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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

From Around The Web

FBI switches to 9mm. They throw out all sorts of facts and data. Honestly if modern defensive ammunition like the 9mm Remington Golden Saber, is available 9mm, 40 S&W and .45acp offer terminal ballistics that are close to identical. Also 9mm holds more rounds and it's milder recoil means most people get faster second shots on target. Plus it is by far the most common semi auto pistol round in the US and the cheapest common centerfire round to practice with. Those last two are a big deal if .gov/.mil isn't footing the bill for your practice.

Bayou Renaissance Man makes a case for keeping larger caliber semi auto pistols.  Personally I say carry whatever you want. I really don't care. That being said own your choice and don't try to justify it with pseudo facts that, while arguablly relevant 40 years ago, make about as much factual sense today as your Grandpa who says Japanese cars are junk and to buy a good old reliable Chevy.

That being said my next Glock is almost surely going to be a .40S&W. The reason is that for the particular situation I plan to use that pistol in it is going to be surrounded by guys with .40's, mostly Glocks as well as a smattering of other manufacturers. So a .40S&W Glock makes sense for commonality. Since it is not a gun I will shoot a whole lot the Glock .40's occasional tendency to blow up is unlikely to be an issue.

Weapons Man makes an excellent case to why the M14's greatness is only in the mind of it's owners. The M14, Not Much For Fighting ( A Case Against The M14 Legend ). While I am ambivalent about the 'mighty .308 BATTLE RIFLE' argument the case for the M14 or it's subsequent spawn the M1A is particularly lacking.

Since I have poked, albeit with very well researched factually based articles, the almighty icons of the .40+ caliber pistol and the mighty M1A in 7.62/.308 about two thirds of the people reading this are probably mad. Everyone knows gun writers who had very meaningful experiences in the 40's, 50's and 60's liked the .45 and 7.62/.308. They wrote books and articles and were famous so that means their words were gold. Their names being famous and their words being well published means their experiences are really, really current and relevant right? There is clearly no way that  decades of massive technological innovations could possibly make the thoughts of Cooper, Keith and Jordan any less relevant than they were when first written. After all you are still driving a 1949 Chevy, sending letters and playing records right? The comments section should be fun.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Quote of the Day- Jim Rawles on the Economics of an M1A

"For the same money as a "Loaded" M1A with one magazine and no scope, you could buy a PTR91-GI rifle (a HK91 clone), AND 100 spare alloy G3 magazines (under $3 each!), AND a Savage Model 10 .308 bolt action that is sub-MOA, right out the box.

For comparison, 100 spare original M14 magazines would cost you around $2,600. And just a spare USGI M14 operating rod ("op rod") now costs around $250. You should dispassionately consider not just the initial cost of the rifle, but rather the full lifetime cost, including magazines and and a supply of repair parts  (my emphasis, TOR)."
-Jim Rawles

I love the M1A. They are beautiful and accurate though if we are real probably not a gun that should ever have existed. It says something about America that we invented an inferior gun instead of just buying the much superior FN-FAL which if I recall beat the M1A twice in our own tests, which were promptly ignored. However some time ago I came to terms with the fact that it was a gun whose price was pegged (inflation, gun cost increases, etc) above what I was ever going to be willing to pay.

Incidentally at one point I planned to get an M1A and even picked up some magazines. They are the Checkmate 20 rounders which are currently being used by .mil. Brand new still in their wrappers. Think I've got 10 of them. Will sell for $25 a piece plus a few bucks for shipping. Will definitely trade for PMAGS or USGI AR-15 magazines and may trade for other mags or gear. If you've got something else to trade we can figure it out. Shoot me an email at if you are interested.

Mags are pending sale at this time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It is interesting to me that people sometimes call the AK-47 the Glock of the Rifle world. I would say it is expressedly the opposite that the Glock is the AK-47 of the pistol world. First of all the AK-47 came first by about 30 years. Secondly there have almost surely (don't have google right now but I would bet a good bottle of Scotch on it) been more AK-47's and direct dissendents (Not even getting into Galil's and Valumet's and Siaga's. I'm talking different makers, folding stock vs fixed, etc) than Glocks. I appreciate both of these guns because they are utterly reliable, rugged, widely distributed and easy to operate. Last and almost best of all they are both, if not cheap, then certainly at a very competitive price point for all of their other great attributes. Also of special significance for those who like to keep a good amount of magazines and spare parts those are affordable too. The difference between a $20 mag and a $50 mag is significant if you plan to purchase 20 of them. The cost of equipping some weapons well with mags and spare parts would be ruinous to all but the biggest budgets. You will not find a gun that has all of their positive attributes at anywhere near the price of the Glock or the AK.

