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Saturday, May 9, 2015

AR-15 Pistol Build Discussion

This evening I build an AR-15 for a buddy. He got an 11.5in BCM lightweight upper and the makings for the rest. (note on the 11.5 vs 10.5 from BCM here) The LPK was CMMG and he got a receiver extension and buffer tube cover from Thordsen Customs. I sort of consulted on the whole thing from the beginning.

So I told Buddy I would put it together for him. He's a good dude but a bit intimidated by the process. I've done this before and have the right tools, punches and all that. He brought over a 6 pack of Summer Shandy which was nice after spending the evening mowing the lawn.

Anyway I pulled a complete lower out of the safe for a reference and looked up the step by step instructions on AR15.COM. Last time I used a video also but this time with some more experience the instructions proved sufficient.

Things that worked out well.

-Putting together a lower while drinking beers #1 and 2 for the evening went a fair bit better than doing so while having #5 and 6. Go figure.

-Of course experience helps. I've done this in the past so the process is smoother than the first time.

-Having a compete assembled lower there to look at is handy.

-I used a tiny screwdriver to hold the spring and detent pin in for the front take down pin (or whatever it is officially called) so I could slip the pin over it.
-I did the build on an empty table with nothing nearby. This was handy when I needed to find the launched detent pin.

-The CMMG LPK thoughtfully grouped small parts into color coded little plastic bags. This eliminated the awkward trying to figure out which spring was which phase. Also they were nice enough to toss in an extra roll pin just in case.

Things that could have gone better. .

- The Troy Industries fixed rear sight had the coating worn/ missing on the near edges and they were rusty. This was ridiculous. I have nothing positive to say about that company.

-Fucking Thordsen Custom didn't bother to include a receiver plate, even though buddy bought a buffer tune and buffer tube cover plate. I'm not saying they said it was included but they should have clearly said 'if you have a lower and an LPK plus our kit you have to buy this extra part to put together the gun. We were not going to be able to complete the project. Awkwardness ensued. How they cheaped out on including a needed part I can not say. Regardless awkwardness ensued. Buddy's project was not getting done. I dug through my spare parts stuff and found a reciever plate. A good reminder that we need to be prepared.

-In the end Buddy's little AR pistol CQB machine got built. Next weekend he and I are planning to go shoot it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

From Around The Web and Trimming Pack Weight

Fer FAL's 12 Survival Lessons from the Ukraine is definitely worth reading

T Blog did a post on trimming pack weight.I have a few thoughts on this. In no particular order.

-When it comes to weight it is important to talk apples and apples.

          -I weigh my ruck dry as in without water. Of course total weight including water (wet) matters but since water is rapidly consumed then replaced I find 'dry' a more meaningful number. 

         - We also have to get on the same page as to concept of use. Since the BOB/ level 3 sustainment load is pretty ambiguous the question of how amounts of consumables, specifically food, matters. Of course a bag set up to feed a person for 5 days is going to weigh more than one designed for 2 days.

-40 pounds coming up as the number some D Boys settled on is interesting. My BOB/ level 3 sustainment load comes in a shade under 40 pounds (dry, 37 if I recall) and if I recall John Mosby's is in the same general weight range.

-The snugpack is a pretty cool little setup. I would like one for my level 2.5 bag and since they are a shade under $60 it is an easy decision.

-Cutting weight on individual items is a good plan so long as it does not compromise capabilities you want/ need.  For example swapping a 5" full tang knife for a smaller 3", lighter full tang knife would save weight with negligible capability loss. On the other hand going to a Mora would mean the fixed blade knife would have few capabilities beyond my EDC benchmade.

-Weight of food is notable. Also specifically for the little Tactical Tailor bag I bought bulk matters. I am looking at revisiting my food plan for this bag with some protein bars that are calorie dense and some freeze dried stuff for actual meals.

-My level 2.5 bag is sitting at 17 pound dry. I would like to get it into the 13-15 pound range. Will do some more shaving and then post a contents list.

-Oleg Volk did an interesting post on pistol caliber carbines. The 5.56 pistol is discussed.

Friday, January 16, 2015

From Around The Web

Mike Pannone: Making an M4 run like a Gazelle

Hoss USMC went and set himself up an Operational Cache. Good stuff. I did this awhile back and it is a comforting thing to have done.Hoss also stashed the same chest rig I did. Like that thing a lot and might end up getting another one down the road.

Hoss stashed some pretty nice gear and was able to put away a Glock, which I couldn't at the time. Hopefully when I'm in my cache area next I'll be able to stash one there. Do not get discouraged and fail to cache because you do not have a surplus of cool new gear, put away the stuff you do have. Take a couple guns that are collecting dust and put em away. Get some ammo for them and ancillary stuff. Throw in some way to carry ammo and whatever spare field gear you've got and put it someplace outside of your home/ 'retreat'. Just do it.

