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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Q For Galco Miami Classic Owners

I have been using my Galco Miami Classic a bit recently for some long drives. Finally think I have it adjusted right. Anyway if you wear it fairly high/ tight for a decent draw unless you're a giant there is a fair amount of leftover loose strap. It just sort of flops around. Seeing as it is an expensive piece of gear and maybe some day I'll want to wear it over a sweater or something I do not want to cut them down. Not quite sure what to do with them though.

Anybody else have a similar problem? What did you do to solve it?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Trip 2013 Preparations

We are gearing up for the move. Road tripping across a couple states is fairly simple. Toss in a couple of very young kids, a big shaggy dog and trailer full of stuff then things become a lot more interesting.

I got to thinking about it from a preparedness standpoint. Obviously maps are very important. A GPS, while it does not replace maps, is so useful, especially when detours or mistakes lead you off track. Water is a particular concern down here in the South West so carrying plenty of it is a sound move. Some extra fuel, oil and coolant plus a few basic spare tools are prudent. More stuff makes sense depending on your skill level and vehicles needs.

As to guns a few will be readily accessible. A full sized pistol and a CCW piece for me, Wifey's .38 and some sort of long gun. Haven't decided on what for the long gun yet, probably a rifle of some sort. This may be one of those places a folding stock AK which fits into a duffel bag has a role.

For carrying the full sized pistol I'll be using a Galco Miami Classic. Part of the drive to stay legal I'll need to open carry anyway so why not have the benefits of a full sized handgun. The small one could go AIWB or pocket depending on the situation.

Since I have gotten a lot more organized with systems our gear, food, etc is a lot easier. BOB's will go someplace we can grab them fairly fast and that covers it. Just grabbing a bag and knowing we are good is very comforting and much easier than grabbing random individual pieces. Am going to make sure there is a spare Solo Stove in Wifey's bag (I've tried hard to keep it real light) and the Camp Knife will go into my bag where it's going to live anyway. That'll pretty much cover it.

We aren't going to be driving too far per day which should help with the kids. Basically we are going to hop onto 10 then not get off till Houston. Looking forward to seeing New Mexico and a lot of Texas, more than the brief glimpse I had some years back. Hoping to check out the Alamo if we have the time to spare.

Over the next couple weeks blogging will be catch as catch can.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Holsters for Practical Use

For most pistols you tend to want two holsters. Some sort of a concealed carry holster and an open carry/ tactical type one. Of course the gun and it's concept of use matter; you probably do not need a CCW holster for a Smith and Wesson 629 with a 6" barrel or an OC/ tactical type holster for a Beretta 21A or Ruger LC380.

Typically concealed carry holsters are inside the waistband (IWB). For a long time I used the generic black nylon foamish Uncle Mikes or Blackhawk type IWB holster. These work fine for smaller guns but not as well for larger/ heavier ones. Also as I have gotten older, smarter, less poor as well as carrying much more consistently for all but the smallest/ lightest guns I prefer something a bit sturdier.

For a long time I used a Bianchi 100 professional. It is an excellent leather IWB holster at an affordable price ($40ish). I like that the clip is easy to take on and off. Nothing bad to say about this holster.

Recently I acquired a slightly used Blade Tech IWB holster. This holster is a bit smaller than the  dimensions of the Bianchi 100 (unlike some supposed IWB or OWB/IWB holsters that are huge). It is also surprisingly comfortable. It has adjustable cant and retention which are nice. Also a full sweat guard. While it is comfortable the plastic contour ridges necessitate an undershirt (which you can avoid with the Uncle Mikes or Bianchi holsters). On the plus side this holster does not collapse when the weapon is drawn. This means you can reholster one handed which is very nice both tactically and just for convenience's sake.

The other holster type you probably want to have is some sort of an open carry or tactical type holster. This could be a simple kydex OWB holster like a Blackhawk for open carry/ range use or a fancy tactical type holster by Safariland or one of the new companies (Raven Concealment, Bravo Concealment, etc all) making Kydex holsters. On the plus side the basic Kydex holsters are cheap enough that you can have a spare lying around no problem.

Those two really cover the bases, especially if you are able to get ones that suit your needs and body the first go around. Otherwise like many people you will end up with a box of holsters in the closet someplace. Sure you might decide down the road that a shoulder holster would be handy but for most people additional holsters are more of a want than a need.

I'm loving the new Blade Tech holster and it's about time for me to get productive. What type of holsters do you use?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Product Review: Galco Miami Classic

Today we will be talking about a pretty classic holster. So classic in fact that it has the word classic in it's name.

Before talking specifically about this holster we should spend a moment on shoulder holsters in general. Shoulder holsters are a rather niche system. They are great for people who spend a lot of time driving or seated, always wear a jacket or for whatever reason can't/ won't wear pants with a pretty solid belt. Driving and not wearing gun friendly (pants w/ a legit belt) are the two times I like shoulder holsters.

They are as discussed a sort of niche system but in said place they are the right piece of leather for the job. Sort of like an earthquake survival guide is just the right way to get ready for an earthquake a shoulder holster is the right way to get ready to carry on the body for long drives. Anyway onto specifically talking about the Galco Miami Classic.

I have owned a couple shoulder holsters in the past. One was a knock off of this system (seriously I think it was called a Falco) and the other was a cheap Uncle Mikes nylon setup. Neither were particularly impressive. That being said as discussed previously shoulder holsters have a place.

I was in the market for a shoulder holster for two reasons. The first was a long drive across the western US.  Secondly I wanted an option to carry, mainly at home, in comfortable clothing. Having tried cheap holsters I wanted to get a good one. The option was pretty simple for me and seeing one at a decent price ($139) simplified matters.

The Good: This thing is comfortable. After a few minutes of fiddling with the adjustments it fit wonderfully. On multiple occasions I forgot that I was actually wearing it. The material and quality of construction are top notch. The fit of the pistol and magazines is tight but right. I can't see retention being an issue with this setup.

The Bad: These things are expensive. MSRP is $189.95. They seem to be all over the net for about $150. Mine was purchased at a big box sports store for $139. A steep price tag for sure.

That being said it is worth considering this is not just a holster but a system. If you look at the price of a quality leather holster, gun belt and mag pouch from a top end American (I think) manufacturer this holster might seem a bit more sanely priced.

The Ugly: Did I mention that the Galco Miami Classic is spendy?

Overall Assessment: If you are looking for a shoulder holster this is a great option assuming you have the money to spend. They are not cheap but are really nice.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1 On The Road

Tonight I find myself in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was a pretty long day on the road.

Went through a part of Eastern Oregon I have never seen before. Man that place is empty. It seems to lean towards ranches which makes sense as it is essentially desert. In case you wondered those ranchers unanimously favor Mitt Romney as measured by their signs. Also I pretty much paralleled the Oregon Trail (except opposite Wagons East style;) for awhile which is sort of cool. 

The Galco Miami Classic I recently purchased was comfortable all day long. More on this will follow.

Today I drank entirely too much coffee/soda and generally ate junk today and am currently paying for it. Tomorrow I need to ration the caffeine a bit and eat some actual real food.

Realized that tomorrow I will be going through James Dakin's back yard.  If I would have realized that earlier I'd have tried to meet him for breakfast or something. Oh well, that's life.

If I was a better blogger pictures would have been taken of my great lunch in a cool little place, all the sites and generally cool funny things but well I didn't do that. Anyway that is what has been going on today.

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