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Saturday, August 31, 2013

War Drums and Random Thoughts

So our President wants to give Syria a spanking. Looks like President Obama wants Congress Mommy's approval before acting. Half the democrats are such doves they wouldn't vote to fight anybody, ever and the Republicans love them some war but wouldn't agree with President Obama that water is wet. So this should be fun to watch.

Playing with carry setups. Think the right answer for me is pocket at home and appendix when out. I've been a bit lazy so pocket has gotten more play then it probably should. Not having a good dedicated appendix holster is part of the problem.Looking at getting a Raven Vanguard to try fixing the hardware issue. They fit different sized Glocks without irritating extra space which is huge for me plus at that price point I'll take a chance. Meant to order one today but lost track of time.

Had an awesome lunch down in Lake Charles yesterday. Wonderfully cooked shrimp that were huge. Also had gumbo for the first time which was cool. I like the food down here.

Not having much stuff has been interesting. This has been a good reminder that if you pick the right stuff it's easy to get by without too much. When we get the rest of our stuff it will be time to go through everything again. Last move a lot of stuff was thrown away or donated. This time it will probably be less than last but  we can stand to get rid of some unnecessary stuff. Sort of along those lines I plan to organize some preparedness stuff. Probably look at caching some redundant stuff and using the rest to fill out useful systems. Looking at that as an opportunity to identify small holes in our preps which will be really good. Failing because you could not afford to buy a 5k whatever sucks but what can ya do on the other hand failing because you forgot a $20 cord/ cable/ widget would suck.

Things are looking good for the housing plan. It ain't over till it's over but there aren't many gates left to pass through. Living in a nice place we actually like will be really nice. Hopefully it all works out.

So far this weekend we have been busy. Yesterday we went to Lake Charles which was cool and then fished in the evening. Today we hit a flea market this morning. Some stuff was decent but half the vendors seemed to have stuff pulled from the trash put into piles that were covered with filth and dust at 4x fair market value. Not going back there any time soon. Got some fun plans for the rest of the weekend.

Well I'm bored of writing so it's time to wrap this up. Talk to you all later.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thinking of Panic Buying?

I have talked to a couple people in the gun biz and they are really busy. I'm not talking rumors over the internet from a guy who knows a guy but actual humans I regularly interact with. Since the election went to our President Barrack Obama the speculation is that he will try to push through some sort of Assault Weapons Ban or other gun control measures.

Personally I do not think the winds of our time are for gun control. Between Heller, the Republicans owning the house and arguably the Democratic party at large learning from '94, a lot of states adding or going to 'shall issue' with concealed carry and the popularity of many modern weapons including Glock pistols as well as other polymer double stack's and the AR platform I don't see it happening. For goodness sake Walmart sells AR-15's these days. There could be too many people who own them or have vested interests in making them for it to happen. However I could be wrong.

Honestly part of the reason I am not all that worried is that over time I've built up a decent stash of weapons as well as magazines and ammunition to feed them. It didn't happen overnight. An order of Glock mag's here, some .223 there, a few AR-15 mags for my birthday, etc. It turns out that if you make 3-4 orders for mags or ammo a year for several years it sure adds up. It certainly wouldn't be ideal if what I've got is all there will ever be but it wouldn't be disastrous.

As we discussed before there are some problems with panic buying. Also as Commander Zero once noted (more or less) if you can comfortably afford something and want it then why hasn't it come home with you already. The guy they find for the news who never liked guns but goes out and gets 2 AR's with a bunch of mags and several cases of .223 ammo because they might be banned is IMO very rare. If you wanted a case of 9mm ammo or a nice AR-15 rifle then either you own it or there is some reason like money, motivation or whatever that it hasn't happened already.

A more realistic scenario I think is that you might re prioritize things if it looks like a ban might be coming. While they are also really important medical stuff, extra boots and commo stuff are unlikely to be banned in a month or two. Depending on where you are low and where you are comfortable it might be prudent to move item #3 on your list which is a spare set of mags for your pistol and #4 which is some more .22 ammo to the front burner. You might even feel strongly enough about the urgency to skip drinks with the guys and bring leftovers or a sack lunch to work a few times to make things happen in a hurry.

Of course it is worth noting to be reasonable about it. Do not be financially stupid or bet too heavily on one possible scenario. I certainly wouldn't recommend spending money you cannot afford or going into debt. Also be careful not to get gun/ mag/ ammo/ accessories tunnel vision. Yes guns and the stuff to run them are important but you still need food, fuel, cash, extra clothes and medical supplies. I think it is reasonable to slightly adjust your priorities (especially for a short period like 3-6 months) to fill needs that may become more difficult or expensive to fill later.

