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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eureka!!! Potential Battle Belt and Sustainment Load Solution

I was about at the end of my battle belt journey. Was looking at transitioning to a pistol belt with my Costa Leg Rig (review coming whenever I get to it) and a chest rig like the Blackhawk one I got some time back in order to transition away from the ALICE pack. My two biggest issues with the battle belt concept were that I wanted to carry a modern reasonably comfortable ruck and the whole vehicle problem.

For some reason this weekend I got to thinking "I wonder if just maybe my battle belt will work with an issue MOLLE ruck?" Since there was one in my garage I figured it wouldn't cost anything to try. TURNS OUT IT DID!!! The ruck was just squat enough to work and the hip belt/ pad (the problem I had with more modern civilian type bags) was thin enough not to get in the way. This had potential.

Yesterday I took the combination out for a quick little ruck and it worked fine. It wasn't conclusive because my ruck wasn't really loaded, it just had whatever happened to be in there.

Fast forward to today and I put all of my gear into the issue Multicam ruck that was just sitting in the garage. Took it out and did an easy little 20 minute ruck and the combination worked good. My battle belt and the ruck worked well for the most part.

The issue of vehicle use is still present but I can't see too many situations in a civilian emergency context where I would want to wear a battle belt and be driving around.

That means the battle belt is going to stick around. Since I am wearing it low (to clear a ruck and or PC) and relying on suspenders I might as well up the mag count. Also my Safariland 6285 holster doesn't really work in this context. It really needs a tighter belt to be able to get a decent draw out of. So the holster isn't really working well and it monopolizes a ton of MOLLE space. Also the suspenders are not really working for this (heavier than originally planned) concept.

I went back and looked at Max Velocities battle belt for inspiration. Think I am going to change my belt over to be a lot more like his. I will transition to a Condor Tactical H- Harness and add a 4-6 m mags worth of 2 mag shingles (or maybe 3 mag ones) to boost the mag count to about 10. Also plan to change to a basic Condor holster. The sacrifice is I'll have to ditch the light on the pistol to make this work.

[Note the reason  I am leaning towards Condor is it's servicable and affordable enough to experiment and maybe end up tossing items in the 'random gear' box without going broke. I've probably bought too much expensive high end gear for the project without getting my hands on it first. Might just do a garage sale.]

Anyway that is where I stand with things today.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Max's Battle Belt Evolution

Solid stuff by Max. Lots of ammo, room for ancillary gear, pistol, NOD/ FLIR, etc. The pistol in front of a mag pouch is a nice idea to get some bonus MOLLE real estate. Somebody complained about the pistol holster. One form of manual (thumb strap) retention and an optional backup seems like plenty to me. I looked for similar models but since my pistol has a light that was a no go. My Safariland 6285 takes up 4 rows while his looks to take only 2. I think Max's holster choice helps with the MOLLE math. I would be curious to how many rows of MOLLE his setup has as any way I cut it mine comes up a pouch shorter than his does.

On a related note I am toying with tweaking my war belt by putting the M4 open top mag pouch behind my mags. It would put my mag count in a place where I did not NEED a chest rig. If I could find a good place to put the second pistol mag I would switch to 1x double taco then the single open top/ double M4 pouch setup.

Then again I'm packing 5 mags plus the 1 on board the rifle now. If I need more than that I'll be wearing a PC anyway so having some pouches or a TAP on it is an easy decision. The Condor H Harness is looking better and better also.

Anyway that's where Max's kit is. Worth thinking about as you set yours up.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Max Velocity Talks Through His Battle Belt

MVT Battle Belt. Excellent stuff. You can get a Condor harness just like Max's from Airsoft Atlanta at a very reasonable price. They also stock open top M4 tripple mag pouches and single mag pouches like Max is using.

Overall I find a lot to like about this setup. It's more mags than I personally plan to carry but I keep a chest rig handy for a heavier load out. The only thing I see arguably lacking is a small-medium sized fixed blade knife.

People talk bad about Condor gear. It is not made in America. Think it's made in China, probably by folks working in less than ideal conditions. However that is not really my problem. As to quality. In my personal experience Condor Gear is equal to or better than some considerably more expensive stuff I have tried. Buying American is good but paying 2x the price for similar (or lower) quality stuff solely because it is made in America is a hard sell for me. If you want to examine the beautiful uniformity of stitching, have the or the newest coolest pattern or listen to a fancy big name shooter hawking their stuff Condor isn't the gear for you. On the other hand if you want a setup that works at a very affordable price it is a good option.

Is it equal in design and utility to Tactical Tailor or HSGI gear, no it is not. However given that grade of gear is 3-4x the price it really wouldn't be realistic to expect that. You don't complain because Soldiers Choice Scotch isn't as good as Glenlivet 12 year old Single Malt or a Chevy Malibu doesn't drive like an Audi A8 so why should gear be different? The more affordable stuff has a purpose even beyond the obvious one of a lower price point/ wider audience. I particularly like it for proofing a new concept in terms of gear. Buy a $10-15 pouch to see if the concept works. You can always replace it with a more expensive one later. On the other hand if it doesn't work out a $10 pouch going to the bin 'O gear isn't a big deal.

So those are my thoughts on that. 

Also remember to check out Training With Max Velocity.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Body Armor: A Tale of Two Vests

Well my rifle plates finally arrived yesterday from Spectre. From  making the order to my doorstep took a day short of 7 weeks. The plates are covered in this thick foamy stuff which isn't a bad thing.

In the meantime I kinda stumbled into a nice set of soft body armor.

