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Monday, January 21, 2013

1 Long gun, 1 Pistol and 1 Knife

Saw this over at SHTF Blog and have been thinking about it ever since. We talked about our top 3 guns previously but the jump from 3 to 2 is a lot.

Pistol- Glock 19. A great compromise between conceal ability and capacity/ shootability. Also you just don't get any more common than a Glock 9mm. Though a Glock 17 would be fine also as the two aren't that different in size.

Long Gun- AR-15 with a CMMG .22 conversion kit. This is arguably gaming the question but since it is just a spare bolt and a magazine I don't think it is too ridiculous. I think arguing the technicality that the lower is the part and saying I would also have a 6.8 or 300 blackout upper would be gaming things. 

A narrow second place would be a Remington 870 with both long and short barrels. The Remington 870 is very versatile but the AR's ability to shoot .22lr gives a pretty good option to put meat into the pot. While you cannot LEGALLY hunt medium-large game with .223 I believe with decent shot placement and the right ammo it is a viable option.

Knife- I am sticking with knives as a discrete tool category and thus not slipping into machete's or hatchets or whatever. The knife would definitely be a fixed blade with a 4-5inch blade. The good old Ka Bar came into my mind but it is a bit too big for most tasks. Of knives I currently own the Pathfinder Trade Knife would be the best candidate. Of knives that are out there the new Benchmade Bushcrafter seems like a darn good candidate. I definitely want one and will eventually make the purchase.

Anyway those are my pistol, rifle and knife choices. What are yours?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays

As a blogger every now and then I have the idea for my next post fully formed and the thing practically written in my head when I see a post elsewhere that says exactly what I was going to say better than I could. This morning was sort of one of those days. SHTF Blog's post Prepper Burnout- Identify and combat it really struck a cord with me. 

I've been feeling sort of burned out recently. Since I got back last Friday it has been evident enough that people I talk to are noticing it during conversation. I got to really thinking about why this was last night. I laid there for about 3 hours just thinking.

A bit of it is just life. Work has recently (last 2-3 months or so) been busy, not particularly rewarding and more stressful than in the past. That is definitely a factor. I am pretty ready to take a break for the holidays.

I got to thinking that a lot of it however is what SHTF Blog keenly identified as Prepper Burnout. Right now our big push is to become debt free by paying off my school loan. We are putting an almost rediculous percentage of our income toward that goal. Things are working but it isn't fun. While we have decent reserves our general operating budget is tight. This is creating a lot of stress in our finances that would not otherwise exist. The payoff date is pretty darn close so it isn't really worth tweeking things. However if we had it to do over again a slightly less aggressive (about 10-15% less a month) repayment plan would have given us most of the benefit with a lot less stress.

Also not being colocated with a lot of my preps stresses me. Not so much in a worring about if things happen and I am not there sort of way as I am comfortable with our situation here. More that I got a lot of joy in seeing my stocks and watching stuff accumulate. It makes the work and effort I put into stuff worthwhile and also has a real calming effect on me. The work is still there but the calming effects are not.

It probably doesn't help that we are currently living through a preparedness scenario. Just because it isn't a fun, quick or sexy scenario doesn't make it any less real. Employment is bad, the economy is at best uncertain, crime is up, there is inflation in normal purchases and all kinds of other bad stuff. That you can't carry a rifle everywhere and there is still electricity doesn't mean real stuff isn't going down.

Anyway enough with the pitty party. The real question is what am I going to do about it. Today I started making a couple conscious efforts and made a bit of progress. The day sucked especially bad and my mood is, at least relatively speaking pretty good. The first thing I decided was to do at least a couple things in a day just because I enjoy them. Today I had a doughnut for breakfast on a work day. Also I had a little time with no TV/ computer or other noise just hanging out with Walker. That was nice and took my mind off things.

Really wanted to get back into the gym today but it just didn't work with my schedule. Tomorrow I think it will. Lifting once in a blue moon or a couple times in a row randomly won't do much for my body but I enjoy it and it gets those good endorphins going. Lastly I am just trying to enjoy the little things and force myself to be happier. Remember, fake it until you make it. Going home, seeing friends and family, shooting my own guns, repacking all my new awesome stuff and just plain taking a break will hopefully help a lot.

See you all tomorrow

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Crazies – A Movie Review from Survivalist Perspective

This is a guest post by Ranger Man of SHTF blog.
I’m not a big fan of television or movies, but when 2 different people that know me and my SHTF tendencies said, “you need to watch The Crazies” I paid attention and ordered it up. If you’re looking for a movie that will give you lots of TEOTWAWKI knowledge, The Crazies isn’t it. Approach the movie as SHTF entertainment and you probably won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Generally speaking, I’d put this movie on par with 28 Days and 28 Days Later both in plot and genre. Without giving away movie secrets, generally what happens is a military plane carrying some bio-chemical agent crashes in a town’s drinking water supply. The agent flows down stream and adds a new meaning to “there must be something in the water.” The unnamed agent essentially makes people … crazy – zombie-like crazy, where your only purpose in life is to kill others.

The friends that recommended the movie both told me “you watch it and think – that’s exactly how the military would respond.” They were right; you are left with that impression. The military cuts communication to/from the town, seals all roads out, and swoops down on the town, rounding up people and separating those with high temperatures to determine who might be infected, and tagging/segregating the rest. What starts as a systematic approach to containing the situation goes to hell when a few hillbillies ram the fence and start firing at military personnel, either because they’re infected or because they want to release loved ones. The crowd then bum rushes the fence and everything goes downhill. Let me say this, though – if this chemical agent was real, how the military responded to this incident is exactly how I’d want them to – take no shit, because otherwise the world would certainly end.

Movies like this are not typically something that rank high on my “must watch” list, because I don’t like the suspense/thriller/horror movie-induced heart racing feeling when you know something bad is about to happen, but you’re still going to jump anyway. I handled it better than my wife, though. When the movie ended she promptly proclaimed, “I get to pick the next movie, and it’s going to be a romantic comedy.”
There ARE a few SHTF bits of knowledge you can walk away with, though …. well, two:
1.      Police tire spike strips ( are pretty freaking cool when you need to get a vehicle stopped. Unlike in the movie, I doubt they send a high-speed vehicle flying in the air, however. If you had to secure the driveway to your home, a tire spike strip might help.
2.      Don’t walk the highway when killers are looking for people. Why do people do this in the movies all the time? I know why, because they’re easy to follow and provide a direct, fast path from point A to point B. The downside is everyone watches them.
Since watching the movie I’ve discussed it with a number of non-preparedness minded people and I often hear “that could really happen.” I wouldn’t go that far, but to the extent The Crazies might scare someone enough to take a few rational preparedness steps toward self-reliance, perhaps that’s the best way to use it from a SHTF perspective – convincing spouses to gear up!
-    Ranger Man the author of SHTF blog

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexico's Awesome Response To Swine Flu

Rangerman or whoever is writing SHTF blog these days did a good albeit disturbing post on Mexico's response to the Swine Flu epidemic. I feel bad for Mexico, they really aren't catching any breaks these days.

I wish we had the easy going land of Taco's, big hats and great drinks back. While they aren't and will never be a serious danger to our nation their problems can complicate our lives for sure.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Compilation of Mexico News

Apparently SHTF blog is posting this week. I love that site and wish they would get to and maintain regular posting. They put together a good post of different news articles and such about Mexico. For those with no time to read it the common denominator is that things there aren't going well.
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