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Saturday, October 4, 2014

EDC Dump 4 OCT

Decided to do a pocket dump to show you all what I am carrying around these days.

From top to bottom:
-Generic Uncle Mikes holster- small. Functionally identical to the Blackhawk holster line. Tam mocks them mercilessly. These are decently servicable though not exactly the worlds greatest holsters. If $10 holsters were perfect there would not be an industry of folks making $30-several hundred dollar holsters. A better holster is in the works but right now one from the spare holster drawer is working pretty decently. That is one of benefits of these 'one size fits most' holsters. They will work for most guns in a given size range and are cheap enough to have lying around here or there or as spares to give to people who suddenly in an emergency want to carry a pistol that's been pulling nightstand or glove box duty.

-Kahr CW9 loaded with 9mm 115 grain Federal Classic Personal Defense. With the flush mag the CW9 holds 7+1. It would not be my first choice in carry pistols for Peshawar, or for that matter Houston but I am quite comfortable using it for CCW in my sleepy little part of Central Louisiana.

-Al Mar Knives 5HDBT Eagle Heavy Duty Lockback Knife with Textured Black G-10 Handles.

-Edited to fix oversight. My flashlight is a Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Flashlight, I believe a Micro stream. It runs on a single AAA battery. It works reliably and is quite durable. Walker hasn't broken it yet and it's been through the washer/ drier numerous times. Might not tactically bedazzle someones OODA loop and make them defecate but it is bright enough to clearly see at 20 meters which is plenty for me.

-Wallet with the usual stuff and cash.

-Cell phone

-Spare mag for the CW9. It is the 8 round one with the extended floor plate.

-Chap stick

-Bic Lighter

-Keys not shown since you can now copy keys with a photo.

So that is what I carry most of the time these days. If I am going to Houston I bump the gun up to a Glock and if I am going to be doing outdoors stuff I might bring a fixed blade knife.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Product Review: Al Mar Eagle HD

Today I am going to be reviewing the Al Mar Knives 5HDBT Eagle Heavy Duty Lockback Knife with Textured Black G-10 Handles. Street price is a shade under $140. My Al Mar Knives Eagle Heavy Duty has been pulling EDC duty for about 6 months. A review is long overdue and I didn't have a another idea ready so here we are.

I purchased this knife for a couple reasons. My original concept of use was "My concept of use is for a light EDC blade to do basic tasks and I suppose if needed go all Singer Sewing Machine on somebody. A light, thin knife with a full 4" blade seems like it'll fit the niche well."

I snagged an image that has the basic stats on the knife. 

As you can see it is a long slim blade and very light. Now that we have the basic details out of the way onto the usual format.

The Good:
Light to carry. You could pack this thing around in gym shorts or sweats no problem. The thin handle vanishes in your pocket yet is well designed so it gives up little to thicker knives, at least for normal EDC levels of use.

Beautiful fit and finish. Better than any Benchmade product I own or the Emersons I have handed.

A true 4" blade which is a rarity among tactical type folders. Most come in between 3.3 and 3.75. In normal life it is handy for cutting sandwiches or as I did today slicing up a jumbo hotdog for your daughter at fair and if things got ugly it gets deeper into a person than another knife.

Additionally the blade is very close to aligned to center which is generally considered optimal for stabbing and thus a defensive blade. 

Great clip. Tight grip with ZERO sliding up and down movement. In six months the clip moved ever so slightly ONCE and a slight tightening fixed the problem. I am really picky about folding knife clips and this one rocks.

The thumb stud is super grippy. We will revisit this on the bad.

Some folks are super into this steel or that steel. I will say it holds an edge better than I expect for a knife. In terms of sharpening it is not a carbon steel Mora but it definitely isn't a Buck knife either. Granted my EDC knife does not exactly get a ton of tasks. It opens some envelopes and cord then an occasional box or bag of animal food.I find that a leisurely 20 minute sharpening monthly keeps it wicked sharp, the same every other month keeps it quite sharp and every third keeps it sufficiently sharp. The combination of it staying sharp and the effort needed to sharpen makes this a very maintainable blade. 

The G-10 slabs are grippy without being abrasive or catching on clothing.

The full steel liner means this knife is pretty strong. It isn't a Buck 110 but this knife has met every task I asked of it. I suspect if the goal (should anybody want to send me a $140 knife to destroy I am totally game) was to test it's capabilities with unrealistic and downright abusive tasks it would do pretty well. Considering it is a very light EDC type knife that is as much or maybe more than is reasonable to ask.

The Bad:

Street price is almost $140. That is a lot of coin, especially when there are some really good EDC type knives in the $30-50 range. At the time of purchase I really wanted something cool and sort of  high end. Was looking at pistols, specifically a CZ 75 Stainless, and came to the realization that right now it would complicate my logistics for a negligible gain. For me right now knives are at a price point where I can purchase different things and indulge myself without breaking the bank or messing up my log train.

The bolts that hold on the clip and blade have huge heads that stick out a lot. They increase the max width of the knife substantially and from my anecdotal experience with other knives could be made much slimmer.

While the knife is thin it is rather wide (think folded top of blade to bottom of handle). The handle is not wide itself, it is just the angle it is set at in relation to the blade. This means it takes up more pocket space. I would make that closer to strait and have an easier to carry knife. 

The very strait blade does not have a 'belly' that draws the material being cut in and does the work for you. Think a stabbing/ chopping sword like a rapier or a broadsword not a saber designed to slash through stuff.

With repetitive tasks this knife can become less than entirely comfortable. No biggie for normal EDC tasks but I would not want to use it all day long.

The Ugly:

Again price is a shade under $140. Aside from light weight and superb fit and finish it would be very hard to justify this knife over a variety of alternatives.

The thumb stud is catchy for the thumb which is a plus but multiple times drawing it out the stud has caught, partially opening the blade in my pocket. This has caused the blade to catch which would delay deployment, though in an urgent scenario I would pull through and cut my pants, and could potentially cause an injury. I sort of adapted my draw to have my thumb on the stud when it is drawn to prevent this from happening.

Conclusion: I like this knife a lot. For a very light knife it brings a lot to the table. To paraphrase a co worker "It just screams stabbing someone". It is very light and easy to carry which means it can fit in a lot of clothing situations or scenarios. If you wanted to slip a folding knife someplace for defensive purposes this would be a great candidate. If you can stomach the cost this knife brings some real capabilities to a collection.
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