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Friday, July 19, 2013

Challenge Week Done

It turned out something I planned to do this evening had to shift to tomorrow. That made getting a long ruck in tomorrow unlikely. Pleasantly the weather was cooperative as it was cool (like 75) and cloudy at 4 when I got off work. Decided to slap on the ruck and get it done. Had measured out the splits for 6, 8 or 9 miles to give myself some wiggle room to decide on the move. Ended up doing 8. It was pretty good except the hills got to me a bit. It was gently sloping hills but the way it played out was a really long (like 1.5-2 mile) uphill on the way out and another on the way back. Not excessively steep but walking up hill for 35 minutes strait is kind of a mind screw.

I was doing fine to the halfway point but around the 5 mile mark was fading fast. Stopped for a couple minutes to drink some water and grab a snickers bar to eat on the go. A bit of sugar was just the energy boost I needed. Overall the way back was good. Glad I didn't decide to go further, my feet can probably use some conditioning for longer marches.

This week I lost a bit under a pound. Not amazing but I also had an unplanned cheat day Wednesday which didn't help matters. Well I shook things up a little bit this week which was good.

Next week I am going to eat a bit less, shooting for the 1700-1900 range. Also I plan to alternate running and rucking with the runs focusing more on intervals and pushing speed a bit more on the rucks. Basically strait out of the John Mosby handbook of how to not be weak and slow. Ended up doing upper body at the gym with some guys and pushed myself a bit harder. I have been under performing at the gym so that needs to be improved.

Anyway that's what happened with that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Patrolling Discusion

John Mosby and Max Velocity are having an interesting discussion on patrolling worth keeping up on. They both made excellent points. You need to know how to conduct patrols. If you do not know this save a few bucks and go learn. Max Velocity is running a 25% off summer discount which will make the hit to your wallet a bit easier.

Max's discussion of British patrols in Northern Ireland is interesting. Whatever you or I might think of the politics involved the Brits were in Northern Ireland for a long time during which they learned some hard lessons. These lessons were proven valid in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Presence patrols can be important. One often underestimated consideration is that many patrols are not about the patrol itself. There is a need to move from point A to point B to do something (trade, meet with people, gather intel, see a doctor, gather food, etc) and the patrol is done to support that need. You will need to go places/ do things; hiding in an uuber survivalist retreat is a cute idea but it fails the common sense test.

Learn to conduct patrols NOW before you need it.

As to the challenge yesterday was a fail. Today I lifted and ran. Ate 1,820 calories.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fitness Reminder

Max did a good post on ruck marching today. John Mosby also talked PT. If there is a single combat veteran/ SWAT or SOF person who argues that physical conditioning is not important I have not met them. Fitness matters a lot.

In the survivalist/ preparedness as well as the "militia" sphere it is by far the area most people are weakest in. 

The most important issue with fitness is that it does not have a fast forward turkey fried option. Fitness takes consistent effort and time. There is just not a way around it. That means you need to start now. Do not be crazy trying to do some super hard internet crossfit/ military athlete workout tomorrow. Start with something reasonable and gradually increase time/ speed/ weight over time. Most programs can be scaled appropriately to your strength and fitness level.

Do not disregard the importance of diet. First and most importantly you simply cannot outrun the fork. The saying that you lose weight at the table and get fit at the gym (and track) is very valid. Second the relationship between proper nutrition and athletic performance is very direct. You wouldn't expect the cheapest nastiest imported surplus ammo to shoot sub MOA or 2 year old, non stabalized gas that may have a bit of water in it to fuel a race car so why is the stuff you put into your body any different?

Couch to 5k is a good option to consider. Work in some sort of strength program and you will be headed in the right direction. We could argue exact methods, techniques, training plans and such. That is an interesting discussion to have for sure. However for a person who is 20-40 pounds overweight that genuinely cannot recall the last time they ran a mile none of that matters. Joe Beer Belly will benefit greatly from any sort of semi reasonable training program. Heck simply getting outside to go walking is a solid start.

Do not try to make a total 180 in nutrition and fitness overnight. It would be great but you probably will not be successful on nutrition and will likely hurt yourself working out. Do it gradually over time, a bit better every week till you are in a good place.

For fitness it is good to have goals. Obviously they should be reasonable and fit your age/ health/ body and have reasonable expectations for time. Going from a fat shmoe to a powerlifting SOF Pipe Hitter will not happen in a month and is not a realistic goal for a 60 year old with some medical issues. I do not want to get people down, just be realistic about your goals. I would recommend having interim goals to keep you on track. Say lose a pound a week and stick to X workout schedule.

You can do amazing things, it just takes time. A former co worker of Wifey's decided she wanted to run a marathon. The woman was obese and as out of shape as you can be. She got some quality coaching and started working on it. She ran a (slow) marathon 10 months later and lost about 40 pounds in the process.

Get started!

Edited to include: Day 2- 3 mile run this morning and 3 mile ruck this evening. My legs felt yesterday this morning while running uphill but otherwise it was fine on the fitness front. In terms of food I screwed up and didn't eat enough during the day. Forgot to bring a mid morning snack and ate a light lunch. I was a bit hungry throughout the day and my energy level was a bit low till after dinner. Anyway I ended up right on the nose at 1,800 calories so that worked out OK.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Survival Is Not Fun Southern Arizona

Saw Survival is not Fun over at Survival Blog and wanted to do something similar. I am not basing it on 1,200 calories as I am already aware that is insufficient. My planning for our kits is done on 2k a day or a bit more so that is my basis. Also I am not restricting sleep as I know exactly how I do with varied degrees of sleep depravation.

My challenge will be:
-Move at least 3 miles a day. (My bonus goal would be to run AND ruck on MWF which are my typical run days.)
-In addition to the 3 miles I will exercise in some other way for roughly an hour daily. Lifting, body weight exercises, running, cardio, whatever fits into my schedule.
-Consume 2k or fewer calories a day. (My bonus goal is 1,800 but I wanted to leave a bit of wiggle room.)
-On the last day I will do a longer culminating ruck with the length TBD. Probably 6-7 miles but I might just get a wild hair and go for closer to 10.

So anyway that's what I am going to do this week. Will briefly touch on it daily.

Edited to include:
Day 1 complete. Did legs and core at the gym this afternoon and a 3 mile road march this evening before dinner. Total calories 1790 so we'll round to an even 1,800.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rucking Fun

Did another 4 today. Not really fast but under 15 minute miles. That puts me at 24.5 miles for the month. As it is the 20th making 50 is not looking good. Oh well.

At this point I am not writing this for anybody else exactly; though it might be a good checkup for you guys. I do it just because it is just an easy way for me to keep track.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Challenge

Challenge #1: Run/Ruck 50 miles

Challenge #2: Lose 5 pounds

Anybody with me?

No need to do both. Choose whichever challenge(s) fit your situation and goals. Look, I am not a doctor or in any way qualified to give medical or fitness advice. I am just a guy doing what he as learned in the way that works for him. It should go without saying that if you ran 0 miles last month do start running but don't be an idiot and try to do 50 miles as you will probably break something. Do couch to 5k instead.

No real logic behind either of these challenges. I had planned to run 40 but 50 seems like a nice round number. Also I want to lose a few more pounds, maybe as much as 10 but 5 is good for a month. As of earlier this week I weighed 188 pounds so that will be the start point with 183 as the goal. This morning I ran 2 miles so just 48 to go.
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