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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas AAR

We had a pretty darn good Christmas. Rented a cabin out in east Texas with my sister and her family. It was a nice little place out in the woods by a pond. We were well on our own but not too far from town to get more beer replace the odd items. A cool place and not too expensive, especially considering two families stayed for a few days.

Bro in Law and I did most of the cooking. For Christmas he did a ham, I did taters au gratin and an apple crisp for desert. The food was well enjoyed by all.

We did lots of fishing for perch. Caught a lot and had a bunch of fun. Wifey (a far better fisher person than I) got the oldest nephew catching fish so he had some fun. I taught him how to gut, clean, filet and cook a few of the biggest ones. Made a rough go of the fileting but with little fish and lacking a proper knife one does what one can. [If we actually needed to eat them I wouldn't cook small fish that way. I would gut, scale and cook them whole then we'd pick off the meat. The point was to show him how to do it.]

The trip was  success and we would like to make similar ones in the future. For a holiday it was nice that nobody had the pressure of hosting and it is easier for everybody to relax about the cumulative traditions and cultural norms that can make holidays a nightmare, especially for the women who try to put it all together. Anyway we had an awesome holiday experience and hope you did too.

Now that the important stuff is over we can move onto material things. Did you all get anything cool and preparedness/ firearms oriented? If so what?

Personally it was a good Christmas for this guy. Got a nice Makita cordless drill and a set of various bits, 20 silver dollars (passed down from a depression era silver bug which is kinda a cool story), a nice CCW friendly long sleeve shirt, an encyclopedia of survival type book that looks pretty cool, a gift card to my favorite local restaurant and through various sources $300 in cash.

The unexpected cash infusion is going to give my long planned AR pistol project a start. It'll get me a lower and start the fund for the upper. This is a priority for the year but will only be funded not via prep funds but solely with 'personal money' so I'm not totally sure how long it will take to complete. I should be able to buy the upper by this summer. This is pretty exciting to me. This has been on the wish list for awhile and I'm finally getting to doing something with it.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Chistmas to All

AMERC who I stole this picture from did a holiday post that resonated with me. I'm not too worried about Ebola living in central Louisiana and all but between Russia trying to rebuild the USSR, those ISIS jerks being pretty much the worst people in the world, the whole Ferguson/ Long Island/ NYC rioting then recently police shooting mess and the general state of things it is an uncertain and dangerous time in history. I generally do not feel secure about much these days and am not particularly in the 'Christmas Spirit.' Maybe I need some more egg nog. Except after recent experimentation I am seriously considering cutting dairy out of my normal diet. Anyway.

On positive notes gas prices are down as well as silver/ gold. Also I have seen some darn good ammo prices lately. Lucky Gunner has 55gr ball for $309/1k which is an awesome price. If I had the cash in my gun/ ammo/ prep fund I would buy a case if just (because I prefer the 62rd M855) to train with but alas I do not. Anyway I want to leave you with a beautiful song.

This is being written ahead of time so hopefully as it gets to you I am more in the Christmas Spirit. Anyway I hope you all have a great day of family, food and gifts.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Emails and Comments May Not Be Answered Promptly

Posts are scheduled through the end of the year so do not fear a disruption on that front. However my monitoring of email and reading/ replying to comments may not be timely. We have some family holiday stuff going on and honestly I might just take a little break since this thing is on auto pilot for a bit more than a week.

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have some fun, wholesome stuff planned.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Merry Christmas. Today will be filled to the brim with family fun, presents and more food n drink than are probably reasonable. Don't have anything big to say. Baring something unforeseen and amazing this will be the official 2013 Christmas post.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or whatever else it is you choose to celebrate. Regardless of the religious and or cultural celebration you choose I hope you spend some time with friends and family doing good wholesome stuff; or maybe not so wholesome stuff, just try not to get on Cops with a knock down drag out family brawl. Talk to you all later.

If you have spare time get your fighting load contest entry put together.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To All!

Our Christmas got off to a great start with Walker sleeping in until 8 o'clock in the morning. Kiddo was mad that Santa was in our house (he does not like the man after a bad mall experience) and after finding a couple matchbox cars in his stocking decided he was done opening gifts. We helped him with the rest and then had some breakfast.

