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Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Is Crossfit?

Warning: The video below contains language that may be offensive to some. If you do not like bad words then skip the video. You have been warned.

 I saw this on youtube and just had to watch it. Amusement followed. All fun aside I believe in crossfit type conditioning in the format where some sort of logical scientific programing is used for strength. Example warm up, power lifting routing along Jim Wendler, Mark Riptoe, etc type program then a cross fit type circuit routine that uses functional exercises or some running. Obviously ones routine needs to be appropriately scaled to their level of fitness and make sense for their goals. I do believe in lots of strength training and cardio for general purpose preparation but common sense needs to be applied. Obviously 40 year old house wife who wants to love 30 pounds and a skinny kid who wants to play football should not have the exact same routine. John Mosby talked this recently.

Aside from people who do stupid work out's and use terrible form I don't have an issue with Crossfit. Well except that some practitioners take themselves too seriously.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Food and Fitness

Too many folks are doing a lot of reading and blogging and discussing but not enough DOING.

Food and fitness are the two primary areas people tend to fail in at the most basic level. For goodness sake do something to improve your situation.

Food is easy. We could go at it from a lot of angles but at the most basic level just buy a little bit more of the stuff you regularly eat on each shopping trip. I am talking about shelf stable stuff like dried pasta and sauce, beans, rice, pancake mix, Bisquick, peanut butter and jelly and various canned goods. We will touch on money later but if you can't manage to squeeze five or ten bucks of extra stuff into the budget per shopping trip I recommend looking at your life. If you have some more money and want to stash away some canned staples or emergency food then all the better. I care less how you do it so long as you are doing it. The point is simply that you need to be putting back food in case something happens that disrupts the supply chain.

Fitness is something way too many folks miss. I split off my fitness efforts into another blog because folks would rather talk about other things here. How folks think the world is going to collapse and they are going to be doing all this stuff but lack of fitness will not come into play baffles me. There are way more situations where you will need fitness than cool rifles and emergency food. Sort of like food getting started in any way is a good thing. Eat a bit better and do more exercise. Lift and run or do crossfit, man aerobics or whatever. Heck just go for walks. Doing anything will improve your situation.

In the context we are talking about finances are not that hard either. Avoid debt for obvious reasons. Do some thinking and educate yourself about what is happening and historical comparisons. The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by FerFal is a bit pricey but has some great info. It's writer has actually lived through an economic collapse which is a lot more than most other folks can say. 
If you have some money that isn't doing anything right now you might want to think about what to do with it. Putting a portion of it into precious metals and emergency food could be a good way to go. 

It is easy to put too much money into firearms.  Most guys who are into preparedness like guns and it's easy to get canalized into stuff one likes. However if you are objectively short on .38 ammo for the nightstand revolver or buckshot for the scatter gun then do something about it. I like a lot of ammo but even the tightest budget will let you put back at least a couple hundred rounds per gun with a bit of dedication and some planning.

Get out and do something! Exercise and stash some food. Look at your money situation and if you need it some ammo. The bottom line is that unless your butt and gut are getting smaller and the pantry is getting filled you are not actually becoming more prepared. A little bit of knowledge put into action is a whole lot better than a bunch of knowledge which you do nothing with.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fitness resources and Entertainment

Couch to 5k is a great proven resource for folks to get into running for the first time or after a long break. That means to get off the couch and start running!

If you do not want to be weak and pathetic I recommend lifting heavy things on a regular basis. Personally I am having a good time and plenty of success with Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program. Here is a short write up on it. Other folks like other programs and that is fine. As long as a program is based around big core lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench press (or power clean, clean and jerk, push press, whatever) and uses some sort of a logical programing method it should be fine.

[Begin tangent/ rant. I see two things that almost inevitably come up. First is the folks who do no leg work what so ever. That is fine if your only goal is to look jacked while fist pumping at the club. You can do chest and biceps one day, biceps, back and chest another and on the last day hit your biceps, chest and tri's. You will look good in an Ed Hardy or Affliction T shirt at the club.
However if you want some go in addition to the show you must work your legs.

