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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reader Question Burris MTAC vs Vortex 1-8

How do you like the Burris MTAC? I'm personally between that and the new Vortex 1-8x Strike Eagle. Didn't know what pushed to one versus the other. Any advice on low power variables? Keep your powder dry.

Ryan here: I really like the Burris MTAC. To my best memory what pushed me to the MTAC over the Vortex was that I liked the reticle better and the Burris MTAC had a good reputation. I have the 1-4X model. I sold an ACOG to get it and finance some spare parts. I wanted a ‘do everything optic’ and a 1 power (or darn close as a lot are like 1.1 to 30 feet or something) scope that could be magnified for longer range work with an illuminated reticle. I shoot better at distance with a magnified optic, honestly I think everyone does. Also the big difference between red dot (or irons) and a magnified optic is that I can see well enough to make good decisions. Yes you can hit at 300-400+ yards with a red dot but you can’t really tell if that person is a threat or a friend coming to help. My experience with shooting the MTAC has been quite positive.

Pros: It holds zero and adjustments are consistent.

The circle and dot reticle is pretty cool. The circle will work for really fast up close stuff and the dot is sufficiently precise for my needs. Its illuminated reticle is nice.

It is a rugged optic. John Mosby had one leave a vehicle onto pavement at freeway speed and all that happened is it jammed one of the adjustment knobs so you could not move it by hand. Short of an ACOG or say a Leupold HAMR I don’t think there is a more rugged optic out there and those are 3x plus the cost of the MTAC.

Cost- The Burris 1-4X MTAC is about $300 with mounting options for $60-200+. In this range the MTAC is pretty affordable and on par with an Aimpoint patrol or Eotech. All of these are within the range of a normal person given some planning.

Cons- Weight. Amazon says it weighs 1.1 points which seems about right.

Battery- They use the CR2032 which is kind of a special snowflake battery. I wish they used CR123 or AAs.

As to the Burris MTAC vs other offerings. I purchased my MTAC a few years ago,I was in Arizona so it would have been roughly 2013. At that time the moderate cost offerings from Burris, Vortex, Leupold, etc that had a 1 (or close) power bottom end topped out at 4 power. One power scopes with higher ends existed but not in my budget. The 1-6 and 1-8x offerings were in the high end Leupold, Vortex Razor and Night Force type with a cost range starting at a grand. I have been quite happy with the Burris MTAC 1-4x and think you would be too.

Fast forward to 2017.  Things have changed. One power scopes with higher top end have matriculated into the moderate budget range of optics. The 1-6 and 1-8x Vortex Strike Eagle offerings look very appealing. Additionally the ability to put a quick switch lever on the scope to make rapid transitions is pretty cool. I really like that.

The Firearms Blog did a review of the 1-6X which seemed positive.

I am happy with the Burris 1-4x MTAC on my rifle but that doesn’t mean it is the best thing out there today in that same general (say $300-500 for the optic) price range. New stuff is available and in particular the Vortex offerings look very attractive.

I would have to look at the difference (beside the $100 or whatever cost) between the 1-6 and 1-8 power but unless there is a big downside a higher top end is better. A 1-8X scope from a good manufacturer that fits in an average guy budget without too much pain is pretty neat. At this current time with what is available now should I find myself in the market for another variable 1X scope I would look hard at the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X. I would spend the money to put it on a good mount.
For full disclosure I have no personal experience with the Vortex scopes in question so what I say is relying on a quick google search and Vortex generally having a good reputation.
Hope that helps,

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Checking Batteries and Fighting Load Out Conveyance

While on vacation I visited some family in Montana. We did some shooting. Took out my AR for them to play with. While shooting it the illuminated reticle on my Burris MTAC died. I did not have another battery readily available and forgot about it.

Later that trip I grabbed a random mag light (they are fairly cheap and I have a half dozen or so) to use in the dark and it didn't work. Grabbed another one and got on with my day.

