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Friday, May 27, 2016

Reader Questions: Meister on my changing family situation

Meister said "Have you thought about doing a post on your changes to your basic plan with the new familial arrangement? Lots of people in your position would like to hear a fresh perspective."

-Ryan here.

The just Ryan in Kansas plan is really easy. If you prepare for a family for 4 and are (in hindsight not so) suddenly alone the person to calorie/ days math goes long really fast. Also being a fairly hearty guy I'm just not worried about too much. If I had to hunker down or leave in a hurry I could do that.

As to the kids and Baby Momma. They are with family who have made some pretty solid preparations in an area where they have a solid network of people. For any semi realistic scenario that group will be fine.

That is not question I think Meister is really getting at. What I think he wants to know is how these plans may/ will come together in a way that I provide value to my children (,by default the people around them) and Baby Momma?

I am not ignoring this question but I am not ready to answer it I am going to hold my cards pretty close to my chest here. Stuff is in the works that I am not yet ready to discuss. Some time after those things happen I will decide if and when to talk about them.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun With Children

Recently Walker decided to name our chickens. Now he can't really tell them apart or count but that doesn't matter. One is named Nemo like from the movie, another is named cammo and one is named construction worker. Yes we have a laying hen named Construction Worker.

Also on a fun note Princess recently started wanting ice in her water for bed time. A reasonable enough request. The issue is she hates the water being cold but can't seem to connect the two things. MOre fun with her. Princess was standing in the room in front of me asking if it was a good hiding place. I do not see hide and seek success in her near future.

May write an actual post later today but then again I might not.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun With Children

It's been a long day on the end of a very productive but long weekend so more coherent thoughts are not really forming. I want to share a few fun parenting moments of late.

-We started tiny child t ball for my son. At the first practice he tried to pee in 'the big back yard'. Wifey had to explain to him that it is not acceptable to drop your pants and pee on the baseball field.

-Walker also started this new game called 'attack'. As in he says/ yells 'ATTACK' then attacks his little sister. He is firmly convinced if you yell attack it is then a game and thus acceptable. Everyone else is far less than convinced.

-Princess is a riot. She really likes to climb the brick outcropping in front of the fireplace. She then used to move up onto an end table to stand and bounce around laughing. It's great except she falls down all the darn time. We ended up moving the table. She now pursues her favorite hobby of standing precariously as high as possible elsewhere.

-She has one of those booster chair that clips onto the regular chair things. Little munchkin managed to push off of the table and knock the whole chair over last week. Darn near gave Wifey a heart attack. Thankfully she was fine. Now we make sure it's close enough to the table that she cannot get her legs up to push.

-Princess feeds the dog at the table. Like just hands him food. Dog obviously likes this. He is old and gentle so there isn't a concern there. It is rather funny to me though it sort of bothers Wifey.

-Walker has proclaimed the place on post I work is 'where the army is'. Our entire force is working out of that particular place. The other day he saw me making lunch and was quite concerned/ unimpressed that the Army doesn't have food.

-We took our first fishing trip of the season. Walker finally caught on that there wasn't any line or a bobber coming out of his pole. I fixed the line (he tangled/ twisted it all up), slapped on a bobber and a lead weight. He can't keep the thing in the water, let alone still, so he isn't catching anything. I'm more concerned about the kid hooking himself.

-We went for a family jog this morning which was fun.

-Princess, who is pleasantly plump has a little velour track suit thing. It is ridiculously cute.

That is all.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Night Ramblings

I found myself in Walmart the other day. Needed a haircut and some light work on the family hauler and there is only one place to do both of those things around here. Turns out everybody else had the same idea! So I was waiting for both things and looking at the ammo situation.