The next thing that comes up is "I leg press instead of squatting". That is fine if you have some injury that prevents you from actually lifting weights at the risk of debilitating injury or death, you want to be weak and not awesome or are a 75 year old woman. Unless you fit into one of those groups I recommend that you squat and deadlift.
End tangent]

Lastly if you are looking for something to read check out The Advisor. It is a novel about economic collapse and one man's attempt to protect those he loves. Much about this book is true - however, many of the names are changed to protect the guilty. I do have fibromyalgia, I do live in constant and never ending pain, and I have been blessed to have a child with Down Syndrome and several mastiffs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Quote of the Day and Discussion- Diverging Fitness Goals

"Serving two masters isn’t going to get you where you need to be. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t be in shape and be strong. But the trouble with wanting both is this:

What is strong? What is “in shape”?

I have very clear notions of what both of these mean to me. I know exactly what I think it means to be strong. I know exactly what it means to me to be in shape. But that’s just me. What is strong to you? What is in shape to you? And more important, what does being “strong AND in shape” mean to you?

Define each of these with CLEAR numbers and performances. The more specific, the better, none of this “I wanna be strong and look jacked” crap. I know I’ve started to go off on a bit of a tangent here, but you always have to know what you want and dedicate yourself to the task. Otherwise, you’re wasting your most valuable commodity: your time.

And last but not least, you better be willing to give blood to get what you want."

-Jim Wendler

Also here is another jem from him "I no longer believe in training to lose weight, gain weight or whatever. I only believe in Training to be Awesome. This means you get strong and in shape and the chips will ALWAYS fall in your favor."

I have been meaning to do a big post on fitness and seem to be nipping around the edges of the topic. Today when I was catching up on Jim Wendler's interesting and hilarious blog I saw this quote and just had to use it. Since I used it I had to do some talking.

I think it is essential to come up with tangible and quantifiable goals for fitness. These goals will do a few things for you. First the process of making them lets you think about what is really important to you. I hesitate to say exactly what should be important for you. Personally I want to be able to lift heavy, control my body weight, be fast at short to mid distance runs and have the underlying cardio to do long runs and rucks. While we might differ in some minor points I would submit to you that these goals, tapered to age and individual sitation are a darn good starting point.

The broad themes I have laid out will feed specific and quantifiable goals.
Some example goals would be:

Bench/Squat/ Press/ Deadlift (or clean or whatever) specific amounts

Body Control:
X amount of pullups
X amount of muscle ups
X amount of handstand pushups
X amount of pistons

Running/ Endurance: Specific times
1/4 mi
1 mi
3 mi
12 mile ruck with 40lbs pack and kit.

I've got to think it over but I suspect these will be my goals (yeah I still have a bit of thinking on the pounds/reps/times). There are a few more than I would like in terms of numbers but since so many of them are single lift/ exercise benchmarks it is not such a big deal. Also the running goals overlap pretty heavily too.

As noted above you need to decide what is important to you and the goals which stem from it. Once you set goals go forth and pursue them. This means picking and choosing and not doing some thing. Picking and choosing is part of fitness for a few reasons. First you have limited time. It could be 5 hours a week or 30 but an hour spent at the weightpile is not an hour spent at the track. Next is something it has taken me years to really figure out. We don't get into better shape because we work out like a beast, we get into better shape because we work out like a beast, REST AND RECOVER. (we will revisit this topic again shortly) If you are lifting 5x a week, crossfitting 4 times, running every day and doing some other junk you are notgoing to recover enough.  Also many goals are somewhat divergent. Going in 2-3 directions is not a bad thing and will lead to a well rounded physically fit you. Going in 6-7 directions is bad. This is a big killer. We either split our limited time in so many directions that we really don't get anywhere (example, what if I took the goals above, added all sort of crossfit wod goals and physical appearance goals and sport specific goals I would either be working out 5 hours a day (and not progressing and probably end up hurting myself) or not doing anything enough to make progress.)

Figure out your goals and find/ come up with (not a good plan if you are a beginner) a plan to get there. Ignore other stupid stuff. Exercise.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Kip Or Not To Kip

Kipping pull-ups are one of the more hotly debated traits of crossfit. Kipping is a leg and hip swing that generates motion which makes it easier/ faster to do pull-ups. First I think this is because they are in stark contrast to how most people look at the exercise. Second and more importantly I think too many people spend too much time arguing about stuff on the internet.

One side says that kipping is a natural (from climbing a wall to a kid trying to get up on a tree branch) movement and is thus more authentic. The other side’s primary argument seems to be that it looks funny and then that it is cheating. Having done plenty of both I find the debate stupid and here is why.
Pullups are by far the dumbest exercise to argue over. Close hand, wide grip, palms facing you or away, kipping or not just grab the bar, hang from it and then raise your body until your chin is over the bar. Do lots of them in many different ways.

