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Monday, January 4, 2016

Oregon Federal Wildlife Building Occupation

Our friend Knuckle Draggin (NSFW due to adult language and borderline close to [tasteful and beautiful] nudity) linked to a pretty good breakdown of this mess in Oregon. It explains the situation sufficiently that I am not inclined to make a redundant and at best equal but probably not better post. So I will share a couple brief thoughts instead.

Personally I can have some sympathy for and maybe even support support (morally or financially/ physically) a group that, even if imperfect and arguably wrong cough Cliven I don't pay to graze my cattle Bundy cough who have a dangerous situation forced on them. On the other hand if a group intentionally creates a dangerous it would be an uphill battle to convince me to be sympathetic if/ when the jack boot starts pushing on them.

Also what these people really want to accomplish is to me somewhat of a mystery. I doubt they have a realistic scenario where they can measurably succeed from this. At this time I think the best realistic case scenario for all those folks is walking away with significant legal complications and likely adult time out.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

ATF 'Arm Brace' Gate

 Edited to include additional picture:

 Link to the ATF Open Letter on the Redesign of the Sig Arm brace here. I especially liked the "every time we said this is OK we were wrong so ignore those" part.

 This whole thing is so silly. Zero mentions that it is utterly baffling. How you can 'redesign' a piece of a weapon by holding it differently is baffling to me. Is my Glock 19 suddenly something else if I hold it upside down in my weak hand? What if I use a Sig Brace to attach the pistol to my leg for super tactical under the vehicle tactical shooting at tactical threats? What if I brace it against my hip or groin? What in the shit does any of that actually mean?

Honestly I don't really care much about this but it is painful to watch. This is more baffling than if they were just banned. The darn things are being regularly used as butt stocks to essential make a paperless short barreled rifle. It was at best a very grey area but they were legal. Heck the ATF said in mutiple letters the brace is still legal even if you shoulder it. Why was shouldering an AR pistol with a Sig Brace deemed legal a few months ago now it is not? I simply do not understand how this mess could have happened.

Tblog's hope that the industry pushes back is one I have also. Even if the Sig brace, and I expect similar setups like the Thordsen tactical thingie, is dead in the water we need a better system for making these decisions, evenly and clearly disseminating them and sticking with them. Maybe with the movement of AR's and as of late AR pistols into the mainstream with big companies involved better outcomes might be reached.

The drama should be fun to watch anyway.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Evening Chaos and Random Thoughts

Our darn dishwasher kicked the bucket about 2 weeks back. It's a Kenmoore and was installed in '03 so certainly doesn't owe any money but if we could keep it running for awhile that would certainly be nice as it's the most expensive time of the year and all.

It wouldn't cycle or drain. We fiddled with it and through process of elimination realized it was probably the timer. Wifey ordered a new (used) timer off the web for $22. We got the door open and found a chopstick shoved in there and a couple of random loose parts. In Wifey replacing the timer the whole thing was disassembled further than intended. We got it back together except a couple pieces (which are almost surely the issue but we can't find them in the parts lists or diagrams so heck if we know how they fit).  It cycles but won't drain.

About this time we got infested with drain flies. Haven't been able to kill the darn things. Fly strips and spray to catch/ kill them didn't help noticeably and certainly did not interrupt the breeding cycle. Read you are supposed to clean out the pipes real good but the one that doesn't have the garbage disposal has an attached grait so you can't get in there. I could take the pipes under the sink apart and clean them but the odds of that going bad somehow; since I have little experience with that (and IME the first time doing anything often goes bad) are not insignificant and the whole darn sink being down would really suck.

It seems quite odd these two problems popped up together so most likely they are related.

Christmas was coming so we sort of put these issues on hold since we were going out of town and had so much going on. We did bug bomb before leaving though it did little noticeable good. Well now we are back. Got some IG stuff to try and prevent them from breeding but am not exactly confident it will work.

