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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Question of the Day

If you could receive one rifle and one pistol with their ancillary equipment (plenty of ammo, mags, etc all) for free today what would they be? The only condition would be that you can't sell them. Would they be practical or collector type items or a bit of both?

To answer my own question. I guess the uuber practical option would be an AR and a Glock 9mm but that would not be any fun.

The rifle would be a Springfield M1A (though an SR-25 would be tempting). An M1A is a very nice albeit expensive rifle and I want one because they are very nice. All the wonderful ergonomics of the M1 Garand but with detachable box magazines. Of course I would like some redundancy in rifle platforms I have and if a Steyre- Aug followed me home that would be cool. However an M1A is the only rifle I REALLY WANT. Assuming no draconian gun laws or the world ending I will get one in the next few years.

The pistol would be a Walther P-38/ P-1. While the rifle was practical (if not logistically for me) this one is pretty collectorish. Of course as Clint Smith noted a thug would not know the difference between a Walther P-38 and a Glock in a hallway, but they are an old design and don't hold a lot of bullets. In any case they are cool and I would like to have one. Since I don't care about collector value (pristine condition, rare model, etc) it will not be that expensive but we will just see. Hopefully I will get one at some point.

Lastly are they guns you plan to actually buy?

Friday, January 22, 2010

This Amuses Me

Warning: This video has lots of curse words so if that offends you do not watch it. However it is totally hilarious and sums up the whole Bushmaster ACR debacle almost perfectly so many of you will enjoy it. Personally I will stick with the AR platform though if my finances are decent over a long enough time line I will get a Steyre- Aug also for no more reason than that I really want one.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip To The Gunshop

At the local Gunshop they were nice enough to find me some boxes to send the long guns in. Of course I looked around some. Checked the price of shotguns just for the sake of curiosity. Saw a couple of tricked out 870's at recockulous prices, I think $800 and $1100ish. Nothing super fancy it didn't seem like; ghost ring sites and buttstocks with pistol grips seemed to be it. Unless they somehow made it so a Glock 9mm is hiding in the buttstock I am not impressed. Guess that addage about fools and their money is still true.

Checked the prices on assorted evil rifles and saw something which strongly resembled a Steyre Aug. Of course I had to take a closer look and handle it. Was so little and compact, totally optics ready. Aside from being on the wish list if I ever need to put a rifle in a backpack this would be a good one to have. With a price a bit over $2,200 it is certainly on the long list. An M1a, 10 mags and a couple hundred rounds of ammo would be purchased first in any case, got to have priorities. Some of us like nice cars or boats or jewelry. I like guns.

On a side note it seems mag prices have gone back down a few bucks which is cool. Who knows how long that one will last. Going to pick up some more mags on pay day.

The bad part of this trip to the gun shop is that I didn't get anything cool. The good part is that it cost me nothing and I got to fiddle with a real cool gun.
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