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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kyle Lamb talks Concealed Carry

CSM (ret) Lamb has mentioned his preference for a sub compact double stack auto's in appendix carry in the past. The other options he mentions are good too. Pretty much a 4 minute knowledge bomb.

Incidentally Paul Howe carries a G26 appendix. John Mosby packs a Glock 9mm of some flavor appendix also. It is interesting to see commonalities in the equipment set up's of really experienced people.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rail Discussion Continued

Well I did a bit more research into the rail issue. Turns out the Troy rail I was looking at is not in production yet. The folks at Troy were real good about responding promptly and giving me good information. It will be available in 'mid summer'. So that is a viable option. However I got to thinking.

Got to looking at replacing the gas block and putting on a real rail. The issue now is that I have a full gas block/ front sight post and a pinned// welded muzzle device. The only way's to replace the gas block are to cut it off and put on a 2 piece gas block or cut off the muzzle device. Since it's a Battle Comp cutting is a no go. Honestly I messed up and should have done this to begin with. So that leaves the Gas Block. Did some research and it looks like cutting off the front sight portion to essentially make your own low profile gas block is not too difficult and is done pretty often. Honestly the worst case is I end up cutting off the gas block and replace it with a 2 piece which was  the better of the initial options anyway. Going to sleep on it but plan to do that and put a standard VTAC rail on it. The only question is 11' or 13".

Cost will be cheaper if I get a basic front BUIS (which I do not plan to do) about the same if I go with a fixed troy front sight with trijicon or $40 more of I get a folding one with Trijicon. I definitely made a mistake and should have done this earlier, it's the setup I want. The mistake based on my ignorance about this stuff will probably cost me $100 or so, not the end of the world.

Anyway I'll sleep on it then baring new information pull the trigger on the order pretty soon.


Monday, November 12, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a pretty solid week here. Exercise was solidly on pace with 3 runs, 2 lifts and 1 body weight/  lame Army PT session before getting sick. I fiddled with some gear which was good. Did some dry fire drills which are always a positive thing. Did some testing of the solar charger which turned out pretty good. Oh yeah and I purchased 2 BBQ sized propane bottles.

Between getting sick and recovering we pretty much lost the whole weekend which kinda hurt some efforts. However we are pretty much back to normal so that is good.

In terms of material stuff it was a great week. Ordered a year's worth (x1 pax or 4 mos x3) of grains and lentils, 40 pounds of rice and sugar as well as some oatmeal. Project AR Upgrade got some love too with a VTAC Surefire light and mount combo and a VTAC sling to go along with it.

Survivalist Charlie got me now I'm broke so next weeks plans include the usual dry fire and PT (3 lifts, 3 runs, 2 rucks and at least 2 APFT oriented body weight sessions) as well as a contest brought to you by our new but good friends at Camping Survival. If things work out I will look over our kits again and go through the 'go food' as well as testing out some cooking options. We *should* have the right connectors to run our Coleman propane stuff off the big BBQ bottles from the stuff we got from the in laws but well that is why we test things. Also I am still fiddling with the Sun Oven and Solo Stove.

Some good stuff if I do say coming up  so myself. What did you do to prepare this week?

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