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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cutting The Cable TV Cord

We didn't plan to get cable in Arizona. When I called to set up the internet the guy talked me into it saying we could have it free for 6 months; albeit with a more expensive and probably the same quality internet service. The guy suckered me. At our short term apartment cable was included so that was an easy decision.

We moved here and just didn't get cable. So far so good. Right now things are busy enough with me working and us trying to get settled in. Not too far from now we'll probably hook up the tv to an antenna and do Hulu or Google TV to have some options. Overall though we both seem pretty ambivalent about setting either of those options up. We watch some tv over the net on devices. I watch Sons of Anarchy and Wifey watches a couple programs when she has a down minute.

Some folks say tv makes you dumb and is filled with propaganda to control your mind or something. I wouldn't go that far. Saying tv is worse than wasting time listening to music on the radio or reading junk fiction would be hard to substantiate in my book. That being said tv certainly isn't making you any smarter.

The biggest differences so far are that we are outside more [though in fairness having new decent space is a factor there] and just might be talking with each other more. Also the money being saved will pay for a security system which will be nice.

Cut the cord, take your life back and save some money.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Killed Our TV, Well the Cable Anyway

When I deployed and Wifey went home we canceled the tv, internet, etc all. During the last year the cable company changed the services they offer. They added a couple channels and made it 'digital' then almost doubled the cost. We were not happy with the value of the service BEFORE the price almost doubled. It went up to $80 IIRC which we just were not going to pay.

Also we have another significant consideration, we now have a small child. Babies don't notice things like TV but toddlers sure do. So we decided to drastically cut down on our TV watching. In the past the TV was just kind of on most of the time. As background noise more often than not. Well that needed to change.

We have AFN (which is a few (4 or 5 I think) networks put together by the military to provide US news and entertainment to service members all over the world) which is sufficient. We watch a bit of cartoons with the kid every day, sometimes for him and sometimes for us to get a breather. After he goes to bed we watch a bit of TV before hitting the hay.

Wifey doesn't miss watching more TV. I sort of miss the news in the morning while drinking coffee. I have started listening to news online which is not a bad substitute. Wifey listens to the radio during the day. We don't plan to cut TV out entirely, just to cut it back. Wifey enjoys some shows and The Walking Dead on Saturday night is the highlight of my entertainment week.

If you are short on money and time but still have cable or satelite you might want to consider this.
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