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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kenny Retired

Congrats to Kenny. He finally retired from a job he has hated for years. 

Incidentally he is also selling stickers to help put a few extra bucks in the old coffee can for the move to Tennessee. 

Wirecutter and Miss Lisa’s ‘Getting The hell Out Of California’ moving fund

His paypal address is All contributions are much appreciated.

If you don't want an electronic trail and would be more comfortable sending cash, money order or check my snail mail address is:
Kenny Lane
PO Box 1996
Ceres, CA 95307

Sunday, December 29, 2013

California Gun Registration Pending

Zero linked to it. If you live in the beautiful but overpopulated and totally messed up state of California this would be a very good time to pick up an extra pump shotgun, a rifle and a .22 rifle. If you can afford it do the same for your spouse. If you still have cash get them for your kids.

To the best of my knowledge the defacto registration via record keeping of form 4473 has never been used to disarm law abiding citizens, at least en mass. If the proverbial eye of Mordor shifted to you a team of cops could theoretically track down all legally purchased guns via this system but it would be a significant effort. Like more of a Unabomber, Ted Bundy type thing than a Joe Patriot who posts at WSRA type thing.

On the other hand state registration systems have in fact been used to confiscate firearms, as far as I know just in California and New York.

You can believe they only want the info or you can go to a local store NOW and get what you need, or spares of everything. I do not know California law but suspect private party sales are heavily restricted. That being said if you can find a loophole (typically family or "gifts" that may be entirely unrelated to a loan which may never be paid back) or just don't care no paperwork is even better.

Of course the standard advice that if you buy an AK and a Glock 9mm both with a bunch of standard capacity mags from Uncle Earl who got em before the ban I would keep that stuff well hidden in some sort of cache. I strongly recommend that you have entirely legal (local, state AND federal laws) weapons for self defense and recreational/ sporting needs right now. If things go all Max Max nobody is going to be checking the features of your old greased up Norico AK and old school Gen I Glock. That being said right now why shoot a burglar with that Norico and get in a bunch of trouble when a Remington 870 or Cowboy Assault Rifle a la 30-30 will do just fine and not get you in hot water.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruminating Thoughts On The Coming Year

The Sun will continue to rise and set. Basically I expect a slightly worse version of this year.

Taxes- Taxes will go up. Part of this will be strait forward rate increases but most of it will be increases in 'fees', eliminations of various loopholes and such. The bottom line is that more money will flow from your pocket to multiple levels of government.

The Economy- I am not sure about our economy. My initial thought is that the lost decade our current jobless, non housing inflation and cheap money fueled recovery will continue. In this regard I expect a bit worse version of 2012. Then again who knows.

The European Sovereign Debt issue could well reemerge. With China's unsustainable growth rates turning to inflation and the economy slowing the US may well be one of the better looking horses in the glue factory this coming year.

I suspect artificial manipulation of gold and silver prices to continue. Silver will probably continue to be a pretty good buy over the coming year. Once our food storage goals are met we will put away some more PM's for sure.

Inflation- Hidden inflation will continue. The current CPI calculation seems manipulated to suit political aims inaccurate on how inflation affects normal folks. Most of this inflation will be covered up by smaller packages, less food by weight and the usual tricks. Expect your income to purchase fewer goods and services than before. 

Gun Control- I think that gun control could go many ways.  Were I forced to take a guess something will probably happen next year. The Dem's will do something, potentially via executive order if needed, to get a symbolic victory. It could be as benign as mandatory reporting of certain behaviors by medical professionals and maybe import limitations on certain guns like Siaga 12 shotguns and AK's or could be worse.

Crime- It ain't gonna get better. The flat lined economy will push some marginal folks towards crime. Also as state and county agencies try to make budgets work they are going to continue or increase prisoner releases. Yes these folks will generally have been arrested for nonviolent offenses but that is just what they were caught for. Plenty of violent criminals are incarcerated for various minor offenses and some of them will inevitably be released.

Down here in the South West I think the Reconquista downward spiral of drug/ cartel violence and unchecked illegal immigration will continue.

I wish that it wasn't my opinion that the partisan nature of politics in the US will get worse. Identity politics and hate mongering to suit various agendas will continue. There is potential for short flashes of localized violence being orchestrated to suit specific purposes. Think twitter flash mobs against political opponents.

Afghanistan- It isn't going to get better. The writing is on the wall that we are leaving. Expect limited conflict to support political goals. Think 'Nam in about 1971.

Wellthose are, for whatever they are worth, my thoughts on what is coming in 2013. Hopefully they give you something to think about. Again in closing I expect it to be a lot like last year but a bit worse.  Good luck,

What are your thoughts on the coming year?