There is not a good excuse for my failure to keep a good battery in the MTAC. I check it most times when I handle the rifle but the way it died after 5 minutes on the range showed that plan is a failure. Clearly I need to just replace the battery at some regular interval like 2x a year. The only plus side is with the MTAC you an still shoot just using the normal reticle. Granted that is less than optimal at night but if I am shooting a long gun at something in the dark it will probably be pretty close. Also I may want to look into one of the pistol grips that would hold a set of batteries for the rifle and maybe some spare parts.

Went to change the batteries in the darn mag light and I guess they had corroded in there. Managed to knock them out by slamming the light on a hard (carpet over concrete) floor. Went to put new ones in and they would not go in as it was corroded. When I have my tools back I will scrape it out and try to put some batteries in, mostly just to see if it still works.

At the start of this move I wanted a relatively discrete way to move my rifle and fighting load into and out of places. Went with a pretty standard gym bag because well I had it. All I did was put my rifle, pistol, pistol belt and chest rig in the bag. The bag is a bit short for the rifle, it fits but not optimally, though otherwise it works OK. A better bag is eventually in order but right now I am working with that I have.

Got to thinking about what I might reasonably do with that system to enhance it.

-First I want to put some more first aid gear in a side pouch. Something closer to a trauma kit than an IFAK.

-Second as noted by the recent issues with batteries a small container with spare batteries, cleaning stuff and some likely to break parts would be a good idea.

Since I can do these largely with stuff I have on inventory it is an easy decision to implement. This should leave me with a discrete way to transport (albeit taken down) my rifle and fighting load plus some likely to be needed items. A simple grab and go solution.

I am curious about whether any of you have thought about this issue and what you have done. Bonus points if the answer isn't throwing money at the problem as I'm not long on that these days.

As always the comments section is open

Friday, February 13, 2015

AR-15's, Ham Radio and Life

Alexander Wolfe bought himself a fancy new Bravo Company AR-15. We talked about this before and he was fortunate to pull the trigger before they stopped the free BCM bolt carrier with every upper special which ran for a pretty long time. He went with the lightweight barrel, while I chose the standard weight on my rifle, but for most civilian applications the difference is probably academic.

On the plus side for him our mutual advertiser Lucky Gunner hooked him up with some 5.56 ammo to zero/ test fire the new toy with.

Alex doesn't buy guns often so when he does it is usually well thought out and a significant event. The topic of optics came up. It looks like Alex is planning to upgrade. He mentioned the Aimpoint micro. There are a lot of really good scopes in that general price range. I tried to throw out the topic of low power variable scopes. For a do everything rifle a low powered variable with an illuminated reticle has a lot going for it. Best of all even if you run out of batteries you still have a day optic.My Burris MTAC is pretty darn nice. However I do find the 4x max a bit lower than I would like. As Alexander noted 1-6's are great but really expensive. Burris makes a 1.5-6x MTAC which I've heard good things about. Also Vortex recently put out their 1-6x Strike Eagle with a projected street price under 4 bills.

Am helping a friend do an AR build. They got a deal on a lower now we are looking for an LPK to put it together. The goal is to get a decent to good duty type rifle at a reasonable price so while not necessarily the cheapest gun out there it should be a lot of gun for the money. This means no derp tier 'Bubba's Basement Armory's rusted thrown together 2nds LPK' is out. Any recommendations? Any smoking deals going on right now?

I've decided to finally get off my duff and get moving on the ham radio thing. There is a club that meets once a month in a bigger town not so far from here. So to get a license I need to pass a test. Any recommendations on how to study? Good websites you have used?

Tonight I'm watching the new episode of The Walking Dead. On the downside instead of a parade I think tomorrow there will be a trip to the hospital as Walker seems to have an ear infection.

Do you all have any big plans this weekend?

Friday, December 19, 2014

From Around The Web

Bayou Renaissance Man talks budget AR sights/ optics. Ryan's take Plinkers and sporting/ recreational rifles are fine with just a scope. Fighting rifles need iron sights and if you so desire (the only downside is $$$) an optic. Unless you plan on running a long and or free floating rail there is little reason not to stick with the standard front sight post. They are darn stout. For rear sights a fixed sight is the most robust but can get in the way of some optics, particularly magnified ones. In that case a folding sight is the way to go.