Kiddo got a cowboy outfit for Christmas and somehow it ended up on the dog. Dog is not amused by this. Anyway the picture came out well and we had to share it. Don't worry Dog is being well rewarded with all manner of (dog safe) people food so his Christmas is still going well.

Wifey got a nice designer wallet, a wool coat and some end tables. I got a CMMG Conversion kit for the AR and an IPOD Nano.

After breakfast we have just been hanging out. Kiddo played with toys and generally was himself and is down for a nap. Dog is sleeping. We are relaxing before dinner and doing some light snacking.

I pulled out my rifle (calling it Project AR Upgrade is getting old) and fiddled with the conversion kit a bit. It is a nicely manufactured little piece of kit. "Installation" is stupidly easy. Just take out the bolt and put in the kit bolt then insert a .22 magazine. I'm looking forward to testing it out at the range later this week. Will check the darn schedule this time though.

To me there are two real roles for this kit. As a survival toon and for affordable short range training with the AR. For me being able to carry a little bolt with a mag or two and shoot .22 ammo through my rifle would be really nice. A great option if I have to travel light for whatever reason. Secondly I can't afford to shoot anywhere near as much .223 as would be ideal but a trip to the range with this sucker won't break the bank.

For me two criteria will determine if this bolt is a useful tool or a little gimmick decent accuracy and OK reliability. What I want to be able to do is shoot .22lr accurately at 25, or ideally 50 meters, sufficiently to do SRM, plink and if need put some meat into the pot. Don't need or expect it to win small bore competitions, just to be accurate enough to fill a legitimate role. As to reliability I am a bit less concerned. So long as it doesn't jam every third round or in complicated unpleasant ways that make the whole thing a hassle I am prepared for a few eccentricities. Absolute best case some duds are inevitable with rim fire ammo anyway. I'll share some more thoughts after it gets some range time.

Well kiddo is up and it is almost time to start moving towards dinner so it is time to wrap this up.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve

It was a pretty good day here. Did some running around and taking care of stuff early. The afternoon was spent cooking. Wifey was working on tomorrows feast. Today was my job. The menu was prime rib, potatoes au gratin, macaroni and veggies. My first time with the meat and taters but the consensus was that it all turned out well. Dog sure liked the ribs and trimmings too.

Tried to get a $25 blu ray player from Goodwill bought to replace our KIA DVD player up and running without luck. It will probably work eventually but didn't tonight. On the plus side that trip included a great deal on a $25 brand new (still had tags on it) DCU Gore Tex parka that I'm really psyched about. In any case after putting kiddo to bed we did a little Elf work and got everything ready for tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow with Walker. Except he hates Santa. Had a bad experience with a mall impostor and now every time the S man is mentioned he freaks out. In any case it should be an eventful and fun day. No big plans. The usual presents in the morning, some snacking through out the day, dinner and then call it a rap. We aren't near family so it is just us and good ole Dog. Sure there will be plenty of catching up with folks via phone though.

In any case I hope you all had a great day today and are ready for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas, Mayan Doomsday and Life

Well it is almost Christmas. Sure I will say something closer but I hope you are all having good times. This is that time when nothing is really happening anywhere and we're all just getting ready for Christmas. Between Christmas and Kiddo #2 coming we are pretty busy.

If you watched the news today the whole Assault Weapons Ban thing was a hot topic. I've been preparing for such a thing for awhile now. Still going to sprint towards a potential finish is the way to end up with the best situation possible. I'm trying not to get stewed up over something that isn't under my control or influence.

Those Mayans were sure nice to schedule the end of the world for a Friday though maybe Sunday would have been better. More concerning than a dead civilizations arguable end of the world prophesy are the people who believe the world is going to end. We will be staying home on Friday to avoid the potentially dangerous yahoos.

With lots of heady stuff going on I am trying to enjoy time with family during the holidays and limit my worries to what is within my sphere of influence. Also we picked up some egg nog today which is cool. Tomorrow we will probably make sugar cookies and if everything works out I will be testing out the new AR lower receiver while dialing in the zero on the ole ACOG. Trigger time is good for the nerves and I like being around gun people.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Budgeting for Christmas and the Holiday Season

It is pretty early yet but we are approaching the holiday season so it is time to start thinking about how to not let it ruin our finances. I am going to come out and say I don’t think this one is really that hard. Seriously it is checkers, not chess.

