) for under $200. I am not willing to look up prices and make estimates but you cannot do that with an AR.

Chris's point that AK supplies are drying up (at least in part due to import regulations on Chinese guns) is valid. AK prices are going up. I would guesstimate AK's and AK stuff is up about 40% over the past 5 or 6 years. AR stuff, except ammo has generally stayed flat or dropped in price.

This is not meant to be a comparison of the two platforms. John Mosby made a very compelling case for the AR which is worth considering. That being said if you have an AK (especially if you bought it at $250-350) and are happy with it then keep on keeping on. My point was to take a look at the cost to purchase, equip and train with an AR and an AK today. It is fair to say that when considering the strengths of either platform (real or mythical) you can pretty much remove cost from the discussion as it is very comparable.

Take care of each other,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Solo Stove, Rat 3 Knife and Why the M16/M4/AR Platform is Awesome

When it rains it pours and today it definitely poured.

I am pleased to announce our newest advertiser Solo Stove. I haven't gotten a chance to handle one yet but if their videos are any indicator it is a really cool piece of kit. Might just take most of the benefits of a camp stove AND most of the benefits of cooking over a fire and combine them in a compact package. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

An Ontario Rat-3 showed up in our mailbox today. The Rat 3 cuts and handles well in addition to being pretty darn light.  The sheath is very nice and well thought out. Between it's light weight and quality sheath you can easily forget it is on your belt. A brief initial impressions review will follow shortly but suffice to say I am quite impressed. The Rat-3 may well be the best small belt knife/ camp and field knife I have handled to date.

John Mosby has been cranking out awesome posts:
Tricks of the Trade and Tricks of the Trade II are worth reading and absorbing. While not a super duper cool SOF guy I have been around the block a couple times and still definitely got some stuff out of it. I suspect you will also.

His post: The M16/AR15/M4: Why it's the choice of professionals everywhere is worth reading and I will briefly discuss it. In no particular order:

-So much of the argument about .223 lethality (though JM makes a very compelling case that argument is junk) is really about full metal jacketed ammunition. Soldiers are required to use FMJ ammunition but civilians are not. If you like the platform but aren't thrilled with the bullets then get better ones. Modern soft point and hollow point .223 ammunition are a whole different ball game.

-As to reliability I think that any case of the AR platform being "maintenance intensive" or unreliable if not in pristine condition is seriously overstated. It is my belief that an AR could be kept going almost indefinitely by simply wiping out the inside of the upper receiver/ chamber and (assembled) bolt carrier group with a rag,  running a bore snake through the barrel and re oiling the gun. I have not empirically tested this theory but if anybody wants to donate a whole bunch of .223 ammo for me to test this theory I will provide the rifle, rag, bore snake and oil.

-To me the modularity of the platform is another significant bonus. You can have a unregulated legal short barreled rifle pistol, a defensive carbine and a solid varmit/ precision rifle that have total commonality in parts, ammunition and magazines. That kind of modularity and potential for a simple logistical footprint  is aweful handy.

The good folks at TEOTWAWKI Blog did a nice post on Blanket Rolls. This is a good technique to have in your brain housing group in case you find yourself (or a friend) needing to travel with less than the ideal gear setup.

I also ran 2 miles today leaving me with 44 more to go. Darn that is a long way. 

Thank goodness it is Friday. I got off work early which meant I could hit the gym and still get home at a very reasonable time. We went for a long walk and took kiddo to play with a ball in a big field. He really liked that and generally gets great joy out of being outside. We have been going out for a walk or to play every day after dinner which has been quite enjoyable. Hopefully we can have a yard at our next place.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Around the Web

Our friends and advertisers at Lucky Gunner did a very well researched and interesting post on 5.56 vs .223. My totally anecdotal observations are that it doesn't matter and they are functionally equivalent. Anyway I just don't have enough good things to say about the good folks at Lucky Gunner. They do not play the accept your money without telling you they don't have the items in stock for and probably won't for 6 months, they think backorder game which I really appreciate. Also they bring a lot of great products like JHP defensive ammo at bulk prices to the marketplace which is cool. Over the last couple years around half the ammo I purchased has come from them (paying full price) which probably really says more than my kind words.

Tam wrote an interesting post on current affairs in the whole Eric Holder/ Gun Runner/ Contempt/ Executive Priviledge thing.