Monday, September 20, 2010

This Is Awesome

Medical marijuana growers join Teamsters Union.

There are so many hilarious ways this can go. Cheech and Chong meet Tony Soprano is the scenario I'm starting with.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hippies 1 Banks 0

Figured I would put this up because it is kind of funny and I know a lot of you hate banks and those evil people who work in them. My opinions on a lot of that are already on the record but I still sort of like it when the little guy (or gal) gives a good shot to "the man".

Anyway the hippie chick in question is well a hippie. She does not like banks or large corporations or any of thing else that isn't free trade and organically certified and vegetarian. She decided to make a premeditated attack on a major financial institution called WAMU.

This attack was perpetrated with the hippie approved version of a tank, the 1970's Volvo. The attack was perpetrated by driving that Volvo through the front window into the lobby! She managed to get away with her calculated attack consequence free by saying that "her brakes failed", what a masterful play.

This round goes to the hippies.

Friday, August 28, 2009

California Spends 10% of its Operating Budget on Prisons

Read the article here. More and more I think Panhandle Tex (where did he go anyway?) 's idea that there should only be two punishments; restitution and execution is the way to go.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

D Day Rememberance

I can't believe it was 65 years ago today. Some pretty serious and heavy stuff. We (the allies) lost around 10,000 men that day. 10,000 men in a fucking day. Let that sink in for a second.

I know a man who landed on D Day. His WWII stories were very interesting. Apparently you were just fine getting rip roaring drunk in Ireland and England, stumbling home to your host families house and passing out. If you ended up in a different house somehow they would make you breakfast in the morning. However in Italy you had to tie a string to your rifle because the people would try and steal it. Anyway back to the point.

He personally saved several lives that day. The landing crafts dropped a bunch of the fully loaded Soldiers into 8 feet of water. Full clothes, boots, bandoleers, canteens a rucksack and a rifle in water over your head. There were plenty of Mid Western farm boys who could not swim. He went under and cut the pack straps off of as many boys as he could.

In some ways that was was a whole lot simpler. We are good the axis is bad so lets kick their asses. Simple is good. On the other hand we actually faced a large and very well trained force who could effectively use combined arms to bear on their opponents so that would suck.

Anyway we should all just think about the enormity of the event which happened 65 years ago today.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Hundred Comments

Not quite that many but today sure had the most comments of any day I can remember by a wide margin. Twas an interesting day of moderating and replying. I like that some of the comments really made me think hard about what I believe. Definitely don't agree with everything said here but often you guys make me think about those hard questions.

Thanks for a great day here at the blog.

California Wants 'Loan Guarantees'

They are independent and going to take care of this themselves. They do not want a bailout, just a simple loan guarantee. Basically they want US to be the cosigner. Except unlike that young kid or dysfunctional friend they don't want to buy a car (which could be repossessed), they are trying to get a big wad of cash. It is darn hard to repossess cash which has already been spent.

A bailout by any other name is still a bailout.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

quote of the day

"It is not a government function to help you out."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blah- Money In These Times

Between Kalifornia and China being constantly in my mind and some less than ideal news about our upcoming move I am kinda in a funk. Got stuff in my head but am having a hard time putting it onto the page.

Starting to be less and less certain on what sort of personal actions I can take to make the upcoming events have less of an impact on our standard of living. Unless I colossally mess up at work my job is secure; maybe not for ever but certainly for several years. That means employment is covered which probably puts us ahead of the curve.

I am not particularly sure what to do with our money. Not that we have or make a ton of it but the less you have the more important it is.

Right now we are putting 5% into my TSP account for retirement. I really like that it comes strait out of my check but don't like that my ability to control where it goes is relatively limited. Would another option (ROTH IRA, mutual fund) be better? I am not so concerned about the long term cash because it is wise to put it away (odds are way higher that I get old then that the world ends) and 3-4 decades is a lot of time for things to work themselves out.

We bank 10% of the remainder (going up to 13ish next paycheck) every payday. Right now that is going into savings/ emergency fund. In the not too distant future that will get capped off for the time being. I know after that our goals are to start saving for a new car and a home down payment.

Keeping our emergency fund (the non cash one) in savings in the bank makes the most sense to me. Can't really see a better option. If we need to get a plane ticket or replace a transmission tomorrow I don't want to be selling precious metals or whatever on ebay to get the cash. I feel pretty secure about this one unless things go all hyperinflation. If it looks like that is going to happen (not conceptually but in a week/ month) a good chunk of this cash will turn into silver and gold.