As to optics. For red dot/ holographic I recommend Aimpoint or Eotech. Both are quite stout. I have seeen Eotech's, the weaker of the two, that went through multiple combat deployments to Iraq and were still functional.Aimpoints are even stouter. Cost is $400 and up though you can find some deals bringing them closer to the $350 range.

I am not a fan of budget optics on fighting rifles. Historically budget (in particular red dot/ holo) sights either fail to function at the most basic level or do not hold a zero. Generally speaking I would suggest you rock iron sights until a quality optic is within your price range. That being said as technology matures it is worthwhile to question old wisdom.

As to magnified optics. There are a lot of low (1/2 to 4/6) power variable scopes with illuminated reticles on the market. I ended up with a Burris MTAC. For a general purpose rifle the option to have magnification at distance yet near 1x up close is darn handy. Sure if you built an AR pistol as a house gun or were specifically concerned with CQB a red dot/ holo has some advantages but otherwise I like magnification.

There are lots of great scopes in the $300-500 range.

John Mosby talks the OODA Loop.

A Few Thoughts on the M16A4. Personally for most applications I prefer the handiness of a 14.5in barrel and a collapsible stock. The exception would be a longer range concept of use either due to more open terrain or some sort of SDM concept. While not the preferred long range precision rifle (for anything except punching paper) they can be quite effective in the right hands; as proven by Travis Haley in the Battle of Najaf.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Burris MTAC Review at Range Time and My Thoughts

This review interested me. The stats and facts are put forth honestly and while I do not agree with Cory about the overall utility of the store there are some subjective factors in play. 

Should note I have a Burris MTAC on Project AR.

The RT folks were not in love with the reticle on this scope. Personally I really like it. The big thick doughnut ring around the reticle is a bit different. I find that it greatly aids in in rapid target acquisition at close ranges yet does not detract from precise shooting. Presuming a reasonable application (a 2.5x scout scope on a 22-250 to shoot Coyotes at 500m fails the common sense test) there is a fair bit of personal taste in optics and reticule design/ layout.

I found the reticle to be useful at distance. Some folks are against BDC's on scopes. I think they are a good compromise between speed and precision. You get a lot better accuracy than just holding over without the time and thought to figure out how many MOA down you are.

The topic of back up red dot's came up in this video. To ME one of the reasons I like a low powered variable optic is that at 1x with the illum on it is, thought not quite as forgiving about eye placement, almost as fast as an Aimpoint or Eotech. I would keep it at 1x for general use then crank it up to 4 if needed.

Anyway the 3 gun crowd started using red dot's mounted at a 45 degree angle on the side of their guns. I have also seen iron sights that mount in the same way. The idea is that you use a scope for longer shots and for the short ones rapidly transition to the red dot.

I am entirely ambivalent about this concept. First I want to use the same 'ready up' to shoot at a target at any distance as it is simple. Simple is good. Second I can do CQB with a low powered variable or even an ACOG just fine. Third at distances where the negligible time difference might matter I'll probably shoot from the shoulder without even looking at the sites. There are so many points of contact in a long gun that you can 'point shoot' out a bit. Also this addition red dot is another thing to buy, zero and maintain. Honestly I will leave that for the 3 gun crowd.

[Just before hitting publish I realized this is a significant difference between me as a practical defensive shooter and the 3 gun crowd. They know exactly what they are facing and can 'game' the scenario. They can know that the first 2 shots will be with a red dot and have their scope cranked up for the longer shot that is coming. For them this makes sense. For me as a more practical (defensive, offensive/ .mil) shooter I need to solve every problem when it occurs. In this light the second sight makes sense.]
While I disagree with their final conclusion it is a well done review.

Should also note Burris makes a 1.5-6x MTAC. I do not necessarily regret my purchase of the 1-4x. For my concept of use at that time it made sense. However if I am in the market for a low powered variable scope again it'll probably be the 1.5-6 MTAC.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Magnified Optics on Fighting Rifles

Saw this video and found it to be interesting. As a general rule I like 1 magnification red dot type optics for CQB type stuff. They are the fastest thing out there. The downside is they are not great at long range. In fairness you can HIT at fairly long ranges with them (say 300-400m) but the issue is target identification. As Peter noted in Thoughts on Combat Weapon Sights for Civilians this is significant. I'd really like to be sure what I am shooting at since as a Civilian I do not have the type of functional immunity that cops and soldiers who act semi reasonably (or not) tend to get.