There is an interesting youtube video series (it flows sort of like a journal) by a fellow who goes by SouthernPrepper1 on his family and community dealing with a 'WROL' situation. Aside from my minor annoyance at him using an acronym that probably doesn't need to exist I really enjoyed the series. Each one gave me some things to think about. Unlike fiction blovel type stuff I can sort of zone out and just watch it which was nice. Hat tip to Rourke of Modern Survival Online for the find. has a good description of the "line" system as I understand it with pictures. Also the site has some other interesting stuff if you float around it. I can't say I know or vouch for everything there but what I have seen was solid and suprisingly nonpolitical/ tin foil hat ish.

Anyway that is what I have stumbled into recently that seemed worth posting.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Can Haz PMAGs

TACOM, a command which I am unsure what it actually does or why it exists, has backed down clarified its position on the use of PMAGs.   “Maintenance Information Messages [from TACOM] are permissive. They are not an order. They are not a directive. All content and direction in those messages are optional for the recipient.” Read the rest here.

For whatever my meandering life experience is worth to you I use and strongly recommend PMAGs. I  I am pretty cheap yet I buy PMAGS instead of using issued mags. That pretty much says where I stand on that. It is worth noting that the new tan (it looks orange to me) follower mags seem like a big improvement over the previous issued mags.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.223 vs 12 Guage and Pistol Penetration On Inside Walls

Read this. Turns out that maybe you are better off with a rifle in terms of penetration in addition to round capacity and other factors. The kind of heavy shot that actually stops people (not to rehash another myth but at more than a few feet birdshot is for birds) blows through typical residential inner walls. I wish they had brought something in 7.62x39 along too.  Edited a few minutes afterwords to include. Turns out somebody did test 7.62x39 Wolf FMJ's. I suspect 7.62x39 JHP or SP ammo would have more managed penetration.

Food for thought.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Well a case of .223 ammo alone made this a good week for me. I also dehydrated some pineapple. It is pretty good though I need to really figure out the exact right amount of time. I did a lot of cooking this week in the crock pot. Since Wifey is working these days our dinner choices seem to be crock pot, quick pasta or meat and taters kind of stuff and occasionally some sort of cheater meal. For a little while there we were slipping from eating real food as a general rule. We started eating out a bit more and then when our cheapness made up knock that off moved to easier stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with some good processed Americana like hot dogs now and then but too often just isn't good for you. This week we were better which is good. Today I made barley casserole which is pretty darn good.

We put away some more Euro's which is good.  Folks occasionally question that. Some of them likely weren't tracking that I am in Europe right now. I keep some Euro's around because that is what spends here. If I was in Japan I would have Yen and if I was in Canada I would have Canadian Dollars. Other folks don't seem to see the point in keeping cash on hand and favor silver or something. The thing is that you need cash. Yesterday I counted up our random change and took it to the bank to exchange for a fiver. One of the interesting parts of having one and two euro coins instead of bills is that having too many of them gets bulky and heavy fast. We do keep some onesies, twosies and change around for small purchases. Stashing a 10 or a 20 every week seems to be working pretty well. It isn't particularly likely that we will need them but like the case of ammo, when you need it you really need it!

 The next several weeks are going to see little to nothing getting done but that is life. Tonight or tomorrow night I will fiddle with the Shortwave Radio which is getting more entertaining as I can hear stuff now. Will write about that later.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ammo, New Years Resolutions and Extra Magazines

Today I bought a case of .223 ammo. It is 75 grain match JHP's made by Prvi Partisan. For what it is I am pretty happy with the price. So that takes another resolution off the list which is sweet. I got to thinking about my other ammo resolution  

13. Half cases each of 7.62x39, 9mm and just maybe .38. Full ones if I am feeling rich. Decided to go in a slightly different direction. I am going to get a full case of 9mm, some sort of JHP ammo. After the rest of my goals have been met I may look at some 7.62x39.

Also as per #14 I will get 20 Glock 9mm mags before moving onto more spare parts or after that some M1a mags. Who knows what will happen and it would be nice to have enough extra mags that I could pass a few to a friend if need be or get another gun and not be short mags. As I discussed earlier it would be nice to be able to stash a few here and there just in case.

