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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tab Clearing: Caches and Go Bags

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How Many Guns Do You Really Need?

I was chatting with a co worker about carry handguns and my upcoming purchase of well, something or another, and this topic came up. He asked myself and another guy (both gun owners, the question guy has a pretty good collection of a couple ar's, a few pistols, a shotgun or two, a .308 bolt gun and some other stuff. The second guy has a Glock 17, a .45 and a Sig 556.) how many guns we feel like we really need to have all the realistic bases covered.

They both laid out what they thought. I can't recall exactly what each said but both said some sort of defensive rifle, a hunting rifle, a pistol and a shotgun. Each had other stuff on their list but I can't exactly remember.

Of course this does not consider redundancy or caches. I will realistically keep buying guns as long as the process does not become too much of a hassle and I can afford it. I would like to have a room like the one in The Matrix in my house, a few Sara Conner Terminator style caches and numerous operational caches well, everywhere I can find to put one. Maybe it is better to call this a discussion on how many types of guns I think you really need but anyway. Do note that I am not going to get bogged down into models of guns or even caliber unless it specifically applies and then I'll give more of a general range.

My list in the order they popped into my head (so not by priority):
-Rifle, scoped hunting type. Something fairly flat shooting with a decent punch for big game.
-Rifle, defensive. Something military pattern and mag fed; AK, AR, etc.
-Handgun, service. Good old house gun. Caliber 9mm/ .38 special or larger. My preference would be for a modern double stack semi auto.
-Handgun, concealed carry. Options vary wildly based on environment, body size and such. Caliber 9mm/ .38 special or larger though a .380 isn't terrible I guess.
-Shotgun, pump in 12 gauge due to commonality. If restricted to 1 barrel it would be a 20-21 in and accept chokes. Otherwise I would have 1x 18.5in riot barrel and a longer hunting barrel that took chokes.
-.22 rifle. Something that is rugged and is accurate enough to train and pot squirrels if needed.

That's it for the 'need' list and really it has some luxury with two rifles as well as a dedicated CCW pistol.

Now for the 'nice to have' list:
-Handgun, .22lr. For training and pest erradication.
-Handgun, tiny. I'm talking Beretta .22/.25, NAA .22 revolver, etc. Arguably the difference between the CCW pistol and the tiny one can be split. I know a couple guys who have full sized handguns and little .380's they carry around most of the time and all things considered that's not a bad setup.

So my 'must have' list is 3 rifles, 2 handguns and a shotgun. The 'nice to have' list adds two more handguns.

What is your 'must have' list? What is your 'nice to have' list.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dreams, Caches and Cabins

Maybe dreams are messages for us or something from our deeply hidden unconscious or maybe they are just some random stuff that pops into our heads. I do not know or particularly care. Anyway I had a rather odd one last night and wanted to remember it.

Was in the woods. It was the sort of dense low pine forest on flat terrain that we have here in CENLA but really could have been any woods down here from east Texas to the eastern Seaboard

I say we because I was with two people from work who we will call B and L. They are co workers and good people. I wouldn't necessarily call us friends but work friends is appropriate. The type of people you BS with in slow times, go to lunch with, hang out with at mandatory social events, etc.

We were on foot. We were not running away like folks with dogs were in pursuit or something but were moving deliberately in a situation that was not good.

We came into a small clearing, like the kind where there is still a bit of a canopy but the under growth is largely absent. It was clear this was where we were going, though it seemed to be a temporary stop to resupply.

The (I presume MY) cache was in a CONEX. It was not buried like the one in terminator though it was sort of obscured/ concealed so it was not readily visible.  We all went inside. At least part of the inside were shelves and racks full of various stuff.

We arrived partially equipped. It seemed like a larger group or camp got caught by surprise and folks scattered to the winds with whatever they could grab in a few seconds. Somehow I had a rifle and a FLIC or something holding ammo, another guy had a rifle but no gear and a third had only body armor. B who was short a FLIC quickly claimed and much admired my war belt. I recall thinking we would have to sort of who got which of MY fighting loads later but that it was not a concern for right now. L felt a lot better when I handed him a rifle.