Also while folks can often engage targets, albeit with limited identification, at distances beyond 200m almost everybody shoots better with magnification. Without a doubt I shoot project AR with a magnified optic a whole lot more precision than a red dot.

I used to have an ACOG but as affordable rugged optics like the MTAC (John tried like hell to break one and all it did was damage one of the adjustments) have come onto the market I think there are better options. My personal choice for an all around fighting rifle is a low to moderate variable magnification optic with an illuminated reticle. My MTAC is a 1-4x which acts a lot like a red dot up close. I keep it set at 1x but can crank it up to 4 if needed. They also make a 1.5-6x version that John Mosby has. If/ when I end up building another AR I'll likely go this route.

For a more designated marksmen type setup I would either get a scope that starts at a slightly higher power like a 3x9 or 4-12 or pay big money for a scope with a larger magnification range like a 2-8 or something.

Thoughts? What kind of optic is on your fighting rifle?

Friday, October 18, 2013

John Mosby Talks Iron's vs Optics

Optics Options For The Fighting Rifle

Interestingly I have been around the Army long enough to see the transition first from iron's to Aimpoints and \then to ACOG's. With Aimpoints people shot about the same at distance and much faster up close. With ACOG's folks shot about the same up close and better at distance. Aside from occasional anecdotes where somebody failed to zero the optic before shooting for whatever reason nobody shot worse.

As to ruggedness/ reliability optics have come a really long way over the GWOT period. EOTech's, Aimpoints (probably the most rugged of the bunch) and ACOG's are almost indestructible. Not saying they never break but rifles break as much or more often than the optics on top of them.

For a do everything type rifle a low to medium variable power optic is an excellent option. I like basically having a red dot up close and the ability to magnify for improved target selection as needed.

I really like the Burris MTAC. If money was no object I might get a fancier brand but this scope works great. Next time around I'll probably go with the 1.5x6 version to get a bit more top end magnification.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Range Report: Burris MTAC Dialed In!

This morning I had some plans so woke up fairly early. Things sort of fell apart so I came home to get myself together. Decided to grab some stuff then go shooting. My only real goal was to get the Burris MTAC on Project AR zeroed at 100 meters. Max Velocity likes the 100 meter zero. Personally while the 100 is a fine option I favor the 50 meter zero. However since the BDC on my scope is based on a 100 meter zero that is just what makes sense.

Got to the range and it was a ghost town. It was full this morning but I guess nobody felt like shooting outside in the desert in July. Anyway the couple people there cleared out pretty quickly so I had the whole place to myself. Since I was the only guy shooting the Rangemaster said it was fine for me to shoot a group, go check, repeat as needed. So I was able to it really dialed in which was great.

After a couple rounds to get used to the BDC I put 3/4's of a mag into the 300m steel without a miss. The 400 was a bit hit and miss but that is much more me than the gun. For my purposes as a practical defensive rifle I am pretty happy with where things are. Need to work on the chuckle head behind the gun with some good training but that is another discussion.

Now I'm at home drinking water to rehydrate. Shooting is fun. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Reader Question: Budget AK Optics

Anonymous 10:24 asked "Anyone recommend reflex sight or an optic that wont break the bank for an AK?"

Ryan here: Without knowing what you consider "breaking the bank" I can only speak in generalities. Broadly speaking I am not a fan of low end optics for practical use in general and especially for fighting weapons.
With optics there is a certain price point where quality falls off a cliff.  You go from duty grade briefly touching hobby grade and landing strait in plinker/ Chinese made junk. A $30 Walmart red dot on a .22 pistol is a riot to shoot. Worst case if it breaks or fails or the zero wanders so what, it ends the .22 pistol shooting fun for the day.  Worst case if a hunting rifle's $120 scope fails it messes up a hunting trip. Though inconvenient and not ideal that is not actually the end of the world despite what some may think. An optic on a fighting gun fails and good people can die.