It was actually pretty good. Lots of .223, 7.62x39, .308 and of course all the shotgun shells and hunting type calibers you could want. A guy was talking to the dude working behind the counter. Guy didn't now what type of ammo his SKS shot but wanted to buy some. Dude said 7.62x54R but Guy was not exactly convinced. I said it was 7.62x39. Walmart Dude was happy somebody else was dealing with his problem. Guy was not entirely convinced. He asked if I was sure to which I replied that I was. He asked the same question a similar way. I said I was absolutely positive and would bet him a thousand dollars cash on the matter. Guy was convinced. That narrowed it down to caliber. Dude had both steel cased (Wolf I think) and brass cased ammo. Guy wasn't sure about the difference.

That lead to a 2 minute discussion. Since Guy didn't reload (thank God!) we agreed steel cased would suit his needs at a much more agreeable price. Guy bought 3 boxes and we both went about our days.

Today I had to run some errands and ended up at a surplus store. Got a castle nut wrench which I am long overdue for purchasing and a used USGI wool blanket, picked up the blanket for $10 which I was pretty happy with. After that I went to scout out a place to do some camping. It looks good. In my time driving around the woods here I definitely realized the longest line of site you get here is under 200 meters with under 100 being more common. That's bumped my desire to acquire a precision bolt action rifle, lately boosted by the book I am currently reading Point of Impact (Thanks Zero and Harry Flashman!), down a big notch. Short of improbable shots down a strait road, in a field, etc Project AR could easily dominate any shooting tasks here, hell an iron sighted 30-30 would do around 90% of it just fine and a shotgun could cover 70% or so.

I may go camping tomorrow but it depends on how far I get on a project at home. As a kid and teenager I absolutely loved camping. I went at least monthly forever and for multiple years about every other weekend. Then I joined the Army and subsequently started sleeping outside all the time for work it ceased to be any fun. Since then I could probably count the amount of times I've slept outside on the ground, outside of work,  on one hand. Each time involved family so I was pretty much stuck. Now I am for better or worse at a place in my career where I have been removed from that sort of thing for awhile. I sort of miss it.

That is good because incidentally Walker seems to be expressing an interest in camping. He went with Mother in Law in the drive way a week or so back. Except he noted it wasn't real camping because "the truck didn't move and we didn't sleep in a tent" (She has a camper and it was going to be 20 that night) but he seemed to have fun all the same. So maybe we'll start doing some of that in the yard then ultimately out and about. He is getting towards the right age to start doing more outside stuff. We've got the gear so that is not an issue. Anyway we will see where that goes.

Today while going over my BOB I made some changes. Added a few pouches to give me more readily accessible space. Aside from that mostly it was transitioning to a winter setup admittedly a bit late. Added a pair (top/ bottom) of silk weight long underwear and a wool sweater. I took out a waffle top that had been my sole piece of cold weather gear (for summer in AZ). Swapped a desert pattern goretex for a multicam shell to better fit the area. Also added a pair of wool gloves. If I am smart in the spring when I ditch that stuff I'll put it all in a box or bag to make the transition easy in the future.

I realized some holes that need to be filled today going through our gear. They are going to be listed not so much for you but so I can remember in a month or whatever when I want to fill them:
3x wide mouth stainless steel water bottles (1x ghb, 1x everyday 1x wifey)
1x nesting cup for 1q bottle with carry pouch
3x Louisiana state maps (or a western central LA type map if I can fine one larger than parish but below state sized)
3x eastern Texas maps if available
1x trowel
2 pair wool socks
a kydex belt holster that will hold a Glock 9 with a light yet be reasonably concealable. The big Safariland is great for a battle belt, duty, OC role but I'd like to have a holster (raven concealment, bravo concealment, etc) that could hide under an oversized shirt or a sweatshirt. Should get a pair of good mag pouches along with it.

Tomorrow or the next day I'm going on a monster rant about Bushcrafting. I think bushcrafting is to camping what crossfit is to exercise. They do so many good things but also do some really silly things and take it all so seriously. That should be a fun talk.

I pulled the trigger and ordered the stuff for Project 870. Brownells matte black Alumahyde, Elzetta light mount, GG&G rear sling mount and a half dozen essetac cards. I can procure a light locally and have some slings in my box o gun junk. Think I ultimately want to use a Magpul MS3 to have the 2-1 capability but I'm not sure. Looking forward to getting that all set up.

