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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Be Advised

If someone ever wants you to go to a remote camp in the Arctic or extreme northern Canada to investigate what happened to the people that were working and or scientifically experimenting there and subsequently died/ vanished you should not go. Can't say exactly what will happen. Maybe there are ghosts or aliens, strange scientific phenomena or foreign soldiers or just some psycho with serious cabin fever.  I can however say with a high level of confidence that it never ends well. There is also a very realistic chance that you will die.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

quote of the day

"Your country needs you Logan"-Striker
"I am Canadian"- Logan

I enjoy those easy going beer loving folks up north.  If they had better gun laws I would seriously consider moving up there. Yeah they have socialized medical care but we are headed that way at a dead sprint anyway. To their credit the Canadians managed to avoid the whole sovereign debt issue because their banks stayed out of the derivative and bail out madness.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting News

Financial Mistakes Young Families Make.

Why Canada's Housing Market Didn't Crash is an interesting article. However it does rather simplistically focus on banks and the selling of secularized mortgage products. It does not mention that banks were legally forced to loan to people who were not desirable borrowers.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

quote of the day

"Not only are you wrong, you are sticking to your guns and insulting me in the process, you Robin Jibowski are an American."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

quote of the day

"It's not a crack pipe."
-A guy on this cop reality tv show. This was his brilliant response to the cops question of "why do you have a crack pipe?" I do not have professional training or amateur experience in these matters but it sure looks like a crack pipe to me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vancouver BC Police Get Sonic Crowd Control Weapon

The CBC wrote an article about it. That sort of thing could completely mess up a wonderful afternoon of walking around beautiful Vancouver. Speaking of Vancouver I was reminded of the Bengal Room which is a delightful place to have an afternoon coctail and talk about all of the wonderful stuff you saw during that day. It also wouldn't be a bad place for a husband to relax while his wife enjoys the great shopping the city has to offer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guns You Can Own in Canada, by John

Hi Ryan,
Good thing you're a thinking man. I should have added that. Handguns are limited to 10 rounds ( used to be no limit before c68). Rifle limits are 5 rounds. Shotgun limits are 4 while hunting and whatever it can hold if you're clay shooting. The only thing i can't find is about .22 rifles. They sell 25 shot mags for them here so i would assume it's legal.
Unless you owned a handgun with a barrel under 4.14" before c68 you are not allowed to own/ buy one. If you did have one before then, you can purchase more, but you can't sell them to anyone that doesn't fall under this grandfathered clause. Rilfes are legal as long as the barrel is at least 25 inches. Shotguns are legal no shorter than 18.5 inches. If you cut a shotgun barrel shorter than 17 7/8" it is prohibited.
All full automatic or converted automatics gun are prohibited. If the Liberial party resumes power in Canada, they want to ban semi-auto hunting rifles and mini 14s.
The most common gun here are your usual hunting rifles. 270, 30-06, 308, 300 win mag and 22-250 for predators. For handguns, 45s, 9mm 22s and 357s are very common.
I can't find any info about ammo limits for personial use in Canada. The fourms i read basically said " just don't talk about it"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guest Post:

TOR here: I am not posting today. John was kind enough to write a great guest post for your reading pleasure.

Hi Ryan,

After our emails the other day i did alittle research about laws and training. This might be too long for your blog. If it is, you might find it interesting. The videos are an eye opener.


Gun Control In Canada and A Warning To Gun Owners In The US

I recently emailed Ryan suggesting a topic about handgun training for his blog. [TOR adds: I would love one:] He emailed me back and suggested that I write about Laws and training in Canada. This one is about Canadian gun laws. In doing some research I can't find the law referring to handguns that predate 1995. I do know that ever since i bought my first handgun in 1992 it had to be registered and that i was only allowed to take it to a range. Rifles and shotguns did not have to be registered. You could drive around with your rifle or shotgun on a rack in your truck window if you wanted, but things have changed a lot since then.

I'll give you a brief history of when things began to change in Canada. In December of 1989 Marc Lepine ( born Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi ) The son of an Algerian father and a Canadian mother walked into Ecole Polytechnique Engineering School in Montreal and killed 14 women, wounding 10 more women and 4 men. Like his father, he believed that women were only there to serve men and blamed women for for everything wrong in his life. Reading his Wikipedia page I found out that he had appyied for and received his Firearms-acquisition Certificate ( what was needed at that time to buy a firearm ) and then bought a Mini 14. He entered the school, seperated the men from the women and told the men to leave. He then went on his rampage.

Political power in Canada is simple to understand. If you live in eastern Canada, your vote counts, if you're in western Canada, suck it up and do what the east tells you to do. The Liberial government ( which was already anti-gun ) agreed with the anti-gun movement and started looking into restricting firearms in Canada. Bill C-68 became law in 1995. It banned many types of guns and called on everyone that owned any handgun, rifle and shotgun to register them. The western provinces demanded that the law be regional since we are a more rural area. The Federal (eastern) government said no. The province of Alberta took the Fed to court and lost in 2000. This new law was to cost the tax payers 2 million dollars with the rest being paid by gun owners with registration fees ( we had to pay for our licences and pay to register each gun) according to the Liberial government at the time. From the period of 1995 to 2005 the gun registery has cost the tax payers over 2 billion dollars. That's 2 billion dollars that could have gone into crime prevention, improving schools, feeding kids or anything that didn't go down the toilet. We no longer have to pay to register each gun, but it's still a pain in the ass.

