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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project AR Upgrade, Class IV Body Armor, Washers N' Dryers and Dogs

Today was pretty busy. We had to do all manner of running around errand type stuff. It isn't a done deal yet but looks like we are getting a dog in the next few days. More to follow on this. Also we were able to pick up a washer and dryer. Bought them used at a pretty good price. Finding the place was an adventure. I spent an hour or so puttering around dirt roads out in the desert trying to find some little lane. Got them here and hooked up so we can wash clothes which will be really nice. Also it means we can get back to cloth diapering which will be good.

I ordered a set of ceramic level IV rifle plates to fill out my TAG Banshee plate carrier. Some thoughts on body armor are floating in my head but that can wait for another day.

Pulled the trigger on Project Upgrade AR. BCM 14.5" Mid Length with a pinned Battle Comp 1.5. Not 100% it was worth paying the extra for the comp but I haven't heard anything bad about them so it seemed like a good idea. Also got a BCM bolt carrier group, Gunfighter charging handle (the medium one) and Flat Earth Magpul hand guard with a BUIS to match. The Magpul hand guard and potentially the BUIS are relatively temporary until Phase II which will be a Rail and DBAL.

Today was a pretty good day in terms of life and preparedness. These days do not happen often. It is worth noting that it would not have been possible without a lot of saving and selling off a couple of guns. Selling things I do not use or need to fund the purchase of more useful stuff is something I am getting to like.

Speaking of which the M1 Garand seems to have a buyer. Nothing is 100% until it's over but this looks promising. I am pretty psyched about it. Think those funds will start filling in some holes like night sights and a surefire weapons light.

Anyway I am going to relax for a bit and enjoy Sons of Anarchy which is cool. Maybe it is just a nuance of programing here but the CBS show Vegas seems to have prudently moved to 9 o'clock.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sale on Cloth Diapers

Cotton Babies has buy 2 get 1 free flip covers (what we use) and a variety of sales on other diapers.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a good week for preparedness here. We got some flips snap diapers and inserts at a great deal in preparation for having a second kid (at some point in the future). Also I picked up a pair of backpacks at a great price and a 3 piece ECWS sleep system. I tried to purchase one of these sleep systems awhile back but there was some issue with the order and it was never processed. Also we got a 5 piece 18 volt Ryobi power tool set gently used for $80. It has a drill, a circular saw, and a sawzall as well as a flashlight and a little vacuum. Also I stumbled through our house finding half empty packs of batteries organized the batteries. An inventory found a couple deficiencies which got filled.

Wifey mentioned that it would be good if I didn't buy anything for awhile. As we don't want our balance sheets to look like Southern Europe I agreed.

Along other fronts I kicked the running program into gear going three times and also hit the gym. Wifey started making bread again which kiddo and I have appreciated. Anyway that is what we have been up to.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Sale On Cloth Diapers!

The folks at Cottonbabies are selling factory second flip covers and inserts for great prices. The covers are about half off regular price and the and the inserts at about 3/4 price. This is the system we use with Walker. Wifey recommends the ones with snaps as snaps are less prone to wear than velcro. As to quantities we have 8 covers and 24 inserts for Walker. We needed all of them when he was little and pooped all the time but now we could probably get by with a few less of each. With those numbers we need to wash them about every other day.
Anyway that is a real good deal on a product we use and recommend. I wanted you all to know about it so maybe you can save a few bucks. The only relationship we have with this company is as satisfied customers.

Friday, December 17, 2010


When the SHTF it's unlikely that the big box store from which you buy your pants and shirts is going to be open for business.  I strongly feel that in order to be a well-rounded prepper you need to learn the the basics of sewing.  This is the story about how I got on the road to learning the absolute basics. 

I started off buy making patch work quilts by hand.  Patch work quilts are easy because they only involve straight lines.  You can use just about anything to make a patch work quilt - old work shirts, old bed sheets, clothes the kids have outgrown, etc.  Start small so you don't get overwhelmed or frustrated.  Make a patch work quilt that would fit a twin size bed.  If that sounds like too much work think about making a lap quilt.  Curtains are also a great project for beginners because they usually need only simple stitches and straight lines.  Curtains can be made in an afternoon.

The next thing I did was buy an old Singer sewing machine and I made patch work quilts on the machine.  I bought a sewing machine that only had the easy and basic stitches.  There are a lot of sewing machines on the market ranging from a $125 (for a used one) up to several thousand dollars.  I suggest putting off a purchase of an expensive sewing machine until you feel comfortable on a basic model.

My next step was to buy sewing "projects" that came in boxes.  For example, I made two teddy bears from a sewing kit that I bought at the fabric store.  The kit was inexpensive and the instructions told me exactly what to do.  The kit allowed me to understand the importance of patterns.  It also helped me to understand how sewn objects are put together.  As silly as it sounds that teddy bear kit was a real confidence booster for me. 

Another great way to understand how clothes (or other sewn items) are put together is to take them apart piece by piece.  Learn how they are constructed by deconstructing them. 

A few days ago I bought another sewing kit with instructions and material for an apron inside.  My confidence waxed and waned as I worked through the project.  The lady at the fabric store told me that it only took her an hour to complete the project.  It has taken me a day and I'm still not done, but I must admit that the apron looks pretty good.  By using this kit I was able to learn even more about patterns and sewing techniques such as how to sew on a ruffle.  My confidence is slowly rising even further.

My next (and last) step will probably be to buy a simple pattern to make a shirt or maybe a skirt.  I'm excited because it's taken me a while to get to this skill level.

I began sewing about 3 years ago.  Sewing is part art, part science, part skill, and part luck.  It is not something you can learn overnight!!!  Start small, stay within your skill range, don't give up, go slow, and only work on projects that look fun so you will stay interested.

If TSHTF and the big box store and the local seamstress is AWOL it's important that you be able to know how to make basic clothing.  Food and firearms are important but clothing to brave the elements is essential also.

by Sam In The Trailer Park

TOR HERE: I just want to thank Sam for the post. On another note I am pleased to announce that her trailer park still hasn't been wiped out by a tornado.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breast Feeding, Formula and Diapers

We planned to have Wifey breast feed Walker and to do cloth diapers. Long story made short breast feeding didn't work. She saw a dozen nurses, a half dozen doctors and a couple of lactation consultants. We still aren't sure what the issue was but he wasn't getting fed and just kept losing weight. It was necessary to switch to formula so kiddo actually got some food. It was devastating to Wifey and pretty rough on me too as we really believe in breast feeding. It was hard enough on her that I didn't mention it on here for some time and only then after discussing if she was OK with me posting it. However at the end of the day the kid has got to get fed. He is a lot happier now that he isn't like starving and stuff.

As punishment for his failure kiddo will not recieve a Breast Man onesie. I think this was the first big lesson that sometimes things will happen beyond our control when it comes to kiddo. The saying "If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans" comes to mind. Probably a lesson that was coming anyway.

His legs just got big enough to fill out cloth diapers which we are excited about as it means no more disposables. The breast feeding failure, while beyond our controll, definitely redoubled our motivation to make cloth diapers work. It is too early to say for sure but it doesn't seem like much of a hassle. She has those ones with the outer thing and a liner and just keeps a spare ready to go so changing is the same. I am sure we will talk more about this later.

Anyway I've got to get to work. Talk to you all later,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Diaper Fun

We wanted to do cloth diapers with Walker for a lot of reasons. Wifey did a lot of looking and went with the flip system. Down the road awhile I will talk about how they are working for us.

What kind of diapers did you use and how did you like them?
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