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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Top 5 Survival Items for Air Travel

1- Decent footwear. It doesn’t have to be some kind of military or hiking boots but wear something you can run/ jump and walk a few miles in.
2- Cash. A wad of cash can solve a whole lot of travel related problems. Even in a grid down type disaster cash is how you buy the things you need. Depending on the trip, obviously Syria is more dangerous than Saratoga, and your financial situation the right amount varies. Several hundred dollars  buys some options and several thousand buys a lot of them.
3- First Aid gear. You can carry a very complete first aid kit onto a plane. The only items I would otherwise include would be a needle for chest decompression and a pair of scissors.
4- A credit card with a high limit. One could argue this is an extension of number two. I look at it differently because it has different pros and cons. Credit cards are a bit harder it use with say a random guy you want to give you a ride (though 4 square, Venmo, etc are changing that) but the risk of loss via theft is less. Also you don’t have to have the money. For a fairly normal middle class person having a credit card that would buy a used car to drive out of an area is very realistic.
5- Passport. We take this for granted in America but a passport gives you options. Maybe it is difficult to get out of an airport in Seattle or San Diego but if you hop across the border there is an airport you can easily travel out of. Maybe for whatever reason you have to make a change in plans.

I have traveled commercially for work. Often we can travel on orders or with an official passport. It is  not inconceivable that something could happpen where I needed to make alternate arraignments and using my blue civilian passport is a good idea.

Anyway there 5 items will solve the vast majority of your preparedness problems while traveling. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Life and Travel

Work and school are done for a bit. Time to go full bore into family stuff.

For me part of that is traveling. Yes the TSA is ridiculous but sometimes for work or family stuff flying is the only option. If I had to guess I'll fly 8-10 times this year All said and done. So I kinda know the drill. Being aware of the rules and following them is simple enough even if they sometimes defy common sense. Just know the rules and follow them.

In terms of preparedness. For the trip:
-Wear comfortable clothes and decent footwear. It doesn't have to be hiking boots and multi cam, just some kind of clothes you can move in and shoes you would be comfortable walking a few miles in.

- Cash money. People get all stirred up about not having a gun on the plane but a far more likely situation is getting stuck somewhere. How much cash depends on your finances and the risk of the trip. A domestic flight from the Midwest to the PNW has a pretty low risk level. A flight from Somalia to Afghanistan has a high risk level. For the first I'm comfortable with a couple hundred bucks in cash. Enough to buy some food and get a room for the night or a bus/ train ticket if needed. For the other I would bring a few thousand dollars, more if I was in a place where I could risk losing more.

-A credit card. A card with enough room on it to stay in a motel and eat for a few days then get another flight or bus/ train ticket covers a lot of ground. Since I am a grown up who generat uses a credit card responsably I have asked them over time to raise the limit. If need be I'll buy a darn car to get out of somewhere!

- Passport/ alternate ID. Keep it in a bag or not in your purse/ wallet. That way if your wallet/ purse gets stolen you still have a form of ID. I usually keep a card and some checks with it also.

-Medical stuff. I put together a combination first aid kit/ ifak light to keep in my carry on backpack. The items omitted from the IfAK piece are the sharp stuff so scissors and a 12 gauge needle. Pastor Joe Fox of Viking preparedness did a video on travel first aid kits which I used as a guide. Google it.

- The only other preparedness item I put in was a pair of leather gloves. Good for moving in and around sharp stuff.

- As to guns and sharp stuff. Traveling with guns isn't really a huge deal. If you go somewhere regularly set up a cache so you don't have to mess with it. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Air Travel an Preparedness

I travel for work sometimes. I also travel to see my kids. Both are at least in the short term unavoidable. Also traveling for fun is nice.

Traveling by vehicle is easy for preparedness. Assuming you have some space in the vehicle you can just bring whatever. Also your ability to control your own travel means you can choose to leave right now. You can go a hundred miles the wrong way to avoid a big problem.

Air travel is more difficult. Still I think you can be reasonably prepared for most even semi likely events if not the end of the world.

The most restrictive set of stuff for air travel is if you are only using a carry on. It is also what you can have on your person on the plane. What can you have? Listed in rough order:
-Good footwear. You don't need hiking boots but shouldn't be wearing flip flops or heals either. A decent set of close toed shoes you can walk a few miles in can fit with most styles and are very prudent.
-Decent all around clothes. Not combat or hunting gear but some kind of reasonable clothes in case you need to do something or get stuck in them for awhile. Also reasonable outer wear for your area.
-CASH. Probably the biggest single problem solver in real world survival situations. 
-Credit Cards. Having a card with a big balance gives you options. Need a last minute ticket, OK. Heck if you need to buy a used car to drive out of a problem it is an option.
-Medications. Having a week or even better a month of medicines you need is very wise.
-OTC meds. Stuff for standard travel sickness like diarrhea, Tylenol, Benedryl, etc.
-First aid gear. Minus the needle I can't see why you wouldn't be able to have a full IFAK in a carry on bag.
-A water bottle.
-Maps. This is wonky as planes cover huge distances but even a state road map is better than nothing. Doubly so if you are not familiar with the area at all.

Now lets say you check a bag. For the sake of this a bag to anywhere. What can you add.
 -A good knife.
-A multi tool.

Checking guns. Obviously on a flight to most foreign countries this is not an option. However when it comes to traveling in most of the US it is not a big deal to fly with guns. I have done it a few times and the only one where it got any scrutiny was in Louisiana at a local airport where the guy just wanted to see what I had. Really flying with a gun isn't anywhere near as big a deal as people make it out to be.

That said if you travel to the same place often and can afford to do so it isn't a bad idea to consider an operational cache.

How serious about all of this should you be? I suppose it depends. Primarily in my mind it depends on the risk level of where you are going. If I was flying into Northern Iraq or Pakistan or Indonesia would have things locked down. Thousands in cash a full on BOB, an as many weapons as you can get in and carry would be prudent. On the other hand if you were flying to a few hundred miles from home and it isn't to a place with a high threat then some cash, decent clothes, a compass and a map an your not doing bad at all. Toss in a good folding knife and a gun or two and its a good set up for a relaxed area.

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