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Monday, December 30, 2013

Quote of the Day and Discussion

"I don’t (necessarily) have a safe full of handguns because I'm awaiting the end of the world, I have them because I’m awaiting the end of my ability to acquire them."
-Commander Zero

Something Zero said awhile back has stuck with me. "What if the stuff (specifically guns/ mags/ ammo/ parts but I guess it could be whatever) I have now IS ALL I AM EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET?"

Honestly the need to stock guns uuber deep for some SHTF scenario is in my mind iffy. Aside from the ability to have weapons cached or in different kits multiple redundant guns do not play much of a role in my SHTF preps. That I could dig out rifle #3 to defend my home is a moot point (beyond arming another person) in my mind. More likely than not I'm coming home with rifle #1 Project AR, plus maybe some other guys stuff or on my back.

However lets say life went on without some Max Max collapse but for whatever reason I was unable to acquire more guns (etc) in the future. Could be a ban or an economic collapse that made a used Glock worth 2 months wages at a good job or whatever.

Unlike some end of the world scenario there is a distinct possibility I could be alive and kicking but suddenly without a gun/ magazine/ etc. Things happen. A gun falls in a creek, your truck gets broken into, the cabin where you store your hunting guns burns down, etc all. Say I'm that guy who has ONE mag for their gun. Mags can be lost or misplaced and even with the best accountability and maintenance they are a product designed to wear out and be replaced. That single mag for my sweet 1911 is now gone and I am screwed. I'm either going to live without one or pay dearly for another potentially dealing with shady characters or taking legal risks to get a replacement.

I bought my first firearms during the 1994-2004 AWB. I chose a Glock because I'm a smart guy. Ended up disregarding the 9mm because full capacity mags were unobtanium unless you had em prior to the ban. A friend of mine had ONE full cap factory mag that he paid $160 or something silly for. The full sized .45 model 21 was a bit big for my hand (they didn't make the SF model yet, which are nice) so I got a .40. Figured with a limit of 10 I might as well get bigger bullets. In hindsight I could have bought a Beretta 92 and got reasonably priced milsurp mags but I digress.

The years went by and thankfully that silly ban went away. I picked up some mags.

More time went by and I became a full fledged survivalist. I got to working an adult job and had some cash to spare. Around that time President Obama became the President elect and the last round of gun ban madness happened. I swore to myself that I would not let myself be in the position I was in 2004 again. I didn't control when I was born so nothing I could do about the first AWB but if I got caught in a second one it was really just my fault. So over time I spent some cash. A spare mag here, a dozen there, a Glock for my birthday, a case of ammo there, Project AR, etc all. While I'm not where I want to be the odds I will find myself without any sort of handgun, shotgun, .22 or rifle are very low.

My wife stays at home with our kids and while I make a decent living it is nothing amazing. If I can put some mags, ammo and even extra guns away over time with some sacrifice and planning the odds are most of you can too. Note that empowering sentence included the words sacrifice and planning.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Louisiana Tax Free 2nd Ammendment Weekend 6-8 SEP 2013

It seems once a year Louisiana does a tax free weekend for guns, ammo, hunting stuff, etc once a year. This is pretty cool. Don't think I'll be buying much. Most of my significant needs are in the bulk ammo spectrum; I've been eying a case of 7.62x39 and some 9mm ball but will probably pick up a couple boxes this weekend just because. Anyway for folks who can use a gun or pick up their ammo a few boxes at a time locally this is a cool deal.

Speaking of cool deals remember the huge Mountain House sale at Camping Survival.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote(s) of the Day

 "What is your preferred method for prying them (guns) from my cold dead hands?"

"You're probably not going to take my guns.....because I have guns"
-Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert discussing gun control with Congresswoman Donna Edwards on the TV. Excellent. It turns out that I'm watching a rerun which means you can see the clip here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tab Clearing

Very interesting info on long term food storage shelf life. May not agree with their religious beliefs but they take food storage seriously and are willing to help heathens like me.

Carteacho reloaded some steel cased Wolf ammo and is going to shoot it then discuss. This could be interesting.

7 Gun Companies tell New York to pound sand. One of those companies is Midway which I recommend solely based on my personal experiences. Time to work on a few more. Hat tip to Mountain Guerrilla for the find.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Diane Feinstein's AWB Version 2

The much dreaded Assault Weapons bill was presented. I urge you to write your representatives and tell them in a nice polite way that criminals by definition break the laws and this will only hurt law abiding gun owners. If you are lazy like me Ruger makes it super easy by having a nice form letter ready to go and looking up your reps automatically. Seriously if you care about anything I say take the time to let our representatives know that you are against this.