Realized that one of my not explicitly defined but over arching goals for this year is to have all the guns I currently own set up how I want them to be. Of course there is some evolution as new products come out, we test stuff, yadda yadda yadda but instead of buying another gun or piece of kit I want to get the stuff I have all squared away.

Got some Lone Star beer the other day. One of those cliche Texas things I had to try. It is pretty good straddling the line of being flavorful without too heavy or busy.

Anyway I'm bored of writing now so it's time to wrap this up. Talk to you all later.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

RIP Daniel Morgan Mosby

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of John Mosby's infant son. You can get the whole story here. I genuinely cannot imagine the pain and loss the Mosby's are going through right now. Say a prayer, worship at an alter, sacrifice a chicken, dance naked in the moonlight or whatever you believe in to help support John, HH6 and TMO during these difficult days.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kids Say and Do The Darndest Things

For Halloween Walker was a fire fighter. Like many boys his age he likes fire fighters, trucks, construction equipment and all that stuff. His costume had a fire extinguisher and a horn, however he knows fire trucks are supposed to have hoses. So my son got the idea there was a hose to go with his outfit. So several times over the last few day's he has walked around the house looking for the hose saying "Where my hose at?"

Except in small child language it comes out as "Where my hoes at?" Being a small child he will repeat the same thing several times in a row. It sounds like the chorus from a rap video. Ridiculous.

Yesterday I let him choose his own pajama's. He chose a blue polo shirt and boxer shorts. A bit unconventional but not dangerous or uncomfortable to the point it will interfere with his sleep so I went with it.

I saw this ridiculous video at work. Showed it to my son because I thought he would enjoy it. Well that was a success. In typical young child fashion if it's nice once it is even better 47 times.

I hope you enjoy the video.

While writing this Wifey informed me that putting things up on the counter no longer makes them safe from child reach. Apparantly Walker figured out how to push a chair over then climb onto it. FML.

Also Walker is learning to bargain which is hilarious. We go with it about half the time.

Princess is learning to crawl. Except she mostly moves backwards.

Anyway that's what has been going on with the midgets. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sick Daughter Blues

Daughter has been sick a lot more than is normal over the last couple weeks. Today she went to the doc to get the results of some tests. All sorts of stuff was off so the doc told Wifey to take her to the ER at the premier children's hospital in the region (thankfully it's not THAT far away). He also said to prepare for something serious to be wrong. Since they are all the way at home I'm just sitting here by my phone. Kids being really sick is scary and frustrating. I do dangerous things for a living but this really bothers me. Problems I can just sit and watch are far worse than any problem I can fucking do something about. Give me a couple meth maggots with evil intentions in a dark parking lot or an ambush over this sort of thing any day.

Some other annoying shit happened today also but none of it really matters. Honestly it's just icing on the crap cake. May write something later. Not that the blog is important enough to merit it parse but that would give me something to do instead of sitting here and worrying. Hopefully some good news will come shortly and this will turn out to be a fairly minor thing. If prayer is your thing it would be appreciated.



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pic Post

Fearless, Pretty cool but a scary thing for parents.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family Fire Team Complete

Kiddo #2 was born this morning. 7 pounds 13 ounces, 19.5 inches long all the right numbers of fingers and toes. It looks like this kid has some will to live because she is taking to nursing just fine which is great. Walker seems to like her which is good. She also seems to be a solid sleeper which is good. Time will tell on both of those things of course.

Anyway figured I would let you all know so please forgive me if correspondences are delayed or whatnot. Posts are scheduled for awhile which should help things. There are a few more entries to our EDC contest that helped a lot here.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve

It was a pretty good day here. Did some running around and taking care of stuff early. The afternoon was spent cooking. Wifey was working on tomorrows feast. Today was my job. The menu was prime rib, potatoes au gratin, macaroni and veggies. My first time with the meat and taters but the consensus was that it all turned out well. Dog sure liked the ribs and trimmings too.

