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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Thoughts and Stuff From The Web

I think I'm going to sell my Kahr CW9 and S&W 642. Going to simplify to my trusty Glock 19 and a little .380 probably a Ruger LCP. Honestly I realized awhile back I made a mistake with the Kahr and didn't want to admit it to myself or take the modest 10% write off to make a fairly convenient sale. The Kahr, while a fine weapon, just isn't different enough from the G19 to truly be distinguishable. Have yet to see a situation where I could carry the Kahr but could not pack, albeit with some clothing selection, my G19. For the rare situations where a very high level of discretion is needed the CW9 won't cut it and the 642 is just a touch too big.

Part of this effort is intentionally selling off intermediate options to force myself to do the right thing and carry the Glock 19. Also I want to free up some cash for other things. My intent is to carry the G19 almost all the time and the LCP when I genuinely can't make the 9 work.

Recently I mentioned the FBI switching to 9mm. Surprisingly there was not a huge blow back from folks. Maybe they knew that arguing the actual points the FBI threw out in their letter was an uphill battle. Anyway today I was reminded of something valid to the topic. I'm going to link to a video of CSM (RET) Kyle Lamb killing what looks to me to be a pretty big hog with one shot from a 9mm.

This goes to prove a couple of points. 1) All reasonable CCW calibers are similarly (in)effective. 2) Shot placement is absolutely king. If you can knock out the ten ring all day long with a Walther PPK in .380 (1k American Eagle .380 ammmo for $385) but can barely clip the 7 ring with an almightly .45 acp one could legitimately argue you should pack the .380.

Incidentally Lucky Gunner has 1050 rounds of blazer brass cased 9mm for $225 and 1k of PMC X-Tac M855 for $369. Both of those are smoking good deals I wish I had the cash to pick up today. All pimping of my loyal advertisers aside right now, aside from rimfire, the ammo and gun situation is damn good.

You can read my thoughts on how much ammo to stock here. Seriously these times are good, minus rimfire, for ammo and guns. We do not now what is going to happen in terms of war, legislation or economics. Buy from Lucky Gunner my longtime advertiser (mention you came from my blog) or somebody else, I really don't care much. The point is that, within reason, you need to get the ammo to defend yourself now, while it is still widely available and reasonably affordable. In plainer language buy ammo like you were ordering drinks 5 minutes before last call at the bar, because that may be the situation.

On a more random note I stumbled into the top 10 bad assed Tony Soprano scenes on youtube.Good times.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nobody Gets to Tell You How to Make a Living

I found myself thinking of something Christopher said on the Soprano's. He was talking to a couple young guys (hoodlums really) and offered to cut them in on a hijacking. They said they were sort of working with another guy. Christopher said something to the effect of "Unless somebody is putting food on your table they have no right to tell you how to earn". [Obviously Christopher and I differ on some things as he was a professional criminal and showed no regard for the property or rights of other people. However the point is still sound.] I think that people have the right to earn a living as they see fit as long as they aren't hurting others. Buy, sell, trade or whatever.
Of course I have always followed every law to the letter. I pay taxes on every dollar I have ever made and also every barter transaction. It is just my nature.

However a friend of mine who is a bit less worried about these technicalities. This friend has worked under the table a lot. Sometimes for companies and many times for individuals who needed odd jobs done or a spare hand on a project. Often these were people he knew or folks who got his name via satisfied customers. This friend has started small businesses without licenses or permission slips. He may have forgotten to report any time he has been paid in cash. Often more of his income comes from various side jobs than legitimate over the table type work. The thing is that this friend of mine never really saw a reason why local government (or any government for that matter) or anybody else had a reason to say how he should be able to work.

This friend told me is that he realizes that there may be consequences for his actions. He does a lot of things to mitigate those consequences. He lives in an area where people tend to mind their own business. He is reasonably discrete, putting up signs advertising ones under the table business isn't advisable. Also he stays away from stuff that would require a lot of dedicated space like a shop or a bunch of equipment as that would be hard to keep low key. He saves extra because much of his work is under the table work and doesn't qualify for unemployment. He also avoids particularly dangerous jobs because he is not covered by workmens comp. At the end of the day, after he takes some reasonable steps which limit risk, he really doesn't care. He doesn't worry all that much about getting hung up with the IRS or somebody though he acknowledges that would be pretty bad.

The point, if I have a cohesive one, is to worry about what you can do that other folks are interested in buying or trading for instead of worrying about licenses and regulations and the like. Take reasonable steps to manage risk then stop worrying about it. If you have the sort of personality where you can't stop worrying about what could happen then maybe working 9-5 at the plant/ firm suits you better anyway.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Is Awesome

Medical marijuana growers join Teamsters Union.

There are so many hilarious ways this can go. Cheech and Chong meet Tony Soprano is the scenario I'm starting with.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quiet Saturday

It has been a pretty quiet day. Woke up at 9:30 which I have decided is a reasonable time for the weekends. Had some coffee then took Wifey to the store to get some chicken noodle soup mix because she is sick. Being me we got enough for probably 2 months. My motto is that if it is important enough to run to the store for (assuming it is shelf stable) it is important enough to get in quantity so you don't need to run back to the store.

Split the day between taking care of her, fiddling around on the net and watching season one of the Sopranos on DVD. She napped for most of the afternoon. I also started reading Patriots, well re reading it. This time I have the new bigger, longer and uncut version.

The roads have cleared up so we are planning to go down town for dinner. The 45 minute trip we had planned got pushed back but that doesn't mean we can't have a nice dinner.

After that I think we will watch a couple of DVD's we got from the library, they have to go back pretty soon and there isn't much on TV anyway. I will probably read a bit more. It is always interesting what you catch in a book the second time around. Between that and the new stuff slipped in I imagine reading Patriots again will be entertaining and probably useful. Could be a post on that later.

Tomorrow I had planned to change the oil in the car but getting under the car with the ramps sitting on snow drifts doesn't seem like a good move. I can still reorganize and stock the pantry which will be good. Boring but essential. Will hit the gym because I didn't get there today and then it is a new work week.

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just A Thought

I am watching Season 3 of the Sopranos, the Pine Barrens episode. If you are going to shoot at someone who is running then you need to stop, take a good stance and maybe lead them a little bit. Do not run after them and shoot wildly. Shooting at a moving target is not easy. Shooting at a moving target while you are also moving is just plain difficult.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Sportswomanship

This girl makes James Gandolfini look like a person who uses violence purportionately and for good reason. 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

James Gandolfini Will Punch You

James Gandolfini Assaults photographer from Guest of a Guest on Vimeo.

Maybe it is just that I have seen pretty much every episode of the Sopranos and a lot of repeats but I would not want to make James Gandolfini unhappy. If nothing else he is a pretty big guy and he will punch you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

quote of the day

"There is no mafia"
-Tony Soprano

And ignore the man behind the curtain.
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