Total Expenditures:
I am not going to tell you how much or how little to spend. Provided that you are not going into debt and are continuing your other financial plans (bills, investments, savings, and such) on schedule then spend as much as you want to.

Events and Gatherings
Most people with normal lives have jobs, family, friends, a couple clubs or associations and who knows what else. This means a slew of parties and activities and such. Many of these things are cheap but some cost money, potentially a lot of it. Being choosy about what you really want to be involved in is a darn good start. Do you really need to go to the annual hockey game and bar night with 3 guys you barely liked back when you worked with them a decade ago? If you do in fact like the guys but don’t want the expense suggest a cheaper activity, possibly at an alternate time. You might just find they could cut out the expensive evening also.

This is where I could say something about the spirit of Christmas and family and all that but I am not going to. Gifts are a big one that gets a lot of people. I think that in general it is a lot easier to be reasonable in a family where other people are reasonable. Both Wifey and I are part of solidly reasonable families. We don’t buy gifts for random uncles and cousins or anything but with both of our families and some close friends the list gets long in a hurry even when we are pretty strict about it. Here are some strategies I have found work to keep everybody happy and costs in line.

With pretty much everybody we exchange gifts with there is an (approximate) agreed upon value. Often it is unspoken and other times it is spoken. In my family over the last few years we have had kids born and people get married and various income changes. We have had discussions about how these various events affect gift giving.  At times when things are particularly tight for an individual we have found that giving people a heads up that for whatever reason gift giving is going to be a bit lighter than normal works really well. Here is a hint, they know it already and don’t care. I don’t know anybody who wants somebody close to them to hurt their self financially to give gifts. The emphasis is on making sure nobody gets unpleasantly surprised, has an awkward moment or hurt feelings.

Budgeting for Gifts:
You certainly want to plan for this one and might want to save a bit of money out of every paycheck for a couple months if money is tight. I and then we did this for a long time. In the last couple years our income has gone up and our expenses have gone down which gives us more disposable income. That coupled with our relatively modest gift giving means we don’t need to save up this year.

My advice is that you (or you and your spouse) figure the total amount you have to spend on gifts, give it a 10% haircut and then decide how to divide it up figuring about how much you want to spend on each person. My experience has been that if you plan to spend 25 bucks a person some gifts will be 21 and others 28 so it sort of averages out and with the 10% set aside you have a small cushion. We have used both cards and cash for gift shopping but typically use cards. If you don’t have the discipline to do that then take an envelope of cash to the store.

Tipping: I hear about this on the TV every year and to be honest I don’t get it at all. Is this some sort of an east coast thing? Is it a big city thing? The list of people they talk about tipping and the amounts are staggering to me. I know folks typically make more money over there (on paper at least as it is largely eaten up by much higher cost of everything) but it seems nuts to me. My folks used to give our paperboy a card with a few bucks if he had done a good job and I think MIL gives a bigger than normal type to her hair dresser around the holidays but both of those are for one person and are a small amount (20 or less I think). Maybe the news is totally out of reality but it seems like some folks are sending giant wads of cash to all kinds of people. Maybe it is a cultural difference but it seems ridiculous to me. We don’t tip anybody just because of Christmas.

Giving:  Times are really hard for a lot of folks right now so consider that in your financial planning. If you can afford it and want to then good for you, if not that is fine also. We do gift giving for a few kids via those tree things. In general we are cheap and I am heartless (Wifey has a big heart but is also cheap so that keeps it reasonable) but little kids shouldn’t have a bad Christmas because their parents are having a hard time or just plain suck at life.  If memory serves me correctly we have also done some food bank donations in the past. Both are causes we will continue to support in the future.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Was a Merry Christmas

It was a very nice Christmas Day for the TOR Clan. Pretty traditional really; we opened presents, had some breakfast, relaxed for awhile, watched some movie FIL watches every year (don't remember what) and then had a big dinner. After that we watched Toy Story 3 which little sister in law really enjoyed. It has been a quiet evening. I really enjoyed being able to take about a nice long nap between lunch and dinner.