I think kipping has a couple benefits. First it lets you do more pull-ups faster and get better at them. For most people, because they are fat and or weak pull-ups, which should be a primarily endurance exercise are far more of a max strength exercise as they can just do a few of them. Most people are not willing to do the endless sets of 2 or 3 pullups required to really improve at them.  Kipping seems to help people be able to keep going and thus train more and get into better shape. It seems to get people out of a stall of mediocrity when it comes to pull-ups. Also it is a good core exercise.

The kip is just a variation of the exercise, sort of like a push press is to the standard military press. You will need to adjust volume accordingly. A factor of 1 strict pull-up to 2 kipping pull-ups will probably get you into the ballpark. This brings us to one point worth discussing. Kipping pull-ups definitely carry over to strict pull-ups. Also the crossfit people who get made fun of by idiots in videos can almost surely crush those idiots at strict pull-ups. A competitive crossfit athlete who can do 50+ kipping pull-ups can probably do 30 strict ones and a novice who can do 25+ kipping pull-ups can likely bang out a respectable 15-20 strict ones.
Personally I do both types of pull-ups. I also do weighted pull-ups and chin-ups. I tend to keep kipping pull-ups for crossfit style circuit type training where you are doing high volume pull-ups while tired. Do whichever type you like but do a lot of them.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Got Muscle Up?

Recently I accomplished a big goal of mine, I got my first muscle up. In case you do not know what that is it is a basic gymnastics move where you go from hanging by your arms from a pair of rings (think monkey bars) to over the top of them with your arms fully extended. It is a pull up into a dip and far more than the sum of its two parts. If you still do not know what it is then type muscle up into the search bar and click on a video.
Some smart folks say that before trying to do a muscle up you should be able to do 15+ pull-ups and dips. I’ve also heard that you should be able to do weighted pull-ups and 10+ ring dips. Both are probably accurate but I would say the second is more valid as this is far more of (at least initially until you can do a bunch) a strength move than an endurance move. Being able to do a weighted pull up and DEEP chest(like below your peck/ boob) pull-ups is essential. 
I have been actively working towards this goal for more than 6 months and with serious focus for the last two of them. It was probably a lot harder for me than it would be if I was around people who could do them. I imagine I have been physically capable (had the explosive pulling strength) to complete one but it took a couple months of building more strength and fiddling with the skill component to get over the cusp and actually stick one. The transition between the two moves (pullup and dip) is the hard part. Most healthy moderately athletic adults can do at least one pullup and dip (ring dips are different but after a session or two you get used to it) but having the explosive pulling strength relative to body weight to transition between the two is another thing entirely.
What is this useful for? Well first in the process of getting there my upper body has become much stronger and more explosive than it once was. As for the move itself this quote from somewhere pretty much sums it up “Far from a contrivance the muscle-up is hugely functional. With a muscle-up you’ll be able to surmount any object on which you can get a finger hold – if you can touch it you can get up on it. The value here for survival, police, fire fighter, and military use is impossible to overstate.”

As for form following function my arms are somewhat thicker and more muscular. My upper back and shoulders are getting bigger moving from a square shaped torso to more of a V. I only mention this to remind you that if looking good is a concern for you those results can be achieved with useful exercises not just stupid single joint body building stuff with little to no real life or athletic carry over.

Well this was one of my biggest physical goals for the year and is another milestone to mastering my bodyweight. 
Got Muscle Up? Got pull up?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Functional Fitness

What is functional fitness? First to me it has an emphasis on completing
some sort of task or increasing a capability over aesthetics. That task
should be something you do and wish to do better, increasing general
health and wellness
or acquiring a capability you desire. For example
you enjoy cross country skiing and want to be able to ski further,
faster and be less tired or you want to do better when you go rock
climbing with your friends. Maybe you realized that you aren't 18
anymore and to stay healthy and fit you need to keep in shape. Lastly
maybe you want to do something like be able to run (maybe a marathon or
maybe a couple miles in kit) that you have not been able to do for a
long time.

I have a couple of phrases I live by when it comes to fitness:
1) There is no such thing as too strong, only too slow.
2) I don't want to be the biggest guy, or the strongest guy or the
fastest guy but I want to be big, strong and fast.
3) Muscles make the best pads.

