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Saturday, October 31, 2015

REPOST Sort of Repost- Southern Prepper 1 Scenario Video and Ammo Discussion

I have posted this video before, twice if I recall. Anyway it brings up a very good point. Ammo matters a lot and it is prudent to consider A) stocking it deep and B) the opportunity for resupply in your chosen caliber during some sort of event.This is a point I like to occasionally revisit.

After watching this video I opened the safe and pulled  out my ammo and mag records. I am very pleased to say we are finally above my desired ratio of 5.56 ammo. 3,000 rounds per military pattern rifle is not a bad place to be. You can always use more ammo but I am happy with my 5.56 situation. I have spent a lot of money to get here but the blissful calm that came over me when I saw that the stash exceeded my desired ratio was worth it.

This video is, for me, a sort of gut check that I occasionally revisit. Buying the FAL sort of complicated my situation but then again I sold a 30-30 so it is a wash on logistics and a capability upgrade. This gut check sits well with my goals for the rest of the year which are (roughly in order):
An AR stripped lower receiver (more of a gun ban insurance thing than a SHTF thing)
10-20 more FN-FAL mags
Some more FAL spare parts. Specifically springs.
Another case of 5.56
A case of 7.62x51

maybe some Glock mags if I get to it.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Southern Prepper 1 on the DBAL IR Laser

Interesting video that meshes with my thoughts on the matter. Yes they are really expensive. That being said if you can swing it they offer an immeasurable advantage in hours of darkness. If you can afford such a setup it would be prudent to acquire one while they are still available.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quote of the Day and Fitness Reminder

"The most important thing you can do as a patriot in this country is get your butt in shape"
-David AKA SouthernPrepper1

People grossly underestimate the physical demands of combat and true 18th- 19th century living. No going to a cool guy class on a flat 25 meter range or having a few chickens and a small garden are not just about the same thing. Cutting your own wood with a chainsaw, hauling it in a truck then splitting it with a hydraulic splitter is not the same thing.

This serious mistake is compounded by the fact that fitness is a genuine slow cooker concept. Think of it like cooking with a crock pot. If dinner isn't in by 10 you aren't eating it at 6. It takes hours and there is no crank the oven up to 500 and cut off the burned parts option. Should you mess up and stick it into the oven at 2 dinner will be at 10pm. There is just no way around it.

Key to crock pots and physical fitness are patience. That chicken is going to take hours to go from frozen to wonderfully cooked. You didn't get into whatever condition you are currently in overnight and you won't get out of it overnight either. It's going to take between a couple months and a year or two depending on where you are and where you want to go with the variable of how much you are willing/ able to work in the middle. Obviously going from a morbidly obese couch potato to the fitness level of a collegiate athlete or JSOC Jedi will take a really like time. For a reasonably healthy person ditching a 20 pound spare tire, building up to running a decent 5k/ road marching a decent 10k and putting on some muscle might be more of a 4 month thing. 

The point is to get started now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Southern Prepper 1 Video and Tab Clearing

Hat Tip to Modern Survival Online for highlighting this excellent video by Southern Prepper1.

The points about working on your fitness, confirming zero's and testing weapons are excellent. Also the reminder about web gear/ chest rigs/ something to carry ammo, spare parts and such is very valid. Personally it reminded me that we need a couple of good schematic books and do not really have a solid dedicated rig for the AK. Sure I could slap something together from the various pouches that are lying around and worst case could use one of those com bloc 5 mag(?) pouches that were tossed into mag deals forever but but that is not idea. More stuff to add to the list I guess.

French soldiers are joining the fight against Islamic rebels in Mali

Dangerous Old Men. I would humbly submit that the last decade of war has produced a whole lot of dangerous young men. Many of whom are right minded and bought an AR on leave or shortly after getting out.

Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns by Charlie Daniels. Yes, that Charlie Daniels.

