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Sunday, March 31, 2013

PSA Easter Sale, Free Joshua Ebook and Gardening Fun

PSA is having a pretty awesome Easter Sale. They have a variety of mags in 10 packs for $11-14 a piece and some other stuff on sale too. Probably worth checking out if you are in the market for gun accessories. John Wilson wanted me to mention that his Ebook Joshua will be available free until the 3rd.

Unfortunately it seems some folks are counterfeiting 90% silver.  This is why I buy our silver and gold from trusted dealers like JM Bullion. Learning more about testing silver might not be a bad idea either.

Today I got a cherry tomato plant and put it into the upside down planter thing Wifey got for $1.50 on clearance. Didn't take a great look at the Strawberry one and it takes multiple seedlings so I'll have to pick up a few more. Think I'll try to do them in phases so we can stagger the harvest a bit.

The strawberry plants we have so far looked pretty dead at one point. However now that they are in some dirt and have gotten some water they are turning around. One is good to go and the other is probably going to make it.

Also started some seeds to sprout. Lettuce, spinach, green beans and carrots. Did the egg carton thing. I am cautiously optimistic that enough will go to be able to plant when the time is right. Since the house is empty I'm just keeping them in the sink. 

I am definitely enjoying this whole gardening thing. It is really calming for me. Hopefully next year we will be in a place where I can do something bigger and a bit more organized than my current gaggle of containers. Either in the ground or if the soil sucks a raised bed. That sort of effort would definitely make canning worthwhile. This year I will probably do it but mostly for it's own sake.

Hope you all had a good Easter. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcoming Our Newest Advertiser- Joshua

Today I would like to welcome our newest advertiser Joshua. It is a book about a man and a young boy trying to make it during a long term collapse. The first 5 chapters are available free to read which is pretty cool. The book bears some slight similarities to The Road in that a man and a boy are making their way through a crazy total end of the world type situation but it really ends there. As a distinct difference this book doesn't make we want to drink a bottle of scotch and stick a handgun in my mouth.

 Please go check out the free chapters and see if the book interests you. I do not think you will be disappointed. I will be reading the whole thing once I finish up a couple other books which have been waiting for awhile.
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