We seemed to be getting ready to go do something or another. If we were going back to wherever we left or elsewhere was not clear. In any case when we were mostly equipped the dream faded out.

Discussion: I have put some energy and resources into caches in the last couple years. Am not quite where I want to be but am closer than ever before which is something. Would like to set up a couple more small caches and a big one.

- For the small ones I would need to purchase the more expensive items which would go in them so there is a cost factor of a few to several hundred dollars. One would likely be more rural patrolling/ E&E based and the other more urban based. Very realistically I could do one of these per year for the next two years and have that knocked out.

-The big one would be on a piece of land I own ideally with some sort of structure. In this situation I would seriously look at doing a Sarah Conner Baja style cache. Thanks to Alexander Wolfe for having the pic ready to find when I typed Sarah Conner cache into google.

Though more realistically 2-3 smaller ones in 3-4ft pieces of culvert or water tanks would probably make more sense. Smaller caches would keep all off my 'eggs' from being in one basket and also be easier to put in discretely and incrementally as finances allow.

We looked at a place not too far back but it didn't turn out to be such a good option after a deeper look. Money is definitely a consideration here. If the perfect place came up we could swing it now but that would not be smart. We are going to need to do some saving to make it work in a reasonable and responsible way. I would like to say this is a realistic 5 year goal but baring a significant cash influx or finding the perfect place and just saying 'lets do it' I suspect closer to 10 is likely.

So anyway I had a dream and have been thinking about caches and cabins. Hopefully this rambling monologue was interesting or informative for some of you. Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Put a scope on my Ruger 10/22 and zeroed it.

Shot the .308. It is definitely on paper but the spread is about 3MOA. Not what I would call zeroed especially for that type of rifle.

Put a bunch of stuff in a cache. Clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, a weeks worth of just add water type food for 4 people and some other various stuff. A trip I had been meaning to make for awhile.

Rotated some fuel.

So that is what I did this week. What did you do to prepare this week?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Free Men Can Own Modern Weapons

Guard your rights. Prepare for circumstances where people may try to impinge upon them. Caches are your friend.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

RE: "You Win, Andy, I Registered my AR"

Captains Journal brought this to my attention. A radio personality named Bob Lonsberry who is a syndicated to be honest I've never heard of ultimately decided to register his AR-15 in the closing days of the NY "SAFE Act" registration period. He wrote a blog post about it. The main themes were upholding the constitution which he believes this law clearly violates and his belief that a citizen should obey all laws and work to change or remove the bad ones. He also mentioned a fear that since he is a fairly public person who has mentioned owning an AR-15 on multiple occasions over the years and is not well liked by some in local politics/ law enforcement the odds he would get SWAT'd a day after the registration period closes then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law are high (my words not his) . Mr Lonsberry he did go over some of the obvious available options to sell, move or alter his rifle. None of them were particularly appealing so he ended up just registering said rifle.

Now to my thoughts:

I feel for gun owners in these situations and am hesitant to criticize the personal decisions they make in regards to complying with various blatantly unconstitutional laws including the 'SAFE Act'.

The two options that were not covered are moving and hiding your newly banned guns, in the attic or a cache or whatever. Moving is a pretty hard sell for this one. Honestly the writing has been on the wall about New York for a long time. I'm not saying there aren't pro freedom folks there; just that legal adults willing to move to achieve more freedom probably did so awhile back.

As to just hiding the gun(s). That option has validity in some situations. If a guy bought an AK/ AR decades ago that he has little desire to shoot regularly and few people, none of whom are problematic, know he owns it's simple. Take the gun out of a safe, grease it up and put it into a cache along with some mags and ammo. You can't get at it daily or take it to the public range but you would have the rifle in case of some sort of SHTF type need. On the other hand for a person who is known to own said gun(s), especially if he is not in favor with local law enforcement that is probably not the best plan. These laws are ignored for well known liberals, vigorously enforced on well known conservatives and more or less universally if lethargically enforced on the common man. Also if you rely on a gun as part of your current (vs magical SHTF time) defensive setup having it greased up in a PVC pipe 3 feet under the ground in the woods 400m from your house is not a good plan.

