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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Front Loading Medical Stuff

Food for thought. One of the less 'sexy' parts of preparedness is medical and dental stuff. Right now you can wait until a potential problem turns into a real problem and get it fixed in short order. So on one hand the incentive to get that tooth fixed or have the surgery done before absolutely necessary is minimal. However, especially for a survivalist or person who could get caught up in some sort of war or conflict that option will almost certainly go away.

The idea of a friend pulling a rotten or broken tooth out with pliers is far less than appealing. Ditto for having an existing but not urgent knee/ shoulder/ back problem flair up when I cannot get it fixed and really need to be able to perform.

The same could be said about 'family planning'. If you and the spouse positively do not want more children consider a permanent procedure to help avoid unplanned surprises at a time when picking up a 12 pack of Trojans is not an option.

Anyway this is your periodic reminder to get yourself physically squared away.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Death Squads, What Collapse Looks Like and Things To Do Now

Well it looks like the friendly (snark) local Aryan Brotherhood offed that DA and his wife, as well as the Colorado prison department guy in Colorado and probably the ADA from Texas. As AM noted recently Assistant Attorney Jay Hileman stepped down from prosecuting an Aryan Brotherhood case. Part of me says the dude should man up and do the job Texas is paying him to but on the other hand I can see his perspective. The guy took the job to bridge into something else and now all of a sudden some crazy honkeys are killing folks in the exact situation he was in. As AM noted this is bad.

I do not know what will happen. It is worth noting this is how death squads come to be. Some group either Criminal or Revolutionary in nature (yes there could be others but lets keep it simple)  decides to start hitting back at the cops and or soldiers (for the sake of flow I will just say cops from here on). The cops decide that it sucks when they are being attacked and killed. In small to medium sized groups they decide to do something about it. Given that they are the cops who have significant discretion about which cases to pursue and where to pursue them, especially with politically marginalized people, the odds of getting caught are about zero. Cops know who the bad guys are, who their friends are and where they hang out. Maybe they go all Vick Mackey and bend some rules, slap some folks around for info or whatever; or they might go strait to 'black sight prisons, torture and summary executions and shallow graves. In the big picture it doesn't really matter because it is bad.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Actions by angry groups of armed men are typically violent. Once the pro regime death squads get going the anti regime (criminal or revolutionary) death squads are sure to follow, if they do not exist already. The tit for tat spiral goes into full effect. The end result is Iraq from 2006-2010ish, the dirty wars in South America or Mexico right now. For those who are not up on their current history that means very bad. Tons of people getting killed or just vanishing. Some are legit players in the conflict but many, of not most, are normal folks ratted out for personal reasons or just at the wrong place during the wrong time.

This is the kind of thing that happens with the mob in Italy or tribal groups in Iraq during the bad years. It leads to a paralyzed system in the short term due to turnover. Eventually folks get into these positions who are not inclined to prosecute these cases unless it's a slam dunk (like caught on live TV and the guy says his name out loud) or maybe even not at all. It would be difficult to overstate the impact this sort of thing has on rule of law.

Along other lines (well except mooching off AM for material;) we need to know that collapses do not typically happen in a day. Rome wasn't going great then all of a sudden those pesky Germanic Hordes showed up. One could make a legitimate argument that right now is what collapse looks like.

What can we do? Long term shelf stable food and dehydrated emergency food are good options. Ammo and precious metals are always good ideas.  A quality water filter is essential. All old hat.

Today I had a couple of cavities filled. Not so long ago I went to the eye doctor to get a couple extra sets of glasses. Wifey has done or is about to do these things. We make sure the kids stay current on all their stuff too. Typically these are things that get put off or delayed when money gets tight, which it is now for about everybody. Best case you still have a job but magical price increases that are clearly not  inflation are decreasing purchasing power.

I urge you to take care of this stuff ASAP. A tooth that you've been putting off getting fixed would be a real problem if things go all Argentina on us. Ditto for needing a spare set of spectacles. If your family need medicine it would be prudent to stock some. Yes it costs money, sometimes a lot of money. However I can't see medical/ dental/ optometry care getting cheaper, more available or better in the next couple years. Quite frankly I suspect the opposite is going to happen. In other words that filling or new pair of glasses you are putting off now will be even less affordable in a year. They may just plain be out of the reach of many folks who are currently in the middle class.

Along the health and fitness effort line work on getting into shape. Also slowly work to make your addictions into luxuries. In other words decrease frequency and consumption such that if you need to stop using them it is not a big deal. Do this a bit at a time and it doesn't suck that bad. I'm down to 2 cups of coffee a day and more days without beer than with so it can be done. It's not fun but sure beats needing to quit these things because you do not have and can not get them during an already stressful situation.

 That covered a lot of ground but hopefully everyone got something out of it.Get moving and do something.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got Readiness?

Are you current on your shots? What about those third world ones most Americans don't get? What about smallpox? Just tell your doctor you are going to somplace warm in the third world ad they will give you all of them.