My main concern is that we are quickly going to start saving for an eventual home down payment. This process will probably take 5 years or so depending on exactly how much we can save monthly and how expensive homes are where we will be looking to buy. This money is going to be sitting around for long enough and be a big enough amount (especially in the last couple years) that things going screwy would be a real problem. I am not particularly comfortable with precious metals as a short term investment vehicle (a whole nother discussion itself) because they swing wildly. Also I would rather get shitfaced and play craps with it then put it into the market. At best I would like to have it grow and at worst I want to keep up with inflation. I would not need it to be totally liquid but then again that would have its advantages.

I am purchasing some tangibles. Precious metals are being purchased as a hedge against inflation and guns/ ammo are being purchased because well I like them. If I had more coin I would be buying land right now, alas I don't.

Suggestions? Ideas? Complaints?

Go Kalifornia

Rarely does this state do anything that pleases me but Kalifornians refused to increase taxes. It looks like their government is going to need to shrink by 20%. We will see what happens.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kalifornia Wants a Bailout

The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia thinks the Federal Government should bail them out. NO NO NO NO NO! They spent like drunken sailors except that drunken sailors are spending money they earned during a long time on ship. They will wake up with an empty wallet and a pounding headache and go back on board the ship to shortly leave port. Kalifornia kept spending like their income (which can go up and down) would never go down, in fact would keep going up.

Kalifornia is about to vote on emergency budgeting measures (income tax, sales tax, car registration) which probably will not pass. The state is rapidly on their way to the red. California is facing a 21 billion dollar deficit without these measures.

Want to cosign for an unemployed spendaholic to get loan to pay their living expenses? Me neither. That is exactly what their state treasurer wants us to do. Nobody will loan them money because THEY ARE NOT CREDIT WORTHY so they want Uncle Sugar to step up and cosign. Since that car company and the banks I already own a chunk of are sending me such great dividends I am thrilled about this idea.

There have been times in the past where I lived beyond my means for long enough that it caught up with me. The first thing they must do is to STOP SPENDING. Trying to raise the amount of money they are bringing in is also essential but that can be hit or miss. An individual might be able to get a part time job or negotiate a raise from their boss but in times like these that will be tough. YOU CAN HOWEVER CONTROL YOUR SPENDING. Taking a look at what a state or household really needs to do would be a good start. A state needs to provide some basic services (law enforcement, dep. of agriculture, etc) and infrastructure (roads, ports, etc) just like you need a roof over your head, utilities, food and such. Now a state may WANT to offer food stamps, health care, welfare and a variety of other stuff (services for illegal immigrants come to mind) the same way that I like having cable tv, internet, eating out, etc. You pay for the stuff you NEED first and then see what if anything is left over for luxuries.

An unwillingness to cut anything out of your expenses or to find additional revenue is a big problem. It is a much bigger problem if you choose to use credit (bonds for a state or HELOC/ credit cards for an individual) to stay at an artificially high level of spending. In a situation where you have reliable long term stable income and are just having a real bad month for whatever reason (between contracts, miss work for an illness, etc) it is a little bit of a pain and a good reminder on why you should have a couple/ few months worth of cash set aside for emergencies. However if it is a fundamental problem of more money going out then is coming in credit is not the solution and it will make a spending spree hangover be drawn out into a much more painful problem then it must be.

The scary part is that a few other states (MA, NJ,NY) are not far behind.

It pisses me off and they need to deal with it themselves.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Politically Correct basic 4

I am almost positive that I wrote about this at some point. In any case between talking about 30-30's and the insane explosion in the price of semi auto rifles and full capacity magazines it seems worth discussing it again.

Maybe you live in a place where gun ownership is greatly restricted. Maybe you are just getting into firearms ownership and are priced out of semi automatic rifles and pistols. Maybe you just plain like older simpler firearms. Enough maybe's.

I will speak in some generalities but this is specific enough that you will get a good idea of what I am thinking.

My intention with this post is to give a blueprint for a basic firearms battery that is readily affordable and could be owned legally anywhere in the nation (as always consult local laws blah blah blah).

Rifle: Marlin 30-30 or Mosin Nagant. If your budget is low and or you live in wide open spaces the Mosin Nagant would be the rifle for you. If the budget has a bit more flexibility and you live in a thickly forested area the Marlin 30-30 could be a better choice. Many factors could go into this decision but either way you are getting a darn good rifle.

Pistol: 4" .38/.357. These are super common and with a bit of looking a good used one can be had in the $300 range or a bit more depending on the manufacturer. A good compromise between price, concealability, shootability and of course legal anywhere you can have a gun. These pistols will not disappoint.