Oh yeah and since I made the jerkey #18. Get a dehydrator and dehydrate something.  is complete. Speaking of which I am doing pineapple slices right now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Since much of my progress is made on the weekend this seems to be turning into a Monday feature. In any case not a lot got done this week. After next Friday my schedule is going to go back to normal which will be nice. My quality of life will improve and I will have more time to do stuff.

Picked up some medical supplies which is a good thing. That area of our preps can use some attention. Got to check out the first aid stuff we have to make sure it is all current and pick up a few new trauma specific items but that is for another day.

We got a few things of the kind of cake mix (rainbow chip) Wifey likes along with its corresponding frosting. Never bad to have some comfort food lying around. Also the stuff isn't always available here.

Did some reading which is always fun. Got a review coming up in a couple days.

Also started the ammo fund at least in a modest way. A case of Nato manufactured SS109 isn't cheap but it is what I want. Realized recently that I am slightly past the point where I just need lead to sling, at least in some calibers. I want specific types of bullets to fill certain roles and some of them are not cheap. That is OK though. I would rather pay a bit more and get what I want.

Also thanks to Sgt Jarhead I downloaded My Bullion Tracker. It is a pretty neat tool that can help you keep track of if your PM's have gone up or down in value as (assuming you can remember what you paid for em) as well as their spot value. I have often wondered about what my gold and silver reserves are worth on a given day and now I can find out. Anyway this is a pretty cool gadget.

In terms of life I have been really busy at work. Got my W2 from work. If the calculator thing was right we should get about a grand back. I am sending that to FIL who is a CPA. Taxes aren't complicated (at least for our current situation) but last year he roughly doubled our return (legally) and every dollar helps.

Also I have finally started using my Ipod Touch (a birthday gift). Loaded it up with some CD's and a few aps also. Inside of a plastic bag in my chest pocket it is pretty darn safe though I can use a small pelican case to hold it and a camera or whatnot. Being able to play chess and listen to music really helps me with the excess of sitting around I have been dealing with recently. Technology is cool.

Friday, January 22, 2010

This Amuses Me

Warning: This video has lots of curse words so if that offends you do not watch it. However it is totally hilarious and sums up the whole Bushmaster ACR debacle almost perfectly so many of you will enjoy it. Personally I will stick with the AR platform though if my finances are decent over a long enough time line I will get a Steyre- Aug also for no more reason than that I really want one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knives and Guns

I have been meaning to get back to a couple of posts and it seems like as good a time as any to do it.

From the EDC Knives Post:

I should have known this one would get a bunch of comments. Most folding knives in the general range I am talking about cost between $35 and $100 which is an amount that lends itself toward a lot more experimentation than $500+ for guns. Thanks a ton for the input.

Wrote Spyderco an email today. I have been a long time user of their products buying 4 knives (to the best I can recall) from them over the course of about a decade and it seems a shame to leave that sort of relationship on a sour note. If they will make it right I will give them another shot. Good customer service gets my loyalty and overshadows whatever else happened. 

Also noted that they switched their clip design away from that crappy rivet thing in favor of multiple bolts going into steel holes.

I am pondering the purchase of a Cold Steel knife. I own one of their amazing though expensive Kukri's and few of their other random fixed blade knives hanging around and have never had a bad experience with them. A large tanto point Voyager with the 50/50 blade might just be the ticket.

On the Two Guns for an Unknown Scenario post:
First of all I should have titled it two guns not rifle and pistol as that was sort of an assumption everyone would choose a rifle and a pistol as I did. Most everyone chose a rifle and a pistol for some very good reasons but a few folks went in other directions. Also most folks picked mag fed auto loaders for both rifle and pistol but a few folks went in other directions.

As Anon 4:39 said more or less I didn't ask you to criticise my choices and I am not going to criticize any of yours. For the vast majority I nodded my head in a maybe not my choice but I can totally see the thinking behind it sort of way.

Thanks a lot for participating in this and making it fun instead of getting into some tired dogmatic arguments. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

U.S Made M-193

Aimsurplus has it or $379 a case. Ammotogo has it for $339. See who will be the cheapest with shipping and make an order if you need .223. These prices seem pretty good to me. I would get some but other stuff is taking priority and I am tapped out for awhile from yesterdays Glock purchase.
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