Tomorrow we are going to give fixing the dishwasher one last shot. Given that it's rather old getting a repair man doesn't make any sense so if this doesn't work I suppose we will have to replace it. [We have savings to do so but would prefer not to shell out the $$$] As to the flies heck if I know a good way forward.

Any advice on either front would be appreciated.

Wifey noticed today that Dog #2 is probably pregnant. She is gaining weight and starting to produce milk. We got her and shortly therafter (NOV) found out she was not fixed when she went into heat. Despite our efforts to the contrary that big ole gal might have found the Doggy Mr Right Now. We need her to have puppies like I need another hole in my head. If Dog is preggers I guess she'll have the puppies and we'll find them homes.

There have been some interesting things around the web:

Bayou Renaissance Man is looking to swap some stuff to help himself and his disabled students get squared away.  Knowing the guy a tiny bit I suspect a lot of the cost of helping these folks out comes right out of his pockets. Anyway for sale or trade they have:
  • Two (2) Jarvis drop-in match barrels for Glock 19, caliber 9mm Parabellum:  regular price (as per Jarvis' Web site) $200 apiece.  Brand new and unfired - never installed.
  • One (1) Jarvis drop-in match barrel for Glock 23, caliber .40 Smith & Wesson;  regular price (as per Jarvis' Web site) $200.  Brand new and unfired - never installed.
[It is worth noting that aside from being quality match grade barrels these have conventional rifling so you can shoot lead reloads through them. If I had spare cash lying around I would buy one of the G19 barrels.]
 They would be interested in trading for:
  • Good-quality weapon-mounted lights, although (for obvious reasons) not the more expensive brands.  The Streamlight TLR-1 series are particularly desirable (or equivalents).  A specific model that would be very useful is the Streamlight 69217 TLR-1 HP (High Performance) long-range light for mounting on rifles and carbines.
  • Vertical or angled fore-end grips for the AR-15, possibly incorporating a light and/or laser sight, to fit a Picatinny rail or Magpul MOE handguard with the appropriate adapter.  I don't want the cheap Airsoft-type 'toys', but serious-use hardware.
  • Two caliber conversion barrels for the Glock 22, to convert it from .40 S&W to 9mm Parabellum.  These are available from Lone Wolf, KKM Precision (select the G22, then the 'Conversion Barrel' option) and Storm Lake.  I'd particularly like to get one of the longer threaded conversion barrels, if anyone has one lying around.
If you need what Peter is trading and or have what he is looking for leave a comment or contact him via blogger. On general principle since Peter is trying to help our folks on very limited budgets I ask that you take it a bit easy on the negotiating. Not saying you should lose your shirt on the deal but this is for a good cause so please be reasonable.

Commander Zero did a 2014 review. Dude bought a whole lot of guns this year. Lucky for him the guy is in a position, between career choices and building a network, in a place to have a higher than average amount of good deals come across his lap.

Weapons Man mentioned the Simple Sabotage Field Manual. Great stuff. It is possible that a person might end up in a place where they wanted to resist a regime but had few good options on how to do so. Instead of simply getting killed and maybe taking a low level thug along to the afterlife a person in the right place might be able to make a reliable power grid to the regime base become unreliable,  decrease a plants efficiency by 30% or decrease enemy patrols by 50% due to dead lining vehicles.

Friday, December 5, 2014

81st Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition

Details here. Terrible law, all it brought was larger government and organized crime. We can also blame prohibition for the darn ATF. At least FDR did something right in ending it. I wonder if a hundred years from now people will look at the war on drugs the same way.

So celebrate and have some drinks already.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cold Weather, Fires, and Minutia

Seems it has finally gotten cold here in Central Louisiana. Well it's hitting the 40's at night anyway. Good morning running weather. Had the first fire of the season Saturday and another yesterday. Sitting by a fire in the evening is very nice and relaxing. Something in that experience is hard wired into the human psyche.

