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Sunday, July 12, 2015

RE: Selling Stuff, Specifically my 30-30

The balance between keeping spam down and letting the conversation flow authentically is a touchy one. I have fiddled with different things. Right now we have the capcha on and I approve comments over 14 days old. This lets people talk but keeps the spam to a minimum. Aside from keeping spam down, which is the primary goal, I saw in time there was a secondary benefit of letting me see the comments. Usually I scan through the last week or so's posts pretty regularly but comments on older posts tend to get missed.

Today I saw a comment on my post about selling stuff
"Prepper Next Door said...Non standard? 30-30. I'm getting old. Eliminating a caliber is a good thing? My motto: Never let prepping get in the way of your gun collection. I understand. You want to sell some guns to buy some guns. In the future you'll look back and regret selling it. It won't happen today. It won't happen tomorrow. But it will happen."

Ryan here:

1- The 30-30 Winchester is certainly a plenty common caliber. It solidly passes the hardware store test. However relative to my collection it was not 'standard'. It was the outlier in my collection. For anything but a highly legislated nanny state the FAL will out perform the 30-30. Anything the 30-30 can do the FAL can do better. If/ when I get into hunting I will likely get a light general purpose .308 bolt gun like the Savage Hog Hunter and put a 1.5-6x Burris MTAC on it.

2- The thing about logistics is that I like them to be DEEP.  I have mumble mumble number of rifles in 5.56, 7.62x39 and 7.62x51/.308 with mumble mumble cases of ammo for those guns. When it comes to guns plus their mags and to a slightly lesser degree ammo I try to keep in mind Commander Zero's point (to paraphrase) "What if the stuff you have is all you are every going to get. Do you have enough guns/ mags/ ammo to last the rest of your life?" For core roles I like to have multiple guns of a given type with lots of magazines, spare parts and ammo. While it puts the fun in redundancy this type of deep supply has a considerable financial cost to it. This cost strongly incentivizes being vested in relatively few types of weapons. It also incentivizes ditching outliers. While a fine rifle my 30-30 was definitely an outlier in the battery.

3- Honestly I just didn't use it much. The particular 30-30 I sold had been in my collection for about 3 years. I purchased it and shot 20 rounds of Winchester 150 gr SP through it then oiled the gun up and put it in the safe. Every few months I took it out of the safe to fondle but that was about it.

4- As I have piveted into .308/7.62x51 the desire to remove the outlying 30-30 grew stronger.

5- As to collecting guns vs preparations. I think we all have to make choices about where to be sentimental and where to be calculated. Honestly I sort of transferred my sentimentality about the 30-30 into the FN-FAL. In doing research on battle rifles I just got a real desire to own one so that is the way I went. From a financial perspective a PTR-91 would have made more sense and from an ergonomics standpoint some kind of AR-10 would have really been ideal.

6- If I decide that I want a lever gun down the road I can get one. Honestly I think in 2-3 years I will own a .357 mag lever gun, either a Winchester or a Marlin. That would give me the sentimentality of an old school lever gun without the hassle of a different cartridge. Being able to go into the woods with a revolver and a lever gun with 2 boxes of the same ammo would be awful convenient.

7- If I decide to get back into 30-30 Winchester there are plenty of rifles available. There are probably a couple million 30-30's floating around the US. As Aesop once said there is a running joke among firearm dealers that the difference between a 30-30 and an STD is eventually you can get rid of the STD.

Well I hope that shares my opinion on that. Thoughts are always welcome.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Selling Stuff

As you have likely noticed I have been doing some spring cleaning. Sold a couple of things this weekend (a brewing kit and a knife) then today sold my 30-30 Winchester and 200 rounds of ammo. Still have some ammo left, will likely sell some around hunting season and keep a couple hundred rounds because it is a pretty common caliber and that's a sunken cost anyway.

I do not have a lever action Winchester any more which kind of sucks but I eliminated a caliber which is cool. The only situation where that old 30-30 would out perform other rifles on inventory is if I needed a nanny state legal rifle.

What am I planning to spend these newfound gains on? Will see how my birthday cracks out then make a decision based on what I get. ? Probably a case of good surplus 7.62 ammo for the FAL.

At that point I'd probably look hard at some sort of mag fed bolt gun or maybe a .357 mag lever action rifle. Down the road I will get some sort of lever action .357 but that is pretty far down the road; like after another AR, 10-22, Glock 9mm and a Para FAL kind of down the road.

Well this has turned out to be a win win. I have cleaned out a good chunk of space in my garage and store areas and freed up resources to buy some things I can really use but can not afford to purchase outright. I am about out of stuff to sell but it has been a very positive experience.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

.357 Magnum Lever Action Over 30-30 Winchester?

