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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long Gun Case Bleg

So I'm looking at getting a gun case. Specifically a case that will hold 2 long guns or a long gun plus a pistol with some ancillary stuff. It will need to be able to fly (pass TSA standards) and keep guns protected in reasonable storage conditions (dry and fairly cool place) for a reasonably long time. Cost is a consideration but not the primary driver. I would rather spend a bit more and have things be G2G then save a few bucks and have my guns get beat up or have corrosion issues.

My gut says pelican. My research says the 1750 is the case that will suit my needs best.

What do you all have? What do you suggest? I am certainly open to other options provided they fit the above listed criteria.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick Shout Out To Old Grouch's Military Surplus

My recent sleeping bag order from Old Grouchs Military Surplus arrived. They called them excellent and as far as I can tell it is new. I really like these sleep systems and it would be an uphill argument to say there is a better option out there anywhere near the same price point. They raised the price to $100 but they are still availableCommander Zero noted they are now selling the new MARPAT ILBE Rucks for $100.

I also picked up one of these to keep the NOD and a few other key electronics in. It would be pretty handy for a variety of scenarios.

Old Grouchs Military Surplus are a company I just cannot think of anything bad to say about. Their products are priced below or near competitors. Descriptions which are significant in the pricing and utility of surplus stuff are conservative if not outright generous in the favor of buyers. I am always surprised about how fast the stuff shows up. This time they tossed in a P-38 which is a nice touch.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Running to the Store, Vehicle Kits and Cases

This evening we made a quick trip to the store. It was shortly after dinner and Wifey wanted a drumstick. So we headed to the store, pretty much in the comfortable at home clothes we had been wearing. I had a pair of shorts and a t shirt on with crocks on my feet. Wallet and keys were put into my shorts. I got to thinking about how I would be hosed if anything happened and maybe should grab a knife or something. Then I remembered that we have a pretty good set of stuff in our vehicle. We all have a change of good practical clothes and footwear. I have a good knife in the GHB as well as a bunch of other usefull stuff. Bliss washed over me and we went to the store for icecream.

I have had some serious good fortune to stumble into some quality cases lately such as a hardigg footlocker, and a genuine halliburton briefcase. The fundamental purpose of cases is, just like any sort of packaging, to contain and protect things. Different stuff has different needs. Ammunition and food need to be protected from moisture and oxygen. Ammo cans and big plastic buckets fill these needs nicely. Neither of these products are particularly vulnerable to impact or shock (like bouncing around the back of a truck, not electric) within reason.

However some items are and they require different sorts of containers. Of course you could say wrap an item in bubble wrap and stick it into an ammo can or pursue some other home solution. I can speak about pelican/ hardigg cases with some experience. These products are great but rather expensive. There are other companies like Otter that offer seemingly comparable products at slightly lower prices but I have not used them.

I look at containers as insurance for the items inside. As such it is worth paying attention to the costs involved. A $20 case to hold a couple hundred dollar camera makes sense, especially if the last camera and maybe one before that would still be alive if it had been in such a case. A couple hundred dollar case to protect a hundred dollar Mosin Nagant wouldn't make sense like it would for say a Steyre SSG with a Night Force scope.

Like a lot of folks I have accumulated a few fairly expensive electronics. A GPS, some radios and a solar charger to be specific, as well as the usual camera, video camera, laptops, kindles, etc. Probably a few thousand dollars in stuff and we don't have anything really cool like Gen 3 night vision, FLIR, etc (yet!). If we had to leave in a hurry during a nasty storm or whatever a big pelican case to put that stuff into would make the odds of our equipment surviving go up significantly. For small items that you want to use a lot like camera's a little case is pretty darn handy. Also they are lockable and fairly secure which could be useful.

Personally most of my case needs are met for the time being. I would like a nice rifle case big enough to squeeze a pistol and just maybe a second long gun in. Being able to securely move around a couple guns and have them take some knocks with minimal risk of losing zero appeals to me.

Anyway you might want to put some consideration into how you will protect valuable and useful but relatively fragile stuff under less than optimal conditions. A few cases may be in order.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Somebody Smiled On Me

Since having kiddo we make sure to get out of the house as much as we can on weekends. When we don't have anything going on or need to go shopping we go for walks or just do get out and do something local. One of the things we do is to drive around and see if anybody has tossed anything good by the garbage, yeah  real classy I know. It is PCS season and folks have been putting out some pretty decent stuff lately. Also the kid needed to be out of the house.

Anyway we were doing out usual dumpster dive recon today. I saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I looked and it was an aluminum briefcase. Needless to say I grabbed it. Once we were home I checked it out. It turned out to be a genuine Halliburton and in used but good condition. After some fiddling I got the combination reset. I went to lock it and it didn't lock. Mild annoyance ensued. A combination of WD-40 and aimless tinkering got it to work. So I now have a functional halliburton case.

In every action/ adventure movie folks use them to carry around all manner of cool stuff like cash, diamonds, jewels, high tech gadgets or guns. At least in the movie world there is a 100% chance something really awesome is inside one of these. For some dumb boyish reason I have always wanted one. I never got one because deep down I knew it was sort of stupid. Also I didn't own anything cool enough to merit purchasing one.

Anyway now I have one. Good times.

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