Today the darn dishwasher gave out. I got to messing with it. Kinda didn't read carefully in the manual and unintentionally disconnected the inbound water line BEFORE TURNING IT OFF!!! So uncomfortably hot water started spewing everywhere. Wifey came into quite a mess of spewing water and me quite uncomfortably trying to get the line reconnected while getting spewed in hot water.

Eventually got the line turned off then we cleaned up the giant mess of water on the floor. Thankfully at least I got it reconnected OK so we can have hot water while figuring this mess out. Will do some research and see what to do next. Hopefully we can fix this because it has already been an expensive month and we're rolling into the holidays.

Had planned to write something smart about the elections tomorrow or something but my time was spent messing with the washer. Talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pic Post

Under the contemporary rule that you can only poke fun at groups you are at least to some degree part of I can take a shot at our penchant for drinking and eating potatoes.

Our dogs, old dog is the black one and new dog is the tan one. For reference old dog weights about 85 pounds. Unsure exactly how much new dog weights but she is pretty solid.

This is absolutely true.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Riddle of Steel and Home Brewed AR-15 Lesson

Commander Zero as well as Conan can be credited with the Riddle of Steel becoming part of my vocabulary.

I was at a shooting range yesterday. Was going about my business there when a guy pulled up and went to a bench near me. He had an AR-15 of the M4 variety with a pretty big scope on it. I didn't think much of the whole thing. He set out a target at 50m when it was cold then shot a little. His AR jammed in short order and I sat there watching him become increasingly frustrated trying to clear it.

I normally do not do this. I find giving folks unsolicited gun advice is almost as jack assish as giving unsolicited critiques of someones exercise routine. Aside from general shooter talk I leave folks alone to their business. However this guy was clearly stuck. There was no way he could solve that problem. Also since I've been shooting AR's for over a decade I figured the odds I could fix the problem were pretty high. Anyway I felt bad enough for the guy that I wanted to help him.

After waiting a couple of minutes, to the point where he had taken a break from even fiddling with it, I walked up to him.

"Sir, would you like some help?" I said. He was probably 40 so certainly not old enough to justify the formality age offers but I figure men, who all think we are gods gift to weapons as well as general athleticism, who are having trouble with a gun will respond well to a respectful tone.

I do not remember what he said but it was an enthusiastic yes.So I took a closer look at the rifle.

It was  a bolt override, in this case there was an expended round above the bolt and another in the chamber. I 'pogo sticked' it which got the bolt back far enough to get the first round out. At this point another guy came over to join the discussion. I used a screwdriver to pry the brass casing from above
the bolt.

 The guy was pretty frusterated about the whole thing. Turns out it was a new gun and he fired 2 rounds before it jammed. Not a good sign. I had noticed the gun was bone dry. The other dude had some gun oil and offered it up. I uncharacteristically did not have oil since it was just a quick trip. I explained to the guy that AR's run optimally with far more lubrication than other rifles.

After lubrication I stuck a magazine in it and went to test fire. It shot 2 rounds then failed to feed. Took the mag out, it was some cheap aftermarket BS. So maybe it was the mag. Looked at his pile of mags, there were a couple more of the junk ones and a decent metal mag of some sort. Metal mag did the same thing. Not the mag. Not good.

At this point Other Guy brought over his AR. I hadn't brought one. After some process of elimination we figured out it was the buffer spring. He had a commercial tube and what appeared to be a mil spec, probably heavier tension, spring. Other Guy put his standard commercial spring in and the gun worked just fine.

I told him to hop onto midway and order a standard buffer spring.

It turns out this guy's rifle was home built, I strongly suspect by someone he knew personally. Needless to say he was not happy and was bringing it back to that person to fix the problem.

I felt for the guy. He surely paid a decent amount of money for an AR with a quad rail and  Burris scope with a back up fast fire red dot site. Aside from the scope having way too much magnification for a 14.5in barrel (it was a 3x9 or maybe even a 4x12) it was set way too far back so you couldn't get a decent site picture. I recommended he move it up.

What are the morals of this story.