An option for an individual who might have multiples of the same type of gun (specific such as 2x AK/AR or general such as an AR and a Mini 14) might be to register one and stash another. If some of the purchases were discrete private party transactions that would make this option a lot easier. This way there is a legal weapon in your home that can be used to train, enjoy and defend yourself and another stashed in case your state gets grabby. Something to think about anyway.

As to one thing Mr Lonsbury said I have to disagree.
"The fear is that registration leads to confiscation. We shouldn’t fear the consequences of that, Andy, you should. Because when you come for the guns it won’t be the Capitol in the dark of the night, it will be Lexington green in the full light of day. We won’t think of Abraham Lincoln, we’ll think of Charlton Heston.

So we’re clear, Andy, the next step is cold, dead hands."

That sounds really nice. Also I genuinely hope this terrible law is repealed in it's entirety. Hoping for New York to swing back to the conservative side is probably unrealistic, akin to hoping for Kentucky or Texas to go blue. 

It is not an absolute that registration always leads to confiscation. Then again I am not aware of any exceptions. It would probably be reasonable to say that most widespread registration schemes have led to at least some firearms being sold/ transferred/ confiscated/ destroyed.

In New York the question of what could happen is pretty clear. We can look at what happened to our friend Commander Zero, a New York native, way back in the 90's. They sent him a piece of paper and since he'd moved to Montana he scrawled Molon Labe on it then sent it back. Ya know what they did, sent cops to his old address in NY. The bottom line is that it's not going to be a field full of militiamen (unless you know a bunch of them willing to violently resist confiscation, unlikely in NY) awaiting the British; it is going to be a couple of cops showing up at your door. Instead of people you probably don't know and have never trained with at your side it will be the while the Mrs and your kids are sitting in the living room in the line of fire.

I have my own personal beliefs about gun confiscation in America. This is one of those places where states are seeing and I believe will continue to see increasingly divergent out comes. As a matter of fact New York has actually sent armed men to normal peoples homes to forcibly take their private property (in the form of newly verboten weapons). I think California has done the same thing. This is something I cannot see happening in Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, etc all. In many of these places I am unsure how much government and law enforcement would participate. I suspect such confiscation would be widely ignored in these sorts of places and in some cases maybe actively opposed.

Unlike some who talk a big game on the internet then do whatever the cops say if something actually happens I have never really been in this situation so I'm not a hundred percent on what I would do. Also if I did know and had plans to potentially violate a law it would be foolish to say so. One could look at my posts on private party firearms though the form 4473 isn't that huge of an issue really and caches, such as an operational cache and draw their own conclusions. The choice on what to do in a situation like this certainly has a lot of factors. At the end of the day it comes down to a choice everyone has to make for themselves.


Edited to include: On the topic of gun confiscation in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. I am not entirely sure of the status as to whether that has really happened. Sort of hinted at that with the 'I think' in the first post but as Aesop noted for the sake of intellectual honesty that is sort of a question mark. As to a full on ' you are on the list' a la NYC thing baring compelling evidence from a legitimate source I've got to say I cannot confirm that sort of thing happened. That being said I have heard enough whisperings here or there to say there could be some truth to the matter. The shades of grey as to how much confiscation has been clouded in 'mental instability' or 'anonymous tips' or whatever I cannot say; there could be enough wiggle room there to pick the answer that fits your mood and purpose. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Low Cost High Value Guns

He doesn't talk the used market which was central to my Basic Guns series (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 1.75, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 4.5) but given all the dynamics of that market it is understandable and probably easier to talk new prices.

For rifles going with a Mosin Nagant or a 30-30 lever gun are both great options. The Mosin wins for economics and if you want to scope it while the 30-30 wins for class and well 'Merica. Also some new rifles like the Savage Axis and Ruger American (neither of which I have experience with) really push the value envelope.