Tried to get a $25 blu ray player from Goodwill bought to replace our KIA DVD player up and running without luck. It will probably work eventually but didn't tonight. On the plus side that trip included a great deal on a $25 brand new (still had tags on it) DCU Gore Tex parka that I'm really psyched about. In any case after putting kiddo to bed we did a little Elf work and got everything ready for tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow with Walker. Except he hates Santa. Had a bad experience with a mall impostor and now every time the S man is mentioned he freaks out. In any case it should be an eventful and fun day. No big plans. The usual presents in the morning, some snacking through out the day, dinner and then call it a rap. We aren't near family so it is just us and good ole Dog. Sure there will be plenty of catching up with folks via phone though.

In any case I hope you all had a great day today and are ready for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012

Official Announcement V2 Second Kid On The Way

Hey All, Saw in the comments section that my previous announcement of the newest member of the family fire team was missed by one which probably means a few other folks missed it too. Anyway not only is kiddo #2 on the way the timeline is getting very short.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quote of the Day

"You're not allowed to eat ice cream and ride the dog, we have rules in this house."
-Me talking to Walker

Friday, September 28, 2012

All Sorts of Awesomeness: Free Clothes, Camping Gear and a Great Meal

Today was pretty darn good in general and from a free stuff angle.

We stumbled into a big box of little girl clothes from a friend of a friend who has a girl Walkers age. She was just waiting for somebody who could use them and we lucked out. Wifey took a look and most of them were tiny baby stuff. This means right away we do not need to buy any clothes for when she comes which is great. This means we can shift focus on getting the next size or two filled out.

We are getting a whole bunch of free camping gear. The in laws are downsizing and thus getting rid of a lot of stuff. FIL and the boys were really involved in scouting for years and acquired enough stuff for a squad minus to go camping either from a car or via backpack. Seriously too much good stuff to list, that will probably be another post. It was like a crazy survivalist Christmas for me.

Today dinner was particularly awesome. We had stuffed pork chops, basically a big 2 inch thick chop,slit down the middle and filled with stuffing. The result was wonderful. We had them with mashed potatoes and veggies. They went well with a bottle of Moose Drool.

I started reading the new Jim Rawles new book Founders today and am about halfway into it. A review will follow in due course but so far it has been a nice part of a pretty nice day. Huge thanks to Jim Rawles and Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy to review.

On yeah and I have run 4 more miles so far this week which puts me at 28.5. Not ideal and far from 50 but considering I am on leave; where my track record of doing any PT is terrible I am happy with it.

Anyway that is what has been going on here today. It has been a real nice day here and I hope things are going equally well for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

News and Posts Worth Reading

On the news front:

 Iran threatens to attack US bases in the event of war. This is just ridiculous in so many ways.

Posts worth reading:

The New Renaissance by Paratis Familia. Something to consider for your own personal development and for raising kids.

Pre crisis contracts in Argentina by Surviving in Argentina aka FerFal's blog. My .02 cents on the matter. Timing things to make out better with debt is problematic and a big bet. Also it is clear to me that the trend is clearly to take care of banks and big business at the expense of normal folks, not the opposite. In other words it is far more likely that you would get bent over somehow than that you will be able to stick it to big banks or businesses.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Here is a suggestion. If I die, even if you somehow get a bunch of money, don't be a stay at home dad. I have seen you less stressed about going to war then spending a day with a two year old. In fact you don't really get stressed about anything, except toddlers, and babies are worse."
-Wifey to me this morning

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Roll Up

This video is kind of scary

Hat tip to Chief Instructor for the find.

FerFal did an interesting video on big knives. It is pretty long at a bit more than a half hour but if you have the time consider checking it out. His point that large knives are far more useful for fighting is valid but pretty much a given. Really you want the closest thing to a sword you can get if a gun is not an option. Something like a Bowie/ Arkansas Toothpick/ Dirk/ Falcon/ Kukuri/ etc would be the way to go.