In sad news for the gun community:
New ATF fiat declaration ruling on the Sig Arm Brace. Apparently that the second order effect of this 'brace' being a decent stock and many people using it as such has caught the eye of the ATF. Shoulder at your own risk.

In positive news for the gun community Magpul announced some new products:
AK accessories/ furniture
60rd AR drums that should be reasonably priced ($100ish) and actually work and best of all
Magpul Glock Mags!!! MSRP is just under $16 so street price SHOULD be in the $13ish range, which is what half of factory Glock mags cost. When they come out I'll definitely buy some.

From our friends at Lucky Gunner
250 rounds of Seller and Bellot #4 Buck for $119
Tula 9mm for $205/1k
Federal 5.56 XM193 $173/500

Friday, January 9, 2015

I Dowanna Haz AR Pistol?

An AR Pistol has been on my list for awhile now. Came into a bit of cash for Christmas and planned to get started. Now a couple weeks have gone by and I haven't done anything on that. Got to wondering why that is.

Maybe it is just sheer laziness? Maybe it is that the local gun store I planned to get a lower southern 'I own a small business but want to fail' hours where their entire business model is people buying their stuff but they close at 5 pm? Then again it could be something else. I wonder why this goal has been on the radar for awhile but hasn't been completed.

Could be I am not totally sure on my planned concept of use. Maybe it doesn't justify the need for a whole new AR (like that really matters ha ha ha ha)? The whole silliness about the Sig Arm Braces is a consideration too. Odds are it is all silliness but especially since the AR pistol is already on shaky (whether the dealer checks rifle or other is compliant vs a felony) ground it is a concern. Maybe some poor guy's life will get ruined over this mess and I would prefer for the chance of it being me to stay at zero. The advice to only buy an AR pistol that comes from the factory with a brace is conservative, but still prudent, advice.

Also as Alexander Wolfe noted the difference between a 11.5in AR and a 14.5in AR is 3 inches. Those 3 inches put an AR into a solid legal footing and let you have a real butt stock. Plus I already have a pretty nice AR with a 14.5in barrel.

Going to think the whole thing over for a bit. Maybe I'll focus (my firearm efforts) on building up ammo stocks this year. Maybe I'll buy another AR of the 16 or 18 in flavor. These days there are a lot of decent rifles in the $750 range but some part of me says to save a couple more C notes and get a Colt or BCM. I dunno.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas AAR

We had a pretty darn good Christmas. Rented a cabin out in east Texas with my sister and her family. It was a nice little place out in the woods by a pond. We were well on our own but not too far from town to get more beer replace the odd items. A cool place and not too expensive, especially considering two families stayed for a few days.

Bro in Law and I did most of the cooking. For Christmas he did a ham, I did taters au gratin and an apple crisp for desert. The food was well enjoyed by all.

We did lots of fishing for perch. Caught a lot and had a bunch of fun. Wifey (a far better fisher person than I) got the oldest nephew catching fish so he had some fun. I taught him how to gut, clean, filet and cook a few of the biggest ones. Made a rough go of the fileting but with little fish and lacking a proper knife one does what one can. [If we actually needed to eat them I wouldn't cook small fish that way. I would gut, scale and cook them whole then we'd pick off the meat. The point was to show him how to do it.]

The trip was  success and we would like to make similar ones in the future. For a holiday it was nice that nobody had the pressure of hosting and it is easier for everybody to relax about the cumulative traditions and cultural norms that can make holidays a nightmare, especially for the women who try to put it all together. Anyway we had an awesome holiday experience and hope you did too.

Now that the important stuff is over we can move onto material things. Did you all get anything cool and preparedness/ firearms oriented? If so what?

Personally it was a good Christmas for this guy. Got a nice Makita cordless drill and a set of various bits, 20 silver dollars (passed down from a depression era silver bug which is kinda a cool story), a nice CCW friendly long sleeve shirt, an encyclopedia of survival type book that looks pretty cool, a gift card to my favorite local restaurant and through various sources $300 in cash.

The unexpected cash infusion is going to give my long planned AR pistol project a start. It'll get me a lower and start the fund for the upper. This is a priority for the year but will only be funded not via prep funds but solely with 'personal money' so I'm not totally sure how long it will take to complete. I should be able to buy the upper by this summer. This is pretty exciting to me. This has been on the wish list for awhile and I'm finally getting to doing something with it.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Few Months Without Power In Your Current Location

Pastor Joe Fox put out another excellent video. It has a lot of interesting thoughts on his last 2 years of living off grid. Also when he is honest and mentions propane being the 'dirty little off grid secret' as well as lamp oil, batteries and of course gas. Anyway that is not the point that caught my interest. Pastor Joe said something to the effect of " some point the grid is going to go down, most of you are not going to 'bug out' but will instead stay where you are. Think of the things you would want to live for a few months without power." That stuck in my head. Of course I got to thinking.

