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Friday, October 7, 2016

Black Swan Fixation

John Mosby recently wrote an excellent post. In his opening paragraph one part really spoke to me. He said something to the effect that survivalists spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy preparing for black swan type events that are statistically and historically unlikely. He referred to the general trend of focusing on these events at the expense of much more likely events as ‘semi conscious’

I want to delve deeper into this topic. There are two related questions that I will try to discuss. First why do people focus on black swan type events. Second why do people ignore or fail to seriously prepare for more likely events.

Before I get started the saying “If you are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse/ TEOTWAWKI you are prepared for anything” is going to come up. If the appropriate layered planning and logical progression was used maybe that is true. Still we have finite resources and energy to contend with. For all but the largest budgets a lot of choices made for the very unlikely scenario can leave you will a less than firm plan for far more likely scenarios. Agree or disagree lets ignore this saying for the rest of the discussion.

To the first question of why we spend disproportionate energy and resources on unlikely black swan events. A list seems most appropriate:

-Doomer Porn. Yes I think people enjoy reading (hell I am guilty and part of the problem myself as a blogger) about fantasy situations. We day dream during boring or unactive times, it is just people. Everyone day dreams about the cute guy/ girl who we see repeatedly in our everyday lives. This is a non sexual version of the same thing. In the same way that sexual fantasies ignore stuff like the other person not being interested in us or doing whatever the fantasy involves doomer fantasies skip the associated realistic limitations.It is an escape from reality and form of entertainment.

-Marketing. There are people who make a living selling stuff that you will only really need in very unlikely situations. Ten year food supplies, fifty caliber rifles and radiation detector sets for normal ish folks and intentionally built BUG OUT VEHICLES or survivalist bunker retreats for the really well healed. People selling things will inevitably try to convince you that you need their things. These people advertise in magazines and with websites such as mine.

-Justification of purchases. People will conveniently find a way to convince their selves they need stuff they want ‘to be prepared’. One guy who I would describe as a fairly average suburban survivalist type had three, not one, not two but three motorcycles for SHTF.

-Justification of lifestyle. The homesteading movement and survivalism come together in complicated ways (which I might write about later) but people sometimes use very unlikely situations to explain why and where they choose to live. I am not saying there are not benefits to homesteading or rural living. There are many benefits. I would however submit that in reality people should move to a rural area or start homesteading because they want to do those things, not because they feel they should just in case of a very unlikely event.

-Confirmation Bias. All of your like minded friends worrying about the same thing for the same iffy reasons makes you think everyone independently came to the same conclusions and as such many sources proved the same thing.

-Elitism/ bragging. A rapper might have a gold chain that costs a hundred thousand dollars. A preparedness oriented person who wants to show off their wealth might build a fancy bunker. 

Reasons for fail to seriously prepare for more likely events:

-They are scary. John noted this in his post. The idea of dealing with violent crime in the real world today in say the parking lot of a grocery store with your family is very different than some fantasy of shooting people with your Super Blastomatic 9000 like some first person video game. Defending the bridge with your buddies against the unprepared masses is different than 3 Jihadi's with AK's at the mall.

-Reality still exists. Some degree of our economic system will still exist. You will still have bills. If you are fortunate enough to have a job you will still be going to work. Your favorite brand of political philosophy is not going to be immediately adopted. Government is still going to exist in some form or another.

-Effort vs stuff. Often, especially when we talk about self defense the answers involve work. They involve training and regular practice with your CCW set up. They involve physical fitness and combatives training. Lifting weights takes effort. Getting off your butt and practicing in legitimately useful combatives takes effort and costs money. All of these efforts can be seriously humbling. More guns in your safe for SHTF time won't make you safer. Working on your own capabilities with your body and the gun you carry will make you safer.

-Not sexy. Often the right answers of realistic preparedness can be less fun. Your need for a savings account (maybe in silver and gold if that is your thing) is significant but it is not fun. It isn't a safe full of rifles or an excuse to buy more tactical gear or anything like that.

There are probably some more ideas but I think this covers the general themes. I hope it gives you something to think about that can help improve your own preparedness efforts. This is more philosophical than useful which is my general desire here. I may follow up with some more concrete suggestions that fit into this theme.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review Trudge Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

This book and the second in the series “Soldier On” are written by Shawn Chesser. I am going to discuss/ review them together because it is just easier that way.

They are pretty much your quintessential zombie/ doomer porn type book. The basic plot is that a man is traveling across the country to find his family during a Zombie Apocalypse. A cynical person might say the author took “The Survivalist” series and added zombies. The main character is that a former special operations type, who used to be in an organization that rhymes with Shmenta Farce. They live in Portland, Oregon and his family went on vacation in South Carolina and he decides to go find and save them. The first book begins with the initial outbreak and ends at a logical break while he in inland West searching for his family. The second book takes off more or less where the first ended and finishes shortly after he is reunited with his family in Colorado. The plot leaves me with some solid ideas on where book three is going and it should be good. [I actually got confused and read them out of order but the second book does a good enough job catching you up that I got caught up enough for it to be OK which is always good. Also they aren’t exactly what you would call super deep.]

The Good: They are light, fast paced and entertaining. The action is consistent but pretty realistic. One guy doesn’t kill 30 dudes with guns who are shooting at him in an open field or head shoot 200 zombies in a row, no matter what his background is. Guns need to be reloaded and people run out of ammunition.
Also I appreciated that the books are quite fairly priced at 3-4 dollars for the kindle versions. Given the length and type of book they are I though it was a good value for my entertainment dollar. I do not think a physical book is available.

The main characters made use of back roads and forest service roads to get around. Certainly your best shot for travel in that sort of scenario. Also they used some basic convoy methods and had impromptu plans for communication (albeit on an open channel) which was smart, especially for a cobbled together group.
The main character uses an AR-15 and Glock 9mm’s pistols. Clearly he is a man of taste and distinction. I know it is dumb but I kind of like that they used guns I like.

The Bad: That the core of the book is that a guy decides to travel all the way across the country during the Zombie Apocalypse to find his wife and kid is a little bit implausible to me. I just don’t see that working for so many reasons. A nice sentiment and all but it is too ridiculous.

Also the supposed connection the character has, and the favors they get him are just not realistic. He a bit too conveniently always stumbled into an old buddy who can move mountains to assist him. Even for a guy who has better than average connections and a crazy time where folks bend our totally break rules it is just a bit too convenient. . I have a decent idea what kind of favors one can pull off and my BS detector was going off like crazy.

The Ugly: There really isn’t any ugly. If you are expecting a literary masterpiece you will face disappointment. One needs to realize that this is a definite nitche area and most folks in it are not professional book writers. For $4 doomer porn it is pretty solid.

Recommendation: It wouldn’t be my first recommendation for preparedness/ survivalism/ zombie fiction. However if you have worked through most of the more popular titles it is worth looking at. I didn’t really draw any lessons out of it but it was entertaining and fun to read. For the price it is well worth it but if you can get a copy free that is even better. Barnes and Noble promotional codes might save some change on more zombie or survival books.
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