For pistols I would probably still take an old S&W .38 or Ruger .38/.357 but upon reflection for this discussion their price point is a bit aggressive for this nitche. Also when you can get an S&W Shield (if you can find one), an S&W Sigma or any manner of Ruger P series pistols in the $400 range it is a hard sell to shop around and pay a bit more for a wheel gun.

For shotguns I would lean hard towards the Maverick 88. It is Mossberg's off brand so the finish is a bit rougher than the already not perfect Mossberg BUT IT IS A FUNCTIONAL PROVEN GUN. Second would be the H&R Pardner. I have heard good things from smart people about them.

My .22 would either be a Marlin model 60 or some sort of basic bolt gun, maybe an older common but potentially no longer made used one.

Figuring $300-350 for the rifle if you go lever/ bolt or $200 for a Mosin, $400 for a handgun, $200 for a shotgun and a bit more than a hundred bucks for a .22 for slightly more than a grand you could get 4 good guns that will serve you well. Figuring under a grand used is very realistic, if you want a lever gun or new budget bolt gun (Axis, etc) it will be a little bit more. That is a lot of money for some folks but spread out over a year or two (you will also need ammo, etc) it is pretty realistic.

Sure you could cobble together a combination of guns that would be cheaper but I want this to be good solidly decent guns you won't be rushing out to replace in a couple years. These guns are good for any manner of self defense stuff. For gunnies who may already own their working guns these would offer a lot of value for back up's and caches.

(Note I used my best guesses on prices to put this together. Lets not get too bogged down in exact prices. Sure deals do pop up occasionally but the days of $150 used S&W police trade in revolvers, $80 Mosin's, $125 SKS's and $350 AK's are long gone so save me your outdated and misleading price estimations.)


Friday, January 17, 2014

Walking Dead Midseason Trailer

The second half of the season should be good Zombie slaying fun for sure. I wish these folks would figure out the concept of caches and rally points but what can ya do. That would make the almost inevitable time when a position becomes untenable a whole lot less painful.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Operational Cache Contents List Update

In Pelican 1600 case
Revolver, lightweight j frame type
3 mags for the rifle
speed loaders- I think 5
IWB holster
Kershaw Blur
a bit of cash in small bills

100 rounds of .38 FMJ (actually 95, I put a cylinder through the wheelgun to confirm all is well)
120 rounds of Wolf JHP to load the mags a couple times

In Ammo Can
1k Wolf 7.62x39 hp ammo (actually 980, 20 went into the case)
250 rounds of .38 special
 desiccant pack

In rubbermaid type container:
gun stuff
full spare parts kit for the rifle
cleaning kit sort of an amalgamation set
1 quart of motor oil (cheap n easy lube)
1 roll paper towels
1 package q tips
10 more mags for the rifle
6x AR mags (never know)
3x G17 mags, 1x G 19 mag (half ya never know, half one may end up there)
Strike Hard chest rig

Other stuff
Mora Knife
a couple other knives (1x skinning, 1x old surplus folder, 1x el cheapo folder) that were already there.
knife sharpener (diamond rod type)
2 pair of boots
few pair of socks
couple t shirts
set of rain gear (think rubber fishermen type)
stainless steel water bottle
flint and steel
couple bic lighters
couple candles
fist sized hunk of 550 cord
hunk of cordage 
some random BDU's I think 3 pair pants,1 hat
a pair of shorts, outdoor type
2 belts 1x rigger and 1x old BDU type
an extra sling
old ball cap
small backpack- surplus german
pair of wool gloves
pair of leather gloves (or maybe just one, pack out was a hurry)
pair of warm up pants

In large backpack (el cheapo used internal frame)
another pair of boots
rain jacket
pair of sweat pants/ shirt
another t shirt
watch cap
hanging on the backpack is an oil skin type wide brimmed hat