-Another 55 gallon water barrel for storage along with 3 more 5 gallon jugs.

-A rainwater cachment system.

-Three more 5 gallon propane tanks. Also a couple dozen of those little green propane tanks.

-More 92 octane non ethanol gas. (I plan to fill up all my cans with it when I rotate them.) Another 6 5 gal cans would be perfect.

-10 gallons of kerosene.

-A case of oil for various lubrication needs.

-Lots of lamp wicks.

-Ancillary chainsaw stuff. Lots of 2 cycle and bar oil, spark plugs, a spare chain, sharpening stuff, chaps.

-About a hundred dollars worth of eneloop rechargeable batteries (in addition to what we have now).

-The only real expensive item (though the total cost is adding up fast) is a Goal Zero 32201 Boulder 30M Solar Panel  and a more robust battery setup probably also by Goal 0. Something like the Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar Generator

-Maybe a serious antenna set up for my Grundig 350dl. If I was relying on it for regular news and needed to reach further, more consistently, it would be handy.

-A better grinder.

-A dutch oven. 

-Condiments, particularly stuff that goes with bread, rice and beans. Stuff like cheese and butter would be great also.

-100 pounds more each salt, sugar, and oatmeal.

-200 pounds each of rice, beans and wheat.

-3 cases each of chili, stew and peanut butter.

-About a dozen cases of canned fruit.

-Several things of both kid and adult multi vitamins.

-250 pounds of chicken food. A metal trash can or two to store it in.

-250 pounds of dog food. A metal trash can or two to store it in.

-A full spool of 550 cord.

-Various structural repair stuff: screen material to fix screens, a couple (above what I've got) rolls of clear plastic, a couple (above what I've got) 10x10 tarps, a couple packages each of small and large zip ties, 3 rolls of duct tape/ 100 mph tape, 4 rolls of generic/ bailing wire, 5 pounds of various screws, 10 pounds of various nails. If I could conveniently find the space about 4 sheets 4x8ish of 3/4 inch ply wood would be nice.

-Various shoe/ clothing repair stuff: Some shoe laces, a couple dozen spools off various thread, 2x shoe glue, some mink oil,  a few yards each of cotton, denim and flannel.

-A pick axe.

-A spare shovel.

-Another machete.

-Another knife sharpening set.

-A gallon of mineral oil.

-Chimney cleaning stuff.

-4x FRS radios.

-More various hygiene stuff. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, feminine stuff, etc

-A few boxes of band aid's. They are so handy and my kids love em.

-A stash of antibiotics.

-You could note a lack of gun and ammo stuff in this post. Don't get me wrong in this situation I would like to have 500 rounds of .38 special, 500 rounds of .308, a thousand rounds of 12 gauge split between #4, buckshot and slugs plus another case each of 9mm and 5.56. That being said I am sitting on a pretty decent stash of ammo. Honestly aside from .22lr and small game shot for hunting and just maybe a rifle round or two for a deer or hog I do not see going through much ammo. Sure fights could happen but if I dip a notable fraction into my stores things are going very badly and I am realistic enough to know a guy is only likely to win so many fights, especially when medical attention is lacking.

-As to guns I would really like to have an AR pistol with a 10.5-11in barrel. About when the grid dropped a person might just say to heck with it and put a real buttstock on one but the sig arm brace's largely negate the issue. The concept of use would be as a bedside CQB gun and general PDW.

Beyond that we are pretty OK in terms of firepower. We could trade/ loan/ give some guns out if needed and still exceed our core needs by a good margin. 

There are probably some other things but none of them really come to mind. I am going to weigh this exercise very heavily in my 2015 New Years Resolutions.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

AR Pistol Thread

I have been toying with the idea of an AR Pistol for awhile now. Other more pressing matters have bullied their way in front of it but with those knocked out it's back in the 'next gun' slot. I do not regret that decision. Needed a better EDC solution which came in the form of the Kahr CW9 and a longer distance rifle.

Anyway I have been doing some looking at parts as well as running numbers. Also just generally mulling the whole thing in my head. To prioritization I want to square up some other things first. A case or two of 5.56, a case of 9mm and some .308 ammo are strait up higher on the order of priority.

That being said I do plan to purchase a lower to put this project on very soon. Had one awhile back but it went out in a deal. Also since the 'firearm' is a $50-100 part it makes sense to purchase it and have on hand. Won't help if the world ends but if a ban happens (under current law) the other parts for an AR don't matter at all.

Aside from planning to drop a grand or more on ammo before really starting this project I have been thinking if it's really a worthwhile endeavor. Do I just want an excuse to build another AR and snub my nose at our silly federal gun laws by (totally legally) exploiting existing loopholes to essentially make a paperless short barreled rifle?