1) Unless you know what you are doing and have a specific reason to deviate from the military or factory specifications for a working part of a firearm it is best to stick to the standard option.

2) You can spend a lot of money on a gun and still not have a damn clue what you are doing. Get training from guys like Max Velocity, John Mosby or other experienced combat based trainers to fix your deficiencies. Remember that the root word of gunfight is not gun but fight.

3) Get out and make sure your stuff actually works when the worst consequence is an annoying range day.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

SOG Sogfari Machete Fail

So awhile back I needed a Machete. We used to have a bunch of cold steel ones purchased at an excellent discount but in a move they all vanished. Happened to be at Wally World and saw the SOG Sogfari. Tossed it into my BOB then didn't think any more of it. Was trimming some low hanging branches slightly too thick for the hedge clipper things so a machete seemed perfect.

I got it out, used it. The machete worked fine. I happened to look at the edge while putting it away. As you can see the edge is totally bent. While at a fairly comparable price to other options and made, or at least licensed, by a big reputable name maker this thing is a total piece of junk.

I used this machete for approximately a half hour cutting tree branches from pencil to finger thick and it looks like I used it to cut sheet metal.
I was pretty happy with how this product worked, even used the saw back thing and was going to write glowingly about it till I saw that apparently they are made to be a one time use item! Seriously I barely used this thing and it is totally shot. What a complete piece of junk.

I'll pick up a cold steel or Condor brand one to replace it then wait for a sale and stock a couple spares.

Obviously I would not recommend the SOG Sogfari to anyone, in fact I would probably avoid their whole machete line.

What kind of machete do you have? Do you like it?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Federal Government Shutdown

Our federal government partially shut down today. Something like 800,000 'non essential' employees are being furloughed for the duration. On the plus side for me they passed a resolution to continue to pay the military. Personally I don't care much about that. We save so missing a check or three isn't a huge deal. At the same time a lot of soldiers are young, do not make much money and are not the best at handling money. They are a missed paycheck away from financial disaster. I am certainly thankful that Private Snuffy who is currently trying not to get killed in Afghanistan doesn't have the additional worry about his wife being able to feed the kid(s), keep the lights on and pay the rent.

Honestly this whole shutdown thing is ridiculous. Our elected representatives are too worried about partisan bickering, talking points and propelling themselves to the next level and nowhere near sufficiently worried about how to fix our financial problems and run the darn country. I fear the gap between the two sides is ever growing and becoming more angrily entrenched. It feels more and more like the run up to the Civil War every month. Honestly I am beyond frustrated with the whole thing.

More and more I'm listening to rock music instead of the news while driving to and from work. At least it doesn't make me angry. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Parental Fail Day

We aren't usually like this, really, I promise.

Daughter was up screaming all night. Totally uncharacteristic and just miserable for everyone involved, especially her. This morning it turns out she was getting bit by little tiny ants. Probably 2 dozen small little bites on her head and neck. No wonder she had a terrible night. Just couldn't see them in the dark and ants biting people in apartments is a new thing for us.

Went to tell the manager lady they needed to spray this dump to kill all the ants. Her "shocked and semi apologetic" act is wearing thin on me. [It was semi amusing when she faked surprise after our initial inspection I mentioned the fridge smells like death but this is ridiculous. My kid got hurt so I am pissed. Also she had a big thing of bug spray in the closet of her office. Additionally despite a lot of lysol the fridge still smells like death. Thank goodness this is not our permanent residence]

Walker had those packaged chocolate doughnuts which were purchased at some point during our trip and dry cereal washed down with juice for breakfast.

We ran around all morning looking at houses. After lunch Walker tossed his milk shake on the floor of the car. Thankfully it's contents spilling was mitigated by the mountain of junk on the floorboards of the back seat. Wifey said "I am not happy with you" to which he replied "That's OK with me."

This afternoon he tossed a toy truck out the open window of our vehicle while driving. Walker then proudly told the folks in front of us at the store that "He tossed the monster truck out the window." I mentioned that it was one of parenting's finer moments which got quite a laugh out of the 50 year old couple in front of us in line and the 40 year old cashier.

