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Friday, April 26, 2013

AK Mags for $20ish at Midway

Military Surplus Polymer AK mags for $20 or $23. Not a great price by pre panic terms but a very good one now. If you didn't get all the AK mags you will ever want when they were cheap and have a few extra dollars this would be a prudent move. Import restrictions can change overnight via executive order (it happened in 1989) which would make surplus AK stuff unobtanium in a hurry.

Midway is a company I have done a bit of business with. They are good folks who run a professional business.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tab Clearing

Very interesting info on long term food storage shelf life. May not agree with their religious beliefs but they take food storage seriously and are willing to help heathens like me.

Carteacho reloaded some steel cased Wolf ammo and is going to shoot it then discuss. This could be interesting.

7 Gun Companies tell New York to pound sand. One of those companies is Midway which I recommend solely based on my personal experiences. Time to work on a few more. Hat tip to Mountain Guerrilla for the find.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Midway is Pushing Partial Back Orders Out The Door

 I ordered a bunch of different AR parts from Midway a couple weeks back. A full BCG, a spare bolt, a couple receiver extensions and some other stuff. The stuff that was in stock shipped and the rest was on back order. I wasn't worried about exactly when it showed up as it was just spare stuff anyway. This morning I got an email. It is unchanged except that obviously my last name is not XXXXXXX.

-Email follows-

Dear Ryan XXXXXXX,

We have been holding some products for you, waiting for other items to arrive so we could ship your order complete.  However, we believe an Executive Order could be released any day prohibiting the sale of certain products such as high-capacity magazines and AR-15 parts and accessories.  Therefore we have done a partial release of your backorders to ensure that any of these items and other items we had in inventory waiting to ship complete are all on their way, in case such an Order is forthcoming.  You will receive a shipping notification shortly.  Other items on backorder, that we have not yet received, are not affected by this partial release.

We appreciate your understanding and your business.  We always put Customer Satisfaction first and believe this action is in the very best interest of our Customers.


MidwayUSA Customer Service


Maybe they are just doing this to appease customer concerns or do they know something I do not? Thoughts?
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