We had a really good Christmas haul this year. I got a mag light, an energizer LED lantern, a Garmin E Trex series GPS, a Kindle, a silver dollar (I was pleased to hear they got it awhile back when silver was a lot lower), enough cash to buy an external hard drive and a few other things. Wifey got some cash, a Kitchen Aid mixer with some accessories, a kit to make baby food at home and some various other stuff. Walker got a ton of clothes, toys, various other stuff and almost a hundred bucks to go into his college fund.

I noticed that most people spent about as much as they normally do this year. The last couple of years may have been down a bit. I did however also notice that people (us included) seemed to put more thought than normal into the gifts they purchased. Instead of just grabbing something as people can do they seem to be putting some real thought into it.

I am looking forward to getting the GPS up and running. I have an old Magellan somewhere but the user interface is seriously lacking. That was back when them and Garmin were neck and neck. Since then quality has improved a lot and the Etrex is pretty darn easy to use. I am quite eager to check out the Kindle. I think it will be useful instead of hauling a dozen books here or there. It won't replace a good old fashioned book for situations where there is inclimental weather, rough use and such. However for something like a deployment or other situation where I will have decent (using a very low standard of dry, minimal electricity acccess, etc) accomodations this will be a lot easier than  30 pounds of books. Also seeing as we move a lot sooner or later the sheer weight of physical books will start to be an issue. Of course I will continue to purchase prep type books in a physical format but for a new fiction novel or just something I want to read the Kindle may be the way forward.
I hope everybody had a really nice Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve, I'm Smoked and Random Observations

Yesterday and today have been a definite success. We got together yesterday with some family friends for an annual holiday thing. That was a ton of fun and the White Elephant was a definite success. Today was Christmas with my family. Between multiple families, a couple divorces and other stuff it cracks out that we end up doing the steriotypical Christmas thing twice when we are home. We did presents with my folks then everyone came over. Did the whole drinks, snacks and cookies thing followed by a big prime rib dinner. It was nice to be able to catch up with some folks I don't see a lot, catch up and just talk about life. It was one of those times we get rare combinations of people which is always entertaining.

This has all been a ton of fun but I am just about worn out. A real good friend who I don't see a lot had texted me about getting together this evening. At 2pm I was pretty receptive but at 7pm when people had cleared out and things were cleaned up it was a different story. On the bright side things are starting to settle down, the kids have gotten over the days sensory overload and I don't have much to do. Really just plan to finish up this post, call a friend to wish him a Merry Christmas then try to get a decent nights sleep.

Last night at happy hour a close family friend said a few things about money, finances and spending which could have easily came out of my mouth on this blog. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. Wifey and I realized over this trip is that we really enjoy being around people who are cheap/ frugal and proud of it. It is really great for me to hear other people use and talk about the same sort of common sense thinking we do. Not needing to worry about offending anyone or making it awkward with someone when you mention the concept of saving or living below your means. While I know lots of these people in the blogosphere the ones in my real actual life are especially prized.

I thought about common denominators with these folks. Stuff other than the obvious that they are in our life and are cheap/ frugal. Most of them have decent to above average incomes. Most of them own a nice relatively large TV. Most of them forgo any sort of debt/ financing except maybe some student loans or a modest mortgage. They are without exception not people you would see walking down the street and think, man that guy is really cheap. Most of them have a few nice things/ toys/ whatever you wanna call it. One has a motorcycle and another enjoys ATV's. Some put a bit of their extra money into vehicles and others travel a lot.

The additional common denominators are that while they all have a thing or two they splurge on they do it in a reasonable manner (saving a few bucks every paycheck to get a nice TV in a few months vs putting the biggest best TV the store has on the Visa and making minimum payments forever.) and probably more importantly they pick and choose there they put extra money. They do this because they simply cannot splurge on every single thing and have reasonable finances. They also at the end of the day live a lifestyle that is solidly reasonable with their spending and debt load when compared to their income.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family and loved ones. Unfortunately there are a lot of accidents this time of year. Remember not to drink and drive. Also be extra careful with firearms. Stay safe and I look forward to finishing out another year here with you folks.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! A very happy whateverelseitisyoucelebrate to readers who do not celebrate Christmas too. However since I am not going to say some junk like happy holidays, I always misspell the Jewish holiday (it's really nothing personal guys:) and Kwanza is as real as Dolly Partons boobs it is just going to be Merry Christmas. Sort of how Army manuals say in one sentence "Unless otherwise noted all male pronounse are gender neutral" just consider it Merry Christmasandorwhateverelseitisyoucelebrate unless otherwise noted.