I wouldn't say that I agree with the whole thing. He sort of combines the roles of knives and bigger tools like machete's or hatchets. In my mind they are distinctly separate categories for distinctly different tools which may admittedly be arbitrary. A machete is pretty much an essential in the Jungle or dense warm enviornments like the Deep South or the sort of Swamps you find in LA and FL. Conversely a hatchet or small ax is probably more useful in the sort of forests found in the Northern parts of the US. For whatever it is worth my experiences in the PNW tell me that a decent medium sized knife (say 3.5-5inches) and a hatchet or small ax are a darn good combination.

Some folks seem to use a tomahawk for this role. I can't speak to that at all because I have never tried it. The bigger more functional tomohawk's like those made by Cold Steel may be a viable option. The Trail Hawk is a beefy and substantial tool.  I like that it has some heft and a hammer head (though probably better for tent pegs than framing a house). I have handled one of them but never actually used it.

However it sort of depends on what you plan to do. If you are going to clear a little bit of brush to make a campsite, cut some sticks to cook marshmellows and trim up a few small pieces of firewood a machete would work. If you plan to cut enough firewood to warm and cook for a dozen people for a week then you want a hatchet or ax. If you want to go into the woods and pull a Dick Proenneke an ax and a saw would be a decent start. Anyway enough on that topic.

That whole foot in mouth from some random Democrat recently was big fun. Recap “Guess what?” asked Rosen. “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and why we worry about their future.” Patrice wrote about it here. I definitely wanted to say something but didn't really have a full post worth of content. Obviously that she never had a job has far less to do with her arguably not "dealing with economic reality" than marrying a rich guy who became a lot more rich.

Anyway I think that having a parent stay with the kids and not earn any (or any meaningful) income is sort of a luxury. If the family can't keep a roof over their heads, food in the cupboard and generally meet basic life expenses then both adults need to be doing their best to earn as much money as humanly possible until things get better. If one or both parents insist that (typically) momma stays at home while they go hungry or become homeless there are some serious issues. Having beliefs and ideals is fine but sometimes practical concerns have to trump them, at least in the short term. In fairness also on a comparable level of luxury are beer/ wine/ alcohol, tobacco, soda, coffee and tea, prepared foods, eating out, entertainment other than the library or other free stuff, cable or satelite tv, having the internet at home, eating out, toys like jet ski's/ dirtbikes/ snow mobiles/ travel trailers and if we are really being honest owning personal vehicles. As we can see pretty much all middle class and most supposedly poor people consume or own some of these "luxuries." You certainly don't need Romney money to pull off having the wife at home, coffee in the cupboard, beer in the fridge, a few toys and the internet.

As Patrice noted often if you really look at the income vs necesssary costs (reliable second vehicle, fuel/ insurance/ maintenance for said vehicle, child care, professional clothing, more eating out/ prepared food, the list could go on) women who work often take home a lot less than you would really think. This is especially true with low skill women who will need to pay for childcare. In many cases the income difference if expenses are subtracted is just a few hundred dollars.

Obviously if the potential single wage earner works part time for minimum wage this is probably not viable unless you want to go full on so far out of the box that you can't see it anymore James Dakin, Off The Grid: Life on the Mesa style. However assuming the potential single income is some sort of adult job that is close to full time money isn't the biggest obstacle. I hesitate to say a specific dollar amount because cost of living varies by region. For example 40k is doing pretty decent in Idaho or Alabama but definitely is not in LA or NYC. That being said when people talk about how "they can't afford to have a parent stay home" what they really mean is that they are unwilling to give up some stuff to make it happen and or have a pretty high debt load. I wrote more about this here.

Anyway that is about all the stuff I can think of right now and I am about bored of writing.

Hope you had a good weekend,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

"It bothers me that in this society, it’s OK seeing a guy blow another’s head off, but a child seeing Janet Jackson’s boob at the Super Bowl is the worst thing that could happen. It’s not the end of the world! It’s just a breast!"
- Charlize Theron
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