Things I would like to have added but didn't (forgot to pack, didn't get to picking them up, etc):
medical kit- at least an IFAK and a basic boo boo kit
wool blanket
solo stove 
full tank medium sized knife
hatchet or small ax
steel cup or small mess kit
fleece jacket
lightweight shell jacket
small fishing kit
throw away cell phone
$20 in quarters

Things I would like to have added but could not afford:
Glock 19 or other concealable 9mm pistol
Ruger 10/22 take down
Military sleep system

So anyway that is my operational cache's contents. I hope it provokes some thought and helps your efforts to get better diversified.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Operational Cache Financing and Item Selection

I'm in the midst of setting up the Operational Cache. Waiting for some ammo to show up from Lucky Gunner as well as a chest rig for the AK. Those plus some extra cleaning stuff will round it out.

Going to do some shooting this weekend then put the guns away.

Additional items have been forming up generally along the lines of our previous talk on the matter. Boots, water bottle, mora knife, poncho, etc. My general goal is to be able to show up and pick up the stuff for concealed carry or if need be go from street clothes to a functional combatant.

Somebody mentioned price once. I shutter to actually do the math but it was a lot. Full price today on everything would probably be over 2k USD. Part of it is that gun prices have gone up considerably (over 200%) over the past few years so replacement cost is very different from cash I have in that stuff. However that was not an issue because it was all stuff I already had. Like many survivalists I have been buying guns, ammo and gear pretty consistently since I was legally able to do so.

What I basically did was pull together a bunch of stuff that was lying around and put it together to set away someplace else, just in case I need it there in the future. 

When I was choosing stuff for this it went like this. What is currently used regularly? What are heirlooms or prized guns I want around to ensure the care of to someday pass on to my children? Everything else was looked at. I kept an eye toward keeping redundancy at home while also balancing similar firearms and compatible calibers with the people on the other end. In the end I chose 2 guns. Would have brought more but the case I already owned was pretty tight already.

You might not have 1-2k to buy guns you can stash. However I bet most folks reading this have got a spare SKS or Mosin Nagant or pump shotgun, probably a pistol you tried for tactical use or CCW and didn't quite like but never sold. Guns gathering dust back in the safe or closet can be taken elsewhere to be priceless backups.

The rest of the stuff was picked in a similar way. I need a knife, go to the extra knife stash to pick one that will work. I need mags, go to the mag stash and grab some, etc. Even the case the guns went into was lying around taking up space in the garage.

The only real cash I'm putting into this is for an AK rig which I have been delinquent in buying for some time, a case of 7.62x39 HP and some .38 special ammo. I went longer on ammo than originally planned since I was able to avoid buying a new rifle case which freed up some cash.

The point I am trying to get at is that most of the people reading this have the stuff to set up at least one of these caches right now without meaningfully lowering their preparedness at their primary location. In other words I am trying to motivate you all to get off your duff's and start making caches. If you already have all the caches you want/ need then by all means disregard but if you've been admiring the problem of setting up caches for awhile get to actually doing it.

Got Cache?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Operational Cache Pack Out

So far it is looking like:
about a dozen mags
full spare parts kit (gun minus barrel and receiver)

Revolver, j frame lightweight type
3x speed loaders
IWB holster
pocket holster

A pretty comprehensive cleaning kit that will cover both weapons.
Good EDC type folder.
Tossed in a few common mags just in case I happen to need them.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some ammo from Lucky Gunner to go into there. Also a chest rig for the rifle. That's what will come from here. The rest I'll put together on the other end.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Operational Cache Discussion Continued

After seeing some comments I didn't explain myself very well here in yesterday's post.

This overall plan serves multiple purposes. First it will give me some options in another location, specifically a pistol for CCW and a rifle well, just in case.

These videos are sort of along the lines of what I am looking at.

Secondly this plan gets some guns that do not really have a role at my primary residence out of there. This will be useful if we get robber or our house burns down.

The guns and majority of the stuff I plan to put into this are already on inventory. I may have to purchase some of the small stuff but the majority is a reallocation of stuff I have. This makes the project largely revenue neutral which is important. It would be a much larger muscle movement if I was going out to buy all the stuff today. So commentary on choosing this gun or that gun, while valuable for the overall conversation, is a moot point for me.