I will post tomorrow if it is convenient and the mood strikes me. Otherwise I will resume regular posting on the 26th.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I got a bit of ammo this week. 2,200 rounds of .22 long rifle, 45 shotgun slugs and 3 boxes of rifle ammo. Also got a chance to inspect our firearms battery and do some maintenance (more on that tomorrow). I unpacked and inspected a bunch of stuff and much to my pleasure everything was as it should be. Going to finish the repacking as soon as I get to the store for some one gallon plastic bags.

I saw a couple M1 Carbines for sale.

Put a new collapsible buttstock on my AR. It took a second to figure out and getting that little spring in right and the plate down was annoying but it didn't take 5 minutes. My rifle is now nice and as it should be. Also that means I have a spare buttstock and buffer/ buffer spring lying around which never hurts.

Started using a Biachi 100 professional to carry my Glock 19. This deserves its own post at some point but to skip ahead a bit, if you like carrying IWB then order one. It is a very nice holster at a very good price.

Been making an effort to keep up with current events better. I have been off in the woods so much that it has gotten out of my routine. I try not to get all doom and gloom but it is good to stay abreast with current events. I don't need to spend an hour reading the news but 15 minutes a day is probably a good idea.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and a Reasonable Christmas

My sister has been able to come over here for awhile and will be here for Thanksgiving which is pretty cool. We are going to have a quiet hodge podge Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm sure looking forward to a relaxing day full of laying around, good food and drink.

It is about the time that if you aren't a real early shopper you are getting into gear for Christmas. I urge you to only spend what you can honestly afford. People who are worth giving to wouldn't want you to spend money you can't afford on stuff for them. Here are some ways that have helped us to spend reasonably.

First is to crunch the numbers and figure out what you have to spend. This sounds so stupidly basic but it is impossible to spend within your means if you do not know what your means are. It could be $50 or $5,000, the number isn't so important as having accurately identified what you can afford.

Next is to stick to the number you have figured out. I find it best to separate this kind of pool of money lest it intermingles with normal operating funds. You might then find yourself with a lot of nice presents and short on rent or with some extra groceries or fun money and not much for presents. In any case either way it is not the desired result. Maybe use a spare bank account or something. If things are real tight it is hard to bust a budget if you have an envelope of cash.

To make that amount I find it very helpful to identify who you are buying for and come up with a pretty firm amount you can spend per person. I'm talking you are buying for X people and have Y dollars so assuming you want to spend the same amount on each person it would be Z a piece. Of course you do not have to spend the same amount of money on each person. If you want to spend half your budget on one person then divide the rest up that is cool so long as it all adds up. The reason you need to do this is so that you don't realize you've spent 3/4's of your money on 1/4 of the presents you need to buy and end up going over to close the difference. I personally suggest for those on a tight budget keeping a reserve of 10-20 percent. This is helpful first because especially in places with sales tax everything costs weird amounts. A thing that says $20 on the tag is $21 out the door which is problematic when your $200 budget needs to purchase 10 gifts. Also there is always that one time when you find a perfect gift for someone which is just a bit more then you planned.

Have a wonderful holiday season but don't go broke doing it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Present Review

Well my list started something like this. I got a boot dryer which I am really excited about.  Seeing as I wear boots to work and live in a wet, snowy place it will be very useful. Also got a cleaver which I am super excited about. With the cleaver came a Kapoosh which is a pretty awesome knife block. Now I need to get some stuff to cleave, and maybe a sheath so I can carry it around like Boris The Blade.