Also if you have not already JOIN THE NRA.  They are not perfect but are big enough and strong enough to actually do something. Join some other organization(s) if it makes you happy but send the NRA some love first.

If your personal 2A preparations are not where you want to be I would think about working on it. Do not spend the rent money or max the visa but if you want it and can afford it then think about buying. Yes AR's that cost $650 2 weeks ago are going for 1,400ish BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE. Cannot say that will be the case in 2 months.

Some folks might want to think about caches. I have heard 6" PVC pipe and end caps as well as PVC glue can sell out in a hurry. Spare parts and manuals (a weak point of mine) are good things to have also. The cleaning stuff to put a greased up gun back into action would be smart also.

This weekends coming purchase binge will take care of most of my lingering accessory needs. Thankfully the stuff we need (vs want) is not targeted thought the overall everything with or around a trigger buying binge is affecting things all the same. Sure there is more stuff I want thankfully these are wants not needs. Some will be purchased when available like ammo and other stuff might be indefinitely postponed depending on how things go.

Honestly I am getting pretty bored of talking about this all the time. Think it is time to talk about other stuff and begin to resume normal operations.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Earlier this week I went shooting testing a variety of things and working on the zero on my rifle. At Good Will I picked up a pair of line new USGI desert boots with the rippled vibram sole. They are a half size too big but you can never have too many boots and the price of $15 was right. An AR-15 stripped lower receiver came to live with us. Picked up a hundred rounds of American Eagle 9mm FMJ and 100 rounds of excellent CCI Velocitor .22lr that has been totally unavailable for a couple of weeks. Also grabbed a few little things, some OTC meds and packets of instant coffee for my BOB.

All in all a darn good week here. Pretty 2A oriented but that is to be expected these days.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quote of the Day

'That second amendment has given us every other amendment"
- A NYC Port Authority cop on Fox News

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fix Is On- There Wasn't An AR-15 Involved in Sandy Hook?

So it turns out the asshat who shot all those kids in Connecticut did not have a Bushmaster AR-15 with him at all. This fear driven propaganda is just an excuse to push a totalitiarian socialist progressive agenda to disarm law abiding Americans.

Monday, December 31, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I filled up the gas and water cans. Have been fiddling with my everyday carry a bit. Speaking of which everybody who likes free holsters and water purification sport bottles should get their stuff together and enter our awesome contest. Also I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and pick up some more glasses.

A few 2A prep things happened this week.

Finally got around to joining the NRA. In the past I haven't been very concerned with them. However right now they need money and new members to bolster their street cred to protect our constitutional rights. Seriously if you are a gun owner but not an NRA member and can afford $30 a year I strongly suggest joining the NRA. Along those lines one quiet morning I took the time to write my senators and congressman.  We could debate the usefulness of this but it certainly does not hurt. The socialists statists democrats definitely have folks writing to press their case and FreeFor need to do the same thing.

Not saying I am somehow special for spending $30 to joint the NRA and doing a bit of writing to folks who probably will not listen but damn it I did something to help the situation. Doing anything positive is a lot more effective than just bitching about a situation you do not like. Maybe you can donate some money to good pro gun causes, or write elected officials and the  'letter to the editor' in the local paper. Maybe you can get other gun owners to do these things. For goodness sake do something.

Of course my efforts in this arena do not mean we haven't picked up a few last things. In general I abhor panic buying but if you have 5 minutes till the store closes you grab as much of the important stuff as possible. Thankfully we've been at this for awhile so it is more of a 'sprint through the finish' than a frantic dash to grab anything. Picked up another holster and a couple hundred rounds of good CCI .22 ammo. There isn't much out there I NEED at sane prices right now. Can use some more .223 but I am going to wait for things to normalize. 1) I think thing will calm down (well ammo at least) as supply catches up to demand and 2) my 'crazy' budget is beyond busted.

Anyway that is what I did to prepare this week. What have you been up to?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

RE: What's Available

TEOTWAWKI Blog asked so I am chiming in for South East Arizona. Down here in the shops AR's are slowly trickling in and moving out immediately afterwords. They are keeping about the same profit margin but all the way up the supply chain there have been demand based price increases and potentially some bidding wars. Basic guns from folks like DPMS, Del Ton or Olympic Arms are running $1,200 to $1,600. The private party AR market is out of control. I am not sure if folks are buying BS parts guns worth maybe $650 a week ago for upwards of 2 grand but a lot of folks seem to be trying to sell them.