Please note that I am not at all against having a good stash of guns and gun stuff.  If I stumbled into a bunch of money from my dead Zimbabwean Uncle tomorrow another AR and Glock 9mm (or a few of each) with plenty of ancillary stuff would come home with us. It is just that we have limited resources to prepare for all sorts of scenarios. Also to be blunt it is more likely that I will need a Coleman stove w/ fuel and some canned goods than a bunch more shotgun shells sitting in the closet by the other shotgun shells.

As to putting my money where my mouth is. Recently I have purchased 4 of those new 25 round Ruger 10/22 mags and 1 more 10rder for the .22 Buckmark recently. That being said those were shortages identified in recent inventories. I am toying with a few future purchases that might be made in the next few months: a handful of PMAGs and Glock mags as well as a new AR-15 lower for Project AR Upgrade  would be nice. However I'm not going to be prioritizing this stuff above food (which we are short on) and new funding streams that may or may not develop are also a factor so who knows.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting, 'Statement' Voting and Not Voting

Today is election day. Even though the rise of by mail and early voting has pushed some of it earlier this is still a big day.

I encourage you to get out and vote. We live in a country where we get a voice and should use it. 

If you really do not want either President Obama or Mitt Romney to be our next president then vote for somebody else. There is a whole ballot full of all sorts of interesting folks. You've got the Liberterians, the American Constitution Party, the Greens, and all manner of socialists. We all know that at least in this cycle the President is going to be an R or a D. However it is worth noting that getting 5% of the vote will give a third party access to the same public funds and other advantages that help the R and D folks.

Personally I voted for a third party candidate. You can probably guess which one but I don't want to muddle the waters. This brings us to 'statement' voting. As noted above getting a 3rd party really into the game is a worthwhile goal and as such a vote for them is not wasted. However if one still wants to call 3rd party voting a statement thing I guess that is fine. It is also worth noting that a 3rd party candidate for dog catcher or county sheriff or state senate or even congress may be realistic.

Another consideration is how your state is going to vote. Some states are solid blue or red and as such the odds of a close election where you would be splitting the vote away from the major candidate you dislike less are remote. Depending on how much you like or dislike both major party candidates that might be a consideration.

As to not voting. First and foremost it isn't like you can really opt out of our laws, tax code and such. I didn't vote for him is not a get out of jail free card. The biggest question I would have for these folks is what they plan to accomplish. The answer is usually nothing cohesive and that the system can't be fixed. Historically groups abstaining or in the case of North Ireland electing people who refuse to take their seats have had serious PR and on the ground campaigns to affect something. I do not see this in the American 'I'm not voting because the two party system is evil crowd'.

I would really encourage folks who decide to abstain from voting for a presidential candidate to look at the smaller races. These are the local stuff that actually matters. The Sheriff or the city council who hire a police chief that might or might not SWAT your house. The animal control folks and planning boards that can mess with homesteaders to no end or leave them alone.

As to predictions for today. It has seemed to me that the winds are flowing in the direction of Mitt Romney but it is very close. Today will be an interesting day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tab Clearing

Lizard Farmer links to an interesting CALL article it gives the weight of a bunch of different military gear.

John Mosby weigh's in on the 'Combat Light' discussion. As with most things John writes I find little to disagree with. It is pretty obvious to me that the gear needed for a specific mission can vary widely. An afternoon or an overnight is different from 2 weeks (or indefinitely), summer is different than winter (especially in the mountains or way up north) and vehicle based operations, though they have their own issues, are different than hoofing it.

Fake gold bars have showed up in NYC. 

It seems that President Obama said "I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot." No comment here.

Mitt Romney said "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," Romney could be heard saying in the clip, referring to those who don't pay federal income tax. "There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it." I am ambivalent about this. It is an oversimplification as there are rich and poor on both sides of the political spectrum. However it is probably not totally inaccurate. 

It turns out that the miraculously lucky spontaneous attack on our consulate in Libya by average citizens during a riot wasn't actually so spontaneous and involved some hard core Al Qaeda types. Imagine my face showing great shock at this recent revelation.