Right or wrong (we can discuss but I don't feel like debating) I have
some core beliefs when it comes to exercise:
1) I believe in balance. No point in being able to life like Hercules if
you get tired walking from your car to the gym. Ditto for being able to
run a marathon but not help a friend move their couch. You've got to be
able to run, do body control (pushups, pull-ups, etc) stuff AND lift.
2) When it comes to lifting I am a firm believer in big compound lifts.
Power cleans, dead lift, bench press, jerks, squats, military press,
etc. These lifts build real functional strength. I don't care much about
aesthetics so working my inner lower bicep with 12 sets of special curls
has no appeal. I work out almost exclusively with barbells using
dumbbells only to change up the same exercises I could do with a barbell
(dumbbell press or press versus barbell). I do see a role for dumbbells
in specialty exercises needed to help with a personal weak point or past
3) People make a lot of excuses. Most of us, myself included are never
going to be competitive Collegiate athletes. We just don't have the
genetics. However that does not mean you can't be in darn good shape.
Almost everyone is capable (with reasonable progression and scaling) of
running and lifting weights. If you say "I have a bad knee so I walk
instead..." I would submit to you that if you are under 50 (ish) and or
are not at an honestly healthy weight the answer lies in having some
discipline and getting to a healthy weight. It is amazing how your knees
and back feel better after losing 20 (let alone 50) pounds of bad
4) You should practice with tasks that are harder than you see yourself
actually doing. Life has a way of making things harder when you need to
do them and your nerves pumping makes it harder to do things you
otherwise could do.
5) If you work out like you should and don't sabotage yourself at the
dinner table looks will come. Show me a guy who can do Diane (225lbs
deadlifts and pull-ups: sets of 21,15,9) to standard without a time
limit and I will show you a guy who probably looks like he is in shape.
Show me a guy who can do it in 5 minutes and I will show you a guy who
probably looks like the beast he is.

Using this type of program I can say I am getting close to the best
shape of my life. I am definitely not as strong as I have been nor can I
run as fast/ far. However I able to do a lot of things reasonably well
which is far more useful than either extreme. I am excited about where
this fitness is going.

I am not saying that my way is the only way. I think exercise is a lot
like everyday carry. There is what is ideal (for carry a full sized
handgun with a couple reloads) and for exercise an aggressive program
that blends running, weights and varied cardio/ circuit type stuff and
then there is what you will actually do. I can chart out a plan to make
you (or myself) a total beast but it does no good if you won't follow
it. Pick the most aggressive program you can live with. Remember that
while your brain is your primary weapon your body is how that weapon

Monday, May 23, 2011

Intentional Lifestyle

Today I heard a great phrase, intentional lifestyle. To me this is such a simple powerful phrase that formalizes a lot of things I think and do or at least try to do anyway. Simply this is choosing how you are going to live instead of stumbling through life willy nilly on random choice and base desires. For example if I let my worst traits run amuck I would be fat, drunk, isolated and paranoid. As a model of self control I am a bit heavier than I should be, drink recreationally, have an awesome wife and a few friends and am kinda paranoid. This sort of thinking applies to relationships, finances, eating, fitness and just about everything. If you aren't getting the results you want in any part of life then maybe you should act more intentionally. Just a thought.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fitness Update

Crossfit and I are officially exclusive. We have always had a thing for eachother and were off and on for a long time. Now we are making some changes and giving it a solid go. Nothing is for certain yet but it is going well. The 3 on 1 off is the best schedule I have found yet. Also it is fast so it fits into my busy schedule.
One of the biggest things I have realized is that as with any exercise program you have to have some ownership. Sure well rounded fitness is a great goal but you know your situation, strengths and weaknesses best. If you need to work on strength do a bit more lifting and less running. If you are a bit too heavy do more running and callestenics/ gymnastics stuff. I also came to a realization that deals with one of my biggest reservations about crossfit. Simply if mismannaged it can be too random to the point where you fail to gain in measurable areas. For example if you only run or squat (or any other discrete exercise group) once a month you simply are not going to gain. It doesn't matter how hard the workout is the frequency is just not sufficient. I have taken to tracking when I do certain things in order to ensure things stay on track.
Anyway so far so good.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I decided to shift this feature to a work day. Anyway my biggest accomplishment was that I got started on a good workout plan. I also found a folding Romanian side folding stock for my AK. That turned into quite the boondoggle. Also we are eating up the stored food and learning some stuff from that.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Thoughts On Fitness