At several points the door was left open for the dog to roam outside on his own recognizance. Thankfully he is well behaved so Dog only explored the front yard and looked around to check out the new area. One time he actually walked back inside without any direction.

We had ice cream sundaes for dinner. It wasn't planned but just sort of happened.

Tonight they are wearing yesterday's Pajamas again because almost everything we own is currently dirty. Sort of didn't keep the best track of our clean clothes inventory so we noticed when everything was dirty. OOPS!!! That the kids go through 2-3 outfits a day plus Pajamas's doesn't help any. To make matters even worse could not give them baths tonight because somehow we do not have any towels. They were packed at the last place (for this transitional period) but either are still in the storage place or were lost during the move.

Short of spending the day at our family single wide trailer/ meth lab then leaving them with creepy Uncle Larry so we can smoke meth and do home invasions today couldn't have been much worse. On the plus side that means there is ample room for improvement tomorrow.

I sprayed some ant stuff this morning so hopefully that helps. Tonight Daughter will be sleeping in an elevated position to hopefully deter the ants, plus we'll know to check that if she gets way overly fussy. Also got our vehicle cleaned out from the trip so that is good. We went grocery shopping today so tomorrow we can eat some actual food that doesn't come in a greasy paper bag. We'll do laundry tomorrow and get some towels so at least our little rug rats will be clean.

So that was my day.

Edited to include: Wifey mentioned that I forgot to include that Walker wore a black plastic batman rain coat for about half of the day. In 90 degree 100% humidity Louisiana August weather. He really wanted to for some reason. We checked repeatedly to confirm he was not too hot but the kid just wanted to wear the rain coat. 

Edited again to include: I forgot that he also ate an entire box of tick tack's all at once. Emptied the container strait into his mouth.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

George Zimmerman Trial Continued

Aesop said...
The "created a situation" statement is the leaping assumption against facts not in evidence. Carrying a weapon legally is not "creating a situation". Neither is walking the streets of your neighborhood, and calling the police about problems about once a month, judging by actual evidence regarding Zimmerman given at trial.
SD3 said
"George Zimmerman created a situation...where somebody ended up dead."
Ryan, I sincerely don't mean any disrespect, but how could anyone read that statement &; not understand that you have arrived at your conclusion?
This is no different than saying the 'hottie' in the mini-skirt created a situation where ended up raped.
My Response: Gentlemen, Since it came up a few times I figured a response was worthwhile. It gets into the area of Monday morning quarterbacking but here we go. 

I intentionally said "created a situation" not "started a fight". If George Zimmerman did not take it upon himself to follow Trayvon Martin both of them would still be alive. I did not say George Zimmerman's actions (prior to the fight) were illegal, immoral or unethical, they were none of those things. However they were really, really stupid. Zimmerman was asking for a confrontation of some sort. [Heck if some guy started following me I would engage him (albeit not with immediate violence) to figure out what the deal was, from there the situation could theoretically go sideways.] I do not think there is a single cop or expert anywhere who would have said what George Zimmerman did was smart. It is worth noting that thankfully at this time doing stupid things is not in and of itself illegal.

While I do have an opinion it is not 'set' and could be changed by compelling new information. As to my opinion based on my understanding of the case now. George Zimmerman was stupid in creating a situation that was ripe for a confrontation. Trayvon Martin seems to have turned that confrontation into a fight quite successfully until Zimmerman shot him. To what degree Zimmerman's actions prior to the fight can affect whether this incident falls into the realm of self defense or manslaughter I am not a lawyer or familiar with Florida law so cannot say. In my non lawyer mind George Zimmerman's foolish actions were so integral to the situation that it gives me second thought as to whether self defense applies here.

