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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Range Report 5/31/2015

I took out the trusty Glock, the .22's and a buddies AR pistol.

The Glock recently got a Grip Force Adapter. It definitely goes a long way to making a famously not ergonomic pistol feel and point better. Not for small hands but otherwise I like it. Within the limits of the range I did what I could as they did not allow drawing from a holster or 'rapid fire' aka more than 1 round a second. Kept everything in the vital zone so that was good. So pretty much I did 50 rounds or so worth of of 1 shot from the high ready. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have shot some at 25 meters but oh well.

The .22's were fun as always. I haven't shot much .22 lately due to the ammo mess but I do have some set side specifically for training so figured why not.

The buddies AR pistol was good. Of course nobody wants to get into the questionable shouldering issue so we just shot it from the cheek. That handy little thing could certainly bring the pain out to say 150 meters. It would likely fit in a variety of fairly tall backpacks, tennis racket cases, etc to move around discretely. Also since it is technically a pistol you could say have it loaded in a vehicle or legally carry it in the type of bag previously mentioned. Not  a do everything piece but a pretty handy little PDW.

I really need to get my S together and buy a real full sized purpose made range bag. My little Blackhawk Sportster is good for taking a gun or two to the range but for bigger trips it is not sufficient. This was highlighted when I went to grab the gun oil and it turned out I had unintentionally brought scrubber/ degreaser instead when trying to throw things together at the last minute. If I had a bag the right size and kept that stuff ready to go it would not be an issue.

Furthermore I need to get a second set of electronic ear muffs to keep with the shooting stuff. I almost forgot to bring them today as they sit on top of the Sentry Safe Home Defender in the bedroom.

Woodburn is a very nice range with cool people. I always have a good time there.

Plus also shooting is fun.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Range Report: Glock Test Fire, Burris MTAC, Tula .223 and Commie Guns

The Glock 19 with steel guide rod and 3.5lb trigger connector was great. The lighter trigger connector really makes for a great shooting package. I do not think it's unsafe or anything, just a cleaner more crisp trigger. Wouldn't want to get some 1 pound gamer trigger or whatever but this setup is just fine IMO. I would guesstimate the increase in accuracy based on this modification is 30%. The PMC 115gr FMJ's I was shooting were great. The only sad point in this area is I only had 1x 50 round box to shoot. Along these lines I noticed Lucky Gunner has Glock 19 mags for $31 which is a good deal these days.

Brought the .22 Browning Buckmark along for the ride. I have no legitimate reason it has not been coming along more frequently. Anyway I brought it along today. The gun has been sitting well lubricated for probably 4 years, I just took it out, loaded a mag, started shooting. It was great, the odd dud but that is .22lr for ya. Being able to shoot a pistol until I get bored without consideration of the cost was big fun. I know .22 ammo is hard to come by these days though it is out there. I've stashed about 1,500 rounds of .22 during this whole mess without paying silly prices so it is out there.

The pistol shooting went better today than last time, pretty good for my current skill set/ level of practice. I credit the 3.5# connector and a half dozen mags of .22 to warm up.

I was updating some inventories yesterday. Glancing through them I found out we have a bit more than 2x the .22 ammo I thought put back. For whatever reason the number in my head was really wrong. Glad it was wrong short not long. Now I feel better about having the 3 inflation adjusted 333rd bricks of .22 ammo I got recently be range meat.

Speaking of range meat I shot that Tula 223. It functioned fine, no misfires or jams. At the risk of speaking without even semi scientific evidence I will give some impressions. It seemed to be slightly less accurate than Lake City or PMC. Sufficient for putting lead into targets but not what I would want to have loaded for the stereotypical movie shoot the guy behind the hostage scenario. If the price difference between Tula or Wolf steel cased .223 vs brass cased stuff was sufficient I would not hesitate to purchase it again.

As usual the MTAC was great. Have found it works better during the day with the illum turned off. The large heavy circle that surrounds the reticle lets you get onto target really fast, sort of like an Eotech. The only downside is I shot half the .223 I brought along at 200-400m without realizing I had the scope set at 1 power. Obviously I do better at distance with 4x magnification.