For fighting optics/ red dots I like Aimpoint/ Eotech/ Trijicon products. For red dot/ reflex sights you can get a basic Eotech or Aimpoint Pro for around $400. A bit cheaper if you find a sale or something. Now and then stolen surplus used M68 Aimpoints pop up on various sites at very reasonable prices. Since they are hell for stout I would be comfortable with a used one at the right price. Trijicon makes a smaller (reflexive) type red dot that you could look at. 

Could you fudge it a bit and maybe get a Burris Fastfire or something and be OK, probably. However cheaper red dot's generally do not work real well. They do not hold zero's, fail to turn on and just have issues. Putting it simply a $400ish quality red dot will cost the same if you try a $100-250 cheaper optic before or not. Buy nice or buy twice.

For magnified optics it is a bit more complicated. Leupold has some nice offerings in the $400 ish range. Personally wanting a variable power with a true (or very close) 1x bottom end I went with a Burris MTAC. So far it is hell for stout and a well designed easy to use optic. I like it a lot. There are some other quality optics in that general $400 ish price range. Note that price did not include a mount. In general I cannot see the real reason to put a magnified optic on an AK. About where you need the magnification they are falling off in terms of accuracy and ballistics so I do not get it though to each their own.

Mounting an optic/ red dot to an AK is an interesting proposition. There is the original intended side mount for a scope but you would need to take it off to clean the gun which is problematic. Some folks make dust covers with a rail attached but those probably do not mount securely/ stably enough to work very well. A company (Texas Weapons Systems?) makes a kit to swap out the dust cover to a secure one with a hinge on front. This is the only good option for mounting an optic in the conventional position where a normal scope would work.

You can put a rail on the gas tube (I think Ultimak) or a quad rail forend on it (Midwest Industries) both of which are solid options.

If I was going to mount an optic on an AK here is what I would do. I would purchase an Ultimak gas tube rail. I would then put an Aimpoint (new Pro or used M68) on that rail. Out the door that setup will run around $500. That might be getting into "break the bank territory'. However first as I noted before that quality setup will cost the same if you put time and energy into trying cheaper stuff (which usually fails) first or not. Second while they are very nice you do not NEED an optic. If money is an issue I would recommend that you rock iron sights for a few months while saving up tobuy a serviceable setup that will last and meet all your needs.

Well those are my thoughts on that. Hope they are helpful.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Range Report: Glock Test Fire, Burris MTAC, Tula .223 and Commie Guns

The Glock 19 with steel guide rod and 3.5lb trigger connector was great. The lighter trigger connector really makes for a great shooting package. I do not think it's unsafe or anything, just a cleaner more crisp trigger. Wouldn't want to get some 1 pound gamer trigger or whatever but this setup is just fine IMO. I would guesstimate the increase in accuracy based on this modification is 30%. The PMC 115gr FMJ's I was shooting were great. The only sad point in this area is I only had 1x 50 round box to shoot. Along these lines I noticed Lucky Gunner has Glock 19 mags for $31 which is a good deal these days.

Brought the .22 Browning Buckmark along for the ride. I have no legitimate reason it has not been coming along more frequently. Anyway I brought it along today. The gun has been sitting well lubricated for probably 4 years, I just took it out, loaded a mag, started shooting. It was great, the odd dud but that is .22lr for ya. Being able to shoot a pistol until I get bored without consideration of the cost was big fun. I know .22 ammo is hard to come by these days though it is out there. I've stashed about 1,500 rounds of .22 during this whole mess without paying silly prices so it is out there.

The pistol shooting went better today than last time, pretty good for my current skill set/ level of practice. I credit the 3.5# connector and a half dozen mags of .22 to warm up.

I was updating some inventories yesterday. Glancing through them I found out we have a bit more than 2x the .22 ammo I thought put back. For whatever reason the number in my head was really wrong. Glad it was wrong short not long. Now I feel better about having the 3 inflation adjusted 333rd bricks of .22 ammo I got recently be range meat.

Speaking of range meat I shot that Tula 223. It functioned fine, no misfires or jams. At the risk of speaking without even semi scientific evidence I will give some impressions. It seemed to be slightly less accurate than Lake City or PMC. Sufficient for putting lead into targets but not what I would want to have loaded for the stereotypical movie shoot the guy behind the hostage scenario. If the price difference between Tula or Wolf steel cased .223 vs brass cased stuff was sufficient I would not hesitate to purchase it again.

