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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oregon Trail series #4 Hunting

Oregon Trail teaches two significant lessons about hunting. First you might, for whatever reason, not be able to do it very often so planning on it as a primary food source is foolish. Second and probably more significantly there is no point in shooting it unless you can eat it. We've all shot 10 buffalo's, an elk and 5 deer and been able to carry a half a deer back to the wagon. In real life there is no point in shooting a deer if all you can use (before it spoils) is a rabbit or a chicken.

If you plan to shoot big game then plan to preserve it without a freezer. In the far north maybe shooting an animal just after the first freeze and eating it over the winter will work. Everywhere and every other time you will need salt and or a dehydrator or the ability to can the meat. Might be that you have big game desires and small game capabilities.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making Jerky

So New Years Resolution #18. Get a dehydrator and dehydrate something is complete. A week ago we got some meat at the store. Went for a small batch since it was the initial test run so it was only about a pound and a half. I made a brine by combining teriaki, soy, a touch of salt, Worcestershire and a good sized clump of brown sugar.  It seems like the point of brine is to help preserve (salt) and just make it taste good. I then sliced the meat about as uniformly as I could 1/4 inch thick or so. The meat went into the brine and soaked for almost a week getting stirred as often as I remembered. You stir the brine so it stays uniform and all the meat gets it soaked in, you know it is soaked in when there are no more red parts in the meat.

Yesterday before dinner I tossed it into our 4 tray Excalibur Dehydrator.  Ours doesn't have a timer but for almost half the price it made getting one of these great dehydrators affordable for us. It is easy enough to just use the oven timer to keep track of time. If you want to start the dehydrator and have the timer turn it off there is a solution. Angela gave me the great advice to just plug the dehydrator into one of those Christmas Tree timers.

After about 6 hours the jerky seemed done to us. Tossed it into a bag and went to bed. This morning I tried a piece and it was definitely jerky. Tasted good and I look forward to eating some more. Next time I will try a bigger piece of meat in order to make a larger batch. Going to make a bunch of it for when I go to play in the woods. Speaking of that you should all be comforted to know that I have scheduled posts for that period of time. Not quite every day but more than every other day. There are some lighter days with quotes or pictures but hey, writing 7 weeks of posts in advance is hard.

I am going to cook breakfast now. Hammy eggs and toast here I come.
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