Along these lines there is a whole mess of rioting all over the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere. The whole thing is really ridiculous. I don't care what the guy next door thinks about my religion; let alone somebody in a country I need a couple minutes to find on a map. Things like this make the whole 'Islam is a religion of peace' argument an uphill battle.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nobody Cares, Good Politics but Bad Economics, Etc

It has become clear that Congress (as a general term for all our reps to include the Senate) just doesn't care what we think. They voted overwhelmingly for the Insurance Company Kickback (Obamacare) despite the people they claim to represent making it abundantly clear that we did not want it. Recently the Executive Branch made it clear that they do not care what Congress thinks, laws and traditions be damned. They did this by reinserting Death Panels (seriously not that big of a thing and grossly misunderstood, but that's not the point) back into the program by decree despite Congress taking it out.

This could be continued down through the state and sometimes county/ city level. They care most consistently about pursueing whatever agenda they happen to have, securing easy paychecks and enjoyable perks as well as solidifying their positions. After that it is paying back the people who helped them get into office and just enjoying things.

Other than bribing and scaring enough people to secure reelection none of these representatives care at all about us and what we want. Really keeping their positions secure (especially in homogenuis districts) is pretty easy and is just about maintenance and continued favors. I am not going to say it is right or wrong, it's just how things are.

My point is that nobody cares. Even if you fall into a group that (outside of big business/ key sectors able to levy significant and regular bribes campaign contributions) is supposidly championed by a certain political group like minorities, gun owners or small businessmen when the chips are down they really just don't care. They care in terms of talking points and sound bites but not in terms of taking a stand or putting out actuall effort to help these people. Since nobody cares you had better start caring.
Strive to get ready for all sorts of different scenarios because as I noted nobody is going to help you. In particular I think it would be prudent to get ready to take care of yourself. Consider basic stuff like power outages, local disasters, home invasions and income disruptions and go from there. Don't forget about inflation as it may be rearing its ugly head.

I have listened to a lot of conservative talk radio over the last couple days as I drove across a big chunk of the PNW. An interesting concept was talked about. The idea of something that is simumtaneousle good politics and really bad economics. For example minimum wage laws. Oregon which is already hurting pretty badly just recently raised their minimum wage. There is a broad consensus among economists that artificially high minimum wages push low skilled people out of the legal labor market. These people are not allowed to work for the kind of wages they are qualified to earn. This really hurts young adults and seems to hit minorities the hardest.

Another great example is what happened with American unions, in particular the UAW. The head guys kept getting beat up by unions and so they gave them concessions. The easiest concessions to give were very generous pensions because they cost money in the future as opposed to wages or other benefits (though they weren't tight fisted here either) which cost money right away. These were also a real easy decision in hindsight because none of the real decision makers were around when things came to a head.

I could probably keep giving examples (SS, Medicare, etc) all day long. However since I don't have all day you will have to try and follow me. Politicians are willing to do something that is obviously bad economics if it is good politics. They will build airports nobody flys through, bridges people don't want to drive on, give kickbacks to farmers in Iowa and such. I think politicians would burn giant piles of cash on television if they should it would help them politically.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

quote of the day

"Here's a simple task. Try to find someone who can explain to you how we will be able to afford to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits ... together with ObamaCare ... in, say, ten years."
-Neil Booritz

Monday, January 18, 2010

An Interesting Discussion Going On At Surviving In Argentina

This and this are worth reading. Also my comment about dealing with the ammo shortage of last winter is on the main page. Man that was a dumb thing to do. Space was at a real premium in our cars for the drive but a shoe box full of .38 would have given me peace of mind. The real kicker is that I had the ammo and just didn't bring it. Oh well it was a busy time and we had lots of stuff on our minds.

In any case having a couple hundred rounds per gun is probably reasonable advice for someone who is just getting started or is cautious but not full bore paranoid.  Probably enough ammo for anything other than a Mad Max scenario.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Failed Post, Reading Between The Lines And Such Stuff

Yesterday I wrote a post which drew some harsh criticism. I don't mind having serious debate and even outright disagreement on stuff if it is at least somewhat productive but it was on a sort of small piece of the post. In any case it wasn't at all where I wanted the thing to go and the nice part of being in charge is that you can move past such failed posts.

In any case it brought up a very interesting series of points which are worth discussing.

First of all I am going to steal a great thing that Glen Beck said. He said more or less (I am remembering this from off the top of my head 5-6 months later.) that "I believe everything I say but I don't say everything I believe".

[Here is a hint. If you read halfway between the lines you will get a good idea on my thoughts about pretty much everything. I over exaggerate some stuff and under exaggerate other stuff.]

What Glen Beck said goes about ten fold for me. Matter of fact I am in a profession which has some draconian rules when it comes to speaking ill about elected officials and really any apparatus of our government in general. My job is what it is but for the time being it puts a roof over our heads and food on the table so staying at least arguably inside those rules is prudent.
There are a lot of things I think that I do not say. I have some concerns I have that I do not share with you . Also there is a whole lot of stuff I know how to do that I am not going to teach you, sorry.