For example I have long been wishing for and am more recently starting to plan (ie save for) an M1A. It is not particularly practical (because of price) and the cost to equip them is quite high. For the cost of an M1A with 20 mags, a few spare parts and a case of ammo I could almost surely have TWO like sets of AK's. I'm not purchasing this gun for a deal (it is the last rifle I REALLY want) but for those who are trying to get equipped on the cheap an AK for you and the Mrs. with plenty of mags and ammo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More AK Discussion: Accuracy Revisited and Other Rifles

In response to my recent post on AK's (and Mini's) AZRedhawk44 said: I stewed on this over the weekend subconsciously, and it leaped to the forefront of my mind while I was at a High Power match (I shoot an M14 so I don't have any skin in the AK/Mini conflict either way).
One of Ryan's very valid points was the legitimacy of shooting someone more than 100 yards away. At first, I accepted that premise.

At the match, however, an idea jumped out at me. "Hits" aren't necessarily all good. A 200 yard shot with an AK that tags a leg, arm hip or shoulder might still leave someone functional enough to return fire at me. Yes, it's a hit. But despite the fact that I tried damned hard to make that shot count as best as I could... the platform and cartridge dynamics allowed that bullet to drift 8 to 12 inches more off target than a different platform.

No, I don't want to drag a platform war onto your site. I like FALs, FNARs, AR-10's, AR-15's, DaeWoos, Galils, M1's and M14/M1A's. I like lots of gun platforms. I even like the Mini and AK for what they can do.

The price difference between a self-built AR and a higher end AK or a new Mini just isn't that far, and the AR will (typically) put the lead in the center of the target better.

I just think if you're gonna aim at something and squeeze the trigger, the best possible outcome is for the bullet to impact _exactly_ where you intended to hit.

TOR Here: Thanks for taking the time to ponder this question and then write a reply. Personally from informal experience I believe that the AK platform, given a servicable weapon, is quite capable of hitting dinner plates at 100 meters and a torso sized target at 200 or maybe more. There is certainly a range where the weapons inherant accuracy limitations start pulling shots out of the vital torso and into flesh wounds and appendages.

I don't think anyone could disagree with your statement that "if you're gonna aim at something and squeeze the trigger, the best possible outcome is for the bullet to impact _exactly_ where you intended to hit."

I think there are a few universally desirable characteristics of a rifle:

Reliability- It should go bang every single time you pull the trigger, no matter what. Seeing as firearms are mechanical and even the best mechanical things fail now and then we should seek the lowest failure rate available.

Ruggedness- You want a rifle that can take a beating. Most of us generally take good care of our rifles. However we still definitely want them to work if they happen to be banged around, dropped,  not get cleaned as often as they should or get exposed to the elements.

Adaptability- The ability to change a rifles ergonomics, fit, and sights to your preferences and needs. The ability to employ useful accessories.

Commonality- There should be wide access to magazines, spare parts, accessories and such.

Affordability- Outside of gamers and fanboys in forums (there are some good folks there too) the rest of us live in the real world. In the real world instead of theorizing about what the best possible maker for every single component in the world we have to live in a budget. Be it tiny, modest or pretty decent we all have budgets. We need to consider the cost of magazines, optics, ammunition, useful accessories and other ancillary equipment.

Capacity- More bullets and fewer reloads are better than less bullets and more reloads.

Lastly since you already mentioned it accuracy- A rifle that can't hit stuff you shoot at isn't very useful.

It would be great to have a rifle that is devastatingly accurate out to great distances, holds a lot of bullets and reloads quickly, is utterly reliable and rugged under all sorts of adverse conditions, has great adaptability and parts/ ammo/ mags which are widely available. It would also be great if this rifle and its ancillary equipment were so cheap that an average working class guy could get a few rifles, a big box of magazines and enough ammo to fight a moderately intense guerilla campaign.

Ever heard the building analogy that you can have a job be done fast, cheap and right but you only get to pick two? So it could be fast and right but not cheap. Or fast and cheap but not right. It could also be cheap and right but not fast.

Have you ever played the kind of video game where you get to build your own boxer? You get a certain amount of points to divide among different categories (I remember strength, foot speed, quickness, conditioning and toughness or something like that)? If you put all of your points into quickness you could punch really fast but it wouldn't do much and you were really easy to knock out. Put all your points into strength and your boxer will knock people out, when he can hit them. Anyway you get the idea.

My observation is that some foolish and inexperienced people buy a rifle because they saw it in a movie or know a certain group or unit uses it. However smart and experienced people choose a weapon based upon the best balance of the above desirable characteristics prioritized by their own unique scenario with the limiting factor of affordability. Affordability is a limiting factor because in order to have a rifle you have to be able to buy it.

We also need to consider the cost of multiple weapons. After all if things are so screwed that you need a rifle wouldn't it be a good idea for your spouse to have one also? What about your 15 year old child? Sure the idea of arming them is scary in a lot of ways. However if Rorke's Drift is playing out in your neighborhood then the kid needs a damn rifle. Also remember that two is one and one is none.