I have been toying with the idea of moving to a .357 mag for my lever action rifle. The .357 mag out of a 16-20in barrel is a different beast than from a pistol. That being said the best .357 mag loads like a 158 grain Speer Gold Dot is at best going to be on par with a fine but completely standard 30-30 load like a 150 gr Winchester SP. Even with the best cartridge gaming argument one can try to say a .357 mag is equal to a 30-30 but nobody, even with the most blatant bias, tries to say the .357 is superior in any way. That being said.....

Going to a .357 lever gun would let me simplify the logistics a bit. Also the appeal of throwing a hundred rounds of .357 ammo in a bag then taking a wheel gun and a carbine out into the woods is appealing.

I think a Marlin 1894 in .357 mag would be the answer to this problem though an (exceedingly rare) Winchester Trapper .357 would be the bees knees.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gun Time Warp: Skills and Strategy Matter Not Hardware

Lets just say that tomorrow I woke up and my firearms battery was very different. Instead of the more modern guns in our current battery I had a Remington 870 Wingmaster with an 18.5inch cylinder bore barrel and a 28" modified choke, a Marlin model 60, a J frame .38, a 1911 or maybe a K frame .357 and a 30-30 Winchester. All of these guns were available a half century ago in the 1960's.

I could hunt anything in the Continental US, have a solid CCW pistol as well as a house gun a shotgun that will do anything plus a good rifle and a .22. I would be down a lot in capacity but honestly that is rarely the issue which decides the day for Joe Six Pack civilian. Realistically this setup could handle all manner of sporting, home defense and a pretty nasty Katrina like SHTF scenario. I won't lie and say it is equal to a Glock 19 and AR or AK but assuming the operator does their job in anything short of a full on war the difference in capacity is rarely needed.

What I am getting at is that skills and strategy matter a lot more than hardware. If you are on a basic guns type budget it might be worth putting money into training before looking at upgrading your guns.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Question: Winchester 1894 Basic Spare Parts Setup

What would you consider a basic spare parts setup for a Winchester 94 30-30?

 My initial thoughts are extractor, ejector, firing pin, tube spring (whatever it's called the spring for the tubular magazine), hammer spring and the 6 or so the screws/ pins that hold the gun together. If you have an opinion on this please let me know in the comments section. I'm looking to stash some spare parts for my Cowboy Assault Rifle. Thanks

Edited to include: Somebody asked about Marlin spare parts. If anyone can help on that front please do so in the comments section.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Basic Guns Part 4: Rifles

So far we have a quality .38, a pump shotgun and a .22 rifle. The big boy comes last. A centerfire rifle is really the way to go for hunting medium to large game at anything but under 50 meter jungle/ brush distances. Yes I know you can sling slugs a bit further than that to 100m or so but lets not get distracted. Between it's ability to reach out and touch somebody and go through soft body armor/ walls/ cars a rifle is the best option for fighting people outside of CQB range.

The rifle is last because they are a pretty specific tool and tend to be fairly expensive to buy and equip. Also in most realistic situations you can get by fine with a shotgun. Anyway here we go.

The cheapest option is a Mosin Nagant. These are really the cheapest rifles out there. Pretty much the worst of the WWI-WWII bolt guns. Fit and finish is terrible and ergonomics equally so. While theoretically capable of decent accuracy their abysmal sights make turning that into reality an iffy proposition. Honestly the only strong point of the Mosin is availability at cheap prices because the Commies made approximately eleven billion of the things then went broke and sold them. To be fair these guns are pretty rugged and reasonably reliable. Guns made to be used by illiterate teenage conscripts need to be. Some spare parts are available and the guns are cheap enough to potentially have spares (though that leaves the point of this series a bit). In my area you can get a Mosin for $150. If I recall some online seller (Aim or J&G I can't recall) was selling them for $129 a couple weeks back which probably equates to $160 all said and done at your local FFL.

Though it's spiked recently in general 440 round spam cans of old commie ammo are available at good prices. Since it hasn't been made in forever I suspect that surplus ammo will eventually dry up. Granted some modern commercial ammo is available it just eliminates the ammo cost advantage of these guns.

The Mosin is definitely the cheapest option. For a person who wants a rifle in case something happens but doesn't do much with it in the meantime (granted not training is a bad plan but I'm being real here, some folks do this) has a good pump shotgun for home defense, as a Mosin is 5 feet long, weights 35 pounds and is bolt fed from a 5 round magazine, that's on a really tight budget a Mosin and a few spam cans of ammo is a valid option.

For not that much more money in the $300-400ish range you get a lot more options. Bolt action deer rifles (go .308 or 30'06) and lever action 30-30's are available in this range. As to specific models I would get one of the many common manufacturer/ common model rifles like the Winchester model 70, Remington model 700, Ruger model 77 or the Savage 110. Sure I missed some but you get the idea. For lever guns I will focus on the Winchester model 94 and Marlin 336 both chambered in 30-30 Winchester. Mossberg has stepped up to the plate with a good entry but it's too soon to tell and parts availability could be problematic. The Rossi/ Puma type lever guns are questionable when it comes to ruggedness/ reliability and long term support in my opinion.

