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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ice Cream Wars

Ice cream man reportedly threatens rival vendor: ‘This is my town!’

 Sorry but this seems more like a comedic substory in an episode of the Soprano's than reality.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From Around The Web

Teotwawki Blog did an excellent Snub Nose Gear Roundup.

A journalist was not treated very nicely when he asked if Mayor Bloomberg was giving up his armed security. The classic elitist liberal position that chosen ones deserve the best protection the public purse will buy but us peasants can dial and die. Bet they aren't packing neutered 7 round mags either.

Assault Weapons ban does not have the votes to pass the senate. Next step is to protect our right to be full people unlike New Yorkers who are 7/30ths as important as chosen ones. After that we tell them to keep away from law abiding citizens right to buy and sell their private property with other law abiding citizens. Enforcing the gun laws we have would be a good start.

The lost art of cut shells.

Detroit edges closer to bankruptcy.

About every centerfire rifle in existence is just waiting to be redefined as a cop killer.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From Around The Web

Commander Zero tells a personal story about firearm registration. We need to fight any form of national gun registration or attempts to limit private party firearm purchases as vigorously as possible. If your state sucks and requires firearms to be registered I recommend voting with your feet.

Rural Mexicans form local security groups to protect their families and towns. The police and military either can not or will not protect them so these folks are doing it themselves. Note that lawful gun ownership in Mexico is seriously restricted. That combined with the abject poverty most rural Mexicans live in explains the single shot shotguns and other antiquated and less than ideal weapons.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vodka and Bikinis = Lawsuit? You Bet Your Ass

I have to post on this.

Legal Analysis (This will be short, I am very tired).

Commercial speech is a lesser protected form of speech, using the intermediary level of review, where the state must show an important government interest (this really means nothing), and the restriction is substantially related to that interest (this really means nothing). Cases are all over the place on this type of thing. One thing that is certain is that the government can prohibit false or misleading information from commercial speech.

Another wrinkle here is the public forum. Once the government opens up a forum to speech, it can't discriminate based on the speech. However, it can still regulate the manner of the speech.

The better suit here would be an Equal Protection claim. Discrimination based on religion is subject to strict scrutiny, and basically always fails. In fact, I am not sure if there is a single case where religion based laws have survived (I haven't done any research on the topic). The adverts were only pulled from Jewish communities, which is clearly unconstitutional. However, the vodka company lacks standing to bring the suit. If I was a 14 year old boy in that neighborhood, I would be in federal court tomorrow.

However, this solution would force the MTA into an all or nothing position, where it would either have to let the ads run in Jewish areas, or pull them all together.

All that said, Rabbi Shea Hecht told Fox that he has great respect for the First Amendment, but believes he also has a right to travel through his neighborhood with his children and not be offended. Basically, he says that he has great respect for the First Amendment, but only as far as he wants it to go... I nominate this guy for asshole of the night (which I am pretty sure he doesn't believe is protected under the 1st Amendment).
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