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Monday, March 9, 2015

My Go To 3 Guns For The Walking Dead

Want to do something fun today. The Walking Dead is back on. They are in the almost boringly predictable scenario of a safe situation that is just a little too good to be true with hints of how it could go bad. Also Rick shaved his beard and has taken a practical, if not very humanistic, stance on looking after his group or just maybe is losing his shit. Time will tell. Anyway I've been thinking about what my top 3 guns for the Zombie Apocalypse a la Walking Dead would be.

AK-47 with fixed wood stock. Don't especially care what model though a good one would be nice and a chrome lined barrel would be good too. I do not want to get deep into the AK vs AR discussion. They both have a lot to offer and some marginal up sides over each other. The things that really put the AK above the AR, for this very specific scenario, is that it's capacity to use as a bludgeon to kill those darn Zombies is much better than the AR. Yes you  can butt stroke someone with an AR but you could bash in Walker skulls all day long with an AK with a fixed wood stock! Also they are more durable and physically rugged than AR's, if by a small margin, and close to comparable in terms of the amount of mags n ammo floating around to scavenge.

Glock 19/17 with threaded barrel and silencer. Mod's don't really matter but if I had the options it would have supressor sized  night sights, a stainless steel guide rod and a 3.5lb trigger connector. I would choose the Glock because they are super durable and probably the most common caliber/ platform out there.

Bolt action rifle with iron sights and a good scope in a flat shooting caliber. Due to commonality .308 would probably be the way I would go and one of the new Savage rifles like their Hog Hunter or Scout would be great but any old common bolt gun in .308/ '06 is just fine too. The goal of this would be reaching out and touching someone at 200+ yards with a fair element of precision.

The caveat to this is if I was able to really use one a bow (non compound variety) that would be a great option. One of those plain fiberglass 40ish pound recurve bows you see at garage sales all the time.

Busse TGLB sage with tan micarta grips. All the coolness of Daryl Dixon but with an easier to maintain finish

What are your walking dead guns?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Headshots with Walking Dead Weapons: Featuring Jerry Miculek

Pretty cool little video. That being said I have two reservations. First you will note that while the shooter was moving the targets were stationary. When BOTH THE SHOOTER AND THE TARGET are moving the difficulty level is significantly compounded.

Second saying 'Well Jerry Miculek can make that shot" is kind of like saying "Well Alton Brown could salvage this meal" or "Kate Upton can pull off that outfit". The kind of things these top tier professionals do are not able to be consistently replicated by normal practicing enthusiasts, let alone laymen.

That being said we can certainly just enjoy the cool video.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Walking Dead Midseason Trailer

The second half of the season should be good Zombie slaying fun for sure. I wish these folks would figure out the concept of caches and rally points but what can ya do. That would make the almost inevitable time when a position becomes untenable a whole lot less painful.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking Dead and Random Thoughts

Life is busy these days. Also for the first time in awhile I have a commute. This means going home after PT before work or for lunch is not practical. So basically I leave home at 0530 and get home at 1830 (6:30pm) which makes for long days.

Somebody asked about The Crunch in a comment recently.  I'm working on it. Had a setback but am almost back to the same place page wise. Honestly it's a lot better than the first version of those chapters which is good. Currently writing chapter 7. I think the first book will end somewhere between chapters 12-18 depending on how things crack out. Haven't got close enough to worry too much about it yet. Realistically at a chapter a week I'll have something ready to go to kindle press in the December-January time frame.

In hindsight I probably overestimated my ability to get a book done based on my school lackadaisical work schedule and the family being at home; the combination of which left me with a lot of time to write.

Watched the first episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead. With some new blood and additional firepower the group has got a lot more survivability. This is good as I am pretty bored of Rick putting the last 1-2 rounds of ammo into his sweet 6" stainless Colt Python for the 40th time.

While watching The Walking Dead it occurred to me first that I wished I had a big awesome zombie killing knife and shortly thereafter that I do in fact own one. It's a pretty awesome blade I'm happy to own. Cutting wood, slicing up meat or maybe chopping into Zombie heads, that knife is awesome.

Max has an interesting discussion going on about Battle Belt concept of use and setup over at his place.

Anyway I am bored of writing so it's time to wrap this up. Hope you all have a great tomorrow.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Funny Video, Tab Clearing and Random Stuff

I saw this video today. It was quite amusing. You can probably guess who it pokes fun at. I'm ambivalent about that piece but it's still quite funny. I fought tigers.

Undeniable proof that The Walking Dead and Toy Story have the exact same plot.

Vigilante's seize town in Mexico.

How to make Pemmican.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pic Post

I save good pictures onto the desktop until I find a use for them. Every so often it gets overcrowded and I do one of these posts then drag them all to the pic file. Warning, some mild profanity.

