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Friday, September 5, 2014

American Mercenary on His Survival Firearms

Our friend American Mercenary started talking about his Survival Firearms. He did a series of posts. Since I would probably comment on every one anyway and cannot think of anything to write today I'll talk about his posts. By tomorrow I hope to have some developments or motivation to do a more unique post.

The Siaga .308 is probably a lot like a Druganov in terms of reliability and accuracy. The Ruskies put out a lot more SDM's [squad designated marksmen AKA not quite a sniper but a better rifle with some more training though the Ruskies called em a sniper.] a lot earlier than we did. A very realistic 'several hundred meter minute of man' rifle. Don't know the spare parts situation but honestly semi auto .308's are relatively rare anyway so unless you stash em I wouldn't expect to find em.

 As to Pistols our friend is rocking a 1911, a Beretta M9 and a .22 cal 1911 clone. All 3 are fine weapons. The only hole I see here is the lack of an easy to conceal pistola. The kind of thing you could carry every day if inclined or realistically conceal during a bad scenario to go to the market for milk and bread.

His ARs are A2 style with HBAR barrels. I am neutral about that AR variant. Wouldn't mind one but in my mind by the time you really need to go to that trouble it is pushing the top end of the 5.56 cartridges capabilities (against people, paper targets are another issue). My AR is more of an arguably improved M4 but at the end of the day both rifles are quite useful. Mine is better for going in and out of vehicles and structures but if I was in a wide open prairie or set up on a hill his would be better. However at the end of the day the real difference between the two rifles capabilities is probably not all that huge. My thoughts are to build the AR that makes sense for you and accept it's limitations.

His Shotgun is a Norico Ithica Model 37 knock off. The Ithica Model 37 is a tried and true design and generally NORICO makes serviceable guns. The concept of use that is a duality of home defense gun and game gathering sort of hits at the utility of the pump shotgun. My only concern here is about spare parts. With say a Rem 870 or Moss 500 you stand a reasonable chance of digging up a spare extractor (and paying dearly for it, stock spare parts now!) from someones tool box of a broken gun. However the odds of finding parts for a Norico clone anywhere without a fully functional society (internet, postal service, credit cards, etc) is about nil.

Anyway those are my thoughts on American Mercenaries survival firearms. Comments are open as always.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wilderness Walk Out Guns

I saw this video from Iraqvet888 then thought about it off and on all day.The basic scenario is that you find yourself stuck in the woods somewhere then have to walk out. I believe they mentioned Alaska but I would keep it more generic.

For parameters to me the "walk" portion means you are limited to 1 long gun and 1 pistol.

Long gun- My immediate thought was between a .22 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun. After a few minute's of consideration the shotgun won hands down. A 12 gauge shotgun with a variety of shells can take anything from little squirrels to (obviously at fairly close range) the biggest bears. I'm not worried about taking tiny game (let alone a right fight with people) past 40-50 meters so I'd rather have the versatility of the shotgun. Also since this is a limited time scenario (vs batman in the boondocks) the weight of shotgun ammo is not a huge issue.

A pump shotgun is ample for self defense against animals and people in anything but a crazy SHTF situation.

I would take a Remington 870 with a 28" barrel and a mix of shotgun shells all the way from #6 shot to slugs. Another pump shotgun like a Mossberg would be fine also.

Pistol- If I was gaming the scenario for the ultimate wilderness survival handgun it would be a .22 of some sort. This would be to save shotgun ammo by taking closer, easier shots on smaller game with the pistol. A .22 mag revolver of some sort would probably be ideal, given that ammo is limited to what I'm carrying anyway might as well have the extra power over the more common .22lr.

That being said realistically if I was getting stuck in an accident or whatever I would be carrying a centerfire pistol for defensive purposes, probably a .357 mag revolver so that is what I would have on my waist by default. If I move to Alaska I'll buy a .44 magnum revolver so I would be carrying that.