Ammo for .223 is available in limited quantities. PMAGs are running $30-40 on the private market. Some normal capacity 20 round mags are available and occasionally an oddball plastic 30rder from some company I have never heard of shows up.

A wide variety of pistols are still available though Glock 9mm's are notably absent. Still XD/MP/etc type guns out there in stores and on the private market. Prices haven't jumped so much on them. Seen private market folks trying to sell Glocks for upwards of $600 but careful search can get you one at about $500 which is a bargain these days. Good luck getting mags for a Glock 19/17 though. Glock 9mm mags are off the shelves and not really present on the private market. Seen folks trying to sell those junk aftermarket 33rders for stupid prices like $40.

The common Sig/ Beretta 92 type mags are gone but XD, S&W MP and some others are still available. Folks around here just don't seem to own these guns in any numbers or the folks who have them aren't the stocking up types.

9mm ammo is available though the price of your bulk/ plinking stuff is considerably higher than before this mess.

7.62x39 is available but at over $300 a case. Still not too bad of a jump considering how other stuff has moved.

Shotgun ammo is widely available as are .38/.357 and 40 S&W in pistol calibers and most standard hunting type calibers 30'06, .300Winmag, etc. Bolt action rifles, shotguns and revolvers have not really changed in availability

What are things like in your area?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RE: The Problems With Panic Buying

Sometimes I want to talk about something too much to make a comment. Today I am going to talk about a post stuff I found while searching for the end of the survivalist web.

The Problems with Panic Buying makes some interesting points. Here is a snippet "I’m 41 years old and I got my first rifle at 9.  Since that time I’ve bought, sold and traded hundreds of firearms.  I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of rounds, I’ve taught the craft for almost two decades now and have a very good understanding of what an AVERAGE SHOOTER is capable of.  Trust me folks… You are not as talented as you think you are."

I think it is worth noting that we need to separate the hardware and software issues involved in self defense shooting. The hardware issue is that you have weapons, magazines, ammunition and ancillary equipment to employ to defend yourself. The software issue is that you are capable of using the darn stuff!

Along the hardware lines I don't like panic buying. There are a few reasons for this. First trying to time anything is problematic. You might well be wrong and either have a false alarm or even worse be too late. Secondly most people do not have the resources to go out and buy all the gun stuff they want in a week or two, this stuff is expensive. While technically possible buying an AR-15 or 2, a couple Glock/XD/M&P's, maybe a bolt gun and a shotgun as well as mags, case upon case of .223, 9mm/.40 S&W /.45 acp ball ammo,  9mm/.40 S&W /.45 defensive rounds, .308, 12 gauge buckshot and whatnot to keep them going all at once isn't a viable option for most folks.

The last issue I have with panic buying is that it sort of goes against the whole proper planning prevents piss poor performance thing. The writing is on the wall. A significant percentage of our country does not feel the same way about the Second Amendment and military pattern weapons as rednecks, survivalists and hard core shooters do. We had an 'Assault Weapons Ban' for a decade and lots of folks want it back. Maybe these folks will be successful in seeking a ban and maybe not but we won't be able to say we didn't see the potential for it to happen.

However this ban has been rescinded for coming up on a decade. I am more inclined to buy with a moderate sense of urgency than to completely freak out every 2-4 years depending on who is running for what. When these elections come around (lame ducks are dangerous) I do not need to completely freak out because I've been making purchases as finances allow over time. That being said it is not a bad idea to look at your situation and maybe shift a few priorities higher. PMAG's or sweet new AR-15's might be entirely unavailable or more expensive next year while a nice rucksack or a CB radio almost surely will be.

So along the hardware lines panic buying is not a good plan. The panic buying crowd fails to acknowledge the importance of training and is almost entirely hardware focused. This is just stupid. Obviously on the software side panic buying is not a viable strategy. Unless you are a soldier, a SWAT cop or happen to be shooting competitive 3 gun/ IDPA/ High Power with a relative or friend's kit you are not building the skills to use the equipment. With those relatively rare exceptions aside most people are not proactive enough to seek out serious training opportunities for guns they do not yet own. Training takes time and costs money. While planning to panic buy a couple guns and a bunch of ammo is a bad plan it is a better plan then hoping to be able to get time off work and attend quality firearms training right before you need it.

Put time, money and effort into building your skills NOW before you need them. It is good wholesome fun but more importantly you do not know when these skills will be needed. It is possible (though haphazard and expensive) to deal with serious equipment shortcomings down the road. You could look for grandfathered items or fill shortages on the black market. However a shady contact and some cash can get you a piece but will not turn you into a serious shooter. A Daniels Defense carbine will not turn you into a shooter any more than a Corvette will turn you into a race car driver. Remember that it is the person behind the gun that really matters.