Yeah I know the picture of the gun is not a Glock. Still a good one though.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Walking Dead: Say The Word

Alternate title: 

The Governor's zombie daughter (?) is really sad but also really creepy. I think a whole lot of evil deeds are letting that town have it's pretty little facade of normalcy.

Lori's apparant death makes it clear the kid is going to need formula. It turns out they had been looking for some already though not quite with the same urgency. Daryl and Maggie go for a run to try and find some.

Rick does not appear to have taken Lori's (apparant) death very well. Things have been tough for everybody but killing your best friend who was with your wife would be a hard one to deal with. He runs into a cell block and starts going to town melee style on a bunch of zombies.

Michonne sneaking around the Governor's place and reacquiring her sword probably means that something is going to come to a head. I am not sure why they have a bunch of caged zombies (experiments maybe or family members?) but Michonne lets them go then promptly kills them. Somebody coming to feed them sees what happened. Something will definitely come of this.

Michonne really doesn't want the Governor to like her. I know she feels an obligation to Andrea but she needs to play nice or go elsewhere whilst she still has the legs to carry her. Andrea seems to like it there and might have a touch of a thing brewing with the Governor.

Rick is not doing so well. She was his wife and all but the above illustration that compares Lori and a Broomstick is pretty telling.

I am not quite sure why the Governor's folks are collecting zombies. Must be some sort of experimentation. That they are taking the teeth out of some makes sense but killing others at random doesn't. I dunno what that is about.

Most everybody seems to be carrying a pistol and a medium to large sheath knife all the time. The RAT 3 on my belt now would get switched out for a Kabar for sure. I would probably also keep a rifle and a more substantial zombie killing tool like a spear or a sword very handy if not on my person.

Daryl and Maggie seem to have found some bottles and formula which is a good thing.

It looks like Andrea and Michonne can't seem to get to a consensus. Michonne leaving and Andrea staying was probably inevitable. Being able to stomach some unpleasantness and lack of freedom for safety is a personal decision without a clear cut right answer.

For heavens sake I hope they don't leave the wandering maybe psychotic kid Carl to raise this child.

Crazy redneck Daryl being all nurturing to the kid is kinda nice. Shows he is in fact human.

I love the bonfire with Lynyrd Skynyrd playing though the guys fighting surrounded by Zombies thing escapes me. Andrea might be thinking she made the wrong choice.

Well this episode was fairly quiet but it is hard to top the last one unless their goal is to end the show by attrition killing everybody off. The teaser for the next one makes it seem pretty interesting.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Continuing our series on The Walking Dead.

The guy busting the chain securing the fence and baiting a bunch of Walkers into their little prison hidey hole is not boding well for this awkward roomie thing. I can't see myself accepting that sort of situation; one way or another somebody would have to go.

Rick's crew are getting settled into the prison which makes sense. One should strive to continually improve their situation in terms of security and comfort whenever possible. Seeing the prisoners out and about and potentially baiting them into a trap is not an indicator for good things to come. The group's discussion of what to do with these people is interesting. 

On the bright side Rick's crew learned from their experiences at the farm and are staging their vehicles and presumably supplies to leave in a hurry if need be. Still as Commander Zero noted the group would really benefit from a system of caches. Even a little bit of food, some clothes, blankets and tools plus weapons if they could let them survive in a less unpleasant fashion if they have to e and e to get away from a Zombie horde.

The open gate turned out to be really ugly. The crew have a whole lot of perimeter to man and not a lot of folks to do it. This is a good reminder that an obstacle will only serve to delay enemies and only really do that well if covered by folks with guns.

T Dog getting bit is bad. Not just rather obviously for him but for the group. They are losing a strong healthy guy which are in short supply these days. Hopefully everybody else makes it but still bad.

The Governor hitting golf balls from that barrier reminds me of guy's driving balls off HESCO walls into the desert in Afghanistan.

Those sirens going off at the prison point to somebody with inside knowledge AKA one of the prisoners setting this up. To top off all of the awesomeness that is going on at the prison Lori seems to be giving birth.

It turns out that the guy Rick left for dead in the prison yard full of zombies didn't actually die. Seriously if movies and TV have taught you nothing do not ever leave somebody to die and assume they are dead. Take the time and put a bullet in their head, slit their throat, bash their skull in with a rock or otherwise make absolutely sure they are dead. The other prisoner saving Rick's life then handing over that big shiny Colt should earn some serious good will from the group. Taking in new people, especially convict's is iffy but they are running pretty short on healthy folks who can work and fight.

The C Section without anestesia on a prison floor during the Zombie Apocalypse was pretty graphic and a bit much for my pregnant wife.

Offing 3 main characters (T Dog, Carol and Lori if I saw it right) in a single episode was pretty nuts. It made SOA killing off Opie out of the blue seem minor in comparison. That is a lot of holes to fill and people will step up to fill roles and relationships will adjust to the new situation.