It is important to note this stuff is not vanishing. It is just going to a different place for a different purpose that increases my overall level of readiness. Think of it as taking $500 from checking to put it into an envelope in the safe. You still have the $500, it is just in a different place serving a slightly different purpose.

Many, if not most survivalists have the stuff to set up a little cache like this. A couple of guns that are not used regularly, some ammo, a knife,  etc. It doesn't have to be cool flashy stuff. Whatever you've got is better than nothing.

One of the biggest misconceptions about caches in my mind is that they have to be buried in the ground. Of course different types of caches have different advantages but the point is to spread out your proverbial eggs and have a capability in a location where you may need it some day.

Largely I think many survivalist's have a mental barrier against doing this sort of thing. We all like to look at the gun safe or cabinet and see a big ole pile o guns. This is something we must intentionally get past in order to be better prepared for whatever may come.

Sure a cache could get raided or whatever but your house could also be broken into or have a fire. There are inherent risks anywhere. Obviously if you choose a decent (not a crack house, etc) place the odds your stuff will sit until you need it again are pretty high.

Worst case part of the whole diversification idea is that if something happens at one location it doesn't affect the others. Say your house gets robbed, the guns you keep up at the cabin, at Uncle Bob's farm and buried up in the woods are all fine. The odds of something happening at multiple different locations is very low. Multiple locations, if not necessarily safer than the primary one decrease the odds of a 1 shot catastrophic loss.

Get past  problem admiration phase. You may never be able to afford to stash an FN-Fal and a Glock 9mm. You may never have a perfect cache location at a survivalist family member's isolated farm 100 miles away. Don't let those issues keep you waiting indefinitely. Take that old 20 gauge, .22, .243 or whatever that is gathering dust, toss some gear together and take it someplace beside the immediate vicinity of your primary residence. Just do it.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what I am doing and provokes some thought. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Operational Cache Input Bleg

Say you wanted to put a military pattern rifle and a revolver away for a rainy day. Say space for ancillary stuff is a consideration as is total cost so skip the cliche answer of buy eleventy million rounds and a hundred mags.

Off the top of my head:
Obviously the rifle
10-12 mags for the rifle
Something to carry mags, an IFAK would be a good idea too
About 600 rounds of ammo, a case would be better
Basic spare parts kit for rifle

Ye old wheel gun
Holster for the revolver. Maybe a CCW type holster and another open carry/ tactical one
At least 100 rounds of ammo. 250+ would be better
3x speedloaders
Something to hold speedloaders

Cleaning kit that is compatible with both weapons
Extra bottle of oil
Box of cue tips

Non gun related stuff:
Folding knife
Some clothes

Note: I am not looking for a survive in the woods forever setup and have well resourced compatriates in the area so if I need a screwdriver or a leatherman or whatever I can get it. My concern is mostly about generic defensive/ CCW needs or worst case if things turn ugly in the form of a local or regional disaster.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Edward Snowdens "Doomsday Cache"

Honestly I am pretty ambivalent about Edward Snowden. The Wikileaks crowd are over enthusiastic about him as most of the stuff he's leaked could be put together open source (and has been) by anybody willing to dig a little and read a lot. At the same time the .gov folks probably overexaggerated also. This is proof I'll click on any article that says "Doomsday Cache" in the headline.

Anyway if you are going to piss off (or be a danger to) really powerful groups an insurance policy along the lines of "this stuff you do not want shared will become public if I don't die peacefully in bed at a ripe old age" is a sound move. Well played Mr Snowden.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long Gun Case Bleg

So I'm looking at getting a gun case. Specifically a case that will hold 2 long guns or a long gun plus a pistol with some ancillary stuff. It will need to be able to fly (pass TSA standards) and keep guns protected in reasonable storage conditions (dry and fairly cool place) for a reasonably long time. Cost is a consideration but not the primary driver. I would rather spend a bit more and have things be G2G then save a few bucks and have my guns get beat up or have corrosion issues.