As usual the MTAC was great. Have found it works better during the day with the illum turned off. The large heavy circle that surrounds the reticle lets you get onto target really fast, sort of like an Eotech. The only downside is I shot half the .223 I brought along at 200-400m without realizing I had the scope set at 1 power. Obviously I do better at distance with 4x magnification.

Since I was with some people the opportunity to shoot their guns came up. Played with an SKS a bit. We briefly touched on them in the Basic Guns series. The SKS is a classic import case of studs and duds. Some are awesome and others completely suck. The sucky ones could probably be fixed by a competent gunsmith familiar with the platform but it destroys the economic benefit of the SKS. Sort of like putting $ 5k into a car that once it is running will be worth $5,500 it probably isn't a great plan. The one I shot was great and had a pretty nice finish to boot. At the right price they are a decent rifle to have as an all around gun or a backup/ giveaway gun. This makes even more sense if you already have an AK and a bunch of ammo put back. Sort of like I said before my evaluation of the SKS as a rifle for $200ish is very different than for $500+.

Also got to shoot a Mosin Nagant carbine, think the guy said it was a Chinese Type 53. That gun was a hoot! Solid potential for accuracy despite very mediocre sights and reasonable scoping options are available if one wants to go that way. Best of all it's in a centerfire .30cal rifle cartridge that normal folks can afford to go shoot a hundred rounds on a semi regular basis. Aside from being a useful backup/ trade type gun it's a range toy at a reasonable range toy price. I really want one; maybe for my birthday.

Well that is what happened this morning at the range.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Range Report: Burris MTAC, Retesting Problems and Glock 19 Fun

Got out to the range today. It can get a little busy on the weekends and for the kind of stuff I have been doing (typically zeroing) doesn't work real well. However I got off work surprisingly early today and figured it would be an awesome time to go shooting. Since I had a little bit of range ammo lying around plus time to kill so why not?

On the way I stopped by the local shop for some targets and they had a single box of 9mm ball. Grabbed it and upgraded the Glock fun time. They also had some Tula .223 and I grabbed 3 boxes to replace what I planned to shoot today. That will be next time's range ammo. 

Got out there and the place was very quiet.  Not sure if it's an off day or whatever. The Rangemaster said he doesn't think anybody has ammo to go shooting. Probably has a point there. I can see that angle. Personally I went there very lightly loaded with just 60 rounds of .223 and 75 rounds of 9mm (would have been 25 except for the gun store find). My primary goal was to test fire 1 gun and confirm the zero on Project AR, just tossed some 9mm in for fun.

I'm just loving the Burris MTAC. Being able to run what amounts to a red dot (very close to probably 1.1ish)  for close stuff then zoom to 4x for longer shots is awesome. After some refinement the zero is solid. It's hitting well inside angle of mans chest at 400m. Strongly suspect the reason it's not angle of shoe box is the schmuck behind the gun.

Another gun had issues last time.  For background I swapped out a part on it some time back thinking I knew what I was doing. Turns out I didn't have a clue; the classic you don't know what you don't know scenario. Anyway I pretty easily figured out the problem at home and aside from a couple scratches on the inside of the gun it was no worse for wear. So I took it out to confirm the issue was figured out. Anyway I took it out today and everything was good. Gun runs like a champ. Learned a little lesson to make entirely sure I know what I'm doing before screwing around with a gun. All's well that ends well I guess.

That brings us to the Glock 19. Not sure why but I was in the groove today. Shot pretty well which was cool. The more I use those new sights the more I like them. Very fast onto target for quick shots yet capable of precision shots. Had this feeling that taking Tam's advice would not lead me astray.