Snoop's comment "This is no different than saying the 'hottie' in the mini-skirt created a situation where ended up raped." deserves a reply of it's own. Aside from being provocative and offensive to some I think the degree to which the victims actions were related to the end result in this example is out of whack with the Zimmerman/ Martin affair. Maybe saying "A hottie in a mini skirt at the bar created a situation that ended up where Bozo the Frat Guy loudly said she had a nice butt and that he wanted to Blip her Blop" would be closer. Also we need to note that after the offense the victim acted in a way that is arguably criminal. This is what we have to square up, the reaction to the offense if you will. Up to the point where George Zimmerman was getting whipped on and Mrs Mini Skirt was being harassed they are both clearly the victims. We know what happened in the Zimmerman/ Martin affair. Lets say Mrs Mini Skirt slaps Bozo in the face just as a cop walked into the bar. (Now it is unlikely she would be detained let alone charged but you know where I am going) The question at hand is about how these individuals actions related to the offense and then their subsequent reaction. If that is confusing you read it right. 

I do not think victims of assault (sexual or otherwise) ever "deserve" what is done to them. However taking a step back victims can certainly do things which make them more or less of a target. Coming back to your analogy of the girl with the short skirt. Lets say that girl has a dozen tequila shots, loses contact with her friends, meets some guy just before the bar closes and heads to an after party with this total stranger. They have a few more drinks then head to his apartment. Something bad happens. Does she "deserve" it of course not. Should the A Hole be punished to the full extent of the law, of course. However can we honestly say this girl did not make choices that put her in a terrible situation? Taking a step back from sex crimes let us look at it another way.

A guy is on a long multi state drive and needs to pull over for a bit since it is very late at night. The turn off he randomly takes happens to be right in a terrible neighborhood, like projects and crack dealers kind of terrible. The guy finds an all night store and parks his Porche 911 outside. He needs some cash so heads to the ATM to pull the limit out with 3-4 cards, a bit over a grand total. Since he is tired he grabs some coffee and snacks. The guy then stands by his car stretching and drinking the coffee for awhile. Something bad happens. Did this guy deserve to be robbed and hurt, of course not. Was he an idiot who put himself in a bad situation, absolutely. Make sense?

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. We may still disagree but I hope this brings some insight to my thinking. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The George Zimmerman Trial

I have been loosely following this spectacle. It has been pretty interesting so far. Of course I have some thoughts. As AM said the charges were clearly motivated not by belief of guilt or the ability to get a conviction but by political considerations.

Prosecutors almost universally have very high conviction rates. One could argue something about the injustices and biases in the criminal justice system which has some merit. However the larger issue is that individuals involved in the "system" (at all levels) do not put forth effort unless they believe it will result in a conviction. Trials, especially major ones, are a hassle and expensive. Sometimes this means people get off free, for that round anyway, because a conviction is not likely. That is unless politics/ public relations get involved. A case like the Zimmerman/ Martin affair spins up huge media hysteria which puts presume (probably from very high levels) onto ambitious political individuals. Moving on.

I am not a lawyer but it seems like Murder 2 was an over reach. That decision was probably political also. From the information I have this scenario seems to lie in the murky area between legal self defense and manslaughter. George Zimmerman created a situation, though not intentionally, where somebody ended up dead. In my mind that is almost the exact definition of manslaughter. That being said Zimmerman almost surely did not initiate the physical confrontation and probably had a reasonable belief his life was in danger at that time. The facts of the case as I know them could be seen as "reasonable doubt". Also it seems that in Florida if the idea of self defense is introduced the burden of proof for disproving the claim lies on the prosecution.

It should be interesting to see how this all plays out. This could get ugly. To put the potential into perspective Rodney King got his ass beat yet lived and LA burned. Trayvon Martin was, at least legally, a child and we have twitter, facebook and cell phoned for people to whip up hysteria and mobalize. This could get really bad.

People who live or work in the type of area where "urban youths" break things, start fires, steal and attack those who do not look like them when there is an injustice (real or perceived) to the Black community should be paying very close attention. You might want to get a bit ahead on work as this gets closer the verdict. That way if this goes to a mis trial or acquittal you will not fall too far behind by calling in sick for a couple days. For what it's worth I recommend claiming explosive diarrhea. It is gross so people do not want to ask about it also it is embarrassing so people figure a person will not lie about it.