At some point if/when I am no longer in the military this would likely become a very different blog. I would move back towards home and get a job doing something or another where my boss really wouldn't give a rip what I do outside of work. Also growing a lot of food and a variety of other things would make this an interesting place. In any case I would likely be a lot more open on some things.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

This Made Wifey Laugh

She isn't really into politics but laughed the whole way through this SNL skit. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009


President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. To be honest I feel bad for him on this one. It isn't like he paid $15 and filled out a form to get into the running or anything, someone nominated him. Also it rather blatantly points out that he hasn't done anything for world peace, at all by any possible realistic measure. Not saying he should or anything because his job title isn't "World Peace Faciulitator" but still. Putting him in the same group as people like Mother Teressa and the Dalia Lama is just sort of sad. Without getting into who and what our President is; it is fair to say that when measured against certain people by specific criteria we can all come up a distante last.

I sort of think this is symblematic of larger issues surrounding our President. Again without getting into what he is or isn't he is in fact a man. He can not walk on water or solve long lasting world problems with a meeting and a photo op. If measured by high enough criteria anybody could hypothetically be seen as a total failure. I think there is a distinct chance our President is going to be measured by criteria that nobody could possibly meet.

Friday, September 25, 2009

quote of the day

"One of the great things about the US is that you can speak your mind and protest."
-President Barrack Obama

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Year Ago This Season,

Last night I could not sleep for shit. Spent a lot of time thinking about life and blog junk and all sorts of stuff. I have been hearing all this stuff about recovery and lame duck recovery and jobless recovery. I got to thinking about a year ago. I am going to look at a lot of indicators and have some discussion. Doubt any huge conclusions will come from this but since it interested me you get to read about it.

First lets see what I was writing about roughly a year ago: I lived in an RV, This amused me,I was thinking about finances a lot with significant worry about institutional failures. I was also just beginning to really purchase precious metals. Too much more to list.

Second lets look at precious metals prices. Last year at about this time gold was in the $750-800 range and these days it is right around $1,000. Silver went from about $12 to about $16 but methinks that is going to drop a bit soon at least for awhile.

Thirdly the stock market has gone from around eleven thousand to a bit over nine thousand.

My last indicator is going to be unemployment. For this I will have to go with August numbers because Sep ain't over yet. Unemployment has increased by roughly 30% from the low 6 range to within spitting distance of that dreaded 10% mark.

For the unquantifiable I will go with what I remember which is fear. Banks folding left and right and the stock market dropping hundreds of points was a normal day. One day in particular I remember vividly. It seemed that the stock market dropped hundreds of points for the third or fourth day in a row. I slipped out for a few minutes to get as much cash as the ATM would allow me to because it seemed like a perfect storm for a banking holiday. Honestly I probably would have handicapped it at 1/4 one was going to happen.

Lets touch real quick on what has happened between then and now:

Barrack Obama won the presidential election. Who the heck saw that one coming!

For awhile it was darn near impossible to find Glocks, AR's, AK's, mags at any sane price or a bullet to go into anything. Eventually that situation got better though ammo prices still remain high.

Bail outs after bail outs after bail outs. Maybe we threw good money after bad and then used that good money to light our stack of really good money on fire. Maybe we will look back in 20 years and see the decisions made in those dark times as saving our financial system. I do not know and for a conclusive answer we will have to look to the history books in years to come.

Lots of people lost their jobs.

My memory isn't perfect but depending on the exact timeline I picked up a few guns or several over this period of time. Socked away a few hundred rounds of 30.06, about the same in shotgun ammo, a case of 9mm and a case of .38 with a few boxes of .357 mag for variety. Also we saved a good chunk of cash and got some precious metals.

Where are we going?

If I could predict this with significant accuracy I would be writing this from my 200 acre retreat in Idaho where I made a gazillion dollars a year playing the money game a few hours a day. That I don't have a 200 acre retreat in Idaho and today I worked a 12 hour day during which nobody asked (even once) what they should do with their money even once is a testiment to the fact that at best my great talents have not yet fully surfaced.

This seems like a good time to circle the wagons, munch on some leftover corn bread, sip a bit of water and watch vigilantly for rustlers, indians or desperadoes. While of course you will have to have a watch rotation so people can cook hot food, do chores, drink a little whisky by the campfire and get some sleep it is definitely NOT the time to have your cattle spread over the prairie, the Mrs at the creek washing clothes and your youngest off playing somewhere while you doze in the shade.