Do you have 180 days of all medications on hand? Modern medicine lets many people live or have decent quality of life through a variety of medications. If you need them and don't have them, well you get the picture. I know this one sucks because you will likely have to go out of pocket but depending on what you are taking it is very important.

If you wear glasses or contacts do you have two spare pair of glasses in (or pretty close to) your current perscription? You can get real cheap glasses online, maybe not the pair you want to wear every day but at least good for affordable backups. Here and here are some potential sources.

When was the last time your teeth were checked? Have you been putting off any work because it is unpleasant or expensive?

When was the last time you had a medical checkup?

Do you have any prolonged injuries you have been putting off dealing with for whatever reason?

Get this stuff taken care of BEFORE it is an issue because that issue could come at a real inconvenient time. Having your one pair of worn out glasses break during a hurricane would be bad. That dental issue you have been putting off flaring up when services are unavailable for a prolonged period would be very, very bad.

I don't know what is going to happen. Some folks I really respect see very dark and violent scenarios as possible. Other folks, probably more realistically see the economy continuing to get worse. That means that services, to include medical, optical and dental are going to become more expensive, potentially drop in quality and maybe even become temporarily unavailable. Even if these services are available you need cash and or insurance to pay for them.

Get ready!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

quote of the day

 " Lose some weight, get your teeth fixed, exercise regularly, improve your lifestyle."
-Chief Instructor

Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 Things You Can Do That Cost Nothing

So much in preparedness costs money be it saving, storing food, whatever. It is great to say you can do all this stuff by changing your lifestyle and to some degree that is true. However seeing as most people are not willing to significantly adjust their lifestyles it is not an accurate statement. Buying more or less what you already consume and some more stuff on top of that takes more money. Money is probably the biggest single limiting factor in most peoples preparedness efforts.

I got to thinking about stuff we can do that costs nothing. Two things came to mind immediately and I sorta tossed a third in.

The first thing is physical fitness. Yeah it probably helps to have a decent pair of running shoes and access to gym equipment is good also. However for lots of people who have no physical fitness plan and are in horrible shape though just doing some brisk walking, body weight exercises and a few pull ups goes a long way.  I think physical fitness is definitely the most ignored and under rated effort in preparedness. Along those lines showing a bit of self control in terms of what and how much you eat is essential.

Next is taking care of your chompers. At least brush your teeth and floss regularly. That is just too easy. Dental visits cost money (or insurance usually costs money) so it doesn't fit the bill of this but probably are a good idea also. Brushing and flossing regularly goes a long way. Also avoid excessive amounts of sugary stuff which will help get you in better shape anyway.

The last thing is to keep some cash on hand. I got to thinking if this really fits my "no cost" parameter. I believe it does because everybody over 18 or so should have at least a few hundred bucks sitting around. If you honestly do not have a few hundred bucks sitting around I urge you to strongly reconsider your lifestyle and get your stuff together. Take part of those few hundred dollars every adult should have and keep it at home. It is the same $300 or whatever but just in the form of mixed bills at your house instead of the bank. With today's insanely low interest rates there is little incentive to not have some cash at home.

So get yourself in shape, take care of your teeth and keep some cash at home. Too easy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking Care Of Your Chompers

I went to the dentist today. It had been a bit longer than ideal since my last cleaning. Things were fine because I brush and floss regularly. Seriously I do not think taking care of your chompers can be over rated. It is fine and good to have a pair of pliers and a copy of Where There Is No Dentist (available here on PDF). However taking a bit of time each day to brush and floss, keeping consumption of sugary stuff to a sane amount and visiting the dentist will go a long way towards not needing to have your buddy pull out teeth.

Interestingly enough dental issues are one of the biggest non combat related reasons deployed service members are forced to evacuate in order to receive care. You can be the toughest guy or gal in the best shape and serous issues with your chompers will make you con combat effective. There just isn't an excuse for not taking basic care of your teeth.

I know things are tight for most everyone right now. Lots of jobs do not offer decent dental care at a reasonable price, or even dental care at all. Of course if you need to choose between paying the rent/ mortgage or eating and going to the dentist it is a non decision. However I would urge you to make the choices necessary to get into the dentist for a checkup and cleaning on a somewhat regular basis.

To me long term avoidance of dental care in order to save money is false economics. Think of a person telling you they save money by never changing the oil in their car. In my observation most people who have not been to the dentist for many years and decide to go usually end up needing to get all sorts of stuff done. Since we can't see where problems in our mouths develop too many people will live with a ticking time bomb in their mouth. Nothing will be done until either they get a checkup and the problems are found or they start to have horrible pain in their mouth. You do not want to be dead lined with crippling mouth pain when your family and friends need you.

Short of finances I can not think of a less flashy part of preparedness. Though as Western Rifle Shooters noted in this great post awhile back the common sense non flashy stuff is probably more important than the flashy stuff. A car with a DVD player for the kiddies to watch is nice but it still needs good tires and an engine that runs. I can't say I agree about their premise (to do this preparation for a coming fight between armed Americans and some vague socialist totalitarian group) but the concrete advice is great for whatever comes down the pipe.

Anyway I have to go pick up some gas cans and hit they gym.

Have a good weekend!
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