Fitness is an interesting thing. People could be broken almost entirely into two groups in terms of fitness; form and function. Form is about sculpting a nicer looking body, whatever that means to you. Maybe it is a woman dieting to fit into that dress or a guy doing hours of bench presses and bicep curls to look good in his Affliction T shirt at the bar on Friday night.  The real thing about form is that it is all about appearance. The gal who wants to fit into that dress probably doesn't care if she can run farther or faster. She wants to get into the dress and look a certain way in order to make some guy want her, or make other women jealous or to feel good about herself. A body builder (which in a narrow way Affliction T shirt guy is) doesn't care how strong he is or at least that isn't his primary concern. He goal is to have bigger more shapely muscles in his arms and chest. I am not saying these folks are wrong. I know few people who honestly don't care about looking good (whatever they see that as).

The thing the form folks fail to see is that while form can appear alone it also follows function. Particularly if you exercise in a diverse and proportional manner appearance takes care of itself. Look at an MMA fighter or a wrestler, a competitive crossfitter, triathelete or the like. These folks generally have what could be considered pleasing physiques. However do they spend hours sculpting their muscles or doing strange exercises to work a new part of their abs, no way. They are lifting weights or doing body control stuff, running or whatever. Show me a guy who can power clean 1.5 times his body weight and run five miles at a decent pace and I will show you a guy who probably looks like he is in good shape. A gal who has the strength to be an effective fighter and the stamina to fight for 20 minutes has decent looking legs and a nice stomach.

Personally I don't care much what I look like. I care about capabilities. If given the choice between looking like a Greek god with minimal abilities and looking like a sloppy everyday Joe but being able to lift and do body weight/ control stuff like a beast then run well I would look sloppy any day.

Maybe a guy wants to fill out a t shirt a bit better or a woman would like to look better in a pair of jeans. I am not judging folks for this. However as a prepper/ survivalist your goal is to be more physically capable so focus not on appearance but on capability. You will almost surely find that appearance follows anyway.

Friday, November 5, 2010

quote of the day

"I don't want to be the biggest, the fastest or the strongest but I want to be BIG and FAST and STRONG"
-Merc today speaking about functional fitness.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

My efforts this weekend were somewhat scattered. I ordered a set of gymnastics rings which I have been wanting for awhile. Start getting my ring dip and ring pull ups on when I get them and eventually muscle ups. Tossed a couple books into my order though right now I can't remember what they were. Also ordered one of those wind up watches I have been wanting ever since reading World Made By Hand.

Got 4 good workouts in which isn't perfect but for a busy week it is good. Best of all I am enjoying myself, feeling better and starting to see a few small results.

I bottled my first batch of home brew yesterday. Really excited about that and can't wait to "test" it. Already got the stuff for the next batch in the mail. The next one is going to be a good strong Belgian beer. I will have to get all the bottles from this batch empty first. Maybe I need more bottles.

Looking at a busy week but I have a couple plans that should come together. Good stuff if I can get it done.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I started a new work out program today. Not exactly sure quite how I would classify it. As a co worker pointed out nobody really has a corner on most of these ideas anyway so it doesn't matter. Once I really figure out what I am doing it may get written about.

This should be good.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Physical Fitness Plan

I am getting back on the PT horse is a significant way. For the foreseeable future I will have reasonable control of my evenings and weekends plus regular morning PT. Decided I am going to back away from the cross fit type stuff. It just really hasn't given me the results I am looking for.

Maybe it is that I already run and do push ups ans sit ups and pull ups and such, I am not so sure though.

For me it just didn't seem like I got measurable gains in most areas from crossfit. I did it pretty religiously for awhile and the only real gains I saw were in Olympic style lifts and since I wasn't doing those before it isn't a huge surprise. Doing an exercise maybe once every 3-4 weeks really kept me from getting much gain, no big surprise there. Your squat will not get better without squatting nor will your bench press get better without bench pressing.

In any case I am going to go back to what has worked best for me in the past. A combination of running, body weight stuff and weight lifting. For the lifting I am going to start with a pretty generic standard plan and change as things develop.

If you haven't gotten the memo I think you should start exercising. Get off the computer and go for a long walk.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

quote of the day

"Trainers and civilians needs are more akin to the firefighter, cop and soldier than they are to the elite athlete. The reason being, you don't know what gameday will look like, you don't know when it will occur and you don't know what the stressor will be, you just don't know."
- Greg Glassman

Monday, July 27, 2009

Staying In Shape

Fitness is entirely under rated in this community of ours. I see lots of peoples pictures and stuff and instead of being stressed that your only shooting 1.5MOA or that you just have 3 tons of grain stored it would be wise to stress if you are in good enough shape. I am not trying to be mean or anything. Some bloggers do that and talk in a totally holier than thou way but I don't roll like that.