In conclusion shooting is fun and the Burris MTAC rocks. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ammo Shopping and Gratuitous AR/ Burris MTAC Pics

Overall I am fairing well through this gun/ gun stuff/ ammo panic. Sure there is stuff I want but that's life. The biggest mistake single mistake I made was not differentiating between operational ammo and training ammo. We stocked about enough to be comfortable if something happens. However I did not have a separate stash for zeroing optics, test firing new guns, training and such. A half case each of .223 and 9mm plus a couple bricks of .22lr, 250 rounds of .38 and 150 rounds of mixed 12 gauge ammo (mostly bird shot, some buck and a few slugs) or so that is allocated for training and such stuff would be really nice.

It isn't a great time to buy ammo but as Tam noted you have got to keep something coming in even during the bad times. So I've been doing some looking around at the local shops. The last few days have been pretty good for me.

Can't figure out how to get the picture the right way. That is three of the new fangled midget 325 round bricks of Federal .22lr, three 20 round boxes of 55gr XM193 and a 50 round box of 9mm FMJ. One box of .22lr was $22 and the others were $16. The .223 was $12.95 and the 9mm was painful at $22 something. This leaves me happy for .22 training ammo. The .223 will get burned up on my next range trip to really zero in the scope on Project AR. The 9mm is headed to my upcoming class.

To conclude this topic it seems like ammo is slowly becoming available again. Some is at less than ideal prices and some at ok prices. It's just selling as soon as it shows up. There is always that trade off of driving around to different places and waiting in line or paying a bit more. The options are to put in the energy/ time/ gas shopping around, pay steep prices or bitch about the situation. What's right for one person might not be for another. I don't think it is time to go big and stock up on cases of ammo (at these prices) but getting a few boxes of stuff you are seriously short on or replacing some shooting ammo is probably realistic.

It occurred to me that I have not really talked about or shown a pic of the new scope on my rifle.
Here is my rifle these days. Still need to get a DBAL and free float the rail but otherwise this is what it's going to look like, well at least till it's done and gets painted. I am pretty happy with it. Actually that is an understatement as this gun frickin rocks.
A close up of the Burris MTAC and La Rue mount. Shooting it is great. Zeroed it in about 15 rounds, well at least a 90% solution anyway. Specifically it's zeroed at 25 but I need to back out and confirm/ adjust to 50 meters. I think the 50 meter zero is probably the way to go. On the last range trip I sort of got sidetracked, which is another story I'm not ready to write yet, and ran out of time. Will go back and get it finished on the next trip. Since my training ammo budget is a bit better I'll throw some rounds downrange to confirm. One feature I particularly like about this scope is that the illum turns off between power setting. That means unlike an aimpoint where you have to cycle through all the power setting to get to the one you like it can be put to the setting you want with a slight twist.

A pic that shows the La Rue mount more clearly. I like the quick detachment option a lot and consider it a prerequisite for a fighting rifle, especially if you cannot co witness. This way if the optic goes down, which seems unlikely as it's ridiculously stout, I can pull two levers then flip up the BUIS and get back into the fight.

How are things looking in your neighborhood?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Initial Impressions Burris MTAC 1-4 and LaRue SPR 1.5 QD Mount

The good folks at Black Bear Sporting Goods and LaRue collaborated to get both my new scope and mount here in the same day. So naturally I had to fiddle with them both. Forgot to take pics at the start and then was too lazy to go back and do it later.

Please do remember these are just my initial impressions from messing with the stuff and doing a few ready up drills. An IPR and eventually a full review will come in due time.

Burris MTAC 1-4 power:
Very stout without being excessively large or heavy. The thing looks really solid. The reticle is pretty awesome. Doesn't crowd the glass but the big circle brings it onto target wicked fast like an EoTech. The graduated BDC dots seem like a really slick system. It doesn't have mil or MOA hash marks all over the place to be super cool sniper guy but that's not really what this scope is made for.

I particularly like the adjustment system for the illuminated reticule, really the whole system. The illum turns off between settings. So instead of an Aimpoint where you need to turn it all the way off then back to your preferred setting it can just be a short flick and it's at level 5 or whatever where you want it. This is pretty neat and well thought out.

The illumination has 10 settings varying from barely lit to bright enough that it starts to do the starburst type thing Aimpoints do when cranked up all the way. For reference the highest power setting is probably 80% of the power on an Aimpoint. Maybe not high enough to see at noon in the desert during August but I think it's sufficient for my needs. The normal reticle really draws your eye anyway so for normal light it's a fine option.