Coming briefly back to hardware taking a balanced long term approach is really the way to go. Be dispassionate and get guns that suit your needs, not your sense of style or ego. In other words buy a Ruger .44 magnum or a Desert Eagle .50 because you have huge hands and live in rural Montana/ Alaska where open carry is common and there are bears all over the place not because you thing they are cool.

Ergonomics mean what is right for me might not be right for you but there are definitely good choices and less good choices. Most folks would be well suited with a universal service pistol like a Glock/XD/S&W MP and a rifle like an AK/AR/FN-FAL/HK-G3 variant. Just something to think about.

Taking a long term approach is important because doing it all at once simply isn't affordable for all but the highest budgets. However if you pick up a holster here, a couple mags there and some ammo now and again it is much more doable.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food as a Weapon, Food and America

The idea of massive food shortages in America is an interesting one. I think there are fallacies as well as misinformation in play. Also it would be naive to say there is not at least some some intentional fear mongering involved.

Food as a weapon is a scary thing. It has been used by brutal governments to force a region or group of people into submission in the one of the most inhumane and brutal fashions. To me it is scary because it intentionally targets the civilian population in a widespread and determined way. The history of it probably goes back as long as their have been organized groups of people big enough to communicate and act cohesively at regional and national levels. The British starved the Irish, the Afrikaners, Kenyan's and almost surely some other groups I have forgotten.

The Soviet communists under Stalin starved the Ukranian peasants in the early 30's. The idea of giving up their land and relying on 'the collective' to support them didn't appeal to these peasants very much. The Soviet troops and police took all of their food and blocked the importation or delivery of food aid to the region. Needless to say bad times ensued. Garden Serf wrote about this more. There is a video here that you can watch if so inclined.

Like I said before this is scary stuff and I don't think anybody can watch it without being profoundly effected. It will likely remind you of why you hate communists and make you want to stock up on food and ammo. These are generally good feelings to have so I won't argue against them.

This is however on the balance not a scenario which worries me particularly. It is somewhere towards the bottom of my list of concerns. It is in the neighborhood of a full on genuine Bosnia or Africa style civil war and above war with Canada or anything involving aliens. Though it is true that Americans tend to have (even those evil liberals) a much higher value for human life than some that isn't really the reason. I honestly think Stalin and Mao (or maybe the Illuminati and Trilateral comission) had a running bet on who could kill more of their population. While different cultures (for a lot of reasons) do tend to act in different ways however events can bring about rapid and crazy changes so in that respect all bets are off.

There are two primary reasons this scenario doesn't worry me much. The first is that privately owned firearms are so numerous and more importantly so widespread in America. It is difficult for Europeans or folks from a couple of large anti freedom cities to fathom just how many guns are out there in the hands of normal people. A hunting rifle with the 3 full 20 round boxes of ammo in the gun cabinet and the 4 random partial boxes spread all over or even a pistol in a nightstand with a single box of bullets are enough to cause real problems.

Even if the second ammendment was totally thrown out or ignored (as well as the rest of the Constitution) it simply would not be possible to confiscate anywhere near enough guns to make a difference. It is pretty obvious to me that well armed people are very difficult to forcibly starve into submission. Shooting would start long before that. I cannot say exactly how it would end but this alone would likely rule out such an outcome here, at least on a big scale.

The next issue is America's ratio of government security forces to citizens. Even if you count all military personnel, federal, state and local law enforcement as well as IRS agents, meter maids and dog catchers (and it would probably be unlikely that they would ALL choose to get involved, but lets just go with it as a worst case scenario) in America the numbers don't work. The ratio of citizens to what could (again a gross oversimplification) be called security personnel just doesn't add up. One of the reasons communist and other totalitarian governments have economic issues is that the ratio of security personnel to citizens is really high. It is really high because people don't like that kind of government. There are also significant budgeting and structural problems because such a high percentage of GDP and the state's budget goes to security. The ratio of people who would be trying to (violently or not) circumvent and bypass any such system to those trying to enforce it would lead to a lot of circumvention.