(Note I lumped the various MILSURP rifles such as the Enfield, Springfield and various Mausers into this group as it better represents the cost to purchase and equip those weapons. )

Both have plus sides and minuses. I discussed these recently in another post. To recap: Both are good options. The first question I have would be about the range you are looking at taking game from. If you plan to take shots past 125-150 meters I would go with the '06. On the other hand if closer shots in the 30-100 meter range are the norm and you want a light fast brush gun a 30-30 is hard to beat. My second question would be about what this rifles secondary goal(s) are. If you want a long range/ 'precision' rifle the obvious answer is the '06. On the other side of the coin the 30-30 is a solid choice (for non mag fed military rifles) for up close defensive stuff and makes a great "truck gun". Third would be what other rifles do you own; sort of dovetailing with the last question if this gun needs to fill another niche that must be considered.

Personally if I had to get by with one gun that was not magazine fed (AK, AR, PTR-91, etc) it would be a lever action 30-30. That's just me. Many folks would say the same about a bolt action .308/ 30'06 which is fine too.  As to models the Marlin might arguably have some advantages and is cheaper than the Winchester. That being said I prefer the Winchester 94. They feel better in my hand and nothing says 'Merica like a Winchester lever action rifle.

While I prefer a good deer rifle or a lever gun to a Mosin the cost to feed your rifle is a consideration. One of the downsides of both these options is ammo is expensive. 30'06 ammo is available cheaper MILSURP if you jump through the CMP hoops but otherwise we're looking 75 cents to a buck a round.

As to equipping whatever rifle you decide to buy:
Cleaning Kit
Something to carry ammo
500 rounds of ammo *minimum*

I say this to be realistic for folks who go the deer rifle or lever gun routes. Somebody on a basic gun budget isn't going to buy 3,000 rounds of 30-30 ammo at .75c-$1 per round. Honestly I like a lot more ammo but this is really more of a regional disaster/ economic collapse type setup than Mad Max or fighting a war. If I had this setup in a bad scenario I would only use the rifle for defense or dangerous game. Hunting would be done predominantly with the .22 rifle. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Many Different Things: Ammo, Mag's, tiny .22's and Random Thoughts

Today I finished up putting away the ammo. As mentioned previously these inventories found our stock of 30-30 Winchester painfully low at only 320 rounds. This was no bueno. I was pleased to stumble into 3 more boxes of 30-30 ammo while unloading some stuff which helped. Also today I picked up 3 more boxes on top of that so we are within spitting distance of the 500 rd goal there.

[500 rds isn't a ton but to be honest the gun is a backup to a backup for us. We stock considerably more .223 and 7.62x39. Half the reason I stock the caliber at all is that it is common in the 2 boxes of ammo on hand crowd and thus one good folks might need.]

 Today magazines inventories started. They will not be 100% until our stuff gets here but initial reports are in. We are long on AK and Glock magazines. This was somewhat intentional. The AK stuff because it is just getting more expensive. I don't NEED a lot of it but as a bit of speculation it might be good to have in the future. Also there is always the potential for trade/ barter/ charity down the road.

As to Glock mags. I am way past my theoretical standard of 10 magazines per pistol. This will change a bit when I pick up another Glock in the next year or two but not that much. Thinking of either adjusting the ratio or maybe just allocating a dozen mags to cache or something.

On the downside we are pretty short on mags for the .22's.We have just 4 mags for the Ruger 10/22 and 3 for the Browning Buckmark. I would like to have 6 or so for each. Will have to work on this in the coming months.

We have some other mags for guns I do not own. I held onto a few 1911 mags and a bit of ammo when I sold the old slab side. Should have done the same thing when I sold the Glock .40 but alas I did not. It may lean into crazy territory but I would like the option to feed guns in common calibers. The other mags were at too good of deals to pass up or are for guns that I may buy some day.

Strait Forward in a Crooked World makes an interesting case for the tiny .22 pistol. The traditional answer to this problem of a very small pistol would be a .380. However that would mean a new caliber for me and I am very pleased to have a nice simple (handgun) logistical situation. To me the biggest benefit would be not needing to add a new caliber. We have plenty of .22 ammo already. The new really tiny single stack 9mm's like the Ruger LC9 and S&W Shield are also worth considering. It would be 2 guns but a Ruger LC9 and a little Beretta (or way cooler old Walther) .22 pistols would give me slightly larger and smaller options than a .380 (but a bit better more flexibility) combined with maintaining my simple logistical situation. At this stage in life the cost of procuring an additional firearm might be worth it for me.