Shotgun: Plane Jane Remington 870 with a wood stock and an 18" barrel. These will do everything a super tricked out tactical CQB shotgun will but look just like Grandpa's old bird gun albeit with a shorter barrel.

.22: Plane Jane Ruger 10/22 with the standard 10 rd factory magazines.

This is not the cheapest or the "best" basic four but if you live in Kalifornia/ NY/ NJ it would be a good way to go.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Timothy Geithner's nomination as the Secretary of the Fed is about to be voted on. I think this guy is scumbageriffic. He is either too stupid to do his taxes or is a crook. Either way is that the guy who should be running our monetary policy and the IRS? That he is not honest or CAN'T FILL OUT HIS OWN FUCKING TAXES is a serious concern for me. His nannies immigration status is less of a concern to me. It seems like when he hired her she was legal to work in the states. I don't know an employer who regularly checks up on peoples status after hiring them but maybe it is standard practice. I don't know as I am from here. Also he designed TARP which to me is akin to being the guy who designed the Titanic. But only he can save us from this mess so he must be confirmed even if there is a video of him killing a homeless guy last night on his way home from a nice dinner.

Apparently Georgia's unemployment is hovering above 8%. Jobs of any kind are very hard to find down here.


First lets start with a definition of deflation. Investor words says deflation is: A decline in general price levels, often caused by a reduction in the supply of money or credit. Deflation can also be brought about by direct contractions in spending, either in the form of a reduction in government spending, personal spending or investment spending. Deflation has often had the side effect of increasing unemployment in an economy, since the process often leads to a lower level of demand in the economy. opposite of inflation.

I don't think that we are in deflationary times. To me the key phrase in the above definition is "general price levels". While neither deflation or inflation would happen evenly in all sectors at the same time (this is why they hurt people) I don't see that trend. Some stuff is up, some stuff is down and other stuff is staying pretty level. I would say that the less essential an item is the more its prices have gone down. This is a great time to buy a new car or a big flat screen TV but broadly speaking I do not see deflation. Wages stagnating while unemployment rises and the prices of goods goes a bit haywire is probably realistic.

Personally since my wages are as fixed as wages can be can be deflation would be great for me. The debt we have would not change in proportion to my wages and our dollars would buy more stuff. I just don't see it now and have a hard time seeing it happening unless some major factors change.

South Carolina is out of money to pay for unemployment. Unlike California I think they are stating what is going to happen instead of begging for a bailout. States are going to have it hard for awhile. They have very comparable obligations to the federal government but they can't just print more money, they can borrow it but states tolerance for a bloated long term deficit is relatively low. Watch for what happens in California in the next 2-3 months.

It looks like GITMO is going to be closed. Where the detainees should go (politicians playing "not in my backyard" is fun to watch) is a concern. The far more complicated issue would be where and how to prosecute these detainees. Evidence and all sorts of stuff gathered in the boonies of Afghanistan isn't like that of a liquor store robbery in Omaha.

I heard a great thing on the radio today. Do not write/ post/ send anything on a computer that you would not want read in front of your family (read spouse) or in open court. I think that is a good way to look at the significant lack of security of anything online and more importantly of these electronic media's permanence. I already thought along similar lines but will be extra vigilant to do so in the future.

Be careful

Monday, January 19, 2009

California Controller to Suspend Payments

Reporting from Sacramento -- The state will suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants and other payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, Controller John Chiang announced Friday.

Suspending tax refunds. Lets make it clear what that means. They took more of peoples money then they are supposed to (by law) and now they aren't giving it back. It would be sorta funny to have a framed IOU from the state of California. My Grandmother owns a single share of stock in a very novel company that never got off the ground, it is framed and kept in the bathroom. There is something to be said for living in a state without income taxes.

Welfare checks would also be suspended. Los Angeles County officials said they would cover welfare payments to more than 500,000 local recipients -- for now. Apparently there are over a half million people on welfare in LA County. This is a very big problem; not morally but functionally. Short of a bunch of white cops beating or killing a minority on video tape I can not see another situation as likely to make LA burn.

I imagine that if we looked at those numbers there would be lots of people who wouldn't really cause trouble: young children, the blind and elderly, etc. Lets say for the sake of discussion that at least 10% of recipients (or indirect beneficiaries) are male between the ages of 15 and 29, that would be 50,000 prime potential rioters. Once you factor in folks not on welfare who would start looting and burning when it became clear the cops wouldn't come and that very well could be the mother of all riots.

This could be bad, very very bad.
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