Since I was with some people the opportunity to shoot their guns came up. Played with an SKS a bit. We briefly touched on them in the Basic Guns series. The SKS is a classic import case of studs and duds. Some are awesome and others completely suck. The sucky ones could probably be fixed by a competent gunsmith familiar with the platform but it destroys the economic benefit of the SKS. Sort of like putting $ 5k into a car that once it is running will be worth $5,500 it probably isn't a great plan. The one I shot was great and had a pretty nice finish to boot. At the right price they are a decent rifle to have as an all around gun or a backup/ giveaway gun. This makes even more sense if you already have an AK and a bunch of ammo put back. Sort of like I said before my evaluation of the SKS as a rifle for $200ish is very different than for $500+.

Also got to shoot a Mosin Nagant carbine, think the guy said it was a Chinese Type 53. That gun was a hoot! Solid potential for accuracy despite very mediocre sights and reasonable scoping options are available if one wants to go that way. Best of all it's in a centerfire .30cal rifle cartridge that normal folks can afford to go shoot a hundred rounds on a semi regular basis. Aside from being a useful backup/ trade type gun it's a range toy at a reasonable range toy price. I really want one; maybe for my birthday.

Well that is what happened this morning at the range.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday and Knife Sharpening also 3,000th Post

Well it's Friday evening and the work week is finally is done. Thank goodness. My cold is getting better if not as fast as I would like. Got home at a pretty reasonable hour and even had some family time before kiddo's bed time. He is quickly approaching the "terrible two's" which is just big fun. On the bright side is is really talking a lot better which is pretty cool.  No big plans for the weekend. Going to try to finish up some stuff, hit the weight pile and get a lot of sleep. I would like to finish up a long post that I'm working on.

Not too long ago I found myself in need of a knife sharpener. I had a couple of them but one got worn out and the other is probably in a box somewhere. In any case I wasn't quite sure what to get but those diamond rod type ones seem to work pretty well. I rather arbitrarily put this one into my amazon wish list. Lansky seemed like a good name but there was no real thought behind it. Wifey was ordering some stuff and needed another thing to get the free shipping (far better to get $6 bucks of stuff you were going to get anyway then to pay it in shipping). It arrived the other day. My only tentative complaint is that it is pretty big. There is a lot of handle and it has this other sharpening thing on the back that adds like an inch and a quarter. I guess you are supposed to use it first then finish with the rod. To be honest I didn't look that closely and thought it was the normal model but black. Maybe that will be convenient but I am not sure yet.
It might be a bit big to carry in my pocket but I am quite happy with this handy sharpener. In a couple minutes it tuned up an old Buck 110 nicely. In 5 minutes it got my EDC Buck 110 which had a couple minor imperfections in the blade all tuned up and ready to go. I haven't had it long but am pretty impressed with it so far. This sharpener will definitely go in my ruck for long trips.
I hope you all have a good weekend,

Edited to include: This is the blog's 3,000th post. I had wanted it to be a lengthier post I am working on but finishing it today wasn't in the cards. To be honest after a long day at work I forgot about the whole thing. Anyway it is a pretty cool milestone. This blog has suceeded beyond my wildest dreams and sometimes I am just amazed by the whole thing.

I am definitely not putting things into auto pilot. Slowly but surely we are still growing, one link, one more person following the blog and a new advertiser at a time things are continuing to get bigger   and better. I have some things that I plan to do in the coming weeks and months that should be pretty cool for you guys and gals.

If you feel like helping in this effort then please tell a friend about our site or share a link to your favorite post in a forum, or social networking site. Also check out our advertisers and if you need things they sell then consider purchasing from them.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Erin Go Braugh!!

Celebrate your heritage or just plain celebrate. Eat, drink and be merry!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a good Christmas (or whatever else you celebrate).

Spend time with family and relax and generally give doom a week or so off. Like work, it will be there whenever you get back to it. Eat lots of good food and drink plenty. Spend time with friends and family. Give and receive gifts.

Things over here are about as good as they can be. Holidays should be spent with family and friends, anything else is really sub optimal.We are doing just about enough to keep the walls guarded, the lights on and people fed. This means a decent amount of time to relax or watch movies or think or whatever else folks do. 

Personally I am just kinda hanging out. Eating some good food and relaxing. Lots of time to think about life and other stuff. Really it is probably more like a lazy Sunday than the holidays but it is what it is. Next year I have a high confidence I will be with family so that is something to look forward to. 

Anyway before I go I just want to remind you not to get too stressed or succumb to the petty inevitable junk that comes up. Life is too short, just take a deep breath, have a couple sugar cookies and focus on the good stuff.

Merry Christmas!!!

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