Being fit is probably one of the most important attributes a potential survivor can acquire. Yeah you need some food and a couple guns would be good to have as is some water but you get the point. It is unrealistic to assume you will be chilling out at home and your massive stores of food and water will keep you alive. You might need to walk a long distance or carry heavy things. You might find yourself doing physical labor in the heat of the summer instead of typing in an air conditioned building. Those who are physically fit are less likely to be injured (also they recover faster from injuries:) and deal better with stress.

Part of this is because I care about you and part of it is because I am finally getting working on my fitness goals. I adjusted the weight one down a bit to an even 170. To accomplish the running goals I am going to start doing some speed work in the afternoons and focus more on maintaining a specific pace (which gradually improves) during other runs. Over the next few months being able to run more consistently should help with this goal. I am also going to start doing crossfit and apft improvement targeted exercises in my off time.

I started last week with mediocre results. Got 3 after work workouts which was good and was mediocre on counting calories. Over all I give myself a C- for the week. Did loose the target one pound which is a good thing. The first week of caring about what you eat and exercising after work is sort of iffy. Got to do better next week.

I am not going to say that it is all about weight. You can certainly be thin and in completely mediocre shape. I probably know a dozen girls roughly my age who are thin but in horrible shape living on cigarettes and fancy coffee. Maybe saying being at a healthy weight is a better way to express it. While thin and in shape do not equal each other being truly in shape doesn't happen often without being at a pretty healthy weight. [I've only known one guy who was in darn good shape and fairly heavy. He was probably 6' and 225 looking like his only lifting was 16oz curls at the pub. My Grandmother would probably call him husky. Dude ran a sub 11 two mile; bad for a college athlete but great for a random Army guy.]

I have tried a lot of things and genuinely believe in counting calories. There are a million different theories but at the end of the day in terms of weight management it is calories in and calories out. If you burn more calories than you take in you will loose weight. If you consume more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

I got converted to this by a personal trainer I ended up spending a bunch of time around. As he put it "how can you study if you don't know what the test is on?". You can eat bacon and drink beer every day and loose weight or you can get fat eating lean chicken and salad. At the end of the day it is all about calories.

Some people can just manage portions and automatically adjust when they are gaining a bit of weight. I am not one of those people.

For me to be successful at dieting/ loosing weight I need to count calories and weigh myself at least weekly. If I consistently (over a couple weeks) am not loosing weight I am eating too many calories. Maybe it works differently for you but that is what I have found. For me the number to loose weight is 2,000. If I eat 2,000 calories at least 5-6 days a week and don't completely blow the other 1-2 I will loose weight. I am 5'10" with a decent build and am reasonably active. Someone significantly larger might need to eat more in the neighborhood of 2,400 calories. Just got to find out what works for you. FWIW Wifey looses weight at 1,200 calories. Ladies I am sorry but life is not fair.

In terms of exercise I think a good program should be varied but must include cardiovascular exercise and body control and muscular endurance/ strength. Being able to walk/ run decent distances, control your body and lift stuff are probably the most authentic measures of fitness. I like a combination of crossfit and running for being in good all around shape. I do pushups and situps because I must for work.

The one thing that is essential which I fail at is that even when you have reached your goal weight or whatever you need to keep tracking your fitness to maintain. I have a bad tendency to gain and loose the same pounds over and over again. On the bright side I have narrowed it from 20 to 10 to 5ish but it still ain't fun.

Here are my thoughts stumbled to through trial and error. You have 3 weights to keep track of.

First is your goal weight. This is often where your weight loss effort stops.

The second weight is the weight where you start paying more attention to what you are eating and such. Maybe you just ate a bunch of ribs last night and need to drop a huge duece but it is time to pay more attention.

The third is your flat out freak out weight. You are gaining weight so obviously what you are doing is not successful. This is where your weight loss efforts need to get kicked back into gear.

For a long time I just had the goal weight and the freak out weight and didn't keep track of calories or portions or really anything in between. That lead to a definite Yo-Yo albeit a ten pound one. This is why I have added the second weight to help keep things more reasonable.

To be honest I am probably going to be counting calories to some degree for the remainder of my life. Really tired of gaining and loosing weight.

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