Saw this picture of Rick Perry on the drudge today and could not help but share it. It went up awhile back in conjunction with Texas allowing law abiding concealed weapons permit holders to carry on campus. While he came off as the stammering idiot of the group during the Republican Primaries, which says a lot; he actually seems legitimately pro gun which is cool.

Anyway I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

RE: Southern Prepper 1 Video Thoughts, What Would I Do..

I posted a video from Southern Prepper 1 a couple weeks back. It has been in the back of my head since then. The things I would do if I KNEW an economic collapse was coming in say 6 months are as follows in no particular order:

1) Secure 6 months of all medications we use.
2) Get a new bike for me (mine was stolen) and ensure the wife's is ready and functional. Stash extra tubes, tires and chains and such.
3) Sell the SUV we shipped from Germany and purchase a small commuter car. Depending on how bad things might get fuel may still be available but more expensive. A little car would let us do things that are not easily walkable at the lowest possible cost.
4) Stash lots of food.
5) Buy a better small solar setup.
6) Finish off a variety of loose ends. Just small stuff really.
7) Have more of my available liquid cash on hand than in the bank.
8) Have developed and refined a couple more systems for light and heavy (vehicle) bug outs.
9) Purchase a small (5X8 or 9ish) enclosed trailer.
10) Store some gasoline.
and one more for the bonus
11) Ensure we had the next 2 sized of clothes and shoes for the kid(s).

Of course I would also pull out everything we have in the bank and stocks and convert it into PM's or readily barter able stuff but that is kind of gaming the scenario. 

Anyway most of this stuff is what we should be doing anyway. Might not be a bad little list to work on.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Southern Prepper 1 Video And Thoughts.....

A pretty interesting video. It is prudent to look at your situation and do some thinking. The idea to decrease your expenses by paying down bills or eliminating services (like for example cable tv) is sound. Also being able to do stuff for yourself that will further decrease your expenses like planting more stuff you eat to cut grocery bills is good also. I think it bears repeating not to do anything crazy or create panic within your family. Just do some thinking and within reason consider taking some steps to improve where you are.

I have some thinking to do.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Video and Thoughts

I stumbled onto this youtube video from Southernprepper1 awhile back. Like all of his stuff it is well thought out and enjoyable.

My thoughts on ammo numbers where I am personally happy are already on the record. The question of pwhen to stop freaking out about a lack of  ammo is an interesting one. My favorite part of the video is how Southernprepper 1 focuses on keeping things in proportion with each other. Having no food and a bunch of ammo isn't smart, neither is the opposite. Having a ton of ammo and no emergency fund isn't smart either. You must have balance. Get some food, buy some .223 ammo, get some batteries/ cans of fuel, buy some food, pick up a spam can of 9mm ammo, buy some silver, get some hygiene stuff then buckshot and an ammo can, pick up more food then repeat.

Also I appreciate that Southernprepper 1 recommends being realistic about what kind of weapons you can afford. I do believe in digging deep for important stuff but you do have to be honest with yourself about your situation. Scraping up enough money to get an AK or an AR and only having 2-3 magazines and a hundred rounds is not a good place to be. If you will have money to get more mags, ammo, etc over time then go with it but if things will be tight for a long time get a gun you can afford to outfit with ancillary stuff (mags, sling, etc) and a decent amount of ammo. Sort of like kids you shouldn't have them if you can't afford to feed them.

I do sort of have an issue with the recommendation to base ammo numbers on a given amount of reloads. I think this leaves folks using guns that carry fewer bullets short. For comparison a Glock 19 holds 15 rounds in the magazine so 15 reloads (the number given in the video IIRC) would be 225 bullets while a little snubby .38 would only need 75 bullets. For a rifle with a 30 round mag in comparison to a 5 shot lever or bolt gun the difference would be 6 to 1! A person might argue that folks using guns that hold more bullets are likely to use more in contact (I think fire discipline is a software issue vs the hardware of guns and their capacities) however they will probably not use more rounds hunting, confirming zero's, practicing or whatnot.

Anyway I enjoyed the video and like Southernprepper 1's channel a lot in general. You should check it out.

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