In slightly more practical terms this is a good time to suck up to your boss a bit more than usual, work extra hard and live very conservatively. Unless there is a very compelling reason otherwise every dollar you can get your greedy little hands on that doesn't go to basic living eexpenses should go under the mattress.

If your car is running reasonably well I would keep it and put off getting a new one. This is also not the time to go on that two week trip to Europe or buy a ski boat or do that big remodel on the kitchen. I would stick with whatever job you have now even if it is pretty lame unless something that is a serious step up comes along. You do not want to quit the job you hate to start a new dream carrear in X right now. Also since we don't have a clue what is going to happen to the stock market or the value of the dollar if I was seriously considering retirement hard thought would be put into potentially working for a couple more years to delay starting to draw from my savings and allow what I have in the market to bounce back.

I would also run full speed away from any debt that has a variable interest rate be it a home mortgage, a HELIC or just a maxed out AMEX card. Between the value of the dollar dropping and the increased defaults on all debt it is going to get ugly and painful for those holding variable interest debt.

Thoughts or observations on anything I said?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Presidential Move I Can Get Behind

I don't personally agree with a lot of things our current administration does. I am however going to give them their due praise when they make good moves the same way I have and will continue to lambast our "conservatives" and other somewhat like minded figures when they fuck up.

I don't know if you pay attention (or even care) but a rapper by the name of Kanye West pretty much stole the thunder of Taylor Swift at the VMA's. While one musician being a jackass to another isn't anything new Taylor Swift seems like a pretty classy gal and fucking with someones acceptance speech is messed up. Back to my point...

Our President Barrack Hussein Obama is of the opinion that Kanye West is a "jackass" for his treatment of Taylor Swift. I have my concerns about the way my nation is moving but having a President a) follows current events and b) speaks his mind are both very refreshing. The world of politics can really use more people who call it as they see it. This is a trend which could get interesting very fast.

Oh yeah and just in case you forgot I really like Joe Biden.

Just to be clear I tagged this post with the label "asshats" entirely for Kanye West because well he is a colossal asshat.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Politics the way it should be

Apparently Rep. Joe Wilson has pissed off some people. During Obama's little speech about Obamacare, he yelled you lie. Now the big question on CNN is whether it was planed or not. So what? Lets say it was planned... So what?

CNN also ran a commentary about how we need to respect presidents. At the start of it, it mentions how the Brits have a "question time" where the PM gets into basically a yelling match with the House of Commons. Whats wrong with that idea? Now normally, I believe, the fact that someone in Europe does something is a good reason not to do it here. That goes double for the British. However, those bastards might have stumbled on to something here.

I think we need more yelling at the president. This is the way politics should be (note: I am in class while writing this, so I didn't get to watch the video... hopefully it will be a good one).

Monday, August 31, 2009

This was too funny not to pass on!

Nancy Reagan's letter of forgiveness
You might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in the early 1980's.
Hinckley was absolutely obsessed with movie star Jodie Foster, extremely jealous, and in his twisted mind, loved Jodie Foster to the point that to make himself well known to her, he attempted to assassinate President Reagan.
There is speculation Hinckley may soon be released as having beenrehabilitated. Consequently, you may appreciate the following letter from Nancy Reagan to John Hinckly:
*To: John HinckleyFrom: Mrs. Nancy Reagan
My family and I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the great strides you are making in your recovery. In our fine country's spirit of understanding and forgiveness, we want you to know there is a nonpartisan consensus of compassion and forgiveness throughout.
The Reagan family and I want you to know that no grudge is borne against you for shooting President Reagan. We, above all, are aware of how the mental stress and pain could have driven you to such an act of desperation. We are confident that you will soon make a complete recovery and return to your family to join the world again as a healthy and productive young man.
Best wishes,Nancy Reagan & Family
P.S. While you have been incarcerated, Barack Obama has been banging Jodie Foster like a screen door in a tornado. You might want to look into that.

(TOR here: I am 99% sure this is fake as I got it in an email instead of seeing it on the news. In any case it is still funny.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

quote of the day

"I just think it's smarter for me to concentrate on my own goings on and my own doings and quit worrying about what Obama is doing, it's just making me mad."

I probably would have struck Obama out and put politicians in but other then that I could not say it better myself. Focus on stashing some more long term stable food or truly storing what you eat and eating what you store. Maybe you want to start raising chickens or cutting and splitting your own firewood. Instead of stressing things you can't control work to make your own life more sustainable and independent.
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