What are your ideal wilderness walkout guns? Do you actually take them to the woods with you?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Link Dump

Why Won't The Single Shot Shotgun Die? Probably millions in circulation, affordably priced, generally quite reliable, can take sub caliber insert/ adapters to fire a variety of calibers including .22lr. That these guns hold a single shot and have a slow rate of fire is certainly a limitation but for use other than defense a negligible one. I'm in the market for a break action single shot 12 gauge myself.

Free online topographic maps

Off no longer means off when it comes to cell phones. If you don't want to be vulnerable to cell phone shenannigans either physically take the battery out of the phone or leave it elsewhere.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 Guns For ....

Some folks have talked about a 3 gun scenario and due to boredom I feel like chiming in.

My thoughts on a basic battery (rifle, shotgun, pistol, .22) are on the record being an AR, Remington 870, Glock 9mm and Ruger 10/22. I talked about my families survival guns awhile back. Those are my Glock 19 and AR, Ruger 10/22 and Remington 870 and Wifey's .38 and if we can fit it in a 30'06. I have thought about this one for awhile and 3 guns is a lot less than ideal. While it is worth noting that the 3 gun scenarios folks have talked about are for an individual so I will go that route. For a family I would be pretty unhappy with anything but a basic battery. A basic battery would let a viable defensive long gun be at home and with the person going out with a pistol somewhere in the mix so it has some options.

My first two guns in almost any conceivable scenario are an AR, pretty happy with Project AR but any good functional rifle works and a Glock 19. The third gun is the rub. I have a hard time going generic here so it has to be somewhat scenario specific.

If I really cared about legally hunting (within this contrived scenario) the rifle would need to be something that is legal to hunt with. This is a great case for a semi auto .308 like a PTR-91 or an FN-FAL.

For an economic collapse or long term survivalist scenario I would have the 3rd gun be a Remington 870. This gives me the ability to take a wide variety of game and to use one of the most common types of ammunition out there. Since a .22 conversion bolt will let me shoot .22LR out of the AR (almost cheating but since it is just a $200 bolt and magazine that can fit in a mag pouch it isn't too bad IMO) I have a lot of options. In general for anything except a very military context this is the way I would go.

If I was in some sort of a Red Dawn scenario the third gun would be a .30 caliber scoped 'precision' rifle. The .22 conversion kit and AR could keep me fed if I was scavenging. The AR is good for just about everything with the Glock 9 as a backup. In a military context the only other gun (aside from multiples stashed away) that would buy me something is a rifle that could be used from a really long distance.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. If somehow you were stuck with just 3 guns what would they be?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Top 5 Survival Guns

Normally this is TOR's area, but I thought I would expand a bit. So here, in no particular order, is my Top 5 Survival Guns

Remington Model 870- This is your standard "boom-clack," able to be configured into basically whatever you could want, and lasts forever (Rudy Etchen put 4 million rounds through his 870 with just some minor parts replacement to keep it going). It basically doesn't get better than that. And, as is true with all shotguns, there is basically nothing it can't do.

Ruger 10/22- This is basically the king of the .22. It is the most versatile .22 I have found; if there is something that a .22 can do, the 10/22 can do it better then most. Ammo is just about as cheap as it gets, making stocking up also cheap.

Lee-Enfield- Personally I just love this gun. Its a nail-driver, and has the sweetest bolt I have ever felt. There is a big down side, called the British .303, but this gun gets me hard just thinking about it. I might be biased, but I love this damn gun.

Glock- I didn't list a specific caliber, because, well, I didn't want to turn this into a .45 v. 9mm debate. Glocks are great guns. They are basically invincible. Enough said.

AK 47- There is a reason this is the most popular weapon in the world. Designed to be buried in a rice field for 50 years, dug up, and able to kill the invaders, this piece of stamped metal is a epic weapon (as long as you are within 50m of what you are trying to kill). There is a reason it is on everyone's list. Cheap ammo is a plus.

I know there is nothing new here, but I thought it would be fun to write it down... And it was!
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