It did not come with a battery which was sort of annoying. I wanted to fiddle with it right away, not run to the store then fiddle with it.

Stout and well thought out. The only annoying thing is fiddling with all 8 screws to get the scope in. They thoughtfully included the right sized wrenches to adjust it. Also they tossed in some meat seasoning and a cool bottle opener as some DVD and the usual catalogs n such.

The only downside of fiddling through their catalog is that now I have a serious gun crush on the 20" 7.62 OBR. It looks sort of odd and almost backwards when the mount is on the rifle but it's the same way in the catalog so I'm probably not wrong.

I am pleased to say this setup fits over my Magpul BUIS which is good. So far I'm really psyched about this setup, especially since the price was (for a legit optic and mount) pretty sane at about $550. Should get it out to the range this weekend. Will talk more afterwords.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week and EDC Contest Voting Begins

I ordered a Burris MTAC 1-4x scope and a La Rue mount to go with it. Hopefully they will get here in time to shoot this weekend. Did some dry fire practice and some decent PT though I failed to lift any weights because I am lazy and weak.

Set up a clothes line for Wifey and stashed enough stuff to do a couple more just in case. Got a few odds and ends of stuff to put in the pantry. Also I got a detachable carry handle/ A2 sight for a rifle. It's previous rear sight was lost or misplaced in one of the last many moves. Going to zero that suckers windage before painting it.

Finished reading Max Velocity's newest book Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises.

Also unrelated to my weeks preps as you can see by the widget on the right side of the blog voting has started for our super awesome EDC Contest. It is going to run for a week ending on Sunday. Any ties will be broken by me. If the results are totally shotgunned out so the first place is just a vote away from second, third is 2 votes behind, 4th 1 behind that and there are 20 other entries within a couple votes I reserve the right to use this round of voting as a run off. However I do not want or plan to do that.

Anyway please vote (once) for the entry you think is best. I will be reposting the EDC Contest Roll Up throughout the week so it stays easily accessible. Moving back to the topic at hand.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Burris MTAC 1-4 and Various Gun Accessory Stuff

Decided to pull the trigger on a Burris MTAC 1-4 power scope. Found a good deal for a bit under $350 shipped which helped make the decision easier. Now I've got to get a mount for it. Will probably just pay the money and get a La Rue. They seem to fit with a magpul BUIS which I already have zeroed on the gun and since some cash was saved on the scope anyway it will not hit the budget too bad.

Also a bit ago I received a Safariland holster that fits a Glock 17 with a TLR-1 which is convenient as I have one of those. The good side is that it is a pretty nice holster and came at a great price considering it holds a gun with a light. However the downside is that it is huge. Really only suitable for open carry or tactical use. I will probably get a semi concealable rig down the road.

Right now I do like the idea of carrying a Glock with a light but it really makes the package a lot more cumbersome. Maybe a better rig will put it into reasonable concealment territory but $100 gun things I would like to have are always a long list. Going the other way I might start going carry gun and dedicated house gun.

In that same order I also picked up a Costa Leg rig.  I am liking it a lot so far. Not interested in running a big war belt but keeping a holster and a leg rig with 2 AR and 2 Glock mags gives me the abilities I want without a big foamy thing on my waist.

My next venture in gun junk will be an IR laser. Probably some DBAL or another, their models and the differences between them make little sense to me. If you know anything about that please let me know.

I have realized recently that I am just not going to carry 2 guns on a normal basis (do for longer trips or if I am moving a lot of cash or whatever). Packing 2 guns is a hassle and my life patterns simply do not merit it. However I have gotten back to carrying a 'get off me blade'. Just a medium sized knife at about 7 o'clock just in case I need to go all stabby on somebody. I think there are two considerations to have there; being accessible by the weak hand and  being on a side different than the gun so it could be reached if you are jammed against something or body and cannot reach the gun (whether to employ a pistol at point blank is another discussion though I can't see doing it unless somebody was about to Treyvon Martin me which is unlikely) you have another option.

Anyway that is what has been going on here in terms of gun stuff and gear. What have you been up to?
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