Price point is an interesting discussion. I think it is important to compare as equitably as possible. For example comparing a bare bones generic AR some yahoo put together in his basement to an AK that comes out of a highly prestigious custom shop is gaming the scenario a bit. Comparing chevy to chevy and BMW to BMW makes more sense. The difference in price between say a WASR-10 at about $550 and an Olympic or Stag AR at say $750 isn't that much. Mags are about a wash. AK's do however have a real cost edge in terms of ammunition. My observation, and YMMV, is that AR's don't really like steel cased ammo. AK's on the other hand will eat anything. Brass cased .223 costs about twice as much as steel cased 7.62x39. So $200 (I didn't check prices today so please don't nit pick) will get you about a half case of .223 or a full case of 7.62x39.

If you look at say a mid range AR with 10 mags, a case of ammo and a few spare parts/ accessories vs a mid range AK with 10 mags, a case of ammo and a few spare parts/ accessories the actual cost is different. Make it two or three cases of ammo and the cost difference is really significant.

As I mentioned peoples own unique scenario is a big factor here. Do they live in the city or out in the country. On the wide open western plains or the primordial woods of the deep south. Do they have a good budget or is money really tight? How important are accessories and their availability? Do they plan to also hunt with their defensive rifle? Do they have problems carrying long heavy rifles? What about felt recoil? Is their plan to have a CQB machine to keep by their bed, an all around rifle or a precision marksmenship machine. What kind of worst case scenario does this rifle fit into?

When we are talking about modern fairly common magazine fed semi automatic rifles such as the AK, AR, Mini- 14, M1A, FN-FAL, HK 91 series, etc. I am becoming less and less convinced there are any  real absolutes. I don't think it is so much about the right rifle but the right rifle FOR YOU. If cost is a concern and you aren't so worried about long shots an AK could be a great choice. If you really like commonality and adaptability but cost is a factor then maybe an AR is the answer. If you like the power of a .308 but are concerned about the cost of magazines and spare parts then an HK 91 type could be the way to go. If love rifles made of wood and steel, you really want to reach out and touch someone accurately and money isn't a concern then an M1A would be a good choice. A great rifle for one person might be a horrible rifle for another.

Personally I like AR's and AK's. In terms of rifles I grew up on AR's. I have more muscle memory with that platform than any other or any two others combined. I have a lot of experience and comfort when it comes to that platform. I also appreciate that they are easy to use and pretty darn accurate without completely breaking the bank. I got an AK for no particular reason a few years back. For a random spur of the moment (made the decision at a gun store) purchase I couldn't have done better. I am coming to like AK's more and more. They are affordable to purchase, very affordable to equip, utterly reliable and as rugged as they come. Also they are pretty fun to shoot.

I urge you to be realistic about your budget and consider what it will cost to fully (however you define that) equip a rifle. Next think about your own unique scenario. Do plenty of research and fire as many weapons as possible. Seriously reflect on and consider your options for this major purchase and you will end up with a weapon that will serve you well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a good week for us. We got a great deal on a bunch of knives and machetes. Also we went and finished the New Years Resolutions in terms of Glock and M1A mags. Finally feeling pretty good about the overall magazine situation. Also reading books on Afghanistan which is a prep of sorts. Doing some workouts in my spare time which if not a perfect program is better than nothing.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tires, Junkyards, Beer Brewing and Mags

Today I went to get a leaky tire fixed. I went to the automotive place and; skipping the details lets just say it significant will power to not go Patrick Bateman on them. Anyway it all turned out OK when I went to the junk yard. For a couple minutes of looking and a few more wrenching some lug nuts I got a new tire with a rim for $17. Really psyched about that.

I have been saving up my pennies and ad money so it was time to buy some stuff. Decided to just go ahead and get mags. I am not exactly sure what type of 9mm ammo I want to get and well who knows what could happen with mags. Anyway I ordered 10 Glock 9mm mags from CDNN investments. Depending on how I want to look at it they are either going to be mags for my next Glock,  to stash somewhere or just put away for a rainy day. Lately I have been feeling like my happy number of 10 pistol mags is a bit low. The idea of having a few more to stash here or there has been appealing to me.

I went ahead and got 10 US GI M1A mags also. While certainly not the cheapest .308 semi auto I do really covet the M1A and intend to get one. Ever since I saw a blurb about these mags at a sane price on Survival Blog I have been wanting to pick some up. I was going to get more like 8 but there was free shipping on purchases over $200 so it was an easy decision to get 10.  In any situation (massive gun control/ AWB) where I would be unable to eventually get a rifle to go with them the mags would increase significantly in value so I don't see a downside.

Maybe if  the rest of the year goes rather well I will make those same orders again. 

Also ordered World Made By Hand and FerFal's book. I wanted to get his book when it came out but if I recall the cost was like $35 or even $40. Too much for me to justify anyway. However at $25 it is something I can justify. Really looking forward to reading it.

Was all set to order a beer brewing kit but they wanted almost double the price to ship the darn thing. That was pretty disappointing. When companies ship to an APO they only pay shipping costs to New York State but it is used as an excuse to really stick it to us. I will do some more looking and if need be pursue buying one locally. Worst case there is a store like an hour away and that city has some nice restaurants to boot.

I am going to cruise the blogosphere a bit then pick Wifey up from work. 

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