My gut says pelican. My research says the 1750 is the case that will suit my needs best.

What do you all have? What do you suggest? I am certainly open to other options provided they fit the above listed criteria.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week

Got my war belt configuration figured out.

Got firewood. Also a splitting maul and a couple wedges.

Purchased a kerosene heater, 5 gallons of K1 and a spare wick. 

Organizing some more stuff for the cache. It will go out this week.

Purchased a bunch of kiddo go food at Sam's Club.

It was a pretty good week in terms of preparedness. Also got a lot done for our residence. It isn't over yet but we are a lot closer. Hopefully this week (and weekend) the last parts can get done so we can move back to a more normal life balance.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RE: Rhodesians, Masada, von Trapp and ham-hocks...

One of my individual failings is procrastination. How this manifests itself in the blog is that I often have a great idea for a post then sit on it. The idea is a bit too labor intensive or whatever so instead of pulling together the energy to do it at the end of a hard day I put it off. Sometimes this means another blogger will do a post that is so comparable to what I planned to write that my great idea became redundant. Occasionally that blogger just does a much better job of saying what I wanted to than I did, sometimes to the point I find myself taking notes. This is one of those times.

K wrote a great post over at CSG called Rhodesians, Masada, von Trapp and ham-hocks. Read it.

Many things can threaten a person's location. It could be a formerly quiet easy going area starts to have a lot of violence against your racial/ ethnic/ cultural/ religious group. This violence is largely ignored, if not implicitly condoned by the police and political types inevitably largely from the common group. Could be a nice quiet area like the American South Western border region turns into a very dangerous place with lots of violent crime and organized criminal enterprises.

The point is that if the trend in your local area is folks like you getting dead it is time to move before you join the dead group. Better to be alive starting partway over somewhere else than suffer a horrible premature death alongside your family.

It could be that your house burns down.

The point is that there are numerous reasons you might need to relocate, potentially on short notice.

Now I am not much of a "Bug Out" type of guy. Honestly I have 2 small children, going anywhere on foot is quite impractical. Granted most situations I see coming fall short of widespread total collapse  and I do not live in a violent urban center so that isn't an issue but our answer 9/10 times is to stay home. Unless crazy weather is coming and they tell us to go, or something crazy happens. In case that happens we work on plans.

Often the answer is just to leave for awhile. Wait out the fire in the forest at a Holiday in 50 miles away watching the TV, go to central Texas to ride out a coastal storm, etc.

Got Cache?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Orange Jeep Dad's House Burned Down: A Sad Reminder

I don't really know this guy though we generally flow through similar circles. Only so many blogs one can follow I suppose. Anyway he finally made the big move to the country then his house burned down. There is an effort to gather donations for the family if you feel so inclined.

Thankfully no lives were lost but a whole bunch of their stuff is gone. That still sucks a lot. It really sucks for normal people but for survivalists, gun enthusiasts and "tangible investors" whose stuff is far less likely to be adequately covered by insurance it could be truly financially terrible. Additionally I would suspect wood homes that heat with wood and are far from the nearest fire station (which describes many survivalists) are more likely to have catastrophic fires than one in the burbs who heats with natural gas.

The same way that we learn from peoples mistakes  we can learn from bad things that happen to others towards the goal of mitigating that type of event's effects should it strike us. Note I am in no way faulting Orange Jeep Dad or his lifestyle here. Sometimes bad things just happen in life.

To be the guy who comes out, maybe a bit too early, and says it this is a harsh reminder about why you need caches and an emergency fund. I certainly hope OJD had these things in place. Lots of things can happen in life from theft to floods or other natural disasters, all the way through the various end of the world events plus well fires. Spread your stuff out and keep some cash put away just in case.

Got Cache?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I was swamped at work this week which hurt the eating healthy (when the boss says "We aren't leaving and we're getting Pizza" it takes a stronger person than I to eat the healthy leftovers in their lunch box with boxes of fresh pizza 6 feet away.) and fitness routines a fair bit. On the fitness side a rest was probably due though so that is OK.