I was going to write a post about body armor but realized I have already done that. We will hit some new points and rehash the older ones.

Some folks folks argue that armor slows them down. Sure there are some situations where you are best off with a rifle, camelback, 2 spare mags and an IFAK but those are few and far between. Long fast movements with a very low probability of contact like say an old school foot messenger in a pretty safe area would be a good example. To put it into perspective a PC with a set of plates weighs about 20 pounds. Assuming you are of a healthy weight and in shape it is pretty doable for most situations.  Everyone makes different choices but there are few situations where I would choose not to wear armor.

It is true that body armor will not stop everything. It is not a magical talisman that prevents being shot in the pelvis, face or extremities. That being said it is the best compromise between protection and mobility for most scenarios.

A plate carrier with rifle plates is a good option for a rather crazy scenario. They probably would have sold really well during the LA Riots or Katrina. Max Velocity said something worthwhile on the subject "Overall, I feel that anytime I am going to be carrying my battle rifle, for whatever reason, I want to be wearing at least a plate carrier with load out to carry my first line ammo scales plus IFAK and ancillaries. I could be wearing that in the low profile way I described, or openly in a tactical way."

 Anyway here is the Shellback Banshee PC with plates. To put the cost issue into perspective I am into this PC and plates for somewhere between $450 and $475. Not cheap by any means but doable with a bit of planning or by selling a gun that has been collecting dust in the back of the safe.

I think the reason body armor gets no love from a lot of the survivalist community is that it isn't sexy. Folks have no problem spending 300-500 dollars on a gun. Heck some folks do not have a problem spending that much on accessories for a gun or even on a new knife.  A blog friend of mine who no joke has well over 50 grand in guns described body armor as "ruinously expensive". He would be infinitely better off selling a couple guns and getting a PC for every family member.

As shown it is currently wearing a Condor double Kangaroo pouch because the cost was less than half the price of a set of HSGI double taco's. This is set up for home defense. (Yeah my load out is 3x rifle and 3x pistol mags. If I can't handle the job with that it's not getting done.) Not shown are a pair of pants with a holster and an IFAK stuffed in the cargo pocket. It is easy to take off that pouch and I am still kinda fiddling with whether the mags are best suited on the PC or belt.

You aren't going to conceal a PC with a bunch of pouches on it though a slick one is relatively doable. Worn under a sweatshirt or wind breaker (obviously in appropriate weather) somebody would have to be looking for body armor to see it. Keeping your mags and such in a chest rig lets you go slick PC, only mags/ kit or both which are options that suit a lot of scenarios.

The soft armor's role to me is for a variety of more mundane scenarios. Stuff like buying/ selling things or otherwise carrying around large amounts of cash. Maybe a trip to a stop and rob to get a few things when the situation is a bit iffy. There are a variety of scenarios that fall short of running around with an M4 and a full OEF style load out but aren't quite normal either. A glock, soft armor and a couple 33rd Glock mags in the cargo pocket or murse would be about as ready as you can be and still look fairly normal/ fit into normal society.

A line I wrote that Commander Zero quoted is worthwhile in terms of where body armor falls in the grand priority list. "There is a time for everything. If somebody asked me whether they should get a couple hundred rounds of buckshot and pistol ammo for guns they have less than a hundred rounds for and put the remaining bucks into a currently empty pantry or get a plate carrier I would say food and bullets. On the other hand if they were looking at getting a 4th handgun/rifle/whatever or a new optic vs body armor I would say to get the armor for sure. That 4th handgun/ rifle could certainly be useful but a plate carrier could save your life.

Finally to close I will paraphrase John Mosby aka Mountain Guerilla “If you have 6 AR’s in the safe but not body armor and night vision you’re screwing your friends and buddies."
Where does body armor fit into your defensive setup?

Are you one of those guys we talked about with a safe full of guns but no body armor? If so why?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Yeah, I failed in that I am doing this regularly weekly post on Thursday which is just about end of the next week. I might skip doing it in 4 days and get back on track. This week I started doing some afternoon workouts in addition to the usual M-F PT in the morning. I got 2 afternoon workouts in this week  (since monday) and am going to shoot for 3 next week.

Last week was a deload (a very light week to rest or get back into training) and this week I got back into it for reals. On the downside I had to decrease the weights I am working with more than would be ideal. Really what happened I was pretty strong since I was sticking with a solid program and just lifting like a beast so I adjusted my maxes upward towards the end of the deployment. Shortly therafter training wasn't consistent for a couple months or so and then I got really sick and didn't touch weights for about a month and a half. Anyway I am where I am today. Next month I will be a little bit stronger and in 6 months I will be stronger still. I am incorporating power cleans into my routine for the first time in more than a year. I hate them but darn it they work.

We got Wifey a free bike. It is missing a pedal and has 2 flat tires. I got some pedals for $7 and will figure out the tires this weekend. Last week we saw a bunch of Germans with kiddo seats on bikes and thought it was pretty cool. Wifey got onto the used boards and found one for $30. I will put it onto my eco friendly 2 wheeled transport.

I sort of stumbled into some really good stuff today. A set of multicam wet weather gear, a softshell jacket and a winter "michaline man suit" as well as some boots and random multicam stuff. I don't know if the boots are quite the right size for me. However worst case they will be held onto just in case or given to friends. I was seriously blessed by getting this great gear.

We talked about plate carriers earlier this week. I am pretty sure that a Condor plate carrier and some plates will be ordered this weekend. I have the case but just have to sit down and do the registering for the site and that ordering hassle.

Anyway unless I forgot some stuff that is what I did to prepare this week.
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