What do you think about the while Zimmerman/ Martin affair? What do you think about the trial?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quote of the Day

If your leadership style requires using machine guns on your own troops, you’re doing it wrong.
-Weapons Man

That is an understatement if I have ever heard one.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Contest Announcement!!!

The broad strokes are this. I want to share and discuss mistakes and outright failures we have made in gear, firearms, food storage and preparedness in general. There is a bit of a facebook effect where we hear about/ see all the super cool stuff others do without the work that goes into it or the inevitable failures of life. In such I think beginners get the worst of it ending up feeling down about their efforts.

My goal here is to share our mistakes and failures for two reasons. The first is that one person sharing a mistake may prevent others from doing the same thing. This is a valid reason in and of itself. The other reason is to make people, in particular beginners, feel a bit better when they inevitable make a mistake. I want them to know that very prepared people make mistakes, sometimes big ones, yet they are not in fact the end of the world.  Over the course of this contest I will share some of my personal failures.

So tell me about your failures. A simple email or word document will work. As to length I would like to see at least a couple full paragraphs. Pictures would be nice. If you are uncomfortable using your usual online name just make one up for me to use. Texas Pete 1911 could become Panhandle Colt or whatever.

The prizes will be as follows:
A) 1 year subscription to Selco's One Year In Hell and
B) A Solo Stove. First place gets to choose and second place gets whatever is left.

The Details:

The contest will run from today until midnight 16 June. Winners will be picked in mid June after you have seen all the entries. Details will follow as we get closer. We might vote or maybe I'll just pick.

Submissions will be made via email to  I usual edit guest posts for OPSEC, spelling and grammar.

I reserve the right to change prizes, contest dates or whatever else for any reason. Also I reserve the right to disqualify a contestant or even a winner for any reason, can't see why I would do this but things happen.

So please ask any clarifying questions then get to writing. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warrior School Fails Again...

So I was scheduled for a pistol class this weekend at Warrior School of unreliable people who do not conduct scheduled training. Had originally planned to do one there about a month back. They canceled it at the last minute. Not a huge deal; frustrating but I suppose things can happen. Figured I would just catch the next one. Well fast forward a month or so. Today I got an email saying this course was canceled also. I am seriously underwhelmed with these people. In fact I am frustrated and angry. Basically I've been jerked around by them for over a month.

Based on my experiences I recommend staying far away from these people. They accepted my money and twice failed to do what they said they would do which left me hanging for months. I never trained with them but generally people who are professional in one thing tend to be professional in another which really does not bode well for the Warrior School. Best case these folks do good training but are terminally unreliable.

Hell maybe they are in the business of holding onto peoples money for a couple months at a time in some interest based Superman/ Office Space type scheme. That is the best explanation I can come up with 'cuz they sure don't seem to actually want to frickin train people. There is a saying of uncertain origin that 'a satisfied customer may tell one person but a dissatisfied customer tells everybody' and it is certainly true in this case. In fact thanks to them I am starting a new 'Black List' label. All rambling aside I simply cannot suggest a student throws down their money then frees up their schedule expecting to actually conduct some training.

So that leaves me looking for a sanely priced 1-2 day pistol class to attend. Money is a consideration. I don't mind paying the going rate of $200ish (or $300 for a big name type instructor) a day for quality instruction but a 5 day course with first class lodging and gourmet chow that costs more than most used cars isn't in the cards. It looks like I am going to play hell getting anything done now that it's heating up. This wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't been jerked around by 'Warrior's School' of people who do not conduct scheduled training throughout the spring.

Anyway now it seems I am looking for a defensive type pistol shooting course within reasonable driving distance of southern Arizona. If a place was a bit far I could make the drive the night before then sleep over someplace but I cannot spend a whole day to driving on both ends. If you have suggestions they would be appreciated.