Food prices are an interesting thing. If you were going to try and specifically design an event to cause massive unrest it would be hard to beat food prices swinging to be either painful or out of the hands of the lower class. Short of a bunch of NeoNazis and the New Black Panthers both deciding to go to the same Waffle house at 2am after a night of hard partying I can't think of a better way to make some crazy stuff go down. While civil unrest is different than an insurgency or revolution one often proceeds the other. This sort of civil unrest has lead to more than one regime change. As I learned from this recent article it isn't so much long term gradual changes like inflation that cause these problems but short term volatile swings. I am not entirely sure why this is. It could be that people have more time to adapt to long term structural changes while someone in true 3rd world poverty can't pay 30, 40 or 50% more for food, even for awhile.

What does this mean for Americans? Well it is a good reminder to use alpha strategy type techniques to use money now to buy goods that will be more expensive later. That sort of strategy also lets you take advantage of good sales. If you have to buy, just for example, a can of baked beans for dinner tomorrow you're stuck paying full price. However if you have a dozen cans of baked beans (or 5 dozen) you can wait until there is a sale in a month and buy 6 cans on sale. Saving .30 cents a can on baked beans isn't a big deal in and of itself but if you do that with a significant percentage of foods you regularly (try for all shelf stable and frozen stuff) eat it will add up to real money.

The more I think about it the harder time I have with Americans who "can't afford food". Now don't get me wrong there are a few Americans with absolutely no income who can not in fact afford to buy anything to include food. However if you really look at the majority of Americans in that boat it is not in fact their situation. According to some reputable seeming website 80% of the worlds citizens live on less than $10 a day. I looked with as much percistence as it was worth to figure out the percentage of their income these folks spend on food and didn't find it. However it is accurate to say it is a pretty high percentage. I want to say more than 50%.

My observation about the Americans who say they cannot afford food is that while their budgeting priorities are fairly sound (unlike say rent food is a flexible part of your overall budget in that if you are flush it can be steak, shrimp and the best of everything; if things are tight it can be pancakes, rice and beans) their actual priorities are completely skewed. The thing is that while to a certain point your food budget can be flexible it is pretty darn important. In reality your actual priorities in order of importance are food, fuel/ energy, housing, insurance and then all that other stuff. While admittedly painting with a broad stroke Americans who are in this situation typically are spending their money on stupid stuff instead of buying food. I would personally like to open face slap everyone who smokes or drinks alcohol and then says they can't afford food.  For heavens sake get your priorities strait. I like to have a drink as much as the next man, unless that man is Mel Gibson, but long before I couldn't feed my family I would be off the sauce.

I just don't see Americans who are one of the richest people on earth getting priced out of the food market at least in significant numbers. Even if the dollar and our standard of living drop significantly most Americans will be fine. According to something I read Americans spend a bit less than 10% of their income on food which is, if you look at world figures, rediculously low. If prices went up most Americans would cut something else out (entertainment, booze, whatever) or practice product substitution which is a fancy economist way to say buying cheaper stuff because the stuff you used to use got more expensive. It would be rough on the very bottom rung of society but the vast majority of Americans would still go to bed with full stomach's. My household spends 7% of our income on food including formula which is 1/4 of that. We could easily cut that by 1/4 if we didn't buy soda, the couple premade convenience foods we get as a luxury, and ate less meat. At subsistence levels with little meat or dairy we could probably spend 4% of our income on food including formula for Walker. We would eat a lot of oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, rice and beans but with some veggies and a little bit of meat now and then and a multi vitamin every day it would be fine for a long time.

So what food vulnerabilities do I see that should concern Americans? As I have said I am not worried about food being used as a weapon or getting priced out of the market. However the incredibly long supply chain between food producers and the end user coupled with JIT inventories is a pretty vulnerable system. A power outage here or a terrorist attack there or some bad weather can mess things up in a hurry. It doesn't take a couple days of trucks not being able to make deliveries and nobody will be able to buy anything.

To me the biggest concern about food security is disasters. A bad winter storm, earthquake or hurricane means the normal food supply is going to be disrupted. As we saw in Hurricane Katrina there is a very real possibility that a major regional disaster will put you on your own for weeks (I think 6 is an accurate number). The 72 hour kit that used to be suggested doesn't cut it. You need to be able to feed your family for a few weeks in case of that sort of event. If you are worried about a flu pandemic think in terms of months not weeks. A black swan event like an EMP or a successful NBC terrorist attack could disrupt all sorts of systems and supply chains for at least a couple years.

The great thing is that like most basic preps food is useful in a lot of scenarios. Assuming you buy things you actually eat worst case you can just eat the stuff. Rotate it by eating it and save a bunch because you can wait for sales. So in conclusion I think you should stock up on food, if just for different reasons than others do.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

quote of the day

"Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to hand held weapons?"
-American Mercenary

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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