Here is what it takes to buy, own and store a gun in Canada. First you have to pay for a safety course test for rifles and shotguns ( pay for a second test if you want to buy a handgun ). After paying for those, you have to pay the government for the licence they give you. Without this licence you can't even buy ammo or reloading supplies. When you buy your gun or guns of choice the seller or gun store has to call the Gun Registery and give them your name, licence number, gun serial number and a few other things. If it is a rifle or a shotgun, you can take it home then ( with a trigger lock and in a locked case). If it's a handgun you have to wait until you get a piece of paper from the government allowing you to transport your handgun. Once you have your guns at home, you have to keep them locked in a gun locker that has to be secured to a wall ( nothing with breakable glass ). Unless you are hunting, your rifle or shotgun must be transported with a trigger lock in a locked case. You can only take your handgun to an approved range or to a gunshop. It has to have a trigger lock and be in a locked case. Your ammo has to be in a seperate locked case. I can't take my handguns to my brothers acerage or a friends farm to shoot or carry any of them in the bush legally. According to a government webpage, they will issue a carry permit for handguns to anyone that can prove they need one, but further research says that this permit is very rarely issued to anyone.

I came across 2 videos that you might find interesting. They both are about gun rights being taken away in England and Canada and they warn about what Americans should watch out for.


TOR here: Thanks a lot for the guest post and insights on our friendly brother nation to the north.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rush on Health Care

The conversation about health care has been interesting and thought provoking. Today I heard something very interesting on the radio. I am not going to try and quote Rush but I certainly got the gist of it.

Rush said that we do not have a problem with health care. We have the best health care in the world. People from all over the world (namely Canada and England which says something in and of itself;) come to America for health care. Aside from going abroad for the newest (questionably safe or effective) experimental cancer treatments (TOR adds or going to Thailand to get their outie turned into an innie) Americans do not go anywhere for health care. This is because they can get the best health care in the world in their region or certainly the good ole USA.

We do however have an issue with the cost structure of our health care system.

Now we get my thoughts on what he said:

I agree with Rush on this one. Basically the care is great but who/ what/ how/ pays for what is not working well by any possible measure. Like a lot of things how people view this problem pretty much shows their angle and you don't really even need to hear their view on how to fix things. In a perfect world we would be able to (how we would do this is open to a lively discussion and again falls to peoples view) fix the cost structure of our health system without messing with the actual framework of doctors, hospitals and the like. I just can't see this happening.

The reason I can not see this happening is because it assumes you can change one part of the system without touching the other. I don't know a whole lot about fancy economics/ business stuff but I know a tiny bit about equations. Simply put they balance out. What is on one side is going to equal the other. One of those old scales where you put stuff on each side like a teeter totter works the same way. One side effects the other.

Our system is the way it is because there is strong incentive to be a doctor or provide various pharmacutical/ medical services as being high up in one of these fields is almost like having an ATM in your living room. Doctors from all over the world (again Canada and England;) come to America so they can make a lot of money. If profits start to be 'managed' within a few years doctors will start migrating to greener pastures. Within a decade or two we will see fewer people becoming doctors and those bright minds will become engineers or lawyers or who knows what else. A few of the potential consequences of tweeking compensation the wrong way would be fewer doctors, longer wait times and decreased availability of care in general.

This quote was certainly thought provoking and it did give me a shred of hope. If we can manage not to fuck up the overall cost/ compensation structure too bad maybe the actual care won't get completely screwed up. I still think we are all screwed no matter what happens but maybe it won't be as rough as it could be.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

D Day Rememberance

I can't believe it was 65 years ago today. Some pretty serious and heavy stuff. We (the allies) lost around 10,000 men that day. 10,000 men in a fucking day. Let that sink in for a second.

I know a man who landed on D Day. His WWII stories were very interesting. Apparently you were just fine getting rip roaring drunk in Ireland and England, stumbling home to your host families house and passing out. If you ended up in a different house somehow they would make you breakfast in the morning. However in Italy you had to tie a string to your rifle because the people would try and steal it. Anyway back to the point.

He personally saved several lives that day. The landing crafts dropped a bunch of the fully loaded Soldiers into 8 feet of water. Full clothes, boots, bandoleers, canteens a rucksack and a rifle in water over your head. There were plenty of Mid Western farm boys who could not swim. He went under and cut the pack straps off of as many boys as he could.

In some ways that was was a whole lot simpler. We are good the axis is bad so lets kick their asses. Simple is good. On the other hand we actually faced a large and very well trained force who could effectively use combined arms to bear on their opponents so that would suck.

Anyway we should all just think about the enormity of the event which happened 65 years ago today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Canada Is Looking Better And Better

I love the climate and think their people are pretty awesome. The folks up in BC make great beer also. I prefer denim to anything else. Now that they are looking at abolishing their long gun registry the place is looking pretty good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

quote of the day

"I don't take prisoners, period. I'm not paid to take prisoners.
I'm paid to kill them. That's all there is to it."
-Earnst A Smith
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