-Got the war belt adjusted and ordered a Safariland 6285 which should finish that system off. Well till I figure out how to stuff another ammo pouch on anyway.

-Put some work into the ALICE Pack that's going to pull Sustainment Load/ BOB duty. Component list here if you are curious. Just cleaning up some corrosion on the metal parts then spray painting it to protect from future occurrences of the same. Other than that I'm looking at some changes for being down here. Skeeter net and juice for starters. Probably going to swap the hawk for a machete. I'm not in swampy Cajun land but lots of brush and small trees seems to be the rule here. Also recently purchased a 2 quart canteen which is going to be added to the side when I get around to sticking it on there.

-Other than that we are still working to get our home set up how we want. Lots of small scale DIY stuff going on here with more to come. Will talk about that later.

-Spent a good chunk of today organizing the garage. Have been working in there off and on for awhile but for whatever reason the efforts today really showed. Instead of stuff EVERYWHERE covering the floor we now have a few piles of like type stuff (tools, camping gear, gun stuff, kid stuff) to sort out and figure what we're going to do with. It's not there yet but I see the probable final solution of a nice organized space which is great. Going to hang some stuff on walls and from the ceiling which should help even more.

-As part of my organizing effort I have a working "to the cache" pile. A couple changes of clothes, a couple blankets, spare Solo Stove that type of stuff. Plan to sort it out, fill any glaring omissions then take it there this week.

So that is what I have been up to. Given that all the action happened this weekend I would say it was a pretty productive week.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Reader Question: Caches

MATTLBS said... Ryan, I have a question about your cache. Did you have caches at your old location(s) and if so, did you remove them before you made the move, or have you left them in place in case of a "if I'm ever back in the area and need them" scenario? I've been pondering a great deal about caches lately, and just wanting to know what your thought process is?

Ryan here: 
For a variety of reasons this is going to be a mix of things I have done and general thoughts on the topic.

To make it worthwhile to establish a cache you've got to have enough stuff to justify keeping some in a separate location that is not readily accessible.  This means a pistol, shotgun, knife, pair of boots, weeks worth of food or whatever above and beyond what you feel should be at your primary residence. Some level of accumulation typically needs to take place prior to getting to that point.

I've had caches in the past. The question in my mind about keeping or moving them is twofold. First am I realistically going to be back in that area? This is different than most for military folks because we move long distances fairly regularly. In the past few years I've lived 4 places in the US, none of which were closer than a five hundred miles to another, and in Germany. The second question is what sort of stuff can I afford to relegate to a cache that I may never be near again? Remember the point of caches is to stash stuff you intend to use again, otherwise what is the point.

If I moved around within the same region, more like normal people do, I would be inclined to just keep caches in place. Given the nomadic nature of my job and that it's quite likely I will never end up at some of these places again, leaving stuff buried/ stashed every year or two seems like an expensive hassle with a limited upside.

On the other hand if we are talking about an area where I may intend to live again, near family we visit frequently or potentially one we often travel through then it makes sense to have some stuff put away. Setting up caches in areas like this then just leaving them makes sense to me.

Sure it is possible I could be Munsoned some day just outside Fort Benning near where we lived years ago and really wish I'd stashed a change of clothes, some light camping/ survival stuff and a pistol with 100 rounds of ammo but that seems like a long shot. Far more likely would be finding myself wanting some guns/ ammo/ gear/ food at Granny's where we go 3x a year or whatever.

Maybe a middle of the road answer to make cheaper caches like a change of clothes, a set of boots, knife, lighter, flint, wool blanket, cheap backpack to haul it all and a bit of food. Those I could reasonably afford to stash all over the place. Something to think about there.

For me in the foreseeable future I envision caches getting set up where I go for work, most of which are dismantled when we leave. Caches in areas we will have a longer term presence in are and will continue to be set up then left in place.

Hope that answers your question.

So do you keep caches set up in places you used to live? What about areas you frequently visit? Areas you travel through?

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