Anyway I've got to get moving towards bed.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

 Alternate Title: Unless You're Hershel whose leg got nommed by a Zombie then chopped off with a hatchet.

Last week we did a sort of free form Walking Dead post. I plan to do it again today. Really this isn't a blow by blow recap parse it's just random thoughts that pop into my head while watching the show. Of course there will be significant spoilers so if you care about that then watch the episode first.

It is worth noting that this new (tentative) feature's inspiration comes from Alexander Wolfe of TEOTWAWKI Blog. He's been doing a Walking Dead feature for awhile and reading those posts lead to me giving it a shot.

Anyway it's time for the episode to start:

From the recap it seems Merle may reappear.

The helicopter pilot calling Mayday when they crash seems to imply somebody is listening that might be able to help. Maybe there is still some element of the military or government that are relatively intact.

Andrea does not seem to be doing well. Not sure what she is sick with but it seems to be lingering.

Some folks show up to the crash. I believe this is the first introduction of the Governor and his people. They seem like a well equipped and efficient bunch. Their use of bows and bat's in manageable situations while covered by firearms is very solid. Also their apparent SOP of  carrying a knife strong side and a pistol cross draw on the weak side seems to be representative of the order they are to be used in.

Unless I am mistaken the voice of Merle Dixon greets us. A second later we see our tough guy kinda psycho old acquaintance in the flesh. His bayonet hand is pretty neat for zombie killing. This should be fun.

Maybe sawing your hand off after being left for dead does something to put things into perspective. Meryl seems to either have come to terms with things or has an endgame. "Show of hands" is a good ironic phrase for a one handed dude.

The Governor's town of Woodburry seems like a nice place to ride out the end of the world. Then again we don't know much about the management setup except Merle is a key figure which is almost surely bad. Also holding onto their weapons (while in and of itself prudent) isn't a good sign for their benevolence.

 The breakfast discussion between Andrea, Michonne and the Governor was definitely interesting. The Governor and his guys ambushing the rest of the GI's from the group that had the chopper go down says a lot about who they are. It is now pretty obvious how they are so well armed and supplied. Not sure what their deal is (maybe they don't want other strong groups around but will accept individuals, maybe it's a crazy religious apocalypse thing or who knows) but this crew is definitely playing for keeps.

Next week it looks like Rick's group and the prisoners might come to a head and the situation with the Governor and our heroine's will continue to develop. 

Anyway I hope you all have a great Monday morning.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking Dead: Zombie Prison Fun

Warning Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen last weeks episode and this weeks one I recommend not reading further.

For whatever reason I didn't end up talking about last weeks episode. Things started off with the crew hitting a house to scavenge. Clearly they have gained some experience and developed some SOP's. Things between Lori and Rick are not going so well. They could probably use a counselor or something. Also they seem better armed probably with a couple more pistols and a new under folder AK. They got to the prison and started clearing it out. Things were going well until Hershel got bit in the lower leg by a Walker. They were in the midst of amputating his leg with a hatchet when the camera flashed to a group of decisively not Zombie prisoners. Taking the one guy with serious medical skills out to go Zombie killing was probably a mistake but hindsight is 20/20.

Today I am going to write free form whatever thoughts come to my mind while watching the show.

Onto the new episode. The standoff between the prisoners and Rick's group ended quickly when they took Hershel and left. Rick's crew have more guns (but are not doing to great on ammo) but the other group are all healthy youngish men and have been at the prison for awhile. This could get interesting.

 Rick's group catching the prisoners up on the last several months was pretty interesting. Also it was a very good ruse to get them out of the cell block where the rest of their group was.

The negotiations between the two groups were interesting. As always negotiating from a position of strength was beneficial. The decision was made that they would split the remaining food and Rick's group would help the prisoners clear out their own cell block.

I am not sure how the two groups coexisting will go. In a Zombie Apocalypse more people, especially healthy men is better. On the other hand you have got to be able to trust the folks you are sharing a foxhole with. There is a nasty part of me that says it would be better to fight on my own terms than risk a fight when the odds are less in my favor.

Carl went off alone and found the infirmary to get supplies for Hershel and the upcoming child birth.  He boasted about killing two walkers. Is anybody ever going to watch that kid? The answer seems to be no.

One of the prisoners gets scratched by a Walker. In the midst of the debate on what to do their groups leader kills him. It is a plus that he realizes the seriousness of the situation but he may be trouble. On the bright side for Rick's group he seems to have gone through 3 of the presumably 5 rounds in that little S&W snubby. A couple minutes later he tries to kill Rick who gets saved by Daryl. Rick then puts a machete into the dudes head. Seems that he will no longer be a problem. Rick then chased one of the prisoners into the not cleared cell block and ended up locking him in a courtyard full of Walkers to, judging by the screams, be eaten. Unfortunate as it was the whole Shane thing seems to have hardened Rick's heart which probably isn't a bad thing.