My planned design is something like this; build a 10.5-11.5in AR pistol by putting together a lower then ordering a complete upper probably from BCM or Spikes and outfit it with one of those Sig 'arm braces' and a tac light. Eventually when finances allow I would like to put an EoTech on top but would probably rock irons for awhile. As to budget all said and done it will run about a grand. As to timeline from a legitimate start point it would take 6-9 months to fund unless I sold stuff to raise money. Don't really plan on selling anything.

My concept of use is as a wicked worst case scenario home defense gun. Maybe there is a rise in crime or a hurricane or a black out, whatever. If Project 870 sitting in the Sentry Safe Home Defender by my bed was not comforting an AR that holds over 3x the rounds which is very easy to maneuver around the house might be the ticket. Also since it is technically a pistol if I for some reason felt the need to have it loaded in a backpack/ gym bag or my vehicle that would be permissible in most places while a rifle might not be. Also it is another AR on inventory which isn't a bad thing. Lastly the oddity that lets these weapons be on their current legal standing might some day change. If previous firearms laws are any indicator already existing weapons would be grandfathered in so I feel like if I might every want one it should be purchases sooner instead of later.

Is this a worthwhile endeavor? Do you own an AR pistol? If so why did you get one and how do you like it?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Carry System Upgrade? Blade Tech Belt and OWB Kydex Holster.

After yesterdays post I did some thinking. As a general rule I try to approach problems from the easiest and cheapest option then work progressively towards the opposite end. If the problem could be a $5 fuse or a $60 battery or a $500 alternator it just makes sense to start with the fuse. So I am relooking the issue of the carry system I have been using.

Basically I needed a decent gun belt that would be comfortable enough for regular wear. Also for comfort, speed and keeping corrosive sweat away from the gun I kind of wanted to try a close to the body OWB holster. I did some looking and ended up pointed at Blade Tech for both. They do not get quite the same coolness points as some companies (who pay work with a lot of big names in the industry) but have been making quality products at pretty good prices for a long time.

Also their brown gun belt looks like something a person like me (casual, 30's, etc) would wear instead of a big ole cowboy belt or a dress belt. The holster I ordered has an open bottom which is especially handy for people who own multiple sized of the same caliber gun (Glock 17/19/26, etc) as it can be compatible with all of them without having the length of the longest one.

So I am going to give that a try as well as some other holsters on inventory (including a Blade Tech IWB and a crossbreed knock off) to see what sort of improvements can be made in comfort to promote carrying in a better way more regularly.

Pending how this goes I may end up negating the immediate want for a more concealable single stack auto. 

Mentioning my little J frame here sort of muddled the waters. It was applicable because that is my non Glock default carry gun and I am not in love with its capabilities. However the J and it's role is a subject I have generally discussed as much as I want to. Once the above issues are solved the J's role will be reevaluated. Anyway moving on.

As to potential pistol purchases I need to get my hands on a Shield again and compare it with other guns hands on. While I do want a Walther PPK (stainless) in .380 it would probably be prudent to punt that goal until a few more practical concerns are handled.

As to AR pistols my concept of use is a 10-11in barreled paperless SBR utilizing one of those SIG arm braces.  Its (soft) armor piercing, round count and range PWN pistol caliber carbines.

Anyway hopefully I get into a carry system that is comfortable enough to execute consistently with a Glock. After that we will see what happens.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Earlier this week I went shooting testing a variety of things and working on the zero on my rifle. At Good Will I picked up a pair of line new USGI desert boots with the rippled vibram sole. They are a half size too big but you can never have too many boots and the price of $15 was right. An AR-15 stripped lower receiver came to live with us. Picked up a hundred rounds of American Eagle 9mm FMJ and 100 rounds of excellent CCI Velocitor .22lr that has been totally unavailable for a couple of weeks. Also grabbed a few little things, some OTC meds and packets of instant coffee for my BOB.

All in all a darn good week here. Pretty 2A oriented but that is to be expected these days.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Can Haz AR Pistol?

After selling the revolver I decided as a lark to put an ad up looking for a stripped lower. The price I gave was not as good as it was a month ago but wasn't totally insane either. Anyway somebody must have been looking out for me because it worked. Now I  do not have to wait for things to get back to normal to pick up a stripped lower. Would not have purchased it if future availability was not uncertain.

My long term goal is to build an pistol a lot like Arctic Patriot Northern Plains Pilgrim's sweet AR Pistol. No timeline on this. I was barely whole from Project AR when this whole current mess happened. The preps I have made in case of a ban have left the gun fund as solid as the medicare trust fund. There are a few things more pressing on the gun/ defensive stuff list (not to mention all the other lists;) so it might not even happen this year. Anyway there isn't a huge hurry as an AR pistol is definitely a nice to have not a need.

So it was a pretty good day today. Hope your trades and purchases are going just as well.
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