Looks like my weekend just freed up. Fail.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Economic Crack Binge and Coming Effects

The best comparison to our countries economic situation and coming problems I can think of is Charlie Sheen. Our problems with massive deficits are like Charlies problem with crack cocaine and alcohol. Lets call derivatives the Charlie equivalent of prostitutes/ porn stars.

Now I cannot predict the specifics of Charlie Sheen's next breakdown/ meltdown/ fail. I can however confidently say 100% that there will be one. Maybe he will shoot his celebrity fiance, hold a knife to the wife's neck at Christmas dinner, manage to mess up staring in the top rated sitcom on tv, who knows. (These are all things Charlie has actually done;)

 Disturbingly our upcoming economic problem is like Charlies upcoming breakdown/ meltdown/ fail. Just maybe we will manage to kick the proverbial can a ways down the road. Maybe it will be 70's era stagflation. Could be the standard South American currency devaluation/ hyperinflation or an all out Argentina like economic collapse. The old adage that big powerful countries do not go broke, they go to war (a la Germany) could prove accurate again. Maybe a combination of crumbling infrastructure and weakened defense makes an attractive time for an old enemy to attack or just use an EMP to keep us distracted internally. Maybe one of the dreaded black swans pops up in the time we are able to handle it the least.

What can we do about this? Well the usual advice to buy bullets, silver , gold and emergency food is always sound. Things like water filters might become important as infrastructure crumbles or breaks and standards just plain drop. (Yes that is a lot of linkeage in a paragraph. Got to keep the bill payers happy.)

Being as healthy as possible is prudent. Get fit, take care of lingering issues you may have, go to the dentist, order a couple spare sets of glasses and stock extra medication.

Buy food. Yes it is getting more expensive but basic staple food, even the long term stable stuff, is still a great deal. Right now food is ridiculously cheap by historic percentage of income. Most people here can probably make some choices to put a few bucks into food and fill up the pantry.

Learn skills. Specifically learn skills that will let you do things yourself instead of paying somebody else to do them.

Get ready to protect yourself. Things aren't getting better. Have realistic and sustainable (if it's not comfortable you will not do it) plans to carry weapons while still going through your normal life.

Most of these things are not new. In fact they are generally the same stuff I talk about. Best get too them before they are more expensive and harder to do.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Great Book and a Terrible Light

I have been reading Max Velocity's new book Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises. I am very impressed, the book is downright awesome. Will do a full review but to save you some time just buy it. Onto a less pleasant subject.

The LED Lenser P3 AFS flashlight I have been carrying around. I didn't link to it because somebody might not read this carefully and end up buying this piece of junk. I got the small 1 AAA version which in fairness may be part of the problem.

The only nice things I have to say about this product are that it is small and looks like it's well made. However looks can be deceiving.  This light has a lot of show and very little go. Maybe if they put a bit more energy into making the light actually work instead of making it look like a quality product this review would be different.

The run time could be measured in seconds. Also the darn thing will just run out of batteries spontaneously without even being used. Can't count how many times I have grabbed it to use and found it dead. There are more problems.

The pocket clip has fallen off leaving it floating in my pocket. The darn adjustable front piece somehow worked its way off once. Basically pieces fall off the darn thing randomly.

I would use it as a backup but since it (even turned off) goes through batteries like Charley Sheen through coke and hookers it wouldn't even work to live in the glove box of a car or something.

My expectations would be very different if it was a $15 light but it isn't. This piece of junk cost me about $40 (can't remember exactly) which puts it in range of a lot of many Streamlight and a couple Surefire offerings. Offerings I should have purchased instead. At this price point for a stupid flashlight it should frickin work.

Can't say everything made by these folks sucks thought I will be avoiding it all. In any case I can say the LED Lenser P3 AFS definitely sucks a lot. This is a firm do not buy.

Does anybody have a smallish flashlight with a pocket clip they have been using for awhile that actually works? In a perfect world if would be reasonably affordable.
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