The remaining two prisoners were put into their cell block as agreed upon. One of them is either a really good actor or an easy going guy and the other could be a problem. This relationship between the two groups probably isn't going to end well.

Carol seems to be coming into her own and her relationship with Daryl may be about to turn a corner. I suppose one of the plus sides about a relatively large cast is that characters can grow and replace those who die. Not really a consideration on the usual sitcom but in shows like The Walking Dead, Lost, The Soprano's or Sons of Anarchy it is a big plus.

The episode finished with Rick and Lori talking and trying to get to a decent place. This is good as for better or worse they are stuck together.

Not sure if I will make this a regular feature. Sort of depends if it interests you all so please let me know either way.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

Well I can't say kido knows anything about Easter but he has sure figured out that plastic colored eggs have candy inside. We did the egg hunt thing and dyed some eggs and that is was about it. Kiddo was pretty good considering his sugar consumption was way above the norm. Tomorrow we will have egg salad which I am excited for.

On an unrelated note I saw a cool video over at Zombie hunters. I am over there with my same name theotherryan.

I also saw an interesting thread over on another blog. It is (and you know how these internet things where a guy knew a guy who wrote something and then another person posted it, evaluate the accuracy and merit for yourself) about a guy's experiences during the LA Riots. I am linking to the series of posts. One nuance of the way they published a series of post one after the other is that you have to start at the bottom, go up to the top of the first post, read it all the way down and then scroll up to the beginning of the second one and read it scrolling down then repeat. Anyway while I can't vouch for it's authenticity or lessons learned but it was interesting to read. Anyway those are a couple things you might want to check out. I hope you all have a very nice Easter.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 Finale and Thoughts

First of all I want to thank AMC for donating The Walking Dead to AFN which lets me watch it, albeit a week or two behind. Sure I can watch it on the internet but it isn't the same as the TV. Having a show I like on the TV is pretty cool. The last two episodes were pretty crazy, a lot of stuff came to a head.
As CZ notes the folks in this show are not survivalists. They are also not military or whatever. They would be a lot better off if anybody had half a clue how to defend anything. Failing to understand that security is the first priority of work is a problem. Also missing the good old P6 (proper preparation prevents piss poor performance) and it hurts them.
As CZ noted Rally Points are important in some situations. If you realistically may need to leave the location that you are in rally points are important. In the Army rally points are most applicable in small operations that are dangerous or complex and patrol bases (defined as a short term location where a small unit may stay for 0-24 hours). Typically for a patrol base you will have two ralley points in opposite directions. Black and Gold or Budweiser and Tyson or whatever. If you are attacked by an overwhelming force from one side you go to the other. Ideally the leader would yell the rally point that folks should head to. Rally points should be far enough away from your location to be away from whatever is happening but not so far that getting there is problematic or folks will stumble into a bunch of junk along the way. Terrain dictates as 300-400 meters in deep woods with varied terrain is probably enough but it certainly would not be in flat open terrain. Since these sort of things always seem to come up at night it needs to be a recognizable place. Folks won't get to a random arbitrary location (400 meters strait west, or whatever) at night in a chaotic situation when they can't necessarily go in a strait line. On the other hand the big clump of bamboo immediately north of the bend in the creek is a recognizable area. Granted it is easier to do this when the location you are at is fixed (vs stopping for the night or whatever).

The idea of rolling/ SOP type rally points can work in some situations. I remember seeing a show once about a con man who had a daughter. If things got crazy their rule was that she would meet him at the bus station. This worked because every town of any size has one and you can wait there with minimal scrutiny. On the other hand 300 meters back or the last terrain feature is not a great plan. Folks will get it wrong. Specifically designate a readily recognizable place.

To take a step back the point of ralley points is that if things go entirely to hell everybody can organize and consolidate at a pre coordinated locations. If you get hit hard and need to leave the leader can yell "Black" or whatever and groups will move toward that location.

The real key with ralley points is that they are readily recognizable. Invariably attacks will come at night. A plan that the ralley points are 300 meters west and east of the patrol base is fundamentally flawed. Imagine you are a soldier who just got attacked at 2 AM when you were asleep. You shove boots on your feet and grab your ruck and when your leader yells to move to the ralley point you go. Finding 300 meters to the west is seriously problematic. Folks will stop short and go long and go to the left and right. Conversely if you go for the saddle (low are between 2 hills) 100 meters short of a crossroads or an open area in a valley folks can find that.
Also if your area is not entirely secure have your bag(s) packed.

No matter how well prepared your defenses are there may come a time when your situation could become untennable with staying only resulting in death. Spreading your equipment and supplies out with some at a friends, some in caches and some at home would help decrease the pain of needing to leave.
I can't wait for next season.
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