Today I went to the store to get a folding chair and a floor lamp. The last couple days I have been sitting on a cot and due to the lack of lighting in the living room (really the whole house) being a sad panda in the dark. This is a big improvement.

Wifey and kiddo are flying down here next weekend. I am really excited.  My bachelor survival skills have slid away since marriage so things are pretty rough here. More to the point I miss them both a ton. She is probably what keeps me as a reasonably sane functional person and kiddo is just hilarious. Things should be set up well so that they can arrive and settle in somewhat seamlessly.

Anyway aside from me being too lazy to cook dinner that is what's going on here.

Hope you all had a good weekend,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Odds N Ends: Interwebz, Ammo and Big Fun

I got internet set up today at the new place which is nice. Generally trying to get settled in here. As I am running advon for the family I find myself doing a lot of stuff that has previously been Wifey's job. That means it is new to me so there has been some wasted efforts. Oh well.

Did the ammo inventories today. Some interesting stuff for sure. We are pretty short on 30-30 at just 320 rounds and .357 magnum at 150. The 30-30 is more pressing. The big wheel gun could get fed .38 special if needed we have plenty of that. Granted I really don't NEED the 30-30 ammo so much but can't see a reason not to have a reasonable amount of ammo for a rifle I really like. Would like to be at 500 rounds for both calibers.

On the bright side we have more 7.62x39 than I thought. Plenty of .30.06 (especially since the Garand is marked for sale), .38 special, and 9mm. The .223 situation is OK though I would like to set back 2 more cases. Old .22 long isn't doing bad but could use about three thousand more rounds. Over the next year or so I suspect  these deficiencies will get fixes unless the world ends. Regardless I am not too worried. We have enough ammo that it is not likely to be a pressing problem.

Most of the ammo is nicely organized now. Boxes are generally 1 caliber (a few orphan cases are inevitable) and are clearly marked with caliber and quantity of contents. I do plan to try and pick up a few more ammo cans to get everything packed away right instead of putting the rest in a giant 120mm mortar can. Will try and do that tomorrow.

The 'go cans' got packed at least with their tentative contents. Going to mull it a bit then talk it with you all tomorrow.

Anyway that is what I have been up to today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Range Report- 25 September

Got some range time today which was pretty awesome. I have forgotten what a great stress reliever shooting is. The revolvers were fun as always. Decided to hold onto the one that I was looking at selling. It is a sweet shooter and would not bring a ton of money on resale. Forgot to bring the Browning Buckmark which was a bit of a bummer.

I have been working on being more intentional than I have in the past when it comes to shooting. Either starting from the low ready or holster and shooting controlled pairs at multiple targets. Reloads were often used. If I wasn't sold before the modern isosceles is definitely the ticket. The Glock 19 shot like a champ. There is a reason lots of really smart folks use them.

Practicing with the gear I carry with has been interesting. Like the gun, belt and leather. However my spare mag storage needs to be addressed. I have been tossing a spare mag in my off hand cargo pocket which sucks a lot for the reload. Might as well stop to get a drink of water, use the bathroom and wash my hands during a speed reload. The back pocket is better (at least it won't get turned around) but not by much. Granted carrying a 15 shot pistol a reload is unlikely but I like having one around. I've been meaning to get a spare mag pouch and start using it for CC but this really beats that point in.

All in all I was pretty happy with things especially considering pistol range time has been pretty light for a pretty long time. A pair of good ear muffs would make things a bit more pleasant and a shot timer would help me get serious about training.

The old 30-30 needed some love. It is one of those models that came with the infernal cross bolt safety. Hating said safety I promptly removed it. That left the rifle functioning how it should but with noticeable and unpleasant holes in the sides of the receiver.  Did not want the safety back but didn't want the holes either. the whole thing bothered me so it got stashed away in the safe. Recently I used some google fu to see if other people have had this same problem.

Stumbled into this article by a fellow who had the same problem. For less than a buck at the hardware store I got 2 1/4 in nylon hole inserts and gave it a shot. The gun looks like it should, well at least to a quick glance which is good enough for me. I had considered selling the gun and getting an older one (a 16" 30-30 trapper would be great but it is pretty low on the list) without the safety which is an infernal nod to our overly legalistic society but this solved the problem.

Look it is probably a bad idea to do any at home gunsmithing, let alone messing with safety features. As such I cannot recommend it to anybody and in fact suggest not doing it. As an adult with a decent understanding of firearm safety and the safe handling of this weapon I made a choice that may not be right for others.

Any day shooting is a good day. Most things went really well and there is some stuff to work on.  Planning to do some research and start incorporating dry fire practice into the mix. Hopefully there will be a lot more shooting happening (shooting for monthly as a goal) so this will be a more frequent feature.

Get out there and train!

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