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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wandering man with Alzheimer's shot, killed in Walker County

Tam brings us this sad story full of lessons. Point by point.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, cop or self identified expert. The purpose of this blog as well as the post you are reading is to give you some things to think about while being entertaining. You are an adult and thus responsible for your own actions. Understand your local laws and consult experts as needed to get quality advice don't just run with the ideas of some yahoo on the internet. 

1- Low/ no light situations. For whatever reason self defense situations happen predominantly in no/ low light situations. Knowing this we need to be prepared to fight at night. In all but the most permissive environments you legally and ethically must identify a target before firing. Heck, taking a step back you need to see a person to know if they are actually a threat. The Goblin with a butcher knife in your imagination could turn out to be an elderly man carrying somebody's mail. The only way to know for sure is to see the person.

Obviously the way to see in the dark is some sort of light. I like weapon mounted lights for shooting. It is impolite and dangerous to go around pointing guns all over the place so I like handheld lights for looking around. Tactics could vary here and honestly I'm more concerned that you have a darn light then exactly what type of light it is. You don't have to break the bank to get a 3,000 lumen surefire made of adimantium a $5 plastic hardware store flashlight beats no light at all.

Some folks have talked about weapon mounted lights (and lights in general) saying you are identifying yourself so it is poor tactics. These folks fail to realize 2 key things. First you can have a light and not use it if the situation dictates; that being said if you do not have a light and the situation dictates using one you're SOL. Second as discussed previously in all but the most kinetic environment outside of a population center you need to identify targets before shooting. If I light somebody up and they are c

The endstate is that if you have a gun in the dark for self defense you should have a way to see what you might be shooting at. I strongly suspect the vast majority of self defense shooting tragedies are caused by failure to use a white light to identify a target before firing.

2- Staying Inside. Tam's advice to stay the heck inside and let the cops deal with the crazy guy in the yard is sound. A persons legal footing for self defense is a lot better if the recipient of the lead has forced their way into said person's home. You don't hear too often about people getting into trouble for shooting the guy who broke into their house.

Personally I am inclined to go investigate the weird noise outside myself. The reason for this is that almost all the time it is the neighbors cat or a tree branch or the wind blowing stuff over. If I called the coppers every time that happened I'd have to deal with them a lot and it would turn into a boy who cried wolf situation. Potentially like the scenario that spurred this discussion I could end up in a confrontation outside of my home. The big difference would be I'd have 2 tools to decide if there was a threat and thus whether my heater was needed. In any case I am going to give that plan some thought. It might not be the best course of action.

3- Sort of like Tam said it is good to think about these things now so we have answers in our heads at 3am when awoken by a weird noise. If I KNEW somebody was outside in the yard or whatever doing something crazy I would not go out there. I would arm myself (if I hadn't already) then wait for the cops to deal with it.

4- It would be hard in my mind to justify shooting somebody I didn't KNOW was a legitimate threat. Not "they kept walking towards me" but "they kept walking towards me with a butcher knife in the universal stabbing position" type thing. Even if you can legally justify shooting somebody you will have to live with yourself. This means blasting a mental patient or whatever is not the best course of action. Avoiding the confrontation (do you see a theme here?) is the way to go. I don't worry excessively about the 'they kept advancing but were not clearly a lethal threat' scenario. Though it does bear consideration so maybe some sort of less lethal implement like a big can of mace or a baton would be handy there.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

War Belt Continued: Safariland 6285 Purchased, Pouches Adjusted

Have been on the fence about holsters for awhile.  While a lot of smart folks use them I do not really want to use a drop holster for this setup. A large part of the benefit of the war belt in my mind is that I can toss it on, clip one clip and have a ready to go load out. A drop holster doesn't fit too well into that concept for me.

After a lot of thinking and looking at other peoples setups I finally pulled the trigger on a Safariland 6285 which is a 1.5in drop duty holster with their SLS retention system. The gun going in it will be a Glock 9mm with a Streamlight TLR-1 which is my dedicated home defense as well as go to war gun. When it shows up I will get to fiddling, practicing then talk more about it.

I got back to fiddling with my war belt today. What I did was to move the stuff to be more compact towards the front. The frag pouch moved off the MOLLE to the duty belt (was zip tied to the Taco by it) which let me shift the taco's and med pouch all up one row. On the other side my water bottle pouch moved a row closer to the pistol which eliminated some dead space.

Those moves let me put 2 pouches on the back sort of like Max Velocity's war belt setup. After getting past a touch of jealousy that Max has FLIR while I do not his setup is sound so it bears a lot of consideration on my planning.

So the updated setup on my belt is as follows. From left to right:
-Frag pouch to hold compass
-2x double (rifle/pistol) taco's
-IFAK in double mag pouch

Added today were 2x pouches onto the back in what was empty space. One pouch will probably be for sustainment in the form of 2k or so various bars, candy n snacks. The other could be plug and play depending on my needs or small admin stuff and my NOD.

-.75qt water bottle. Swapped out the 1 quart since I prefer it for everyday use. Need to order another one.
-Glock 9mm in holster. Apparently none of my holsters would fit the belt and I can't find any of the 2-3 kydex Glock holsters I own. Zip tied an el cheapo fits anything Uncle Mikes on there for right now just to test it out. The location is pretty good and the load balances well.
-Ontario Rat 3 knife ghetto rigged on with zip ties.

So far I'm pretty happy with this setup. It works well with an ALICE Ruck which was quite important to me. Also the thin suspenders under a plate carrier worked quite well. No issues getting to anything which was nice.

When the new holster comes I am going to shuffle things around again. Wouldn't mind being able to carry 2-3 more mags if I could fit them. Freeing up 2 rows of webbing would let me put another mag pouch on which would be nice. That would give this setup a lot of capability as a stand alone rig. Since the belt needs to be pretty low to clear the pack it basically needs suspenders anyway so I might as well have some more mags.

[I was thinking on this then decided to pull my setup out to take a look at it. I think freeing up 2 more rows to get more mags on there is doable. Won't know for sure till I have the holster on but so far it looks promising.] 

Thinking about how I am going to set up my plate carried I might just mount some mag pouches on there, slap on a camelback and call it good. Will have to play with the MOLLE II chest rig to see how it works with the war belt. I do like the idea of that level of modularity if stuff isn't rubbing all into each other.

So that's where things stand today.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pic Post: Soft Body Armor and Streamlight TLR-1

Earlier this week I posted a Colt ACE II .22 Conversion Kit for sale. A fellow asked about trading then after some back and forth a set of soft body armor and a Streamlight TLR-1 were headed my way. Today they showed up.
Body armor taken apart and Streamlight TLR-1

The light is used but in very good condition.

Body armor put together and TLR-1 Streamlight on my EDC Glock 19.  I am pretty darn happy with this trade. The Streamlight TLR-1 was on my short list so that was cool. Not sure what I am going to do with it right now. Either it will sit around until I am running a dedicated house gun or I will pick up a concealment holster (the Raven one looks like the way to go) and give it a shot on the current EDC/ do everything Glock 19.  I wasn't necessarily in the market for a set of soft body armor but  it was on the long list and is something that's pretty handy to have around. Tomorrow morning or Monday the Colt ACE will go off to it's new owner. Both of us are happy about the deal which is how trades should be. Also I started talking to a reader who is a pretty solid dude so that is an added benefit.

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