Also got a haul on books. Ma got me One Second After and then took a chance and threw in the newer bigger Patriots and How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It, the latter two by Jim Rawles. My original copy of Patriots was long ago passed onto Chad. I will never see it again. Not complaining because we do shuffle things around and everybody ends up pretty even in the end albeit with different stuff. Think I may have to start ordering books in pairs or instead of giving away my copy of something I will want to re read just ordering them one for their birthday or whatever. I've got a copy of HTSTEOTWAWKI on the way already but that is just fine.

Got some emergency candles and a sweet LED lantern that Ma says is real good. It runs on D batteries which we already stock so that is convenient. Folks talk about standardization of batteries which makes sense. We stock CR123, AA and D but of course you need a few AAA's for at least one remote and some 9 volts for the fire alarm. Also picked up a first aid kit and some other little stuff. Then of course there was the GPS which is awesome.

Wifey got all sorts of womanly stuff, some clothes and decorative things and a nice sewing machine.

 We had a pretty good Christmas haul here. Now for a quiet day of playing with our stuff and eating lots of great food.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Hysteria

Today we are having a pretty quiet day. Woke up and had some breakfast then ran some errands and got a couple last minute things at the store then came back home. We layed out all of our presents real nicely by our midgety fake tree in anticipation for tomorrows present opening. I was just sitting down in the chair when Cat #1 drug a present away from the pile and started attacking it.

Wifey and I both jumped to grab it from her thinking it was a book or something but then realized it was the present her little sister sent Cat #1. Even had her name on it. We decided to just let her bite and claw away. She spent about 5 minutes tearing at it and alternatively fighting off Cat #2. After much amusement she got it open and surprise it was full of some sort of cat nip toy things. We left her with the one she had and tossedone of them to Cat #2 then put the rest away for later.

Wifey took pictures of the whole thing and sent them to her little sister. She will really like that.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Positive Perspective

This morning the wife mentioned that I have been sort of an Emo Kid the past several days, then she punched me in the stomach. I generally do not let life get me down much but recently I have been more than making up for lost time. Life's usual problems and irritations have just seemed to be wearing on me. More than anything else it is because I have been letting them. Realizing that life isn't much different from normal helped me a lot today.

Didn't have much of an evening because I got off work at 7 today but oh well. Today after work I forced myself to go for a run. Physical fitness is a good thing and it helps with healthy sleep patterns and positive mood enhancing endorphins. Ate a good dinner and had some various yummy desert type foods some gal at the place Wifey has been volunteering gave her.

Tonight I have some positive news. It looks like we will be doing a Christmas Writing Contest. I don't want to get your hopes up because all the details are not solid yet but there should be some real nice prizes to give away.

Also Wifey is going to be starting work soon which will be great. She can use something meaningful to do and who can't use cash. I have some interesting thoughts related to that for tomorrow.

Just wanted to tell you all that I have no intention to stop regularly blogging. For periods where I am going to be gone for a month or two I should be able to get enough stuff written in advance to keep you guys reasonably busy. If/ When I deploy that will certainly have to be dealt with but by and large I like blogging and intend to continue for the foreseeable future. Can't say that I like it every day and sometimes writing is a real trial. However I look at it that for it to keep being fun I want to keep more or less the same audience (or maybe grow it:). The same way a guy who loves being a competitive runner has to slog through an occasional workout to stay in condition I slog through an occasional post. By and large I do enjoy it but some days I do not.

Anyway I really need to floss my teeth and then go to bed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Special

If you place an ad here during the remainder of December it will run until the end of January for just one months price.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Do You Want For Christmas?

We went Christmas shopping today. Got all sorts of stuff and now that is done. We ended up at a book store and even though you aren't supposed to buy yourself stuff in this season I couldn't resist purchasing End The Fed by Ron Paul

I got to wondering what people want for Christmas and how much of it is Prep stuff vs various other stuff. So what do you want for Christmas?

Here is my Christmas List:
1. Boot Dryer.
2. Book: The Creature from Jeckyll Island
3. Amazon Gift Card (to buy books or whatever)
4. An emergency candle
5. First aid stuff.
6. A black stocking cap. Just the normal type.
7. A Cleaver.

Most of the stuff I want is prep or vaguely liberty orriented. A boot dryer is number one because I wear boots to work and it is wet here. 

Monday, May 25, 2009


Stole this from SGT Jarhead. It was way too awesome not to post on here.
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