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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Barter Town: Pre Listing Discussion

Hey folks, I was inspired by Alexander Wolfe of T Blog's recent sale of a bunch of stuff to turn it into something good and am looking to do a bit of garage clearing out. I'm looking to sell a bunch of stuff and plan to offer it to you all before doing a broader listings.

For sale will be a knife, a couple water filters, some holsters, pouches, slings and random stuff. 

My goal is to make enough money to buy an optic for an undisclosed project. I would like to make enough cash to buy an Aimpoint micro or at least get most of the way there and save the rest.

Anyway I want to run something by you all before I take pics and list stuff here for you all.

A lot of the stuff I have to sell are fairly low priced items.  If for example I sold a pouch (which cost me $20-25) for $10 and paid $5 to ship it to you that would not be cost effective. At the same time if I build in the cost of shipping to every item prices will be pretty inflated. Even though you would pay that added cost for a new item anyway the sticker shock is a problem.

Here is my tentative plan. List stuff at reasonable prices (50-85% of new price depending on condition and such)  that are fair for both parties. For purchases less than $50 a $10 charge will be added for shipping so I do not lose my shirt to shipping on small sales. For purchases over $50 I will foot the bill for shipping.

As the perspective purchasers how does that sound to you?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Sale Or Trade: PSE Nova Compound Bow

I have a PSE Nova Compound Bow. It has a Toxonics Solo Track sight and a TRU Ball Release. Also I will toss in 3 functional arrows and 3 more that need the back plastic thing (nock?). Whatever else I find that goes with the set will get tossed in also. Got it in 2003 with plans to use it for deer hunting but that never happened. Shot it a bit then lost interest so it has sat in storage since. Nothing wrong with it that I am aware of, just tired of hauling it around when we move.

Looking to sell or swap it for something I can use. Asking $130 cash which is about half of what it cost new.  That's sort of a guess on what seems fair for both parties; if I am way off on value we can talk.

Edited to include: We'll have to figure out shipping as this is a light but oddly sized item. Depending on the deal I might be willing to pick up some or even all of that cost. 

Possible trades items include gently used quality knives by company like Benchmade, etc or lights (surefire, streamlight)  either weapon mounted or handheld, quality holsters for a Glock 9mm or various revolvers, a simple recurve bow like a fiberglass one, some sort of a helmet or potentially other gear I can use.

Trade values are hard to pin down but it wouldn't be my used stuff at 60% of new price and your used stuff at 95% of new price. Depending on values of both our stuff some cash going either way in a trade can even things up.

Anyway if you are interested drop me a line @

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pending Sale Trijicon ACOG TA31F

Paid 1,200 and am asking $1,000. It has the red chevron and .223 BDC. Comes with the stuff shown including a scope cover, lense pen, manuals and pelican case.

Would swap for a low powered variable 1.1-4/5 Leupold with an illuminated reticle or an Aimpoint. Can also use an AR pistol upper (10 inch). If you happen to be in AZ I would swap for a variety of guns. Cash +/- as needed to round out the trade.

If you are interested drop an email to and we can make a deal.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Sale: Colt ACE II Conversion Kit

This item is pending sale.

I am selling my Colt ACT II Conversion Kit. It is listed elsewhere but I wanted you all to have a chance. I'm asking $330 and would be willing to entertain trades. Since this isn't a firearm I could send it to any non socialist state in the mail.

Please direct any inquiries to

Edited to include: Since one person asked others might wonder. Yes I am open to trading. However as is the problem with trading it would need to be something I can use. Right now I am in the market for a CMMG .22 conversion kit for the AR as well as a rail mounted pistol light (surefire or streamlight) but am always open to a variety of gear, tools, knives, ammo, magazines or precious metals.
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